Heart-Shaped Thank You

Heart-Shaped Thank You

This week marks my six month blogaversary. Next week is my 41st birthday (shhh!!!!). And it is a new year. Lots of milestones to celebrate and contemplate in my life this month! I am full of inspiration and hope for 2008. Yes, there are reasons to be stressed and uncertain in spite of my optimism. Questions that remain unanswered. Choices to make, hard work and bends in the road yet unknown. But still, my heart is bursting with anticipation to see where life will take me.

Something in me changed when I turned 40 in January of last year — I knew instantly a new and different chapter had begun. It was like my mind and heart opened up to a new level of awareness and sense of purpose around me. I could see more clearly but at the same time, wasn’t sure what I was seeing! I stepped out in confidence not knowing exactly where I was going. I still wonder, but I still move forward. Each new step I take reveals a little bit more of the journey’s twists and turns while the end of the road is still clouded from view.

So, what will this year look like on my blog? I’m planning more inspiration weeks, some collaborations, more inspiring guest features, design inspiration, ideas to encourage you in living your best life and more PARTIES to keep things lively! I’ve got more drive-bys in the works and of course, more sweet escapes to make life fun! Just for laughs, I’ll show you some horrifying “before” photos from inside my fixer upper house and keep you posted on the other crazy stuff that happens around my home! I’m even creating my “virtual dream house” to share with you in the coming weeks (and will give you a tour of our real-life totally remodeled beach house! I can’t wait to see that one myself, after a year long wait!). Lots of ideas floating around, I am SO happy you are all a part of it.

I never imagined what a contribution blogging would make to my life. It is where parts of my heart and mind overflow and become something more visible and tangible. It is a place where I try to inspire, stretch and challenge myself. And through each connection I make with all of you I add new pieces of the puzzle to my life. Blogging isn’t my whole life (although sometimes it threatens to take over!), but as I keep it in proper perspective I feel confident it will take me on new roads, revealing amazing and exciting milestones along the way.

I am so thankful to each of you for inspiring me.

I’m turning off the comments here, as this post is simply a THANK YOU. I of course welcome emails if you would like to share an idea, a thought, a suggestion for the new year or have a question you’d like answered! I am still new to blogging and I can use all of the feedback, advice and input I can get as I plan my new year. I appreciate all of you who have taken the time to share with me over the past six months. It means so much.

photo & products: Sur La Table