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Sweet Escape: Springtime

by | Feb 21, 2008 | spring decorating, Sweet Escape | 23 comments

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Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Photos: Butchart Gardens


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    Butchart Gardens is a beautiful spot…and just a short ferry ride away for me!

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    Once again thank you for making my morning.

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    Good morning Melissa :)

    How beautiful! Love the planting of the hyacinths, the perfume must be stunning! We love these Gardens, we are lucky enough to have been there twice, they are outstanding! Have lovely weekend Melissa!

    Jenn and Jacqui xoxo

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    You too! The pictures are so beautiful Melissa!

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    im closing my eyes and dreaming im there.

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    My husband and I went to Butchart gardens on trip to Seattle. Very pretty. Great views.

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    We have tons of snow here in New York so I needed this breathe of fresh air–thank you!

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    this is STUNNING! it’s snowing in new york right now; i wish i could beam myself here.

    glad you left a comment on my blog so i could see yours! xo

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    Oh, I have been there! It’s truly gorgeous. It’s been years ago, but I still remember how stunning it was.


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    I want to be there now. It is snowing hard here and we expect 6-10″ by evening. Yuck, I am so tired of winter this year and we still have a couple of months until we are assured that spring has sprung:(


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    The cardinal and the mockingbird families that live in the tree outside our bedroom window just showed up yesterday. And now I find these beautiful garden photos and I am again reminded that spring is just a few breaths away. I can’t wait! Despite the allergies that keep half of my family indoors for the first month or so, I’m so ready for warm weather and flowers…


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    This gardens are just beautiful. So soothing to look at, as I peek out at my back yard covered in snow. Hurry up and get here Spring-lol.

    Have a great weekend!

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    mmm, so beautiful

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    We went to Butchart Gardens for the first time this last July. It’s so amazing. I can’t wait to go back! Thanks for posting these lovely pictures!

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    Glorious colors!!! I needed that on this snowed in, sick and weary day here!! I have a blogging obsession… I now admit it.

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    So beautiful. There is hope beyond this wintery mix! Spring is on the way! xo Rachel

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    Beautiful photos of beautiful gardens!


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    Thank you for your kind words at my last post, Mel. really appreciate it. xoxoxoSu Ling

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    I thought I recognized the photo of the gate – I live about 20 minutes away from Butchart Gardens and love visiting it in every season. The photos are gorgeous, especially the brilliant hyacinths.


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    So nice to see these lovely hints of spring!

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    I went here for my honeymoon. Thanks for the gorgeous memories and a perfect spring welcome!

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    Those gardens are beaoooootiful! Makes me hungry for spring!! :)


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