Sweet Escape: Spring Fluffing Game

Sweet Escape: Spring Fluffing Game

Happy day, the sun has come out and I am definitely getting spring fluffing fever! I finally removed the two dried up evergreen Christmas trees from either side of my front door (still complete with white holiday lights) and set them in the backyard. I stopped watering them awhile back and they were shriveling up. Yeah, that is a great look. Shriveled crunchy evergreen trees with Christmas lights still strung on them should be banned from front porches after January 15th. GASP! I know! I agree. GUILTY! I should’ve been fined for that decorating offense. Luckily, the decorating police didn’t catch me and I have removed the evidence. And I didn’t take any photos because I didn’t want to suffer the additional humiliation. So go ahead. You can laugh if you want to. I’ll wait until the laughter subsides.

Now to plant some spring flowers in the empty pots.

This week Neutral Dwelling featured some Spring Vignettes. I loved that idea. You might laugh about this too but my dining room buffet was featured, still decked out in its Christmas attire! Good grief, I definitely could be fined for having Christmas decorations in a Spring Vignette post. That has got to be a serious offense. Thank goodness Paula of Neutral Dwelling graciously didn’t mention the Christmas wreath showing in the dining room mirror, eek. So nice of her to include me in her post (maybe out of pity) even though there was no sign of spring at my house. Thank you Paula, you are a sweetie.


Today for our Sweet Escape I thought I’d try something new, a Spring Fluffing game. I’ve never used a Mr. Linky before (not so fond of that name, I’m kind of embarrassed to say it). But if you have a Spring Vignette in your home, if your front porch looks springy already or if your garden is blooming, do share it with me! Have a fantastic spring weekend, friends! If you do anything remotely springy or have an idea to offer, come on back and link up a photo so we can all see what you’ve been up to! Then leave a comment in the post so we know what you are sharing. And, if you are in Australia and it is not Spring, you can still play along with our Spring Fluffing game. Because I like you. I’m posting this early to test it out because I don’t trust anything named Mr. Linky.

Meanwhile, you can read my Spring Nest Fluffing ideas at CWO. Ready, set, FLUFF!

Sweet Escape: Spring Fluffing Game


Instructions: Click on Mr. Linky to add your link. I have no idea why it says You’re First, because you are not first. Mr. Linky lies. The links will not show up on this page, just click Mr. Linky to see everyone’s links to their Spring Fluffing!

Sweet Escape: Spring Fluffing Game


  1. How fun! I can’t wait to see all of the spring photos!

  2. I just noticed- my link is not to my blog- So here is my picture link…

  3. i can’t stop laughing about mr. linky.
    it’s funny just to say it.
    so you are telling me that i have to take my sled and christmas wreath off my porch? it’s only april!! :)
    decorate with something springy?
    i will have to think about this.
    spring is so ugly outside (at least it is here) that i am not too motivated. the grass is green and a few flowers pop up but mostly everything is wet and muddy. so this will require real thought.
    maybe if i say mr. linky a few more times…

  4. Okay, so I think Mr Linky and I made a real connection. Posted is a picture of Alfie after he “borrowed” a spring scarf.
    Lisa & Alfie

  5. Hey there BFF!

    So sorry that I have been sort of MIA! I love your Spring Fluffing project and can’t wait to head over to see what you have come up with.

    I am going to need to pick your brain soon, as we are in escrow for a little home on a bluff overlooking the Pacific in San Clemente. I will need some of your lovely beach house ideas! Maybe I can even send you some pictures to see what you think! After my young brother passed, my husband and I decided to move our plans for the future, up to the forefront. His tragic passing made me realize that we never really know how many tomorrows that we will actually have.

    Hoping that all is well with you and your lovely family. I miss you, friend!

    Hugs and love,

  6. Thanks Paula, your porch is looking very SPRINGY! And thank you Lisa for posting Alfie’s picture! ROFL! IHOORAY for ALFIE! I couldn’t be happier to see a dog smiling! I just adore Alfie. And his Spring Scarf is so CHIC! My daughter and I laughed so hard at (with) Alfie we had TEARS rolling down our faces.

    Thanks for figuring out Mr. Linky.

  7. Come on Meg, you can do it. Put Naughty Baby on it! She’ll think of something!

    Deb, so good to hear from you! Oh my gosh, I’m emailing you. I’m so excited for you!

  8. Mr Linky, he does sound dodgy. Afraid my home and garden is looking very end of summer burnt, just before autumn kind of look:) Rachael

  9. What a fantastic idea Melissa.I’d love to see what people do to fluff up spring over there , as you probably know we aussie girls are going through fall… :(

    chat soon, adla

  10. Dear Miss Melissa I thought we were the only ones who left Xmas decorations up till March ! :-)

  11. Wonderful idea. It will be fun to see what others come up with.

    I added mine too. Have a great week!

  12. Not to worry Mellissa, I am sure that many of us have Christmas left-overs that need to be dealt with:>) I just put my dead wreath in the trash last week, and, well, I still have a red wreath hanging in my living room over the sofa, I still kind of like it, LOL, but I’m looking for a spring replacement! I need to find time to do some fluffing, maybe this weekend I can make a little time, thanks for the encouragement to fluff. I need the reminder!

  13. I hope to participate,
    if the weather will only cooperate!


  14. Thanks for leaving me a comment on my blog so I could find yours. I love it! I have to admit, I still have my winter boxwood wreath on my front door…even my kids have told me to take it down. I’m taking it down today, I promise!

  15. Hey, I added a link to my foyer table spring decor with seashells, aqua & white, so I hope this qualifies as Springy, that’s the intention. I’ll go check out the others too.

    Mr. Linky seems to be popular in blogland, although I haven’t tried him yet.

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  16. Hi Melissa, No time to fluff right now. But I am always trying to fluff my stuff. Hense my blog FLUFFYOURSTUFF.

    I can’t wait to see pictures of what people do.


  17. Great inspiring article. Will try and do some fluffing.

    thank you for stopping by.


  18. Sounds like fun! You crack me up with the crunchy Christmas trees…I have some lovely outside Christmas arrangements all fresh and green yet. I’ll hate to take them down for the 4th of July! LOL!

    I have an award for you with no strings attached!

  19. How fun! I wish it were just called “linky” Or Mr. Links.

  20. I added a link to my sweet little seedlings that are starting their way into the world…very wet and ugly spring here at the moment but the sun will shine again…I am sure!!! :)

  21. Hi Melissa!
    I’m going to peek right now!!
    (and as far as the Christmas decorations, don’t worry, now that the snow is melting we have a melting pumpkin left over from Halloween on our stonewall!!)
    I told my hubby next year we carve bunnies on them that way they’ll blend in the spring decorations!

  22. Melissa,
    Thanks so much for commenting on my front room. You have such a great sense of style, and I really value your opinion.

    This is a great post. Your vignette looks wonderful. Love those all those mirrors. I’ve got a sideboard in my family room that I’ve been wanting to “springitize”. Now you’ve motivated me to do it! I’ll come back and link when it’s done!

    Oh, and I’m so jealous of the poster that’s in escrow on the beach house in San Clemente. Such a great town!

  23. Well, I haven’t had a chance to fluff my sideboard yet, so I went ahead and linked to an earlier post which was sort of an Easterish display. I’ll come link again if I do something new.

    I think Mr. Linky is kinda funny, but how about Sir Links Alot, or Linkypoo, or Linkapalooza, Linktastic. I’ll stop now.

  24. o.k. Melissa, as soon as i pick myself up off the floor from the Mr.Linky comments I will get on the spring fluffing pics.
    You are an absolute doll.
    xxoo j

  25. I’m right there with you. I still have Christmas decorations on my garden bench, but they are coming down TOMORROW!! It’s just been too, darn cold here to go outside any sooner and up until a few weeks ago, they were completely covered in snow anyway.

  26. Melissa

    this is a nice idea, i had better get moving!

  27. How fresh!! You amaze me with your post…they’re of course… inspiring… Fay

  28. I’m starting to feel bad. Everyone is way ahead of me with their spring cleaning, spring decorating, and gardening. Tomorrow I’ll have to get started!

  29. Sweet Cottage Dreams says

    Ok, I am giving you my notice that Martha Stewart has now been advised that YOU have violated all rules pertaining to Section 12-25 through Section 4-08. All violators will be banned from any decorating service, advice, linkys, blogging, billboarding and dog grooming for a week. The first violation is an infraction, however any others from this point forward will be sent to house etiquette courses (paid by the violator) and subsequent probabtion for five years. Those who are politely excused from such a violation and punishment with a severe whap on the hand by a Nun’s ruler are those who fall into this category:

    1. Are working on a vacation home on the beach in Oregon.
    2. Drive a Hudson
    3. Volunteer at the local park to feed the pigeons
    4. Own a Westie by the name of Winston

    I will pray for you!


  30. I know this is really stupid, but i’m scared to click on Mr. Linky! i need help!


  31. This is so original.
    Urns and artichokes.
    So inspiring and beautiful.

  32. Hey Girls! Becky, thanks for the wrist slapping. I’m glad I can continue my decorating service and blog after my infraction.

    Joni, don’t let Mr. Linky scare you. He is harmless.

    If you haven’t clicked on The Pickled Hutch in Mr. Linky, please, if you want a good laugh, check it out. My kids and I absolutely roll on the floor with tears in our eyes every time we see Alfie in his spring scarf. I love Alfie.

  33. kari & kijsa says

    Teehee- Loved Becky’s comment!!! Have a beautiful spring weekend!

    kari & kijsa

  34. Melissa Lewis - Off The Wall says

    Okay, so I finally got my server, or hosting, or internet…whatever the problem was, I worked around it. I finally was able to use Mir. Linky. He’s a short and to the point fella, isn’t he?

    This is a great idea. I have enjoyed seeing everyone’s spring vignette idea’s. It’s inspired me to “spring clean” my house tomorrow so I can add some more spring decor!

  35. Yes, nothing like Spring clean-up to freshen up the yard. I’m doing mine this week myself.



  36. Thanks so much for stopping by! It’s so nice to “meet” new people. And I agree, Chauncey falling out of his dog bed is my favorite pic too. I actually thought everyon would love that one the most but his itty bitty feet seemed to win!

    Hallie :)

  37. Hi Melissa!
    Spring is just starting to arrive in Colorado. We are actually going to turn over our garden this weekend and buy some flowers and mulch for the front beds.
    I couldn’t wait for the weather to warm up so I made a Springy card and added the link with Mr. Linky. What a cool game!
    Have a great weekend!

  38. Melissa: Thanks for visiting my blog…I feel I’ve now “arrived” since you visited me! You are an inspiration and I love all your posts.


  39. Today it’s finally nearing the high 60’s! The sun is out and I’ve got a bee in my bonnet to dig in the dirt. Nothing looks to springish around here yet but I did post some spring pillows that I made yesterday (http://countingyourblessings.blogspot.com/2008/04/friday-flea-market.html). Can’t wait to get working on the back porch!! Blessings… Polly

  40. I’m running around like a madwoman trying to fluff things up a bit…I’ll try to link up a photo if I actually finish something… :-)

  41. Thank goodness the decorating police were too bogged down in the snow to notice my brown evergreens in the planters. They’ve been removed as of today and next week I’ll be looking for something spring-y for my porches. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s fluffing! Have a great weekend, Melissa!

  42. Thanks for visiting my blog. I just found yours a few days ago and am slowly savoring all the posts. I really liked the one with home office ideas.

  43. Jst drop by and say hi to you! What a cool blogg you have. Inspiring. Hope to get some ideas from you *lol

    What i mean is that i like your style or the american house. Am moving in 2 weeks, so a bit scary & nervous to a new house.

    Have a nice w/nd to you and hope you can sway in at my blogs too.


  44. Hi Melissa, Don’t feel bad. I just recently took down my “fresh” boxwood Christmas wreath from the front door too and I only moved it to the back yard picnic table. Don’t know why I am saving it. I have a photo of my newly sprouted spinach on my blog today. Does that count as Springy? xo Lynn

  45. Hello! What a fun thing to do – I’ve added my name – like the others, I can’t wait to see, be inspired, copy-cat ideas ..Hmmmm

    I think you should have taken a photo of your evergreens and sent them to Jeff Foxworthy – I’m sure it could have made a whole routine about it! LOL!

  46. Oh yes, Hunny-Bun, I do need some spring fluffing. If only I could find some spring fluff… -pout- But ’twill keep looking.


  47. Melissa, thank you so much for your sweet comment on our little Gizmo girl. I wish you many more years with your fur baby… Your blog is BEAUTIFUL, and I’ve tagged you on my blog for a 6 word life motto, if you’d like to play along :)… Donna

  48. the pressure is killing me.
    if i don’t think of something by tomorrow…consider me a spring fluff failure. :(
    wish me luck.

  49. Meg, dear, BFF, you can do it! I know you can….

    Come on girls, the weekend is not over yet, you can FLUFF! I have photos of some fluffing projects from today that I will load up on Sunday. I’m too tired tonight…

  50. Your blog is so inspiring!! I’m truely trying to think Spring!!
    We had huge ‘Silver Dollar” Snowflakes coming down
    this morning and sunshine this afternoon. That’s Spring
    here in the Canadian Rockies. I have changed the
    Decor on my back porch and I’ll post them on my blog
    tomorrow. It’s pretty bad when DH takes your snowmen off
    the porch for you.. So I had to quickly think Spring and
    replace the Red and Green. It did get me inspired and
    ready to start Spring housecleaning and getting a fresh
    new feeling after this long winter. Happy Spring,


  51. How fun! Can’t wait to see everyones! I posted mine. :)

  52. Melissa – good to see you’re having a 3 day break my dear – I couldn’t agree with the comment you left on the decor8 interview more.

    hugs bug :-)

  53. Okay, you have inspired me. Off to fluff.

  54. i have some photos today…one with my pansies..i have missed you…r

  55. This was such a great idea Melissa. I have enjoyed checking out everyones vignettes the past view days. I keep coming back for more.

    I cannot wait to see what you’ve been working on. I’m sure it’s FABULOUS! You have the decorating knack sister!

  56. Ooo, what a delightful post! I have missed you so much. I am looking forward to getting a chance to sit down and catch up with your blog. You inspired today’s post though, with your tiny nest!

  57. Great idea! I can’t wait to see everything! Mine is a springy dresser make over.
    Jen R

  58. Ok everyone. I have been a major Spring Fluffer, running around like mad trying to organize, fluff and redo. I added four photos for your amusement.

    Photo 1 from me is our first Spring Fluffing project, a new spring hairdo for Winston.

    Photo 2 from me is the BEFORE PHOTO of a door in our kitchen. It was just a out of place looking oak door and I always wanted it to be a magnetic chalk board to write notes and put my son’s artwork. I decided after four years of putting that off, it was time to get busy on it!

    Photo 3 is the photo of the door IN PROGRESS (not done yet!).

    Photo 4 from me is my little spring birdies who have come out of their nest.

    The other thing I’ve been doing is organizing my emails! I am learning about how to combine all of my business and blog email accounts into one so I can be more on top of things! I found out that Gmail could do what I wanted, so that is what I’ve worked on all afternoon. No photo of that process though. Not so pretty.

    Keep the photos coming! :-)

  59. Hi Melissa, my first attempt with the Mr Linky, I added the link for the whole blog…then I figured it out and added just the link to the porch post!

    Thanks for your sweet comment. I can’t believe I found that gate, almost as soon as I thought of using one on the fireplace!


  60. You can keep on adding your spring projects even after the weekend, I want to know what you are up to! We’ll keep checking to see what is new! :-)

  61. Hi Melissa, thanks for the invite. I usually get your posts by email – I don’t know why this one hasn’t appeared yet?

    I know, I know….I wish they’d change the Mr. Linky to something else LOL!


  62. My pleasure to particpate in the spring fluffing. I have two pups. The West Highland “white dog” is Samson and the little black dog is Licorice she is a long haired Duashund/Min Snauchser/Jack Russel mixed

  63. Hiya sweetie! I don’t think I can play along with the Spring fluffing because we’re in Autumn here now and I’m in full Winter mode! lol I am looking forward to seeing what everyone else comes up with though! Melisssa, when you have a minute, please stop by my place as I have something for you there! Hugs!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  64. What a fun idea! :-) So many gorgeous Spring photos. Just what I needed as it is pouring down here :)
    I’ve added a picture of my Paperwhites in a cigarbox planter.
    You can read the whole blog post here : http://mandco.typepad.com/

    You have such a fun, inspiering blog! Love it :-)

  65. Hi Melissa,
    Okay, nothing is blooming (hardly) in my yard and it is still full of weeds, I did my best! Hmm, so at this late date I’m going to give it a try. I so wish my climbing roses were in bloom.

    What a lot of fun though! Fluff up attempted, indeed!

  66. Love your springtime photos above Melissa and the idea of sharing photos of spring vignettes! Thank you for your comment the other night. It is much appreciated!


  67. I am finally getting around to joining everyone…..eventhough it has been just too cold these past few days to think Spring Fluffing :-) So what do you do when it’s too cold to putter outside? You shop!! Come seen what I will be working with if it ever warms up! :-) Rosie

  68. I hope it is not too late to leave my photo. Coming from Australia we are heading into winter but I was able to find a little sign of warm weather left in the garden. Sally

  69. Oh I messed that up, now hopefully you can get straight to my photo but hopefully you look at my website too!!

  70. Oh my goodness, Melissa–Mister Linky? That’s the funniest name ever! Hope you’re having a great week so far.

  71. Hi Melissa,
    This Mr Linky thing is cute – I have never seen it before! Loved your spring fluffing ideas. I posted a link to my blog too, for a May Flower Jar how-to project. Thanks for setting this up.

  72. I can’t wait to see how everyone approaches “Spring Fluffing!” We could all use some great tips for this fresh and beautiful season.

  73. Hi Melissa:

    Thanks for suggesting I add my “egg watch” to your Spring Fluffing! (I did it!) I’ll have an update this week on what is going on!
    Enjoy the weekend!

  74. Seriously…I wanted to participate, and still might, but after going to a couple of the other blogs all I can say is “I’m not worthy!!!” ;)

    Plus…we do NOT have SPRING in Ft. Lauderdale…truly it is like a perpetual summer…today it was 90 (what’s up with that?)

  75. Fun! I have been doing alot of flower fluffing lately. :)

  76. I’m new at blogging and hope I did this right.

    When I think of “fluffing,” it reminds me of what I call “fluffing my pine straw.” I use a rake (and my hands) and literally “fluff” up the pine straw in my flower beds to make them look fresh. I do it several times a year and it’s amazing the difference it makes.

    I’m not sure how to post a picture here, but will go back and see if I can figure it out. If not, you can see my pictures on my “Southern Lagniappe” blog (see link above).



  77. What a great idea! Mr. Linky! It’s great to look at everyone’s photos. Lots of inspiration.


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