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Inspiring Ideas: Using Outdoor Fabric Inside

by | Apr 11, 2008 | Decorating Inspiration, Details

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Inspiring Ideas: Using Outdoor Fabric Inside

Here’s a tip for you: now you really can bring the outdoors in! At the risk of sounding like a commercial (I don’t get paid for this!), I just wanted to share this suggestion. If you have children, pets, bright sunlight streaming in your windows or simply want durable easy to clean fabrics for your home, beach house, porch, boat or sun room, check out Sunbrella Fabrics! Their fabrics aren’t just for your pool chairs anymore!

Inspiring Ideas: Using Outdoor Fabric Inside

Sunbrella features a great range of styles, patterns, textures and colors that can work into any decor. You could use it just about anywhere including on sofas, chairs, pillows or even curtains. How about a window seat or footstool? Sunbrella fabrics are Greenguard Certified, which means they are an environmentally responsible product and safe to use indoors as they contribute to healthy indoor air quality. Check out their website and see all of their products, play with colorful fabrics on a virtual chair and read about the company!

Inspiring Ideas: Using Outdoor Fabric Inside

all photos from Sunbrella online


  1. Catherder

    Having a housefull of cats, I think I may benefit from this post lol!! Thanks!

  2. le petit cabinet de curiosites

    Great post! I always use outdoors fabrics inside , above all since they have made some beautiful ones thanks to Rubelli , Elitis, Pierre Frey …
    Nowadays ,outdoor fabrics are fantastic !
    For me it doesn’t sound like a commercial , it sounds like a very good tip

  3. Kim

    What a great idea! I didn’t know that there was such a great range of fabric choices for outdoors.

  4. Elzie

    Thanks for all the tips in your last post. I will come back to them LOL.
    And the sofas looks lovely. Wouldn’t hurt to have one of those (with anohter cover!) in my livingroom.
    Hope you’ll get a great weekend.
    Love Elzie

  5. megan duerksen

    so pretty.
    i want that green and pink chair.
    have a great friday melissa.

  6. pugnotes

    What a great idea! It is amazing how many beautiful fabrics and colors are now available in outdoor versions. I had no idea! Thank you for the great tip~

  7. casacaudill

    We purchased a couch at Macy’s with Sunbrella fabric. It was a special order and took several months to come in, but once we got it, it’s been fantastic. Three years later we’ve washed it several times and there are no stains to speak of. It’s great for cats who are prone to hairballs.

  8. julia

    ooh that polka dotted ottoman just about took my breath away. That is such a fun piece and in outdoor fabric too!
    I have outdoor cushions made of that same material and it is proven itself thus far to be pretty bomb proof.
    But that polka dot, i have to find that!! :)

  9. mrs darling

    Oh my goodness. I totally love this!!!

  10. Lorrie

    I love the first room – all the blue and white prints. And the curvy furniture. Mmm!
    Great idea!


  11. Anne

    I love the bottom picture, just my style :-)

  12. Pat

    Great idea, Melissa!

    I love the blues in that first photo.


  13. Elizabeth

    That is one gorgeous sectional!

  14. Connie

    Melissa, Thanks so much for checking out my site. Fabrics are my absolute fabric part of design. I’m like a kid in a candy shop when it walk into a fabric store. It’s funny that you posted about Sunbrella. I just checked today on some fabric for some flooring runners for the Sea Ray Cruiser. Your site is a great resource. Keep up the great work.

  15. Annechovie

    Great idea, Melissa! I love the fabrics you have shown here.

  16. snhamlett

    Hi Melissa!

    I owe you an e-mail and you’ll get it, I promise! : ) I love the polka-dot fabric in that first fabric… how fun would that be on some cushions; I’m definitely checking out that link. I wanted to come over and invite you to enter a giveaway that I’m having. The winner of the giveaway will win an autographed copy of Carrie and Danielle’s new book, Style Statement: Live by Your Own Design. (You’re kind of book, I know!)

    Visit this link to check out my interview with them, and to get more details about the giveaway:

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    xoxo – Shauntelle

  17. Things that Inspire

    Sometimes I find myself admiring a fabric in the fabric store, then realize it is an outdoor fabric! There are some lovely colors and patterns. I have even seen someone do their casual family room in normally outdoor furniture with outdoor fabric, and it looked great!

  18. rosieswhimsy

    I love that pink and green chair! I will definitely use this type of material when I decide if I am going to recover my Great Room couches. They may just get replaced….but after seeing that chair…….hmmmmm……

    :-) Rosie

  19. Amber

    Great info! I just found your site today via CWO and after briefly reading a few entries I just know I’ll be visiting often! I am SO inspired already -thanks!

  20. Debra W


    You are fabulous, my dear friend! What a great idea!

    I have been meaning to tell you that I get the most interesting visitors coming over from your site! Florianopolis, Santa Catairna and Lisbon, Lisboa were just two who stopped by today! You are popular all over the world. I love it!

    Hugs and love,

  21. Beverly

    This fabric is wonderful. I want to get some new cushions for the wicker rocking chairs on our front porch, and this fabulous selection has great potential.

    Thanks for sending your roosters over to the parade. I hope you were able to catch a glimpse of them marching along.

  22. Joyfullness

    Great idea!! We wanted to make our small living room seem we just thought of getting some nice outdoor furniture… you know what i mean.. who would of thought i had a cool idea like a professional!!? Thankyou for visiting me…

  23. Sweet Cottage Dreams

    I want the furniture in the first pic, but in red! Love it and the tougher the fabric, the better!

  24. A-M

    OMG, I love your site! I have been in ‘blogland’ for just over a week now. I feel I have travelled the world in a week….you have such an inspiring, eloquent, tasteful blog.. I have no excuse now for not designing, building and decorating a divine home. I am taking that first image as a blueprint for my living room… complete with 2 little boys, bionicles, husband and his pistacio nuts and family cat. Outdoor fabric – brilliant!
    Cheers from A-M

  25. marita

    lovely seats and fabrics melissa!
    my home could need an urgent transformation, however no time at the moment though.
    thanks for the lovely tips ;)

  26. Daisy

    I LOve Love the first picture. I have a thing for French doors. I just love them in a home.

  27. maryam in marrakesh

    I so want to use sunbrella fabric indoors here in Marrakech but it is outrageously expensive here – over $200 a yard. I recently bought 50 yards at $25 in the US and that was a lot of money for me. eeek.

    Now I am on the quest to find affordable sunbrella in all white.

  28. anindiansummer

    The fabrics in the first tow photographs are so gorgeous! I would use them indoor – outdoor – everydoor anyday! :)


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