Summerizing Your Fireplace

I ran across this pretty picture and thought it was the perfect summer look
for an unused winter fireplace!

For more inspiring ideas for fireplaces, check out my blogging friend Katie’s post on Fireplace-scapes, which earned her a place last week in The Washington Post! Congrats, Katie!

Photo: Ideal Home June 2008 via House to Home


  1. rosieswhimsy

    Hmmmmm …. now I’m thinking I really should do something with that big wood stove in my great room instead of it just sitting there all neglected this summer. Time to put on the thinking cap!

    :-) Rosie

  2. Vee~A Haven for Vee

    Great photo…excellent idea…now if I only had a fireplace. ;D

  3. Jan

    That made me warm inside for sure.

  4. Marie

    It’s so girly! But so fantastic! I love the look…not sure my husband would go for it. PRETTY!

  5. the Farmer's Wife

    Lovely photo. Fortunately for me I never winterized my mantle, so I’m all set for summer. I’m so lazy. Well, I am remodeling a basement by myself after all so I never got around to it.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  6. katiedid

    Hi Melissa! I love this photo! Thank you so much for the shoutout. You are such a great blogging friend! :)

  7. Diana

    Wow – definitely going to check out – this is a great photo!

  8. Beverly

    That is just beautiful. I would love a fireplace that looked just like that in my bedroom. That would be such a pretty sight to greet me each morning.

  9. ann marie

    I love all of the white.. And the wallpaper! So feminine and clean looking…

  10. Mari-Nanci

    Wow! Great ideas! Thank you for the link.

    Happy Full June Strawberry Moon to you, tonight!

    Smilnsigh blog

  11. Elizabeth

    Ack! What was I thinking? When we bought our house I ‘gave’ the den are to my husband to decorate. I promised to keep my sticky little fingers off that entire room. The room with the fireplace. It kills me now. :)

  12. Teresa

    I would love to change the look of my fireplace….hummm I may need to post a picture of my fireplace- maybe someone out there could help give me a new idea of what to do with it-
    Thanks for giving me an idea-

  13. Janet (Shabbyfufu)

    Since most fireplaces are faux in So. Florida where I live…..I have a variety of decorative fireplace screens in front of my two. I love all of the outdoor posts that you have been doing! ~XO~ Janet

  14. Darla

    Head on over to Blissfully D (blog) I put a link to your backyard on there. =)

  15. anne

    Perfect, just how I can imagine my fireplace one day!!!!

  16. M&Co

    Great idea! The fireplace usually gets a bit lost in the summer, when it not in use! Love it! I’ll have to dress mine up for summer too now :-)

  17. Barbara

    I have my own goofy things on my fireplace hearth all year long. I never think to do anything inside the fireplace since we have gas logs *gasp*. I’ve always wanted a REAL woodburning one, but this was a better option than none. We have two actually 1 down and 1 up. Just missing the crackle and the smell… two of the most important parts of a fireplace. I love the mantle on this picture. I should lighten mine up for spring/summer.

  18. Ann Marie

    this is a sweet room. i always like to see what people do with their fireplaces during off season. this is a nice, simple solution.

  19. Terri Steffes

    How funny! I just did this very thing! Our day lilies and Stella d’ oros are in full bloom. I cut stems and put them in front of our fireplace in tall vases!

  20. linda

    I love this picture the colours together are just perfect.
    Cheers Linda

  21. girlmeetsglamour

    What a lovely touch, those bright flowers are a perfect fit!!


  22. Mrs. B

    Very pretty! I don’t have a fireplace but we plan to install one. I can’t wait for all the decorating opportunities!

  23. Lisa

    Love the idea! We actually have a small wooden stove that sticks out a little from ours with a black see-through screen in front of it. After reading this, I just looked at it and thought – why not decorate a wooden screen and use that in front of it during the warm months? Hmmm…

  24. Sher's Creative Expressions

    Love the lighter look of the summer mantle. I have a large antique fireplace screen that I place in front of our fireplace in the summer. It’s my “summer” look :)



  25. Penny

    I love this photo! I have a stacked stone fireplace…and I would love to make it more summery….I am off to check out Katies post…Thanks Melissa for such a timely post!

  26. Trina

    so sweet and lovely.. love it!

  27. deserae

    I have a neglected woodstove…..I will have to summerize it today! Thanks for the idea and the link to Katie’s blog :o)

  28. Melissa in Mel's World

    I would LOVE love LOVE to have a house with a pretty fireplace, unfortunately there aren’t many fireplaces in South Florida… ;(

  29. Lisa

    Great ideas on how to dress up an old standard. Love the link to the fireplace-scapes. Lots of inspiration.

    Hope you’re having a great week!

  30. Lynda

    Love the fireplace ideas, Melissa! Ours definitely needs a touch of summer.

  31. Daisy

    Oh, this is the lovliest little fireplace. I love the wallpaper in the background and the flowers! It’s all so girly chic! Have a good weekend. Daisy~

  32. Holly

    That is soooo gorgeous!!! What a super happy room! :) I could definitely enjoy a nice cup of coffee by that mantle and be perfectly content! xo!


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