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Outdoor Rooms: Happy Surprises

by | Jul 2, 2008 | Gardens & Outdoor Rooms | 42 comments

Outdoor Rooms: Happy Surprises

You know, there are so many blogs out there now with unbelievable projects and ideas up the kazoo, I am constantly blown away. I just gobble up your ideas. Every time I visit a blog with amazing talent my eyes pop out of my head. Do you realize this? Talent, I tell you! You are full of Happy Surprises.

This glorious front porch is from Cherry Hill Cottage (her sister’s home, clearly talent runs in her family)…I just am showing you two photos but you’ll have to go check out her blog for the rest of them! She has a grand tour inside and out! You won’t be disappointed. Many happy gasps.

Outdoor Rooms: Happy Surprises

Do you love the little settee she has on her porch? Clever clever.

Now, check this out. A porch before and after, shared by this talented blogger A Soft Place To Land. What I love about this is that she used what she had to pull this porch together on short notice (usually the best way to decorate in my humble opinion!) and she painted that little bench with a surprising pop of color goodness, tying it in with a yellow pillow. Another happy gasp.

Outdoor Rooms: Happy Surprises


Outdoor Rooms: Happy Surprises


Here is another outdoor room that took my breath away…

The ever amazing decorator and blogger extradorinaire Joni from Cote de Texas and her charming courtyard….I love her house and now that I know this hidden gem is in her backyard, well, I love it inside and out. Those chairs just make me happy. So peaceful and serene.

Outdoor Rooms: Happy Surprises

Outdoor Rooms: Happy Surprises

Then there is sweet and lovable Pat from Back Porch Musings, who is forever amazing me with her before and after room makeovers. Look at this porch, couldn’t you just sit right down to dinner? It is like dining outside at a charming restaurant. I love the use of those shutter doors to make her table feel nestled in and cozy. Happy gasp!

Outdoor Rooms: Happy Surprises

Outdoor Rooms: Happy Surprises

If you have an outdoor room to share, I hope you’ll keep sending them to me for us all to see! Invitation is still open!


  1. Terri

    Very pretty pics….love the front door..mine is red too!

  2. Irene

    Beautiful indeed! That settee is lovely and I also like the way she has decorated it. I have one from Ikea which I take out in the Summer. Also, the current issue of Oprah at Home has a similar settee , though in a green/blue palette in its front cover and inside.
    Thank you for sharing the beauty with us!

  3. Kimba

    Wow! I’m honored that you showed my little porch makeover among such beautiful outdoor rooms. These are, most definitely, some inspiring rooms. Thanks for sharing!

    I am adding you to my faves. I love coming here and drawing inspiration from the beautiful pictures that you share with us. Thanks!

  4. the Farmer's Wife

    I love all those photos and the transformation ones are such inspiration! It’s interesting how we can pull out one or two elements that will work for us. It’s all about creating a personal space not totally reproducing something you see in a magazine or on a blog. For that reason I love that people are willing to share their creativity and not keep it under a basket. Let that creative light shine!

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  5. Kristin

    Wow; those are beautiful. What great places to unwind; now I’m craving a glass of iced tea!

  6. Shelia

    Thank you for the compliments on my little tea towels. I know the older I get , this is a little hobby I love! I’ve put it down for a few years and am starting to really get back into it. Come back for a visit any ole time.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  7. Beverly

    Melissa, thanks for always sharing these great spaces with us. I love each one.

    And, it is the perfect time of year for enjoying all of our outdoor spaces.

  8. Aimee

    These pics are just the inspiration I needed! I’m working on our sad little patio as we speak.

    Oh, and I wish I could help you with your daughter’s wedding!! If only we didn’t live on opposite sides of the country! :) Good luck with it – I know what a tremendous amount of work it is!

  9. abbreviated

    Use to have a metal baby bed turned day bed.

    Wish I’d kept it to put out on the porch.

  10. Elizabeth

    Oh wow. This is a jackpot of inspiration! Thanks also for your kind words about my friend, I truly appreciate it.

  11. Tara

    Hi Melissa

    i find looking at people’s makeovers more entertaining than sitting and watch ing TV–this is REAl and great!

  12. Brenda Kula

    Very, very talented ladies! Like you, I am continually surprised by the cleverness I see on blogs EVERYDAY!

  13. pam

    Love It!!!! They need to come and redo mine.

  14. kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

    hey hey hey girlfriend! I have been so bad and getting over here, but never fear…….you know I love you.
    This outdoor room stuff is SO fitting for me right now. I have been struggling with an area of my downstairs patio area. It’s coming along………I’ll let you know when it’s done.

  15. Tracie

    I don’t know which is my favorite outdoor room, I love them all. So much inspiration!
    And the concealment post, I’m going to be there for hours looking at all the creative, wonderful ideas. Cindy (My Romantic Home) sent me this way.
    My Petite Maison

  16. AJsMom

    As always, the pics and rooms are beautiful. You are truly an inspiration. Especially for someone like myself, who does not have an ounce of decorating talent. I’ve been away for a while, but I hope to visit more ofen!!! God Bless! P.S. Love Winston!!

  17. Penny

    They all look so cozy and inviting!

  18. Hadias

    Thank you for compiling such lovely pictures and links. I love visiting cottage hill.

  19. Teresa

    Fabulous! Those gals have talent!
    Oh, Just to let you know, I’ve totally been enjoying seeing every-ones concealments- sure are some clever people out there. Thanks again for starting all the fun :}
    Have a great day-

  20. Jen

    These are so pretty! I especially love the brightly colored furniture on the porch from A Soft Place to Land! That’s right up my alley…now if I only had a porch to decorate *sigh*

  21. Design for Mankind

    Awww, I love a good outdoor room or front porch. I’d spend the rest of my days there if I could!

  22. Christi from Charm & Grace

    Melissa, these are amazing. And what’s even better is getting to come to your site and view them all at one time! (I will bookmark the sites for future viewing, though.) Have a great holiday weekend!


  23. janet

    I love them all. Makes me feel bad that my deck didn’t get the attention it needs this summer, but there is always next year, right?


  24. Summer Kitchen Interiors

    Sorry to slobber – Thanks for sharing all of that wonderful eye candy!! We are in love with the day bed on the porch – Yummy!!
    Have a great 4th!
    Karla & Karrie

  25. abeachcottage

    ooooh, fab pics again, just love coming here for inspiration, thanks for your email the yesterday, I am re-inventing my deck – it was horrid, orange brown, lurid green roof – the power of paint has been amazing, just doing the finishing touches now and trying to do it all on a budget, thanks for the inspiration!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  26. Lisa

    These are all lovely outdoor rooms! I would really like to do one on my back patio before summer is over.

  27. nel

    Great post! Dropped by Cherry Hill – just goreous!

  28. nel

    Great post! Dropped by Cherry Hill – just gorgeous!

  29. julia

    Again… WOW, i love the outdoor room makeovers.
    Such creative ladies out there. Look forward to thes posts for sure. Happy Fourth Melissa.

  30. Lallee

    Melissa, thank you for your recent visit. I love all your picks for this post. I’m a sucker for red and always enjoy seeing what Cherry Hill has. I equally love wicker and cottage gardens. Great eye candy!

    Happy 4th!

  31. Paris Parfait

    All these rooms are lovely annd inviting! I especially like the reds.

  32. Sweet Cottage Dreams

    Melissa, you sure know how to through in the nibble for inspirations!!! Isn’t Kathy’s porch (Tina’s sister) wonderful? Her whole house is chocked full of sweetness! Kathy is also a sweeeet lady as well and I am blessed to know her.

    Happy 4th to you, sweetie!


  33. Sweet Cottage Dreams

    ooops…I meant to write “throw.” My brain needs a break. ha

  34. Barbara

    I just love red front doors. I can’t wait to repaint our house, either this fall or next spring. I’m painting the front door red! I have the color picked out, and finally convinced hubby that it’s a good idea!

  35. Fifi Flowers

    LOVE LOVE those red poppy pillows on the daybed porch area!

  36. Dionna

    I adore outdoor rooms and porches. I want to do something similiar but my dilemma is where we live it is very dry and dusty with storms that come in quickly and fiercely. Doesn’t all that material and cushioning get dirty and destroyed? Everyone’s always looks so new and clean.

  37. Connie

    I LOVE the porch with the red door. I have to have my porch look like that. One problem – I live in a townhome and we have rules. We can use only certain colors on our doors and trim. Think I shall move , but then tomorrow comes, and it all seems like too much work.
    I will take a trip over to Cherry Hill Cottage now. Thank for the preview of these homes and your pictures are wonderful!

  38. candi- teal chic

    Thanks for the “crib” inspiration. We have one and have been trying to find ideas! :) Thanks again!!!


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