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Style Tips: A Picture Quiz

Style Tips: A Picture Quiz

Need some help defining your style?

I can’t guarantee the results of this, but you can have some fun trying! I saw a link to a fun picture quiz on This is Glamorous’ blog and tried it myself with my spare time tonight (ooo, you caught me playing when I should have been working or enjoying some solitude).

Style Tips: A Picture Quiz

Here is a description of my style, according to the quiz:


You take the inspiration for your home from the surrounding countryside. And why not? The country cottage look has been, and continues to be, the epitome of what a family ‘home’ should stand for: warm, welcoming, cozy and comfortable. There’s nothing at all pretentious about this style, just a love of the good, simple pleasures in life.

Style Tips: A Picture Quiz

Style Tips: A Picture Quiz

So, what do you think? Did that description sound like me? What happened to my coastal cottage style? Or my British Colonial style? Guess I need to figure out just where I am, so I can look to the appropriate surrounding countryside for my style. This explains a few things about why I can never decide what I like best. As you know, I can dream I am just about anywhere. The shore, the French countryside, an English Castle. Whims are like that.

Give this quiz a try yourself and let me know the results! When you get there, just start choosing the photo that best describes each question.

Go ahead and play, it is almost Friday! And besides, knowing your style is serious business.

Style Tips: A Picture Quiz

Have fun!

(kitchen) 25 Beautiful Homes
all others; Country Homes & Interiors
via House to Home

Solitude: A Daily Ritual

Solitude: A Daily Ritual

In solitude we give passionate attention to our lives,
to our memories, to the details around us.

Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own

How are you all doing with balanced living? We haven’t talked about that much lately, probably because I’ve been too busy to be balanced! But in the quiet of the evening last night, I thought again about my need for balancing busyness with solitude. Especially in the busiest seasons of life, we need to find time for solitude. It is so important to our well being! But how? How do we find that time when life swirls around us and expectations abound?

Here are a few thoughts to stir our thinking:

  • Make the time for solitude and let some things fall through the cracks.
  • Try doing one less blog post per week or read a few less blogs in busy seasons. Blog world will still spin without our constant communication and participation. Your true friends will be there when you return.
  • Save up your emails and deal with them all in one sitting to avoid the constant interruptions.
  • Get up one half hour earlier to enjoy the quiet of the morning.
  • Turn off your phone and computer earlier in the evening. The world can wait until tomorrow.
  • If you have children at home, shut the door to your bedroom or bathroom for a short time each day or evening (if your husband is home or your kids are old enough to be alone!) and tell the children mommy is in quiet time.
  • Set appointments with yourself to do something different each week with some quiet time. Wander through an art museum, read a book at a new coffee shop, walk through a botanical garden, listen to music and daydream.
  • Create a special place for solitude. A clean and inviting bedroom can be a private sanctuary. Put on fresh sheets, pull open a window and a set a bouquet by your bedside.
  • Create rituals for your private time and look forward to those experiences. Light candles, journal your thoughts in pretty notebooks, meditate on gratitude, pray.
  • Learn to say no without excuses.
  • Be selective in how you spend your day, making sure to guard your private time.
  • Give yourself permission to live life at a different pace than others around you.
  • Make ordinary moments more special. A morning cup of coffee can be a memorable daily ritual if we slow down enough to savor it in solitude.
  • Be yourself and live authentically. Trying to impress is a sure fire way to be unbalanced in life.
  • Let go of the guilt for things you can’t get to and things you cannot control.

I’m challenging myself to continue to practice solitude every day in some form or another, even through this busy season (my daughter’s wedding)! Feel free to join in any way you can! I promise, it will be life changing if you are not in the habit of it!

Photo: This Old House, Eric Piesecki. I love that wall color!

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