Creative Ways to Decorate Naturally

Creative Ways to Decorate NaturallyCountry Living

I love nature and natural elements. I think it is one of the easiest and most attractive ways to include any season into your decor. And because I love being subtle in my decor, utilizing natural elements makes sense to me.

Creative Ways to Decorate Naturally

Better Homes & Gardens

By incorporating natural fiber rugs, window treatments, natural fabrics, or even twigs from the yard, I can achieve a rich and warm room without too much muss and fuss. Natural burlap wrapped around pillows or frames can give some natural texture and seasonal pizazz!

Creative Ways to Decorate NaturallyBetter Homes & Gardens

Creative Ways to Decorate NaturallyCountry Living

Don’t over think your decorating. Keep it simple so you can focus on the beauty!

Creative Ways to Decorate Naturally

Country Living

Oh how I love that kitchen! Kitchens can tend to be full of cold and hard surfaces, but with the addition of bamboo cutting boards and rattan baskets you can really warm things up.

Creative Ways to Decorate Naturally

Creative Ways to Decorate NaturallyCountry Living

Beautiful colored flowers in pitchers of creamy white and browns, be still my heart!

Creative Ways to Decorate Naturally

Country Living

Natural things are so beautiful all by themselves in a bowl, you can’t go wrong!

Creative Ways to Decorate Naturally

Better Homes & Gardens

Branches for curtains complete with twigs and birds nests! Inexpensive & naturally beautiful!

Creative Ways to Decorate NaturallyBetter Homes & Gardens

Framing natural elements, such as these sea whips or flowers, is a great wall to fill up wall space!

Creative Ways to Decorate NaturallyBetter Homes & Gardens

Grouping natural mosses, rocks and plant material into cake stands or other containers makes a naturally beautiful centerpiece!

Creative Ways to Decorate NaturallyBetter Homes & Gardens

I love this idea for special memories! Gather sand and shells picked up on vacation and put them in individual glass containers marked with labels identifying the date and location of collection! I love the simple beauty and meaning of decor like this.

So many ideas for creating a naturally beautiful home!

Creative Ways to Decorate Naturally


  1. Very very lovely Melissa. I loved every single picture. I want those beams badly.

    Jans last blog post..Candy Corn

  2. Hi Jan! Thanks!

    Oops everyone, sorry this published so late. My new trick is forgetting to push publish and then being surprised that posts aren’t there. It is working really well for me! {slinks away in shame}

  3. great post, love the photos! thanks for sharing!!!

    preppylittledresss last blog pays to read the whole post! hint: giveaway

  4. love the pillows.

    pams last blog post..Challenge

  5. Melissa, What an inspiration the pictures you have posted are to me. I like the fact that it is a quiet nod to natures fall season. Never thematic just gentle and pleasant. It has started making me think…….hmmmm. I am almost ready to jump into fall. fondly Kathysue

  6. Oh the zebra rub with the branches photo is one of my faves- I am a sucker for anything zebra haha ;) Your photos are gorgeous as usual, and so inspirational!!! I am feeling in the re-decorating mood at the moment, yay!! xo!

    Hollys last blog post..ew.

  7. Very inspirational…lovely photos.

    Love 4 and 5 and the lovely dresser!! :-)

    annes last blog post..Back from Trip ..

  8. Ah, so serene, so me!

    Meghans last blog post..Can you stand it!!!!!???

  9. LOVE that last bit about collecting Sand from a vacation. I have sand in a jar from the beach my husband proposed to me on. (12 years ago) That is an awesome idea!!

    kriss last blog post..Long couple of days.

  10. A gorgeous post, I’m a big fan of that decoration style. It never fails to look classy.

    Lizs last blog post..Healthy Packed Lunches

  11. It’s all gorgeous, I already get BHG, but I’m drooling over Country Living now… and you already know I have a magazine addiction! I do love the jars of sand and shells idea with the tags I’ll have to keep that in mind.

    Barbaras last blog post..Cleaning the Kitchen

  12. those photos are so so lovely so inspirations, hugs, lisa

    Pumpkin Pink Cottages last blog post..Fall Fun Games

  13. Dear Melissa,
    In my Hall of Fame, this is one of the best-est posts of yours. Informative with an excellent selection of pictures. Bravo and Thank you!

  14. Thirkellgirl says:

    I love the photos, *especially the kitchen.
    I’ve been trying to find a post that I *think you did recently that had blue denim sofas – it was you, wasn’t it?

    Thirkellgirls last blog post..

  15. Great post again, Melissa. I guess I’ve never thought of eggs for the Fall, only the Spring. Maybe I’ll need to pull them out again. I have a collection of little bottles from World Market that I put my sand in. Then I label them. It’s amazing how different sand can be. So beautiful. I was just looking at that picture of the sunroom on Sunday. I’ve got it cut out myself. It’s so sunny and beautiful. I’m also thinking that maybe I need to plan some hydrangea in my shaddy spot. Sooner or later I’d have lovely blooms too.

    Karen Bs last blog post..NYC #3

  16. I want every room I see, until I see the next one. Then I want that one too-lol.

    These are all wonderful selections. You have such an eye.

  17. Wow – these are great examples – I love those eggs – they look amazing!

    please sirs last blog post..Aarrr Matey

  18. Great ideas! I’ve really been wanting to do something with burlap lately, to add sort of a natural textural feel. I love that room with the zebra rug. I actually have that picture in my idea binder from when it was in the magazine.

    Mrs. Bs last blog post..Faux No!

  19. Great ideas! I love them all! I might take a few pointers, thanks for sharing!

    Joannas last blog post..A Peak Into My Fall Decorations

  20. I like the unexpected zebra rug, with the stick rods and checked pattern window treatments.

    Janets last blog post..A quick review of the color Orange

  21. Great collection of photos full of inspiration. Love the way each photo shows how people have not gone to some department store to purchase some plastic do-dah thingy but used found items from their environment to convey the message.

    A sand collection? Wow how creative.

    Pearl Maples last blog post..Sky Watch Friday

  22. How I would love to cook in that kitchen.

    Pamelas last blog post..

  23. Absolutely loved them all- I find that lately I’ve gone More “natural” on a lot of my decorating choices.
    I have several ideas buzzing in my head because of this post- Thanks :}
    Have a great day-

  24. Now THIS is what I love!!
    I am just a sucker for everything light and airy and calm without the shabby chic. Thanks for the nice post.


    sandras last blog post..

  25. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the little treasures of sand filled jars…that is a really nice way to display a memory or two without pictures!

    i’m such a sucker and you are an enabler! HOW FUN!

    cynthias last blog post..say it isn’t so…

  26. This is inspiring me to go clean my house and pull out white, tan, cream and beige things. I love how calm and peaceful it looks. Thanks Melissa.

  27. Such great ideas! I think I love them all!

    gingela5s last blog post..Thank you. Thanks, Ok enough…

  28. Melissa….I love the idea of the container with momentos with a tag on them…I went to the Bahamas a few years ago and I brought back lots of sea shells and thought that would be cool to do this to them. Thanks for sharing!

    Beths last blog post..GOOLIE FUN WITH IZZY

  29. Hi Melissa,
    Wow, I love those pictures, so inspiring. I recently got rid of all my shabby chic and went back to my first love of simple beach cottage. Thanks for all the beautiful photos. Please stop by sometime. I would love to show you my home.


    LeAnns last blog post..A precious family and a new direction………….

  30. I have a French bedroom, but I keep migrating back to my “natural” instincts everywhere else. I love bringing nature indoors. This is a effective post.

    Thanks, KJ


  31. You have such great ideas! Natural decor is my very favorite. I really love the cake stand idea!

    Ms.Tees last blog post..Christmas in September? (And a Walking Tour!)

  32. oooohh. I love all of this… It looks so calming and relaxing. I love the use of natural things!

    Jen R Sanctuary Arts at homes last blog post..Coming soon! Pretty up your pumpkin party!!!!!

  33. Nice! There’s something so aesthtically pleasing to me about speckled eggs.

    For myself, I use green apples, lemons, and tomatoes year round to create natural focal points. Green apples make any room look beautiful – and they last longer than flowers :-)

    I love a bowl of lemons sitting on a kitchen counter.

    Mavens last blog post..Taking Chances

  34. I LOvEd all the photos! Using natural things in decorating is something I’d like to do more of. I’ll join the fall linky thing in a few weeks when it gets a bit cooler here and I change over to my fall stuff.

    The Pleasures of Homemakings last blog post..Screened Porch

  35. I just love how calm and serene natural style interiors feel. These are great examples and they put me in a good mood. Thanks for sharing.

  36. Great post! Love the photos, especially the hydrangeas. I have mine set up in my bedroom, as I love looking at them every chance I get!

    Candi- Teal Chics last blog post..TAYLOR!

  37. Really. I just need someone to come over and arrange. My house is full of natural things courtesy of my 7 year old nature lover.

  38. I adore anything that Candace Olson does! She is truly fabulous! Even if its not my own particular taste, she is one fine designer with class. Thanks for these ideas and photos; i’m going to be finishing up my bedroom soon…i am thinking of putting a room divider..those 3-sectioned ones… (a very cute one) around the tv area since I never did get that armoir I wanted.

    karens last blog post..Wonderful Autumn!

  39. Great think it is very much impressive me.


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