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Creative Concealment: Um, I Can Still See You

by | Sep 11, 2008 | Bathrooms, Decorating Inspiration

Creative Concealment: Um, I Can Still See You

Something about this photo just had me in stitches (excuse the hospital screen pun). I don’t know. I actually like the room and think it is charming. And if you need a privacy screen, you just work with what you have. Using a hospital screen is a clever way to divide a room. But if you are trying to conceal YOURSELF, ah, well, you might want to go for a bit more fabric.

Need more ideas on Creative Concealment?

Don’t laugh, it really is one of my decorating “secret weapons”!

See these articles for Creative Concealment tips and inspiration:

Creative Concealment: A Decorating Secret
Creative Concealment: Solving Flaws

Photo Credit: Country Home


  1. Heather

    too funny!

  2. Emily

    I laughed so hard I thought I was going to burst! Before I even read the heading I was like, “I can still see you in there!” It is hysterical!

    Love it!


  3. Teri

    This has me in stitches too!

    and wondering where I could get a frame like this to conceal the elliptical machine in the family room.

  4. Natalie

    HA! I wonder if he was purposely placed there…perhaps he is a world famous foot model? LOL Thanks for the laugh, much needed.

  5. Claire (Little Miss Sew N Sew)

    I need a clever way to conceal a litter box… And the only place for the box downstairs, so the puppies can’t get to it, is in the front room. HELP! It’s an eyesore when you walk in the room. Any ideas? Something more pretty for a tiffany blue room and cherry wood floors other than the half folding screen that you can buy online? (which will probably topple over…) If I figure it out, which may take me some time, I’ll link to you when I blog about it. LOVE your blog!

  6. Janet

    That is too funny.

    Teri ~ I need one for the elliptical as well. Let me know what you find! :)

  7. Joyce

    I enjoy this photo! It made me smile especially to see the feet stick out under the screen.

  8. pam

    Too funny, I need some of those for my poor kids who share rooms.

  9. Layla Palmer

    I am the self-proclaimed QUEEN OF CONCEALMENT.
    I am ALL ABOUT hiding uglies, with pretties. :-)
    I’d love to hear how you’d comment on the current post over at my blog. I am inspired by you and your blog and would be very curious to hear what you’d say!

    The Lettered Cottage

  10. Becky

    I love it! So rustic yet chic, and I love the hospital screen.

  11. teresa

    You Know I’ve always thought it would be fabulous to have an out of the way- little “room” like that- along with dreaming of having an outside shower- just think it would be fun.
    Fun photo-
    Happy Day

  12. Dee

    love those concealments, problem I have here is I need to conceal the whole house!

  13. Mrs. B

    Hi Melissa! That room would actually be very cute in a pool house or something like that. But… I’m not sure I’m sold on the hospital screen. At least they used pretty fabric on it! Now I’m going to read about more creative concealment.

  14. Maven

    Very cute :-)

    I drive my family crazy with all my creative concealments. Looking forward to checking out those links.

  15. Ms.Tee

    Oh, funny photo! I hadn’t seen those articles before – I really like what you did with your office!

  16. Emma

    I love a hospital screen! Have one myself in fact that I bought and never knew where I would put it, and all of a sudden got a house where it was perfect! I have been meaning to cover mine in ticking stripes but not too organised at the mo. Love your blog, will keep reading in my lunc break – or now!

  17. Pamela

    Those poor pitiful little sock feet.

  18. Fifi Flowers

    HOW cute is the Winston painting added to your site! He is so adorable… I love seeing my creation… it makes me feel like I did a good deed!
    ENJOY! Fifi

  19. Sandy

    Ha! I’ve seen too many of those over the years in my work! But not that cool brown color :)

  20. please sir

    Haha – true, but a pretty clever idea! I like the use of fabric.

    please sirs last blog post..Individual Icons

  21. cynthia

    i love the texture of the walls….so much to do with those! as for the screen, i agree…more fabric needed here to cover those ankles!

    cynthias last blog post..yipee…it’s friday!

  22. karen

    Too funny; i noticed it was hunting gear clothing hung up on the hook and over the ‘curtain’. dirty feet dirty feet….:) Karen

  23. Sweet Cottage Dreams

    LOL! Hey, at least the fabric covers the more “private parts”. haha. Like the idea of a hospital screen!



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