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Simple Pleasures: A Beautiful Notebook

by | Oct 5, 2008 | Authentic Living, Creative Inspiration & Projects | 23 comments

Simple Pleasures: A Beautiful Notebook

Simple Pleasures: A Beautiful Notebook

Simple Pleasures: A Beautiful Notebook

“There are certain things I’m never without: lipgloss, a PDA, a great handbag, and of course, a notebook. I’m an avid note-taker and list-maker, so a good notebook is always within reach.

Everyday life can be hectic, so to stay organized, I write everything down. As a design oriented and visual person, I think better when I’m surrounded by beautiful things, which includes the notebook I carry. The one I’m using at the moment is a blank hardbound with a vintage silk scarf cover–it not only adds beauty to my day, but inspires thoughts, plans and dreams that are a part of living a beautiful life.”

–Quote & photos by {this is glamorous} originally posted on The Inspired Room February 7, 2008


  1. anne

    Lovely. I buy notebooks with all good intentions of writing down things that come to mind. But they never quite get there :-)

  2. Emily

    I love the simple pleasure of a notebook. I love blogging but something about paper and pen is so much more comforting sometimes. Last week when I had my no good very bad day, I used it a lot. It helps me sort out feelings on bad days and is a great way to capture moments that I don’t want to let slip away on good days.

    I love the look of notebooks and pens on end tables, night stands, coffee tables. I think it makes a room feel cozy and lived-in. I can’t have that though because my kids destroy anything left at their height. Someday when they are bigger, I will enjoy my notebooks all over the house.

  3. Deb

    Oh, yes, a beautiful notebook is an absolute necessity. But for those of us who carry small bags, Target has a great selection of smaller, stylish notebooks for about $2.

  4. Jinx

    I can live without the pda, but not my camera!

    I guess it’s my visual notebook. I’m better at recording memories than thoughts when I’m on the go. I write in my head & hit my various blogs (whichever suits the purpose) later.

    I’m forever misplacing half-filled notebooks!

  5. Penny

    I love the idea of writing in a journal or notebook. I have purchased several over the years. Started one or two pages and then never seemed to find time for it. Yet, I sit here and blog – go figure :-).
    Hope you have a great Sunday.

  6. Connie

    I have been collecting notebooks since I was a little girl! And luckily, I love to journal so I have a wonderful collection of notebooks. I am also a list maker and I have 6 little spiral bound notebooks with pretty covers that take space in my work area!

    Is it any wonder that I loved school supplies when I was growing up?

  7. Mary Jo

    I’ve been obsessed with journaling for quite a few years now. It’s been both healing and enlightening for me. I just drool over the selection of journals at Barnes & Noble! I make sure to always have some type of notebook with me, even if it’s a small notepad. I feel lost without pen and paper within reach!

  8. carol

    Your notebook is so pretty. That’s a great idea. Right now I have notes stacked up on my desk. I think I will try one of those notebooks.

  9. Debbie

    What a beautiful book to jot things down! That surely beats the yellow sticky by a “LONG” shot!!!

    I really like the way you took the picture too. The morning sunlight is filtering in so beautifully casting really pretty shadows. Thanks for sharing.

    Blessings – Debbie

  10. Pat

    Your notebook is very pretty. Mine is beginning to look a little ragtag. It was a splurge and I’ll keep using it. It’s Coach, brown, with inserts. I just add inserts from Target rather than buy the more pricey ones at Coach. I don’t know what I would do without my little notebook.

    I’ll be back to do more catching up, Melissa..I’ve really been remiss, with my visits…but we have been on the go. I set aside today for catching up, but ended up at Best of Missouri Market at the MO Botanical Gardens! Perhaps Tuesday, after I catch up with my banking and J’s doctor visit!

    Have a wonderful week.

  11. Shane

    I totally get what you’re talking about. I’m a note-taking-list-making freak. I’d be lost without them. Mine may not always make it into the beautiful pink and white notebook I have but they make it somewhere…. Spongebob paper, recycled paper, the back of deposit slips, etc.

  12. Kristen

    Oh, I so love notebooks. I’ve never been without one to write in since I was little. Anytime I fill one, there’s another waiting for me. Whether it be long, thoughtful entries, quick notes, or simple thoughts I love writing things down. And I enjoy going back and reading things that were important to me at different seasons in life!

  13. leaca

    Very pretty. I just bought me a new moleskin notebook and can’t wait to get started in it.

  14. Diane L. Harris

    You’ve inspired me to search out a new supply of good looking notebooks. I’ve used up my last supply of cute and colorful hardback notebooks, and while plain ones serve well, pretty ones make writing just a little more fun. Your lovely site is fun to read too. Thanks.

    Diane L. Harris

  15. Ramona Owen

    Your notebooks are lovely…I am a notebook loving gal myself. I have two of them in my purse as we speak. When I see them at book stores…all pretty and full of blank pages and standing tall on a little shelf…I get all smile~y and just gotta have a new one right then and there. Love it.

    Smiles ~ Ramona

  16. Melissa in Mel's World

    I too have a deep affection for beautiful journals! I used to only use a simple/plain one, but found that when I started to dream and share my innermost thoughts with my paper that I needed the outside of my journal to reflect the inside of my heart.

    My current journal is a beautiful (and simple) brown leather journal with snap clasps. The simple elegance of the brown leather drew me to it…my last journal was red leather with all sorts of ornate desgins on it.

    I also have a “thinking pad” that has a Monet picture on the front, no lines, and it considerably larger than my journal (which comes with me everywhere). This thinking pad allows me to draw/think outside the box and without lines (strange thing because I have always loved the lines).

    I know, totally random, but that’s me! ;-)

    Melissa in Mel’s World

  17. Debbie

    Hi Melissa, I had a GREAT idea from you and want to pursue it more…it was the idea to make a blessings notebook. One where you write down your blessings, and invite others to write down their blessings as well. I am busy creating something, making two…one for a giveaway. I loved your ideas though, organize your ideas for fall and the holidays in a notebook! I just love that!

  18. tig

    Melissa! I love that you re-posted this! It’s a great reminder to take a moment to organize and plan for the adventures ahead.

    Have a fantastic day,

  19. Stephanie

    As much as I love the idea of a notebook, I never seem to remember to use them. I don’t know why. They are so lovely.

  20. Pearl Maple

    Wonderful theme – finding beauty in the every day.

    It is all too easy to wish your life away craving more instead of appreciating the beautiful things that surround us.

  21. Lisa

    Lovely idea!

    Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolatess last blog post..Short and Sweet

  22. Raquel

    I’ve always loved beautiful notebooks and have purchased a few here and there, but never get around to writing in them.
    I think your idea is great though, to have it within reach and use it for anything that comes to mind, notes, thoughts.
    I always reserved my notebooks for when I had something to journal in them or to write something special.
    Now I have to go out and get me one!

  23. Beverly

    I just love pretty journal books, notepaper, pens distributed all over the house. Such a sense of belonging!


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