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20 Little Attitudes Of Gratitude

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more.”

Melodie Beatty

Now I know I startled you all a couple of weeks ago by mentioning Christmas, but before Christmas here in the U.S. comes Thanksgiving (yes, the holidays are upon us!). Before we fully get into the Christmas spirit, I was thinking about that how easy it is to fly right by Thanksgiving and all we have to show for it is a couple extra pounds from over-dosing on mashed potatoes, gravy and pumpkin pie.

I like to get as much out of the seasons and holidays as I can, so I started thinking about ways I could incorporate the attitude of gratitude around my house in the few weeks prior to Thanksgiving.

And what better day to start out thinking positively than on a Monday! Grumble, grumble.

Are you a glass half full person or a glass half empty person? I tend to be a glass half full gal, but I’d have to say my son is the opposite. I sometimes call him Eeyore. I am forever trying to help him see the bright side of things. We work on lessons in positive thinking and gratitude quite often around our house. And Thanksgiving is the perfect time of year to put our efforts into overdrive.

So, how can we create a home that reflects an attitude of gratitude? We need to practice it daily, not just on Thanksgiving. You know I like to make lists of 20 happy thoughts, so here are my 20 Little Attitudes of Gratitude for our home. These are all real things we emphasize around our house to keep us focused on blessings, or things I am wanting to incorporate this year.

20 Little Attitudes
of Gratitude

  1. Mind your manners. Say please, thank you and excuse me.
  2. Smile when you see your family. Turn your frown upside down.
  3. Pick up after yourself.
  4. Notice when others do kind things for you, show gratitude by action or words.
  5. Say I love you before going to bed.
  6. Give hugs daily.
  7. Don’t worry about tomorrow. Focus on what you are happy about today.
  8. Create gratitude journals to keep track of daily blessings.
  9. Show thankfulness for even the little things others do for you.
  10. Leave love notes in unexpected places like lunch boxes and under pillows.
  11. Encourage someone with a compliment.
  12. Verbalize what you are grateful for when you feel like complaining about life.
  13. Keep a basket of small slips of paper on the table. Write notes of thankfulness during the week and read them to each other during a family meal.
  14. Remember to thank God for blessings each day.
  15. Surprise your family (or friends) with little gifts or treats to show you thought of them.
  16. No grumbling about minor annoyances around the house.
  17. Do special things to cherish time with your family. You never know what tomorrow will bring.
  18. Reflect on happy memories regularly. Make inspiration boards of special times.
  19. Help someone out without them having to ask you. Watch for someone in need.
  20. When you are doing household chores, be grateful you have a home to clean.

By making a list of 20 attitudes we can work on and putting them into practice, we can make our homes a much happier place to be by Thanksgiving. Even if you don’t have a family at home, you can make a list that applies to your life situation. I encourage you to make your own gratitude list. Let me know if you do!


  1. leonetlola (Valerie)

    Hello Melissa !

    Here in Belgium we don’t have Thanksgiving but we should have because it is important to thanksour family, our friends, or simply the one who help us or smile us…

    I would like to tell you that you can see my fall decoration in my blog
    I don’t know how to subscribe my blog to your challenge, but you can see my pictures there !

    Have a great day,


    leonetlola (Valerie)s inspiring blog post..Participation au défi de l’Automne : Une bien belle soirée !

  2. Kimba

    Oh goodness! I love this post. I am printing off your list and hanging up as a reminder to cultivate that attitude of gratitude. I call my son Eeyore too! Sometimes Chicken Little. And I’m trying so hard to teach him to see the good. You have re-inspired me to tackle it afresh.


    Kimbas inspiring blog post..If You Can’t Afford It…

  3. hip chick

    I have copied your list onto my blog with a link back to your blog. I hope you don’t mind. I made my own list as well, adding to some of yours and tucking in some of my own as well.
    What a lovely idea. It was such a nice way for me to begin my morning.

    hip chicks inspiring blog post..20 little attitudes of gratitude

  4. Karen

    What wonderful reminders, I love your list. So much information in this post too. The spirit of thankfulness seems to conquer everything. I posted photos of my good friends home today. Karen

    Karens inspiring blog post..Judy’s House

  5. Jinx

    What a wonderful list. I’ll need to get mine in order.

    #1 for us right now is reaching out to share something we love with someone else.

    And I tend to be a “who’s been drinking out of my glass” sort of gal.

    Jinxs inspiring blog post..Caramel Apple Pie

  6. Jen

    I have heard the Nester talk so highly about you, and thought I needed to start frequenting your site. I see why. A girl after my own heart with the attitude of gratitude. Our family character quality for November is gratitude, so there will be posts with this bent coming out of my little home in blog land as well. LOVE. THIS!

    [email protected] Beauty and Bedlams inspiring blog post..You’re going to love me (if you heart coffee)

  7. Chantel

    I just wanted to say that this post was amazing, It is just what I have been thinking about but gave me reasonable and attainable ways to be more grateful, thank you for sharing it! I too have saved a copy. And I wrote my sweet hubby a love email this morning to tell him how thankful I am for him. So thank YOU!
    I hope you have a lovely holiday season! Seems to me you are starting off on the right foot!

  8. stljoie

    OMG that’s my china… “Paul Muller, Selb…Stirling” It was my great aunts and I just love it. I am forever in persuit of coffee cups. I love your cream soup cups.

    Home Goods is a fabulous store…I look forward to your blog.

    My cup overfloweth.

  9. Vee~A Haven for Vee

    Perhaps someone is trying to get my attention this morning…straight from Chocolatechic’s blog to here and you’re both talking about the truly important things in life.

    Love your new blogroll page…great idea for keeping your page tidy.

    And I love, too, that you don’t skate past Thanksgiving in favor of Christmas. So many of us do. We’ll have to get our Christmas fix in our friends from around the world’s blogs. :D

    Vee~A Haven for Vees inspiring blog post..Designing for Life

  10. Wendy

    I love this post. It really is important to be grateful! And my my girl, you are a busy lady! Keep up the good work!!!!

    Wendys inspiring blog post..A Little Birdy Vignette

  11. teresa

    What a wonderfully sweet list- love to hear that families are still teaching manners-
    You gave me many things to think about today- I know I need to work on appreciating what I do have more.
    Again another great post.

  12. Suzann

    Great post – lots to ponder. Thanks

    Suzanns inspiring blog post..

  13. leonetlola (Valerie)

    I wrote a comment this morning but it doesn’t appear… so I rebegin ! ;))

    I told you that in Belgium we don’t have Thanksgiving but I know thta tradition and I think it is a good one, especially to thanks our friends, our family, everyone loves us…

    About the fall challenge I told you, I invite to come to my blog and see what kind of decoration I made in my house !

    Have a great day,


    leonetlola (Valerie)s inspiring blog post..Participation au défi de l’Automne : Une bien belle soirée !

  14. anne

    Love your list, will print it off, it thats ok, and put it on my pin board.

    Keeper of Chocolates post about her husband, made me cry, it was just so touching.

    annes inspiring blog post..Museum of the History of Science Oxford

  15. dawn

    I will work on my list today! Thank you for the *inspiration* No wonder I visit here every day!

    dawns inspiring blog post..Autumn thrift score!

  16. jane

    this post is a keeper! i used to start each day writing three-five things i was grateful for. it is an amazing device because it does change ones attitude. i’m going to resume it, and have your list ideas up where it can be seen by all who are in my kitchen. i am grateful to you for the words, and for all who got to see them! what a super way to start the day, week, and or time before the big day! jkj

  17. shelbi

    melissa, once again, i am leaving your blog totally inspired :) thank you for the award my sweet friend! it means the WORLD to me! you are the sweetest of friends! bff!


    shelbis inspiring blog post..RECIPE DAY ::: Jones’in for some……

  18. Stacey

    What a wonderful list!! As the little Veggie Tales veggies say ,” A thankful heart is a happy heart!” . Hey, even moms can learn something from kids’ videos! :) I think I’ll copy this down and go over it as a family in Nov. Thanks!


    Stacey @ The Blessed Nests inspiring blog post..Sunroom — Cottage Seating

  19. lylah ledner

    Girl…this is good. I’m gonna get out a big poster board size paper and write these babies down – put it next to the chore chart and smile all the way. Thanks for sharing these.

    Love it! Lylah

  20. Debbie

    What a great list! I’ll need to follow suit and write one of my own. I know it helps me when I stop focusing on myself and instead think about all that I have to be grateful for. Simple things like living in the US and having the freedoms I often take for granted.

    Did you know that it takes less muscles to smile than it does to frown? So, I guess we should SMILE more!

    Debbies inspiring blog post..World Series Baseball

  21. Corinne

    Hi there!
    I just finished my Attitude of Gratitude list and I am posting on my blog. Thanks for the reminder.

    Corinnes inspiring blog post..The Never Not Knitting Theme Song

  22. jen

    I REALLY love this! So great posted in our kitchen!!!

    I really like how your website has evolved. IT has become so much more than just great house inspiration. It really inspires life, which is why I blog in the first place! Thanks!

    jens inspiring blog post..monday gems

  23. Penny

    20 wonderful ways to give thanks. Great post Melissa. I am definately a half full girl myself :-)

  24. Sandy

    Fabulous list! It’s so hard to believe that Thanksgiving is almost here! Where has this year gone.
    Looking forward to seeing all the wonderful things you have going on in November – Congrats on being the featured blogger for Homegoods!
    Have an OUTSTANDING week.

    Sandys inspiring blog post..

  25. Imelda Phillips

    I truly love all your inspiring posts. This is such a great idea most especially for the upcoming Thankgiving holiday. Living a grateful life for me is living defined. I am definitely a “half full glass” person…in fact I had a post on this subject back in February
    Thank you again for yet another inspiring post…you’re an angel!

    Imelda Phillipss inspiring blog post..Is Bigger Better?

  26. Debbie

    Hi Melissa, I saved your list too…it is wonderful, and well thought out. I am so grateful, and thankful, and really want to make a point of writing it down, just like you would your goals.
    Thanks for focusing all of us to what is truly important.

    Debbie @ ribbonwoods inspiring blog post..Glitterama!

  27. kayellen

    Great idea!
    Love making a lists…getting ready to teach some classes on decorating for the holidays…
    I will pass this on to my attendee’s:)


    kayellens inspiring blog post..A Parisian Party!

  28. The pleasures of homemaking

    Great list Melissa! We do many of the things on your list. People always teach their kids to say please and thank you to others and I think saying please and thank you to your family members is so important!


    The pleasures of homemakings inspiring blog post..Brown Transferware Shelf

  29. Amanda

    Wonderful list and a great way to revert back to the simplicity of what matters most! Thank you for the positive words and inspiration to be greatful – & to make others feel loved & appreciated. We are truly blessed!

  30. JenJen

    What a great post. We are all so blessed. It’s so great to appreciate all of our blessings on a daily basis. Thanks for that list. There are so many wonderful things on it. I am going to show it to my children and implement many of those things in my home. Thanks again!

    JenJens inspiring blog post..HSM3 Hysteria

  31. Julie Size

    I try to thank God for something every single day. I love you list!

    Julie Sizes inspiring blog post..Are You My Mother?

  32. Grace Boyle

    I’ve been keeping a gratitude journal for about a year now and it’s really powerful. Not only do I put a conscious effort into what I am thankful for but I can look back at the change and growth I’ve been through. Melissa, what an inspiring list. Thank you!

    Grace Boyles inspiring blog post.."CHANGE"

  33. rochambeau

    I’m grateful for you Melissa and your wonderful list of 20 great things!


    rochambeaus inspiring blog post..This Halloween

  34. Stephanie

    I love your thoughts on Thankfulness! I need to print them out and post them on our family bulletin board! Being thankful sometimes gets overlooked in our society. How great to start thinking of being thankful for the whole month and not just on Thanksgiving Day! Great post!

    Stephanies inspiring blog post..Autumn Gave a Party

  35. Tara

    Hi Melissa

    So nice to be back here after being gone from blogging for awhile…I see all is well and you are up to many prjects! Great! Hope you can take a hop over for a visit!

    Taras inspiring blog post..I’m Back & 3 Signs

  36. Jaime

    So many people really do have a tendency to fly right by Thanksgiving. I’m not quite sure how, because it’s my favorite holiday of the year (besides my birthday LOL). Spending the day with family, eating food cooked with love and years of experience, and letting those you love know how thankful you are to have them in your life are just a few of the things I like.

    Of course, gravy is on top of the list!

    Great blog, Melissa!

    Jaimes inspiring blog post..Millions of barrels and someone said snow.

  37. cynthia

    I just love your site, what a fabulous idea ( moms unite ) you have so many wonderful links too! Im hoping to send in my membership soon! I adore this new blogging world and all the wonderful people ive “met” on here, finding your blog this week was like finding candy in a candy store ;) thanks so much for all your hard work!!! ~ Hugs ~ Cynthia

  38. {this is glamorous}

    Hello Melissa! So love how you throw yourself into any and every holiday with much energy — it’s completely infectious. I adore holidays as well, especially Christmas and Valentine’s Day, but you always remind me take that extra step. Thanks for all the inspiration!

    Hope you’re having a great week so far,

    {this is glamorous}s inspiring blog post..{a little glitz}

  39. Ms.Tee

    What a wonderful post – thank you so much for sharing it- I’m going to save it and refer to it at our house!

    Ms.Tees inspiring blog post..Ready for Some Re-Do’s!

  40. Kirstin

    how cool about being a featured blogger for homegoods. My girls and I were there the other day and found a mirror we think might work in their bathroom. Only negative was I didn’t have a vehicle big enough and wasn’t sure if it would work…oh, well. If it’s there when we go back, we’ll get it, if not, we’ll keep looking (C:

    Kirstins inspiring blog post..

  41. Kristen

    Oh I LOVE this!! I printed it out to put on my fridge!

    Kristen @ More Than Mulberriess inspiring blog post..Gratitude Turkeys

  42. Dieter Pauwels

    Be grateful that you don’t already have everything you desire,
    If you did, what would there be to look forward to?

    Be grateful when you don’t know something
    For it gives you the opportunity to learn.

    Be grateful for the difficult times.
    During those times you grow.

    Be grateful for your limitations
    Because they give you opportunities for improvement.

    Be grateful for each new challenge
    Because it will build your strength and character.

    Be grateful for your mistakes
    They will teach you valuable lessons.

    Be grateful when you’re tired and weary
    Because it means you’ve made a difference.

    It is easy to be grateful for the good things.
    A life of rich fulfillment comes to those who are
    also thankful for the setbacks.

    Dieter Pauwelss inspiring blog post..10 Ways to Build a Positive Mental Attitude

  43. Peter Baptiste

    This is truly an amazing and wonderful site. Thanks so much for sharing these uplifting thoughts that leaves so many touched, moved and inspired online. I’m definitely bookmarking this site and promoting it on my blog fully. I think the world should know about the rich and powerful resources you have along with the thought provoking, life transforming posts you have written. If it’s okay with you I’m going to use some of your quotes that may be related to wealth building and personal development on my blog. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you build the blog even more.


    Peter Luke Baptiste

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