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Inspiration Thursday:
Green Paneled Room

by | Oct 30, 2008 | Decorating Inspiration, Details

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Inspiration Thursday:<br>Green Paneled Room

I love the paneling
on these walls!

What is it about this room that draws me in?
I love all the chunky texture, the color, the sofa…
all the haphazard art on the wall.

What is inspiring YOU today?

Photo: House Beautiful


  1. Astrid

    I totally agree! It looks cozy, warm and inviting…wear you can plop on the couch and put your feet up on the table.

    I really love the randomness of the artwork…is there a secret to making it work?

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  2. Stacey

    I love those pigs. :) I am always inspired by pictures in magazines that call to me. Like the picture you showed it can be a color, a texture, or a feeling you get. You know it when you see it.

    Staceys inspiring blog post..A Very Sweet Award

  3. Suzann

    I love the paneling. The room feels very Tracy Porter to me and she has such a unique and whimsical style that it just draws you in.

    Today, I’m drawing my inspiration from my bedroom sample board. I have painted the two colors I will be using in there on a piece of drywall and as I putter through my house I look for things that make my heart happy and I bring them to my board to see how I like them.

    Of course, I am always inspired by the blogs I am blessed to read.

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  4. Jinx

    Today, I am taking the day off from work to create an Amy Brown faerie costume with my daughter for a party tomorrow. Complete with wings. Should be fun.

    Inspiration for me lately comes from our trip to Maui. The house is slowly being redone in tropical colors & accents.

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  5. Amanda

    Oooo I LOVE this room. I would have never thought to put all of those things together – but it looks FAB!

  6. Kristen

    My parents have painted paneling in their house. They painted it a very light, creamy yellow. It’s beautiful and really brightens up what used to be a dark, dark room. Today my inspiration is the Crate and Barrel magazine I just got in the mail. There are great arrangements for a Thanksgiving table in it!

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  7. Debbie

    I too love painted paneling, it makes this room very warm, inviting, you almost want to sit (lay) on the couch or chair and take a nap! I also like how they used so many pictures and not just one. That adds alot of interest! Love it!

    Debbie @ ribbonwoods inspiring blog post..Giveaway, Pie Crust, Eggs…you name it, it is in this post!

  8. meg duerksen

    it would be a cozy place to sleep. but after a little while i would be dying for sunlight and brightness. i couldn’t live with the green. i love that paneling but it would have to be lighter…for me. but it would make for great sleeping.

    meg duerksens inspiring blog post..the play room

  9. Renee

    That paneling is wonderful! Especially the unexpected shade of green. It makes me want to cozy up on the sofa with my knitting and a tea while visiting with dear friends.
    I’m inspired by beautifully designed and photographed homes. Your blog is a favourite source of inspiration. I love your taste and inspired ideas.
    Thank you!

  10. Hope at Monkey Giggles

    I agree with the others, I love those piggy pictures.
    I am knee deep in Halloween costumes and props for trunk and treat. Hoping I get it all done today.

    Hope at Monkey Giggless inspiring blog post..Vintage Market Sale 10/27/08

  11. jane

    this room feels great: i love green, wood paneling, and that bamboo furniture. we had some when i was a little girl ( who has it now??? i want it back!) i agree with stacy — you know it when you see it. something satisfies the inner girl and even if there is an element that doesn’t fit (tramp art frame for me) the whole beckons and is wonderful. with the sunlight streaming in it seems as if two friends are about to plop down with lemonade or ice tea and have a chat (forgive me but it is still in the high 80’s in so. cal.). jkj

  12. hip chick

    there are many things that are similar to my living room. I have green paneling but mine is much lighter green. Prescott Green from Ben Moore. I have all sorts of art work all over my walls as well. I don’t have the sort of adirondack thing though. It’s fun to see that some one actually like the panelling.

    hip chicks inspiring blog post..thankful Thursday

  13. Tara

    I agree with all the ladies too the paneling is gorgeous! Love the warmth of the paint and all the pillows! I am inspired today by Pantries, I have seen so many organized and beautiful pantries I had to add this to my to-do list…thanks for your last post on the jars too, it gave me some ideas!

  14. Françoise

    Love the green paneling and the material on the cushions. That green invites lovely warm complementary colors. Naive country art is NOT for me but almost any style of art would look good on those walls.
    Melissa, for bright colors, take a peek at my site. . .;-)

    Françoises inspiring blog post..Bragging

  15. Bonnie Mattson

    Hi Melissa,

    Just your blog in general is always inspiring me. It is just so fun and the design is fantastic. Thanks for being a bright spot in my day…every day!

    Bonnie :-)

  16. teresa

    It’s a little cloudy today- and that room seems like the perfect place to be right now- Your blog is always inspiring- :}

  17. Melissa

    Hi! I just love getting up in the morning and finding you all here hanging out. You always have such fun little things to say. :-) It is Thursday!!! Tomorrow I am heading out on a pumpkin patch field trip with my son! Can’t wait!

  18. Emily

    I love paneling too. Real wood paneling that is and I love love love that shade of green!

    What a cozy spot that is.

    Enjoy your pumpkin patch trip!!

    [email protected] inspiring blog post..Sunday Link Love

  19. Mrs darling

    Amazingly enough I like it too. I usually hate paneling cause it reminds me of trailer homes in the 70’s!

    Hey I have an idea. Why dont you host an Oregon bloggers Christmas party for us. Seriously. I was thinking about it and then remembered you and your beautiful house and I thought “hmm I wonder if she’d do it.”

    Would it be a consideration at all?

    Mrs darlings inspiring blog post..Taking control of my life

  20. Chris

    I saw your comment, and I realized how little I’ve been around! I can’t believe how fast time can fly. Sorry, friend! I’m around–just busier than usual. Thanks for checking in! As usual, I’m in love with all your posts! :)

    Chriss inspiring blog post..Progress Part 2

  21. Melissa

    Mrs. Darling, what a fabulous idea! And I would totally do it, except, I AM MOVING! Yes. I shall talk with you all about it soon, but there will be no holiday parties for me this year at my house. I’m packing. Thanks for the great idea though!

  22. Jaime

    First of all, green is my favorite color. :D

    Today I am inspired by the look and feel of my blog. I know, it’s kind of a silly thing to be inspired by but whatever. I’ve done a lot of work on it and I’m just inspired to write now. I can feel comfortable there, and when I feel comfortable I can write.

    I also feel ready for NaNoWriMo. In two days I’ll be a writing fiend. I hope I feel inspired then!

  23. Marcia

    I do love those walls! I want the pig pictures!!! I collect pigs!

    Marcias inspiring blog post..Countdown Continues!

  24. Debbie

    I love coming to your blog for inspiration. I can spend time browsing the pretty pictures too. It’s a great break for me from work.

    Debbies inspiring blog post..Save Money on Exercise Equipment

  25. Deb

    I love that you can reach out and touch everything in this room–that you want to touch it, that it will feel good, and that you won’t hurt it (it’s sturdy).

    By the way, can you email me to let me know who re-designed your blog? I love the look and want to stick with WordPress. [email protected]

    Debs inspiring blog post..Toddler Economics

  26. Erin

    I want paneling so badly in my family room!I’m afraid it will make my space look smaller though…any thoughts on how to know?

    I am so inspired by this blog! Thanks for all you do!

    Erins inspiring blog post..Halloween Party Ideas

  27. Sue

    Love the green walls and the different mixture of pictures….The pig is the best….By the way is there an update on your neighbors house that went down the hill???

    Sues inspiring blog post..BOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Melissa

    Erin….Hmmmm…I’d say looking smaller is not always a bad thing. If it is a smallish room anyways, sometimes cozy is good! If you don’t want it too dark or cozy, you can always go with a creamy white. It will look larger but still have that great personality of all the texture! I love it. I have used it every chance I get.

    As We Walk…I emailed blog design info. I’ll be getting their ad buttons up soon if anyone else wants to know more about the blog and its designers.

    Astrid…I love the randomness of the artwork too! I think it depends what your eye can tolerate. Some people want to see things lining up, or matching in some way. Others just hang away! I think you can toss out any rules and just do what looks good to you. The only important thing is if you are going random, you need to have a lot of random to make it look intentional. Too few things will look like an accident, IMHO!

    On the neighbors…I’ll look for the current update and get back to you. Thanks for asking!

  29. Sara

    Oh wow…add some more botanical etchings and some books – I could live in that room! Thanks for adding some inspiration to my day. It’s the first I’ve seen so far. :)


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