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Decorating & House Inspiration

Decorating & House Inspiration

I know most of us are just about to be up to our ears preparing stuffing and sweet potatoes or a holiday project of some sort, but I am still thinking about my upcoming move! It is looking more and more like we will be moving to a newer house rather than the 1920s and 1930s houses I’ve lived in most of my life. This will be an interesting new adventure!

While it could be awhile before we buy another house (since we have to sell our existing one first), I know the day is coming, so I am pumping myself up for how much fun this will be. Yes, I’m daydreaming. When I should be packing. Or preparing ahead for my Thanksgiving meal.

Decorating & House Inspiration

I know you all have heard me say this before, but I look at lovely pictures because I get inspired by the possibilities. While we will be cutting back and downsizing in a major way, and will be buying a pretty average house, I can still get ideas from fancier houses in magazine photos.

Decorating & House Inspiration

No, it doesn’t get me depressed to look at beautiful rooms! I know my new house won’t be magazine cover worthy, but I can find ideas by studying photos.

I notice things like the way the light comes in a window. Reminds me how important light is to how a home feels and I need to watch for that when I house hunt. I notice wood ceilings and paneling on walls. I watch for details I can add over time to give a house character. I notice striped rugs. I love the beachy look they give.

Decorating & House Inspiration

Decorating & House Inspiration

I notice pleasing color combinations, achieved through paint, fabrics and accessories. I zero in on the creative way they furnished a home, how things have been layered and ideas I can replicate myself with a can of spray paint or a trip to the thrift store.

Decorating & House Inspiration

I am getting more excited about moving and all the adventures ahead! I wish I could fast forward through the moving part and get on to the creating of my new home! I will feel blessed no matter where we hang our hats. Ok, back to the holidays. Thanks for indulging me in my daydreaming!

PS. My HomeGoods post today is up! See one of my favorite year round and holiday accessories in my home!


USING A RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR, GINA HAS CHOSEN #59 MELISSA MASHBURN! WOOT WOOT! Congratulations, Mel! Email me your address and you’ll be looking so cute for holiday baking!!

All photos: House Beautiful

Make Your Own Napkin Rings
(Easy Craft!)

Make Your Own Napkin Rings <br> (Easy Craft!)

My daughter and I had fun the other day making our own napkin rings. Ok, that is not true. That is a big exaggeration. We made a napkin ring. Just one. I know, that is so lame. What good is ONE napkin ring? But, just keeping it real. We’ll make more later.

Ever since Charlotte Lyons did a napkin ring tutorial on my blog last year, I have wanted to try my own. I didn’t do a picture tutorial for mine (you can follow Charlotte’s post for how to make her great napkin rings), but I can tell you what we did. It was SO easy.

The green texture you see is scrapbook paper. Have you seen the cool papers they have these days? I got just one sheet at Michaels Craft, and it will be enough for at least six napkin rings. You just cut a paper towel holder to the size you want and wrap it with paper and glue. The striped pattern comes from a ribbon, also from Michaels. Then, to finish it off, we used decorative brads.

And a happy coincidence? The napkins I bought at HomeGoods AFTER we made the napkin rings ended up coordinating!

If you want to see my little hostess gift wrap idea, you can pop over to HomeGoods! Just a couple more posts at HG and then my guest hosting will be over! Thanks for all your nice comments making me feel right at home there!

There are tons of great holiday links on Friday Holiday Linky, so if you are in the mood for some inspiration, I know you’ll find it there! Bloggers are SO ingenious and creative!! You can still link up your own holiday posts there, or wait until this coming Friday’s edition to add new posts.