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The Five Minute
Jump Start the Day Routine

by | Jan 22, 2009 | Domesticity

Do you all have an easy morning routine for jump starting your day in your home? I do. There are just some things I do every day, instinctively, after all these years of homemaking! They are little things, but they help set the tone for my day. If I skip any of these steps, I feel like I am behind before I even begin. Of course, I do other things like take a shower, have quiet time, eat breakfast and all that, but these are my specific morning rituals relating to my house:

The Five Minute <br> Jump Start the Day Routine

Make the bed.

The Five Minute <br> Jump Start the Day Routine

Open the shades.

The Five Minute <br> Jump Start the Day Routine

Shut off the porch lights.

The Five Minute <br> Jump Start the Day Routine

Unload the dishwasher.

Every morning. Nearly 365 days a year.

How about you?

    What are your morning homemaking rituals and do you follow them every day or do you vary your mornings? What impact do your morning routines (or lack of) have on YOUR day?


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  1. Holly

    I wipe the bath (sink, counter, toilet) with a damp cloth, pick up all the laundry and throw it towards the hall, make the bed, take laundry down and start a load, take hang to dry or dryer clothes to couch to fold, make sure kid unloaded dishwasher, eat breakfast, fold clothes while kids do their jobs in the kitchen, have kids take folded clothes to the rooms. In between, I yell for kids to get back in here because they have disappeared trying to avoid work.

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  2. Jinx

    My 5 minute routine takes me about 25 minutes to be honest:
    1. Stretch & do a strength workout. 2. Make the bed. 3. Feed/water the cats. 4. Make breakfast (then lunch) for my daughter. 5. Do up the few dishes so the day starts clean.

    That way the day starts neat & organized, & I have managed to take care of not only others, but myself as well. It sets up a nice, relaxed tone with a sense of accomlishment.

    Jinxs inspiring blog post..Reconnecting

  3. Robin Rane' ~ All Things Home

    Hit the button on the coffee~
    Let the pups out~
    Dress for the gym before I have time to talk myself out of it!
    (I get up super early! I pretty much don’t wake up until my second set of weights at the gym)

    Robin Rane’ ~ All Things Homes inspiring blog post..Treasure Hunting!

  4. Janine Adams

    Like Holly, I wipe down the fixtures in the bathroom and then I do a little exercise routine with seven-pound dumbbells. Then, like you, I empty the dishwasher. To me, that’s the most important part of the morning routine. Having that dishwasher empty first thing to fill up throughout the day helps keep the kitchen under control.

  5. debi

    WOW!! Until you said ‘unload the dishwasher’, I thought you were talking about me. Same start to the morning, but I am the dishwasher. lol
    I follow the same routine every morning and if I don’t, it just seems to mess up my whole day.

    debi@life in my studios inspiring blog post..Scrapbooking Day

  6. Valerie (Belgium)

    1. turn off the wake up radio
    2. turn off the wake up radio
    3. turn off the wake up radio


    4. wake up my husband/daughter/son
    5. (private) :)
    6. to give food to my cat
    7. put water in the coffie machine
    8. prepare the breakfasts for the children and “the” husband
    9. give the clothes to my children
    10. I go to the bathroom
    11. re and re ask my kids to put their clothes
    12. take collations for school
    13. put the jackets
    14. put the cat outside
    15. HURRY HURRY it is time to go to school !


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  7. sheri

    Routine – yes.
    Balance – …ahhemm…no.

    1. Roll over and reach for Blackberry and see what happened on the west coast since i’m on the east coast.
    2. Get up and stumble to coffee pot.
    3. Check laptop
    4. Fall over and then remember to feed the cats
    5. Check blackberry again.
    6. Yell for – i mean ask – the children to get up

    Morning quiet time of which i strive for at least 30 minutes, usually ends up to be about 5 min due to kids, man, pets and things forgotten (we are NOT an organized household – and i’m way to realistic to even put ‘get organized’ on my resolution list).

    sheris inspiring blog post..Cars in the Foyer, a truck on the front porch and one ticked off Vance.

  8. Heather

    We have a 5 year old, 3 year old and 12 week old in our household. There is no routine right now. They only thing that stays the same is the coffee pot is always involved!

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  9. Julia

    I used to do all those things…….now I
    1. Go to the bathroom
    2. Get my coffee
    3. Read my email and blogs until I am incredibly late getting into the shower for work!

    Love your site! You make me late! :)

    xoxo, Julia (

    Julias inspiring blog in kindergarten….1/20/09

  10. Jill

    you are so disciplined… some day when I don’t have kids crying from their cribs, jumping on my bed and begging for cereal all before I open my eyes… I will be able to do this! Now I am lucky if I can even brush my teeth before going downstairs!

    Jills inspiring blog post..a reminder…

  11. Deb

    Coffee, coffee, coffee then bring my kids to school. Come back home, check out all of my favorite blogs. Some days stay on the computer until 1:30 which gives me an hour to straighten the house before I get the kids. When I’m being good, I will go to the gym or go walking after I bring the kids to school, come home, start laundry, unload dishwasher, take something out of the freezer for dinner.

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  12. Jill

    I MUST make my bed before leaving the house, period. My day just does not go well with unmade beds.

    Jills inspiring blog post..A Day to Celebrate Us

  13. Terri Steffes

    This is a fun post!

    I snuggle with my cat and dog, turn off the alarm, make the bed, shower and fix up, and eat breakfast. This gets me out the door by 6 a.m. and off to school!

    Terri Steffess inspiring blog post..Thank you, Kim!

  14. heather jane

    I really should unload the dishwasher every morning. Maybe I’ll set that as a goal. And I would open the shades first thing, but it’s still dark!!

    I cuddle with the babe. First thing. Nearly 365 days a year.

    heather janes inspiring blog post..The good stuff

  15. Deb

    I’m not bragging, but dh gets the house clean for us before he leaves for work. So my job is to “wake up” the house by opening up the curtains and putting on some water for tea. What a blessing he is!

    Debs inspiring blog post..A la Arte Carnival

  16. Pat

    Make the bed, straighten the hearth room, coffee, watch the sunrise, whether cloudy or bright. These few things help me get a good start on the day. I see lots of sunrises, here at the lake and home. I rise and shine before daylight, almost every morning.

    Pats inspiring blog post..~A Blue Bath & Other Stories~

  17. Susie Harris

    I try so very hard. really I do. Somedays things get done and I sit back with pride. Other days… well lets just say Im glad the kids and hubby get dinner. Maybe I should try and be more on a routine. I will work on it, smile~

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  18. Jennifer

    Maybe that’s what I need in the morning! I tend to be sluggish until the kids get up and motive ME!

    Jennifers inspiring blog post..Homemade Birthday

  19. Kimm

    You know, I don’t have a “Morning routine”, but I think Ineed one. Thanks for the inspiration!

  20. Chrissy

    I leave for work at 7:25am and get my 3 girls off to school before I leave…so, not much time for cleaning. But I like to at least get one load of laundry started, unload dishwasher (if ready) and kitchen cleaned up before work. I also do a clean routine before bed, so things can be more organized in the morning when I leave. There is nothing worse than coming home after work to a big messy house/kitchen. Luckily my husband leaves after me and he takes care of the beds!!! Love your site, I’m new to blogging this month and I’m glad I found you!

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  21. Holly

    My morning routine usually consists of waking up, brushing teeth, making a large cup of coffee and briefly(HA) checking Google Reader. If I have some time I love to crawl back into bed to do my bible study and/or read my book. I always try to make my bed and straighten up the kitchen before taking our daughter to school.

    Hollys inspiring blog post..In Which I Learn I Am Nothing But a Girly-Mon

  22. jennykate

    5 things I do every morning (or almost every morning):
    1. pray
    2. dishes
    3. laundry
    4. make lunches
    5. eat breakfast/watch news

    I do other things as well, but these are necessitites.

    jennykates inspiring blog post..Saturday (in Denver!)…Sushi, Saki, and SURPISE

  23. Tamara

    I do almost the EXACT same ritual as you except, instead of turning off the porch lights I make a cup of coffee!

    Tamaras inspiring blog post..WHERE IN THE WORLD IS TAMARA?

  24. Pretty Organizer

    Making the bed is huge or it beckons me to return to it every time I pass! I wake the children and go downstairs to start breakfast. I open the blinds and after breakfast we all kneel around our circular coffee table for family prayer. Those may not be homemaking steps but in matters of making my home a better place, the last one is essential!

    Pretty Organizers inspiring blog post..Don’t Fear the Wallpaper (Projects part 2)

  25. teresa

    I have pretty much the same routine- plus I go around picking up things left out by my husband- got to love the guy.
    Have a wonderful day-

    teresas inspiring blog post..Scare Eye

  26. laurie

    I read somewhere that young adults do not make up their beds. I’m amazed that my adult, married children usually do not have their beds made up. When my son was in high school, he called my office when he came home from school, because my bed was unmade, so he thought I must be hospitalized or something! (It was a morning when I had overslept-oversleeping and unmade beds are not the norm for me). laurie

  27. Darlene

    Wow, I am feeling bad now! I’m not much of a morning person so my day starts SLOWLY!
    1.) Stumble out of bed only because I have to make daugter’s lunch for school
    2.) Drink my coffee while watching some news
    3.) Start the laptop, check & answer business emails, check to see if we have any new rug orders, check blog & post new entry
    4.) eat something for breakfast (sometimes this doesn’t happen untill noon
    5.) Go take a bath & get dressed
    6.) Make bed
    7.) Go work on marketing our business, designing, more emails, order supplies, etc…
    8.) Straigten up house & start dinner.

    Darlenes inspiring blog post..Has the Economy Changed Your Plans?

  28. SoBella Creations

    I get up between 6 and 6:15 every morning. I spend 15 minutes on the computer looking at emails etc. Then at 6:30 I wake my 5 year old for school. From 6:30 to 7:00 is breakfast time. While she is eating breakfast I’m dressing, fixing lunch if she doesn’t like what is being served that day. At 7:00 I start getting her ready for school. Then I dress her little sister.

  29. JanMary, N Ireland

    Usually I get up,turn on laptop in kitchen, make kids sandwiches for school, call for kids to get up, read my emails/drink orange juice.

    Start kids breakfast, have shower and by the time I am out of the shower my dh has made the bed and emptied the dishwasher.

    That’s what happens in my world :)

    JanMary, N Irelands inspiring blog post..First Snowdrops

  30. jenny b harris

    Mornings are the best! I feel so lucky that I am a morning person. My routine is quite similar to yours…
    1. My husband’s alarm goes off, I get up when he’s finished in the bathroom and he heads upstairs to work out.
    2. Make bed.
    3. Morning “toilette” tidying as I go.
    4. Put kettle on, get paper, empty dishwasher while tea brews. Set up breakfast, coffee pot.
    5. Read paper, do crossword while husband fixes breakfast (yes I am lucky in that regard as well).
    6. Tidy up after breakfast, go round my home and open shutters and curtains to let in the light.
    7. Pour myself some coffee, head into studio, turn on computer, open the shutters, face the day!

  31. laurie miller

    I still have a 16 year old at home. Part of my routine has always been to send my kids out the door with a hot breakfast. So this would be my first five: 1) Make coffee! 2)Listen for the shower upstairs (which means my son is up) 3) Start breakfast 4)unload dishwasher while waiting for coffee 5) make bed

    It was fun sharing… Laurie

    laurie millers inspiring blog post..Fun Stuff

  32. Jaime

    Yep. The first thing I do every single day is make my bed. ;]

    Jaimes inspiring blog post..Just Some Updates

  33. Janet

    1. Check email and blog
    2. Wake up kids
    3. Make breakfast and pack lunches
    4. Do the school delivery “500”
    5. Come home and start on beds, laundry, kitchen clean up

    Janets inspiring blog post..Custom Lamp Shades

  34. Tracie

    My morning routine for the past week and a half has been to pour a big cup of coffee and read my Bible. I read and pray for about 45 minutes, then I open the blinds and have breakfast with my family. I am NOT a morning person, but I’m really enjoying this routine.

    Tracies inspiring blog post..Indoor Bonfire

  35. Kate

    Funny how similar many of our mornings are! Gives me a little sense of community, knowing that many of us are doing the same thing to start every day. :) I don’t make the bed right away, thanks to Home Comforts saying that you should let them air out for an hour first. I begin with opening the curtains, finding my slippers, waking my daughter, letting the dog out, and then the dishwasher. I feel like life can’t begin until the dishwasher is emptied while my daughter eats breakfast and while the coffee brews; somehow life always brings dirty dishes — I need somewhere to put them!

  36. Amber Filkins

    1) Shut off alarm.
    2) Open curtains & blinds
    3) Wake up oldest daughter for school
    4) Turn off porch light if hubby hasn’t
    5) Get daughter’s pill, & breakfast ready
    6) Switch on laptop
    7) Straighten living room, kitchen, dishes, etc
    8) Start a load of laundry, if there is one

    I usually go back and make my bed after daughter is off to school, other daughter is fed, and I’m about to get in the shower. I also feed the kitties, check email, read some of the blogs on my reader, the rest later, listen to Caillou on TV, etc. :)

    There are many other things and variables, but this is pretty much standard.

    Amber Filkinss inspiring blog post..Writers Workshop: A Prompt & Getting to know me

  37. Rita

    DH would LOVE it if I made the bed every day — I just don’t. Our room is in the back of the house and once I’ve left it I never go back until it’s time to go to bed. The unmade bed just doesn’t bother me because I never see it. But I know it has meaning to DH. I need to start doing it to honor him.
    I’m so jazzed about Beautiful Life Fridays. It is keeping me on track with what I’m calling P and O (purge and organize). Thanks for doing this.
    I’m going to make my bed right now!

    Ritas inspiring blog post..I can’t figure it out … Can you?

  38. Misti

    Well, after the shower at 5:45 and getting the kids out the door, my first thing is to open all the blinds and drapes, then make the beds, pick up anything laying around, clean the kitchen, then on to do whatever projects are pending for the day. Have to have the light coming in to get me moving, windows are always first!

    Misti @ Studio M Designss inspiring blog post..Recipe: Make your own Chalkboard Paint

  39. Mary Kay

    Love the new blog design! The banner image is truly INSPIRED. My routine is similar but includes kitty care (scoop litter, give insulin, feed), and swiffering the bathroom floor (of kitty fur). BTW…If you retrofit your home with simple Z-wave light controllers, you can knock off Minute #3. Z-wave wireless home control is very cool. I’ve done most lights & lamps in my home. I need to do a blog post to demonstrate!

    Mary Kays inspiring blog post..Time to embrace the Big TV, Ladies!

  40. janet

    Make the bed ASAP and then the room looks presentable all day. Make coffee and watch the news and browse the paper sometimes. Other times I turn on the computer and read blogs with my java. Makes me realize how lucky I am to be an “empty nester” and no longer have to start the day annoyed that my boys would never get up easily.

    Janet @ Housepeepers

    janets inspiring blog post..RANDOM THOUGHT

  41. Karen

    I do a lot the night before, like make coffee and set the timer for 6AM. These dark winter mornings are hard for me to wake up. My DH gets up before me, he lets the dog out and brings me a cup of coffee up to the bedroom. Aren’t I spoiled? I make the bed, straighten up the bedroom, and open the blinds. I always keep the bathroom wiped up.

    Now in the summer, it is completely different. I’ll have my coffee on the porch and read my devotions. I will go out in the yard and deadhead and water my flowers before I go to work.

  42. Karen B

    Being an empty nester really does make things much, much simpler.
    1. Hit the snooze button.
    2. Open the curtains/blinds.
    3. Let the dog out, administer cookie.
    4. Turn on the computer and cell phone.
    5. Breakfast while checking facebook, blogs and e-mail.
    6. Empty dishwasher, reload of necessary.
    7. Get ready for work or the day.
    I really should do my quiet time BEFORE #5. Because otherwise, it doesn’t happen.

    Karen Bs inspiring blog post..Great Hat Pattern

  43. NancyK

    So fun to read everyone’s morning routines. Mine is pretty simple: Get up at 5:00 for quiet time, wake up DH at 6:00 who then does everything on everyone else’s lists, while I get ready and go to work.
    It works for us, besides he’s a great cook, is better at grocery shopping, and he can do all the “Honey Do” things every day.
    Love your blog, thanks for the inspiration.

  44. Jen

    I can’t stomach routines. They stress me out. My only daily plan is to have the house clean by 5 pm.

    Jens inspiring blog post..Orange. Yay or Nay?

  45. Sarah Frost

    I let the cat out, make coffee, turn on the computer, get the newspapers, and sit down for quiet time with my coffee. All of this before heading off to school to some little first graders!

  46. amy

    You just described my morning.. except I make coffee for my husband first. Everything else.. exactly. And I’m one of those that absolutely can NOT leave my bed unmade. I’ll feel unkept and behind all day if my bed is unmade. lol I think that might be psychotic.. what do you think?

  47. Tam

    I find that making my bed is so importanmt. I love getting into a properly made bed at night-I know a lot of people don’t make their beds. I think my routine is very much like yours. If I get my morning chores done then I feel like I can go and create without feeling like I still have work to do! Although my day also includes caring for my sweet little three year old granddaughter. Hope you are having a wonderful day!~Smiles~Tam!

    Tams inspiring blog post..We had Easter in January and…~L@@K what I did!

  48. hill upon hill

    1. Make beds, 2. wipe kitchen bench, 3. pack away odd items on kitchen bench, 4. wipe bathroom floor (after shower), 5. start washing machine………..

  49. Alison Gibbs

    My routine is the same everyday.
    1 Out of bed 5.30
    2.Brush teeth wash face
    3.Pull on some clothes and head to the beach.
    4.Walk on the beach while my dh has a 2km swim.
    5. Home agin, shower, do breakfast and hit the house with cleaning, washing, blah, blah ……boring stuff.

    Alison Gibbss inspiring blog post..HOT, HOT, HOT

  50. Sarah

    This is a good idea. I’ve gained some insight from others routines. ;)
    1. Grab blackberry to see what time it is. Wake up to kids asking for stuff.
    2. Say good morning, send them back downstairs. Have some prayer time.
    3. Come downstairs to supervise breakfast making (my kids are really young!) and start a load of laundry.
    4. Wipe counters that I didn’t get done the night before.
    5. Open curtains and sit down to breakfast, read Bible to kids while we eat.

    I picked up this routine without even realizing it. lol!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  51. Lorrie

    Five things I do every morning…

    1. Make my bed
    2. Open the blinds
    3. Make my husband’s lunch
    4. Make a pot of tea to drink while having my quiet time
    5. Unload the dishwasher

    I’ve been unloading the dishwasher at night lately before going to bed and find that I LOVE not having to do that in the morning. I think it’s going to become one of my evening rituals.
    And I’m with you, Melissa, and many others – a nicely made bed is one of life’s pleasures and takes so little time. On rough days it’s so nice to think of that comforting place to settle into.


  52. Jean

    1. Shut off alarm at 6:50.
    2. Put on slippers
    3. Turn on TV in bathroom while I dress in workout clothes
    4. Make bed
    5. Check e-mails
    6. Go to gym at 7:30
    7. Home and breakfast
    8. Get dressed for the day
    9. Today’s to-do list which is different each day
    Isn’t it nice to find comfort in regular, daily rituals?

  53. Amanda

    I love my rituals. When life gets crazy and my routine gets messed up, it actually throws me off my game! :)
    I am learning to keep my routines on the weekends even when my husband is home. It keeps everything smooth and it’s nice for him to see how the house operates when he’s at work.

  54. Carol Rose

    Oh, Melissa! Am I glad I found your blog. Hmmmm…..I get out of bed, potty, take out the puppies, pour a cup of coffee…sit at the puter and check in with my blogging friends! Then….pray, stretch….shower and dress…..head to my studio to work!!

    Carol Roses inspiring blog post..~Cookie Philosophy 101~

  55. Lindsay

    It’s funny you should write this today, because just this week I have decided on a morning routine. I make coffee for myself and my husband, give my son his juice and his breakfast, unload the dishwasher, make my bed, and start a load of laundry. I have found that getting moving (instead of just sitting on the internet like I used to do) really helps me to get a lot more accomplished during the day.

    Lindsays inspiring blog post..Much ado about Valentine’s Day

  56. Jennifer Valerie

    My morning routine goes like this:
    Use toilet/swish & swipe
    Oral care/swipe face basin
    Drink water/refill water bottles
    Get dressed/Swish boys toilet(they do the rest of the bathroom themselves as part of their chores)
    Take dirty clothes to laundry area/Start washer
    Spiritual disciplines (prayer and the word)

    I’ve never timed it so I’m not sure how long it takes. Writing this made me realize I need to change my schedule in my sidebar to reflect what I’m doing now.

    Jennifer Valeries inspiring blog post..A 40 Day Journey

  57. Ann

    First, I would love to see what your whole day looks like! When I read this post in my reader this morning it inspired me to do a lot of cleaning.

    Anyway… on a typical day, if I get up when my husband gets up. I make breakfast. Go on the computer. Make a latte. Eat breakfast.

    On a good day. I make breakfast, do some laundry, dishes, straighten something out, make my bed, make a latte, go to the gym and run errands. Go on the computer. Not within 5 minutes, but before 10 am.

    On a bad day. I wake up make a latte and get on my computer.

    Anns inspiring blog post..

  58. Gloria

    I’ve been reading so often about making the bed as soon as one gets out of it…but I feel it’s a good idea to allow the bed to air out. Studies I’ve read indicate that we excrete water (sweat) while sleeping even if we don’t get hot under the covers… ha!… To make the bed up right away seals in that moisture and insures a stale bed. Any thoughts on this from other readers?

  59. Toni

    I’m so glad the subject of making a bed came up. I don’t have a blog site, but if I did, I would ask….is there anyone else out there as OC as I am about the bed?! No bumps, coverlet must hang straight, pillows just right, the comforter on “just so”. If for some rare reason the bed wasn’t made during the day, I make it just to get back in it! Can’t crawl into an unmade bed! So….am I looney?

    My routine is bathroom, wash face, put on makeup, make coffee, sit down with computer and catch up on blogs, devotionals, get dressed and then go to work. Sure wish I could just stay home and play house!

  60. Julie

    The bed is #1 “chore” of the day. While it may be good to air it out, it is better for me to see it made up with pillows in place, etc. Besides I would want to and might just crawl in it if left all open. It also sets my mental outlook for the day. I don’t do well in disorder. I also open blinds, care for the cats, bring in newspaper, these are all done on auto pilot, then I proceed with preparing for the new day,

    I LOVE your site and can’t wait to meet you in Nashville. Thanks.

  61. Laurie

    My routine: make my bed, sweep, wash breakfast dishes, pick up anything that my husband left laying around.

    Your site puts a little inspiration in my day! Love it!

    Lauries inspiring blog post..The Remains Of The Day

  62. laney

    …my goodness!! i am absolutley amazed at how many of you do ANYTHING before you have coffee…i wake up plug in coffee…take the dog out…come in…sit down with coffee and prayers …call my precious elderly mom to make sure she is ok…open the curtains…check emails to make sure the rest of my grown family is well(and hope that there are new pictures of the most adorable baby grandboy who ever lived)…make the bed as soon as my husband wakes up and has his coffee…i am much more flexible after almost 38 years of marriage…now i actually wiat for him to get out of the bed…and then the rest is whatever happens….i like my life…and i just love this blog….blessings

  63. Rebecca

    1. Make the bed
    2. Shower/get ready for the day
    3. Get breakfast ready for the kids
    4. Unload the dishwasher (while kids are eating breakfast)
    5. Put a load of clothes in the washing machine/switch clothes to dryer/unload dryer/fold and put away load from dryer
    6. Finish making lunch /load car

  64. Alana

    At the stage of my life (3 children 4 and under) my morning routine consists of simply surviving. I know there will come a day when I can have a more productive routine in the morning, but for now, I feel like I’ve accomplished something when everyone has clean clothes on and a healthy breakfast in their tummies.

    Alana @ Gray Matterss inspiring blog post..Reversible Apron: Take One

  65. Kim

    The ottman in Minute 2 is perfect. Do you know where I can find it?

  66. Robin Rane' ~ All Things Heart & Home

    Coffee…always coffee…some days the Keurig 1 cup if I’m leaving in 20 minutes for a 5:45 spin class…and that’s about all I do on those days : let out the pups, throw on my bike shorts and a shirt and hat and start the coffee
    But other days when I’m leaving for the gym later I let out the pups, crank up the computer, start the coffee (in the pot on these days), make the bed and hit the porch light…hummmm, this makes me think I could do more on these mornings before I leave the house. I need to plan better! thx~

    Robin Rane’ ~ All Things Heart & Homes inspiring blog post..We don’t have a cat! Don’t tell Reba!

  67. Bonnie Mattson

    I have found that a good night time routine helps make the morning easier. When getting up to a fairly clean house and I am more motivated to keep it nice then if I have to spend all morning cleaning up from the day before.

    I think organization is really all about maintenance. Not letting things get too crazy works best for me.You have to really want it and then do the work. It is actually easier to have the routine than to go about it haphazardly. Good habits help. The one thing that can completely derail me is the computer because I love to write early in the morning.

    Most days I try to get the other stuff done first. Make the bed first thing, put laundry in after showering and dressing, pickup. I like everything to be fairly orderly then it opens my mind to being more creative. I empty the waste baskets and then go to the computer. It doesn’t take too long to get it all done and it starts the day off pretty well.

  68. Kimberley Moore

    1. Tidy Ten: Put away ten things then give yourself the choice of continuing or not. Obviously, put away the ten things that bother you the most.
    2. DON’T COMPARE: When you compare yourself to others and their homes,you’re really comparing the inside of yourself to the outside–what you see–of others. Don’t assume that tidiness = family happiness.
    3. Be organized enough to be able to find things and not shop for stuff you already have but can’t find.
    4. Be organized enough that you and your family members can find their things quickly when they need to. They might not all have a system than is your preference, but it may work for them.
    5. Lastly, when you have teenagers, and I’ve had five, they need some autonomy. Don’t show their rooms to friends and relatives without their permission. Close the door if you don’t like looking at their mess. And insist on one thing only: In the event of a fire, the fire fighter MUST have a clear and safe path to your unconscious body….;<)

  69. Pinky

    Found this on Pinterest. Do you have a source for the blue and white bedding???? It is exactly what I am looking for. Thanks, Pinky



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