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Spring Time Tea Parties {Sweet Ideas!}Spring Time Tea Parties {Sweet Ideas!} Spring Time Tea Parties {Sweet Ideas!}Spring Time Tea Parties {Sweet Ideas!}Spring Time Tea Parties {Sweet Ideas!}

Spring Tea Party Ideas

Country Living has some of the most beautiful photos. I love looking through their lovely images for fresh ideas not only for decorating but for creating memorable moments in life.

Suddenly, I am inspired to have a spring tea party.

Why not plan a tea party for Easter, Mother’s Day, or just to celebrate spring? Invite your mom, grandma, neighbor, daughters or granddaughters for an afternoon in the backyard or in a sun-filled room of your home.

  • Bring your “good chairs” outside on a sunny day!
  • Make pink lemonade, pink frosting for a cake and paint pink Easter eggs!
  • Use pink & white flowers for a feminine pink bouquet
  • Put flower packets on tables as party favors
  • Gather up decorative roosters and hens and surround with Easter eggs
  • Cut up sandwiches into tiny triangles for afternoon tea-sized treats
  • Using your sweetest dishes makes a tea party very special.

I love these sweet bunny toile dishes (Originally at Smith & Hawken but now you can find them on ebay) — perfectly wonderful for Easter brunches and tea parties! Spring Time Tea Parties {Sweet Ideas!}

Spring Time Tea Parties {Sweet Ideas!}
Happy Spring!

Photos and Tea Party Inspiration: (click for more ideas) Country Living


  1. Penny

    What wonderful photos! I love Country Livings pictures. They are very inspiring. I love the seed packet as a hostess gift. Great idea! Have a wonderful week Melissa!

  2. teresa

    Oh, I so what to have one- love how in the third picture they put a seed packet under the fork- cute idea- Filing that away.
    I’m heading to OR this week to see my daughter and family and I’m planning a little party with my Granddaughter. Fun-
    Thanks for the inspiration.
    Have a wonderful day-

    teresas inspiring blog post..Relief Society Birthday Celebration

  3. Debbykay

    Oh my dear! I think we must be on the same page! Just yesterday, I got out the vintage china with moss roses and was thinking a tea party was in order! Your post has inspired me to carry the idea through! Loved your pix!

    Happy Inspiring Monday,
    Debbykay at Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm

    Debbykays inspiring blog post..Awake! It’s spring…time to get organized!

  4. sandy

    Are you going to have a tea party with your Mama and daughters? Lovely photos. Happy Spring Break, Melissa! :)

    sandys inspiring blog post..Are you a Lazy Mom?

  5. living with lindsay

    At an antique shop last week, I came across the most darling children’s tea set. It was a steal at $6 and in perfect condition, so I bought it…for my 3 year old SON! He’s had such a wonderful time having tea parties. I never would have expected a little boy would love such things, but he makes Mama tea every day.

    living with lindsays inspiring blog post..DIY Ornamental Tassels

  6. kirwin

    Oh, how I’ve always wanted to have a tea party! I started my antique tea cup collection a while ago, just in anticipation of having one. Unfortunately, my aunts and cousins live in other countries. I may just have to gather my friends for one…..

    kirwins inspiring blog post..Edit, add, appreciate

  7. Vee

    Yes, wonderful photography… The seed packet as a favor is my very favorite!

    Vees inspiring blog post..A Weekend Story

  8. Mrs.Rabe

    I love tea parties!

    I used that seed packet idea at one of the teas I planned a few years ago! Everyone loved it!

    I am so eager to plan another one….all those photos have inspired me! They are so beautiful!

    Mrs.Rabes inspiring blog post..Spring Is Here!

  9. Liz

    So pretty, I can’t wait for warmer weather here so I can have picnics and tea parties. Beautiful inspiration – thank you x

    [email protected] inspiring blog post..Dogs and Sofas

  10. Kirsty

    What a delightful idea! I have a lovely tea set which I use only once a year when we have a Pride and Prejudice (the BBC 6 hour one) viewing party on Thanksgiving weekend. We combine it with a “Favourite things’ gift exchange where everyone brings one (or some) of their favourite things under $10 to exchange. So much fun! I think a tea party in Spring is a lovely idea. I have a gazebo outside and I would love to have one there. As always, thanks for the inspiration and eye candy :)

    Kirstys inspiring blog post..What I love about Mormon temples..

  11. Stacey

    Beautiful pictures and beautiful ideas! Thank you for inspiring me on the spring day.

    Staceys inspiring blog post..Dreaming of Somerset Bay

  12. Sue

    Thank you, thank you for the link to tablescaping ideas. I have a tea party in the works for Mother’s Day and this will be so useful. Love following you. Am a newbie & have lurked here for a while. ~Sue

  13. LaDonna

    I have been wanting to have a Tea Party all winter, and now with your lovely pictures I am even more in the mood for one!
    I think the seed packet is a cute idea for my friends/guests, too.

  14. Pat

    Happy Spring, Melissa! These images are gorgeous and so inspiring!!

    I published my 300th post, yesterday. I’d love for you to come by and sign up for the giveaway.

    Pats inspiring blog post..~Post Three Hundred & Giveaway~

  15. Songbirdtiff

    My mother-in-law gave me a vintage set of Wedgewood tea cups and saucers. I really need to get them out and have a tea party. They never get used and they are beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration.

    Songbirdtiffs inspiring blog post..

  16. Karen

    We used seed packets as our wedding favors. They were forget-me-nots. They were ordered on-line. The word “me” was crossed out and the word “us” was added. We made little stickers that said “Mike and Karen” and the date of our wedding. I wanted to use something that wouldn’t be just thrown away. We made sure the DJ announced that they were to take home and not for throwing at us. lol

    Karens inspiring blog post..My Spray Painted Chicken Dish

  17. Kim

    The weather has been perfect for a little tea party!

    One time we were on a vacation and ended up in a little “fancy” town with a tea room. Well, since I have two boys I don’t visit tea room that often! My husband insisted that we go in and have lunch. It turned out to be one of the most wonderful memories! We all had to choose a hat and they did have a few “manly” hats to pick from. They were just the cutest bunch to have tea with! I have adorable photos. So, I guess tea doesn’t always mean “girls only!”


    Kim @ Forever Wherevers inspiring blog post..Toile Party Giveaway – Making a No Sew Pillow in Less Than 10 Minutes!

  18. Jen

    oh yes – one of our favorite things. I just finished taking some pictures of my girls drinking milk, juice and soda out of their tea cups. I want them to remember drinking out of our “special” tea cups often – not just because we had guests over but because they (the girls) are my prized possessions and nothing is too good for them to use.

    [email protected] Beauty and Bedlams inspiring blog post..Banana bread – baking in bulk

  19. courtney from mommie blogs

    what a wonderful idea! I feel inspired to do the same. I need to clean up the deck first, so it will look half as beautiful as those photographs!

    courtney from mommie blogss inspiring blog post..the latest on double l

  20. a H.I.T.

    What a great idea. I LOVE Country Living. Tea parties for spring!

    a H.I.T.s inspiring blog post..Operation Weekend

  21. Robin

    So beautiful!! I am planning a HUGE tea party for our bookstore and just got some more great ideas here! Thanks!!

    Robins inspiring blog post..We picture this Post

  22. Chari


    Ohhhh my…what beautiful photos!!! I love toile…and I love transferware (especially the red) dishes…what a beautiful tea party!!! Love the second photo, those blue walls are gorgeous and with the blue & white toile drapes…ohhh my, divine!!! My favorite photo and idea is of the outdoor tea party…what a fabulous surprise…using those beautiful blue toile chairs out on the lawn…ahhhh!!! So inspiring!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

    Have a marvelous Monday!
    Warmest wishes,

    Charis inspiring blog post..

  23. Melody

    Oh my gosh I love those ideas! I am suddenly inspired to pull out the china and have tea & scones with my 4 year old. :) I loooove those pictures too- sooo gorgeous! I so wish I lived in the country! ;)

  24. Janet

    This was such a timely post for me. My husband’s Grandmother is having her 91st birthday this week. She lives in a nursing home but we could have an old fashioned tea party for her in her room to celebrate. These photos gave me so many helpful ideas for the celebration. Thank you Melissa!

  25. Gina

    There’s something about spring that beckons us, huh? My little girls are always having tea parties, in the nice weather we spread out an old quilt and spend the afternoon outside with “tea” and books and the sun. Can’t wait for those warm days….(they happen a little slower for us over here!)

    Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures!

  26. Darlene

    Oh, Spring!! Are you here to stay yet???

    Love these great photos. Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing them.

    [email protected] inspiring blog post..Recovering

  27. Michelle

    There is just something so great about tea parties. My daughter and I have daily tea parties…of the pretend variety, and we have a wonderful time!!

    Thanks for sharing today….now to find a perfect spot for our next tea party!!

  28. shelly beson

    You have inspired me!! I loved every picture and I’m gonna do it.

    Thanks, Shelly

    shelly besons inspiring blog post..The New Short

  29. LuLu

    wonderful ideas! great time of year to eat outside and enjoy the cool breeze and spring flowers.

    LuLus inspiring blog post..Come Along With Me….

  30. Arleen

    Hi Melissa. I love tea parties, too, and I especially love these photographs! So refreshing and so inviting! I’ve not promoted it very much, but I have another blog called “The Tea Room.” In addition to visiting me at “Seasons for All at Home,” I’d love for you and everyone who visits “The Inspired Room” to visit me there, too! Here is the link:

    Happy Spring!

    Arleens inspiring blog post..Inspiration ~ More Decorating with Pink and Green

  31. drey

    how lovely. i wish where we were (victoria, australia) enjoyed much much more rain… how lush and green these places look. makes a tea party all that much more beautiful!

  32. Kris

    I just love tea parties. I attended a teaparty on sunday afternoon, it was in celebration of my Aunt Sheryl’s 50th birthday. We had such a fun time, the only downside, I forgot to bring my camera.

    Your photos are inspiring and full of creative ideas. I too, love Country Living magazine. I buy a lot of the older issues at yard sales for about .25 cents a piece. Can’t beat that price and it’s a way to recycle and keep the landfills empty.

    Have a happy day


    Kriss inspiring blog post..Monday’s Music "The Dance"

  33. Jojo

    If it would get just a tad warmer….a tea party would be ideal! Loved the inspiration!!!

    Jojos inspiring blog post..A Spring Wedding

  34. Miss Mouthy

    I love the idea of indoor furniture outside. Unexpected and whimsical, but also very elegant!

    Miss Mouthys inspiring blog post..Sunday Schooling

  35. Amber Filkins

    Pretty pictures! Makes me wanna have a tea party too. :)

    Amber Filkinss inspiring blog post..Thankful

  36. Elizabeth Barrette

    Wow, those are lovely patterns. The tea set is just amazing.

    Elizabeth Barrettes inspiring blog post..Three Questions: White House Vegetable Garden

  37. Pretty Organizer

    You have a way with pictures girl. You managed to catch Toile in the Perfect light and it’s perfect setting… tea time. Love the upholstered chairs outside! Wish I could just sit out there and let my little chipmunks frolic amongst the hedges! Thanks for helping me out my dear. Love you!!

    Pretty Organizers inspiring blog post..Toile Party

  38. Mom in High Heels

    Oh, oh, oh! It’s so pretty! I love it all. Are those toile eggs in that first photo? OMG! I am so having a tea party. You know, if it ever warms up here in Germany. We had snow flurries this morning! SNOW! Ack. I’m ready for spring.

    Mom in High Heelss inspiring blog post..A Toile-apalooza!

  39. Pearl Maple

    Simply lovely way to celebrate the changing seasons.
    Am in the mood for a little Easter garden party and was cruising for ideas.

    Pearl Maples inspiring blog post..Sky Watch Friday

  40. The Pleasures of Homemaking

    They do have some of the prettiest photos! Well you know me, I love toile so I enjoyed seeing these pictures! Those upholstered chairs are just scrumptuous!


    The Pleasures of Homemakings inspiring blog post..You Know I Love Toile!

  41. Rachel

    What beautiful pictures! Now I wish we had a lovely garden for a tea party. Oh well, we’ll have one indoors. Thanks for sharing. Have a beautiful day!

    Rachels inspiring blog post..Toile Tuesday

  42. Sandi

    Beautiful toile! Thanks for sharing it with us. I especially liked the chairs outside in the garden.


    Sandis inspiring blog post..The 2009 Toile Party

  43. Penny

    Just beautiful! I have posted my toile for the Toile party!

  44. Misti of Studio M Designs

    Gotta love that Country Living! I lingered through their site yesterday oogling at the photos of outdoor parties. I am not so much into pink, but, all of those pretty pictures makes me want to cave just a bit.

    Misti of Studio M Designss inspiring blog post..It’s a Toile Party!

  45. Kate

    I have been reading Country Living magazine since I was a teenager. I am getting ready for a girl’s tea & of course it will be toile. Have some silver to polish yet and a flower arrangement to do. I love bunnies. Those plates from Smith & Hawken are darling. What a beautiful post.

  46. Andrea at Opulent Cottage

    So wonderful! We always dine outside, if possible, for Easter. With all of our nice china, and everything – it makes the day more special! This year I think we will take our nice chairs outside, too – thank you for the inspiration! Cheers, Andrea

    Andrea at Opulent Cottages inspiring blog post..Toile Party 2009

  47. Laura

    I love the tea party inspirations! We are in the process of selling our house, so I found myself driving aimlessly with my 16-year-old daughter while a realtor showed our home. When we found ourselves in Sherwood, Oregon, and discovered that The Lavender Tea House was still open, I was thrilled that my daughter wanted to share afternoon tea with me! The scones with strawberries were delicious, and we laughed at the cute, little gilded chair that wobbled under my daughter’s six-foot frame while we reminisced about the tea party my mother gave when the grandkids were younger. While the boys were out fishing, the girls prepared floral wreaths to be worn in their hair. We all practiced our best etiquette when we gathered for yummy treats and tea in the afternoon. Our little tea break in Sherwood inspired me to break out my finer dishes and surprise my daughter with tea after school some day. The trick will be finding my pretty things…most of our belongings are packed in boxes ready for a move! Thanks for the pretty photos! They are wonderful inspiration.

  48. Still Learning

    very pretty. I used to give and attend tea parties all the time in the mid nineties. I wonder what happened? They were so much fun and half the fun was waiting to see how pretty our table/surroundings were going to be. It was so much fun. Thanks for the memories.

    Still Learnings inspiring blog post..Blessings Indeed

  49. Felicia

    So pretty! Love the curtains :)

  50. Janine

    I love the toile tea set. I had one as a child. Beautiful!

  51. Janelle

    It never occurred to me how springtimey toile is–thanks for those gorgeous pictures!

    Janelles inspiring blog post..Toile Party.

  52. kathy's red door welcome

    I love all of these lovely photos. It reminds me why I love toile so much.

  53. Bonita

    You’ve married two of my great loves, tea and toile. Heavenly!

    Bonitas inspiring blog post..Junk in the Trunk

  54. Rona

    I’m tying to think of something different for Easter celebration. A tea party would be a welcome change. Maybe some small quiches and various fruit.
    I love the Smith & Hawken plate.
    I also love Country Living magazine. There’s so many inspirational photos.

  55. Cass

    So pretty! I am off now to check out Smith and Hawken!

  56. jane

    wow. spring is bring ing out the best collections, photos, colors, ideas and i don’t know what! beautiful inspirations all! thanks. jkj p.s. how is breaking in the new house going?



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