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Finding Inspiration:
A Little Space to Call Your Own

by | Apr 14, 2009 | Creative Inspiration & Projects, Decorating Inspiration, Details

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Finding Inspiration: <br>A Little Space to Call Your Own

In the hustle and bustle of life, we “keepers of the home” are often giving and sacrificing 24/7. We make sure our kids have room to play and our families have clean clothes and nutritious food to eat. We volunteer, we clean, we host holidays and birthday parties — we work hard!

One thing that is very important to me is that you all know your value and your worth. I want you all to experience happiness and contentment right where you are. You deserve to create a little special place in your home to call your own. A place to take a deep breath, a place to be reminded of all that is good in your life, and a place that makes you smile! Whether you have a whole room to yourself, a little corner, a wall, or even a shelf or a chair, take some time to make it special!

Please welcome my special blogging friend and guest today, Kim from Daisy Cottage. Daisy Cottage is the kind of home that makes you smile. I have invited Kim to share her “special place” in Daisy Cottage to inspire us!

Welcome Kim!

Finding Inspiration: <br>A Little Space to Call Your Own

Thank you so much Melissa for the honor of having the opportunity to share one of my favorite spots in Daisy Cottage with your readers – my office and its’ view of the living room.

Finding Inspiration: <br>A Little Space to Call Your Own

I love being in here, as it is where I blog, write, read, dream, and enjoy visiting other beautiful bloggers, such as yourself.  It is my little room to simply be or to gain inspiration from my books, magazines, and the sweet tokens of friendship that I’ve been blessed to receive from my sister bloggers and readers.  It is a happy place and very dear to me.Finding Inspiration: <br>A Little Space to Call Your Own

My wish for ALL keepers of the home, is that they not only fill every corner of their nests with the colors and things that they love and that truly makes their heart sing, but I hope that they, too, claim their own special spot in their homes just for them.

Finding Inspiration: <br>A Little Space to Call Your Own

I would like to encourage them to surround themselves with whatever inspires them and reaffirms to them that they are special and unique, not only to their families but to our world.  Because they ARE.  All homemakers have SO much to give and are precious, one-of-a-kind souls — definitely worthy of having their own little space to call their own.

Do you have a special corner to call you own?
Tell us about it in the comments, or dream about what it would be like!

All images used by permission: Kim @ Daisy Cottage
See how she finds beauty every day!
Thank you for sharing with us today, Kim!


  1. Nicole

    hmmm….this one is challenging for me. i suppose it’s the big white chair where i sit every morning and have some time to read and pray (and drink coffee) or perhaps the little couch up in our bedroom. we have a smaller house, so each space seems like everyone’ s space. but these are the places i enjoy sitting.

    my mom’s an interior decorator and has done some very large homes, but she says in even the largest of homes, she finds her customers always find a small little nook where they spend most of their time.

    we all need a nest, i guess!

    Nicoles inspiring blog post..Got to Pray Just to Make it Today

  2. TheOldPostRoad

    Just last night my 9-year old and I moved furniture in the laundry room to set up my art table! Still dusty and the room needs a little paint. But I think I will enjoy it. Typically read my bible on the sofa or on my bedroom floor (what in the world???!!!).

    Love the yellow in the photos.

    TheOldPostRoads inspiring blog post..My Bedroom and Country Living

  3. suzanne

    Well, I have my own little office/spare room but I need to nest it up just a little….it’s a mess right now. I would love for it to be oh so inspiring…….I think it needs a makeover!!! thanks for sharing.


    suzannes inspiring blog post..

  4. {The Momma in Pearls}

    I have a corner in our master bedroom that i have converted into a home office, bloggin’, photos, and my hobbies are done there. I love it! I can’t believe we used to just waste that space before! When me husband calls from work, sometimes I’ll ask, “Yes honey, I”m very busy at work in my office! ” (which is me in the bedroom just typing away. LOL. )

  5. Kristen

    I love this idea of having a personal space – that’s kind of hard to to in a small, one bedroom apartment. But something that I’m sure is worth eeking out the space. Gives me another project to work on once I have the time again!

    Kristens inspiring blog post..An Announcement – of Sorts

  6. Susan

    Love the HAPPY colors! I hang pictures in my laundry room that, while they are not really suitable for “public” parts of the house, I like and make me smile…old cross stitch, kid’s pictures, inspiration signs, etc. If we HAVE to do laundry, we might as well be happy in the space!

    Susans inspiring blog post..Three or More..What’s on Your Bedside Table?

  7. Jen

    Oh – I have been thinking about this a lot lately since we all share a guest bedroom/office…not quite my own. I keep looking at a HUGE hallway closet that is 8×6 thinking…..hmmm….this would fit a desk and lots of other things. i could nest it up so sweetly. Just contemplating if I would feel claustrophobic. :)

    [email protected] Beauty and Bedlams inspiring blog post..Tasty Tuesday – Strawberry Trifle

  8. songbirdtiff

    I’m working on a little space for myself. So far it’s mostly just a table near a shelf that holds all my supplies. At some point I really want to distinguish it as MY space, but I’m still figuring it all out. :)

    songbirdtiffs inspiring blog post..Dinner Bell (TMBG)

  9. Emily

    What a treat to find Kim here today. I discovered Daisy Cottage recently and fell in love immediately. Thank you for the inspiration, Kim and for having her here, Melissa.

    [email protected] inspiring blog post..Link Love: Happy Easter

  10. Julia

    I love Daisy Cottage! Kim’s blog has been one of my favorites for a long time, so it was a nice surprise to find her here today. How could you ever feel gloomy in a house that cheerful? :-)

    I have my own home office which is one of my favorite rooms in the house, even though it’s the smallest. I tried sharing with my husband before and it just didn’t work for us. We needed our own separate spaces. We added french doors to the living room to create his and turned one of the upstairs bedrooms into mine. I need a lot of peace and quiet when I work!

    Julia @ Hooked on Housess inspiring blog post..House of Tiles: An Old House Gets a Colorful Renovation

  11. kirwin

    I have been CRAVING a place of my own. I still don’t have one, but I have my eye on a little nook in the hallway. Unfortunately, we’re still working on our addition/remodel, and this little nook seems to be a place to keep base board, trim, tools, or a big pile of laundry. ; )

    I’m also a bit torn, because I crave a bit of privacy with my space. I want to be able to put up an inspiration board…and then not explain it to anyone. I can just imagine my mother in law lingering around my nook, taking in every little piece of “personal me.” {sigh}

    kirwins inspiring blog post..Who am I?

  12. Melissa(miss)

    I do have a space of my home. However, everyone in our house has migrated into it. Just this morning I was thinking that I would love for each of my kids to have a special spot designed just for them. I going to work on that this week. It won’t be fancy, but I think they will love it.

    Melissa(miss)s inspiring blog post..A bit tied up

  13. Gina

    I love this-what a great point and it’s so important to have a little special place. Us homekeepers often get overlooked! Right now I’ve got a little corner that has my desk-full of my scrapbook stuff, it’s just mine and works as little place away from it all (even though it’s in the middle of it all!) I’m also redoing the kid’s bathroom so that I can feel free to relax in the tub there, the only tub in the house. I can’t wait to get it finished and take a long soak!

    Ginas inspiring blog post..In other news….

  14. Pattie

    I have my sewing corner, which I love. I don’t get to spend enough time there though. I sew pjs for my son, and make alot of my own clothes.

  15. jen

    Well, I have a default me space. The laundry room. Nobody else would be caught dead in there. lol But I do have a small chair in my bedroom that I love to sit at and read. It’s quiet back there.

    jens inspiring blog post..Dead is dead unless the Island still needs you

  16. Kim

    Oh, I love Daisy Cottage! The red chair is perfect for me! I don’t have a special space of my own. I move around the house with my laptop. I like to change things up a bit and keep an eye on the kids. :-)


    Kim @ Everything Etsys inspiring blog post..Alexandra Ferguson – Featured Artist

  17. Fifi Flower

    Kim’s space is PERFECT!!! My space is a MESS… but I love it… it has pretty features but basically I have too many things going on at once and it shows!!!
    Thank you for sharing Daisy Cottage with us!

    Fifi Flowers inspiring blog post..To Catch a Fifi and a Kris…

  18. Kimm at Reinvented

    I have my favorite chair and my laptop, so that keeps me mobile and flexible! But I LOVE that room and the cheerful colors. Someday I would love to have a finished room in our basement to call my own.

    Kimm at Reinventeds inspiring blog post..Trash to Treasure Tuesday–Reinvented on the Road!

  19. Liz

    What a lovely idea. Mine has to be my newly redecorated dining room. I love sitting at the table, looking out at my garden and blogging. Love it!

    [email protected] inspiring blog post..Small Space Entertaining

  20. Hasley

    I staked out our “third” bedroom for my office, where I did my freelance work after our sons were born. I was exhausted, writing and editing until way past midnight, when I finally had time and space for myself, but I knew that I had to keep working to preserve a part of me that wasn’t “mom” or “Mrs. Somebody.” I couldn’t have done it without the room, which I’ve held on to even though there’s huge demand for it from my family. (Neededless to say, we’re in the process of looking for a slightly larger home.) I now work part-time and love it. Someone said I was lucky to “have it all” but it boils down to taking that room and being tenacious and protecting our creative selves that too often get lost in the shuffle. We ALL need a place of our own. Great post today, and I agree, Daisy Cottage is gorgeous and fun!

    Hasleys inspiring blog post..road trip

  21. Angie

    I actually JUST blogged about this very thing last week:

    We recently moved from a 4/5 bedroom home to a 2 bedroom, and I went from having my very own room for creating, writing, etc – to a tiny little corner. What a corner it is though! It is my absolute favorite place to be and I had such fun making it my very own. GREAT topic, thanks for sharing!

    Angie @ The Creative Mamas inspiring blog six dollar treat.

  22. Amy-KY

    With an eat-in kitchen, our dining room isn’t used very much. I have a long wall dedicated to my hobbies and computer blog-surfing. I really love it, and find that I’d rather be there than in the livingroom with my feet up, watching TV. It’s a really great space, and it’s mine…ALL MINE!! LOL!!

    Amy-KYs inspiring blog post..Some Pictures that MAKE me happy…

  23. jeri

    I have just started a blog and I love it. I love being able to contrubute and soak up information and ways to make life better.
    I have a nice little room that is long and has space, but has no windows. It has to work as a guest room, home gym, craft room. I am thinking about how to make it beautiful. Nothin’ yet. But I’ll get there :)

    jeris inspiring blog post..From the Noggin of a 4 year old

  24. Claudia

    Cottage living is my dream home!! Even though I have “downsized” my current home, from a 2500 sq foot house to now an 1800 sq foot town home, I still dream of something about 1200 sq foot bungalow.

    Of course it will need to have a devine front porch– But one of my all time favorite homes (though still a bit BIG) is from the movie Something’s gotta give… my newest blog post! What a beautiful home.

    Thanks for a lovely post– got me started dreaming today amid the clouds and rain.


    Claudias inspiring blog post..Something’s Gotta Give

  25. Sherri

    I have a comfy chair, a large leather ottoman with storage, a floor lamp, and secretary desk that is situated in the back corner of my den. The way the space is arranged, I have the feeling of privacy – but still can be a part of family activities.

    Sherris inspiring blog post..Happy Resurrection Sunday

  26. Lisa

    Love all the pretty photos of Kim’s space. Daisy Cottage is always such a friendly place to stop in for a visit (with wonderful musical selections-lol)

    I’m still working on organizing my “new” space but I’m slowly making progress. Nice to read about others’ special spots too.

  27. jenn

    I love it! Yes, I do…It is in the process of being made into a space just for me.

    jenns inspiring blog post..Because

  28. Brenda Kula

    Kim’s blog was one of the very first ones I read. And was much of the inspiration behind me starting my own, which was back in Dec. 2007. She has a lovely style, is very sweet and helpful, and I consider her a blogging friend. She and I love the very same colors and simple cottage style. Yes, I have my “garden room.” Actually there’s no flowers in my garden room. Except some on plates and in paintings. But it is my space where I blog, follow blogs and make online friends, and craft. I love my space. As every woman needs that spot all her very own. Truly.

    Brenda Kulas inspiring blog post..New Saltwater Fish

  29. Brenda Kula

    Oh, and is that Maggie I see just beyond that red vase/pencil holder, Kim?

    Brenda Kulas inspiring blog post..New Saltwater Fish

  30. Polly

    While I’m thrilled to have a 3rd floor studio, I’m excited to be moving my desk & computer to the dinning room, right in front of the windows. It’ll help me keep an eye on the kids when they are playing outside this summer and it’ll allow me something to vegetate in front of, besides the computer screen.

    You have a beautiful, cozy area, Kim. Thanks to you and Melissa for sharing.

    Blessings… Polly

    Pollys inspiring blog post..Metamorphasis

  31. Sandy Schwab

    Kim, your home is simply beautiful! I love the colour scheme – I used a similar one for my own flat, with yellow walls, a terracotta coloured floor, and a red Ikea couch. One of my favourite places in my flat is my dining area. I love sitting there in the mornings, savouring a nice cup of tea, and reading for a little while. When the sun shines and the light falls through the window, the walls positively glow – even in the midst of winter.

    Best wishes from Germany,
    Sandy :-)

    Sandy Schwabs inspiring blog post..The Easter Bunny Loves Cake Stands

  32. Sanity Fair

    This is a wonderful idea – everyone needs a special place, and this room is the cutest. Love the chair especially!

  33. teresa

    Love your little space, and the touches of red- a few years back my HD build a little “shed” where I’m able to do as I wish. right now it is sad shape, just need to work on getting it together.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful space with us.

    teresas inspiring blog post..Commencement- April 2009

  34. Debbie

    Hi Melissa! Hey I loved this. I love Kim’s blog it is always warm and comfy when you go for a visit. I have a nest that I need to fluff up a bit….other birds have left too much of their “bird clutter” in my nest!!!! Needs a bit of cleaning up…the other birds need to find their own nest or another tree! hahaha….or I need to expand my nest…big smile!

    Debbies inspiring blog post..Pink Saturday/Easter decor/Birthday Boohoo

  35. meg duerksen

    my craft room…
    or my bathtub….
    or my bed.
    all three things i love very very much.
    how fun to read kim at melissa’s.
    like showing up to a friends house and another friend already there ready to greet you. :) lovely.

    meg duerksens inspiring blog post..we will transcend

  36. rue

    Hi Melissa :)

    What a wonderful thing to find Kim guest hosting on your blog! She has become a dear friend to me over the past year and Dear Daisy Cottage was the inspiration to start my own blog, as I know it was for countless others :)

    I carved out my own little corner in the family room on my old antique German desk. I love it because I can be in here with the family and still stay connected to the outside world.


    rues inspiring blog post..Happy Birthday Alex

  37. Miss Paula

    I can sing that Cinderella song now, “In my own little corner in my own little chair…!” With another one of my children moved out we were able to take back the larger room. So now with my youngest of 4 turning 18, I now have my own little space! It took 24 years but it’s worth it!

    I have to say thanks for your daughter’s wedding post. I mentioned you in my blog today!

    Miss Paulas inspiring blog post..Thanks Mrs. Rabe

  38. Kim

    What a great guest post! My little “spot” is the red chair and ottoman in our living room. It is where I have my quiet time in the morning and my little girls refer to it as, “Mommy’s chair!”

    Kims inspiring blog post..Back

  39. Francisca R.

    This is a surprise: one of my most favourite blogs Daisy Cottage! Kim’s house is so bright and lovely!!
    Thanks to Kim I now have some red ‘dots’ of colour in my most white livingroom.
    I have to say I am very privileged……. because we are only the two of us I have a small room of my own – mosttimes of my own, it is also a guest bedroom….
    I have my quilting, knitting, embroidery en sewingstuff in there and it is a place where our cats can live in peace, without being chased by our o so enthousiastic Dalmatian dog!
    And in the living room I have my white IKEA Ektorp chair, with a quilting frame in front of it for handquilting in the evening.
    Thanks for your inspiring blog!

  40. Daisy Cottage

    Thank you everyone for your sweet comments above and for sharing about your special places in your homes.
    And thank you Melissa for ALL that you give to us on a daily basis with your beautiful site. A site that is definitely created and shared from your heart.

    Daisy Cottages inspiring blog post..Easter Giveaway!

  41. Julie

    After thinking about this for awhile, I guess my very favorite place is my chair at the end of the kitchen table. I read there, especially the newspaper, the mail, everyday kind of stuff. Visit on the phone there, oh, and eat there too. :) It just feels comfy. Thank you for the beautiful inspiration.

  42. Catherine

    Kim is not afraid of color and that’s what I love most about her! She has such an eye for detail. Too many of us are afraid to trust our own instincts.

    Catherines inspiring blog post..Recipe Cupcake Painting

  43. Rhoda

    Fun to see my friend, Kim here with you Melissa. We must be on the same wavelength, Kim is going to share on my blog very soon too! I too have a special office nook of my own that I truly love. Great post, Kim!

    Rhoda @ Southern Hospitalitys inspiring blog post..Crocs and Yellow Box

  44. Angie

    I so needed to stumble across this today!!! I have really been struggling with feeling like I don’t do anything for me. At the same time i’ve been carrying a lot of guilt for feeling this way! I guess I just needed to hear someone else say that it was ok for me to have a spot all of my own. Thank you!

  45. Lavender Dreamer

    What a beautiful article! I have my own space in our study and I’m surrounded with things that inspire me! I just had some pictures framed and hung above my desk and took pictures of them today. Love being here!

    Lavender Dreamers inspiring blog post.."Wednesday Wee Ones" Where are WE?

  46. Carol

    Hi! I’m popping over here from Daisy Cottage, my all-time favorite blog! I love Kim’s use of color, and she inspires me every day. In the summer, my special corner is my porch swing, on my front porch. It’s a nice place to sit and read a book, and watch the birdies. The rest of the year, I guess it’s sitting on the right side of our 80 year -old couch, which my mother remembers as a child. Everyone knows it’s “my spot”!

    Carols inspiring blog post..Apothecary Jars & Plastic Flowers

  47. Kathy  :)

    Oh I just love Kim…yes I have a spot where I can be but I am the type of gal that can make a place my own even if it’s up in a tree (and I did do that when I was young lol) We all need our comfy spots…

    Wonderful post….

    Kathy :)

  48. Susie

    I think every woman needs a place where she can go and nourish her soul…my place would be my guest room/office…it is like walking into a rose garden…all light and airy. It is the place I go to visit all the inspiring Blogs such as Kim’s…and now, through her, I have found you too!


    Susies inspiring blog post..

  49. Kat

    Great post! Kim’s blog is one of my favorites to visit.

    I’ve enjoyed my visit here.


    Kats inspiring blog post..IT’S KINDA WEIRD….

  50. Maureen

    I am a HUGE fan of Kim’s so was tickled to read her post here. I have to agree that my office/study is where I spend a lot of time on projects, communicating, planning, writing and my photography. I decorated it in 2004 and it’s still very much a room I want to spend time in. I will have to post about it some time- great idea!

    Maureens inspiring blog post..Happy Easter

  51. Betty Jo

    I too am a big fan of Kim’s, her blog, her friendship. She is just such a precious person, and oh so talented. Kim has incredible style and is such an inspiration. I’m working now on putting my office/studio together and a lot of the ideas I’ve gleaned from Kim. ♥

    Betty Jos inspiring blog & steals

  52. Gail

    This beautiful website is one of my favorites. Always fresh and creative.

  53. Annalea

    Great post! One that’s inspired be to carve out a little place of my own in our apartment. I’m looking around and thinking of where? and with what? I’ve got some ideas; my farm house table as a desk for starters!

  54. colette

    Oh Kim,
    You are always soo inspiring and encouraging! Such an angel. My office is in what would be the third bedroom of our house if it were big enough. It is the perfect size for my office though. Lately I’ve been unhappy with how it looks and feels but couldn’t imagine what I could do to change it. Now thanks to you, I have been inspired. I now know what it needs….some nice bright fabric for curtains and a “skirt” to hang around my desk and a nice cheerful table cloth for my work table. A few colorful pictures/frames on the walls would help too. Out with the old! In with the new!
    Thanks for turning on my light bulb Kim. xo Colette

    colettes inspiring blog post..Gypsy Caravans

  55. Sharon

    My favourite spot is the family room sofa with an ottoman, a fire, a cup of tea and a book … or when I am in a craft mode my office/craft room. It is a pale yellow with red toile drapes and chair cushions and pictures of past project to inspire me.
    .-= Sharon´s last blog ..Can your weekend trip to the Wine store be a DIY project? =-.

  56. Lynn

    I love your sense of style, your method of planning and appreciate how you find inspiration. Perhaps you could share how you find your sources of design motivation sometime? I’ve realized I want to try for an eclectic mediterranean style, sort of a global cottage focused on sunnier climes. I know, sounds convoluted at this stage, and I am probably not using the correct words. Any hints on how I can narrow it down from what’s in my mind to making it happen in my room? Thank you!



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