Project Procrastinators: UNITE!

Project Procrastinators: UNITE!

Photo from Flickr by FranUlloa

You all are so supportive! I send out my cry for pity over my overwhelming amount of painting projects, and you sympathized with me. Not only that, some of you revealed you too have a bunch of unfinished projects to do! So you gave me an idea.

What was I talking about?  Did I say I didn’t have any friends yet in Washington to help me out with my projects? What was I thinking? I HAVE YOU! My little friends in my computer! YOU all will be my painting buddies, wherever in the world you are!

Won’t you be my painting buddy?

I am going to give myself one week from today before I dive in, because I still have to  load my final moving truck to Washington (cringe! don’t ask! I know, we are insane! We have to make ONE MORE TRIP back to Portland for more of our things!  Please somebody MAKE IT STOP!).

APRIL 30 – May 14

I’m inviting you all over to share in my misery joy! And if you all want to join me in getting started on that project YOU are procrastinating on, I’ll give you moral support right back. I’ll put a special Mr. Linky out so we can declare to the world what our Procrastination Project is and then two weeks later on May 14 we’ll have Mr. Linky back so we can show off our accomplishments (however small they might be).

Even if we don’t finish, we’ll be farther along than if we hadn’t started, right?


I’ll be super busy over the next few weeks, so this is a HUGE leap for me to dive into a project right now. Many of you are probably in the same boat. But as my friend from Portland would say, do a little bit at a time and you’ll eventually get it done! I can do baby steps, right? I can go buy the paint. I can clean and prep a chair, right? I can take those seats off the chairs. There are baby steps I can do even if I can’t tackle the whole thing at once!


Ok, so, one week from today, April 30, be ready to declare to the world what your Procrastination Project is. And if you don’t have any projects to do, you can just help ME get MY projects done.  That is all for now. You know your mission. Come back next Thursday with before photos and your plan of attack. Or a plate of cookies.

You don’t have to have a blog to participate.


And if you have QUESTIONS about your projects, put them in your post for next Thursday or in the comments on that day and hopefully Miss Bossy Pants or any of the other PAINTING LOVERS will come help us if we get stuck (not stuck in the paint, I mean stuck on what do to).

Ok, GO FORTH and PLAN YOUR PROJECT! And we can do them TOGETHER.

Yes, I’m talking to YOU and YOU! And YOU! And YOU! And YOU AND YOU AND YOU and YOU and YOU too! Oh, yeah, then there is YOU and YOU and YOU and YOU and YOU … I know you all might have something you could work on too! Oh, YOU too. Don’t try to slip away unnoticed, I see YOU. And YOU. And YOU too! And all of YOU [insert your name] in slipping out the back door!


  1. This is a great idea! Maybe I should finally clean out my box room once in for all?

  2. OK, I admit it … I have to finish painting the wall with the fireplace … it’s been taped off for … a while! *Ü*

  3. OK, ok, you got me. I will finish the project I promised my mom to get ready on … ahhm … ahhm.. Christmas 2007. (You see, I am only a bit behind) Will set up a post and link to it next Friday. I want to get it done. Thank you soo much for you encouragement and this Party.

    Nimmis inspiring blog post..Week of Kindness – Focusing on Myself

  4. Tee hee. Miss Bossy Pants, I am. Indeed! :-)

    I’ll be here! Love you, girl.


    Kimba @ A Soft Place to Lands inspiring blog post..Laryssa Herbert is in my bathroom!!

  5. Count me in!
    I have two chairs that I have been putting off painting. I will find fabric for the seats and get ready!

    Becky K.s inspiring blog post..Eclectic Dinner

  6. I’m totally on board. Can’t wait!

  7. My husband is so tired of seeing me with a paintbrush in my hands…but the trim in the family room is calling. The blue tape is coming out today!!

  8. O.K. O.K! I’m in! I’ve been putting off one project for about two years now and maybe this will be the push I need to at least start it!


    The Pleasures of Homemakings inspiring blog post..Thrift Store Style

  9. YOU are too funny!! This makes me nervous signing on the dotted line. I am SO overwhelmed with all the projects I’ve procrastinated on…baby steps…I’m in!!

    Jen@Balancing Beauty and Bedlams inspiring blog post..Yard sale + $0.75 + spray paint = MAGIC

  10. This may be the little “oomph” I needed to really get down and dirty with a stool that was my grandmother’s that I’ve left languishing in the spider infested shop after sort of somewhat kinda priming it. : ) I can’t wait to get it finished! I actually have the before pictures…they were some of the first ones I took when I started my blog A YEAR AGO. Yeah, I think it’s time I put that project to rest.

    Heathahlees inspiring blog post..Don’t leave me!

  11. oh. I am SOOOOOOOOO in, girl. phew. I need this!

    Darlene@WorthWalkingTowards inspiring blog post..Me. No makeup.

  12. Okay, Okay, I guess I better get to it. Thanks for the push. =)

    teresas inspiring blog post..Mission Farewell-

  13. I’m in! This is just the motivation I need.

  14. Here’s the thing…my project involves my hubby! He has to do some sanding since it causes my arthritis to flare up…I think I’m going to tell him you said to : Just do it! Maybe that’ll work :)
    You Go!!!
    All Things Heart and Home

    Robin Rane’ ~ All Things Heart and Homes inspiring blog post..Early look into Mother’s Day!

  15. Ok, whew… I’m not one of the you’s! But I do have a HUGE project! A GIANT thrift store armoire! I don’t know if I can finish it in this amount of time, but I will get going on it! (Because if I don’t do it before school gets out, it won’t happen until September!) Thanks for the push. Off to find some sandpaper!

    Sue @ My Party of 6s inspiring blog post..Über

    • Yeah, YOU are not off the hook if you weren’t one of the YOUS. Some of the YOUS were HIDING in the back. :-)

  16. Oh I am so with you on this! My coffee table and end tables have seen better days and desperately need a sanding and painting. I’ve been waiting to paint them cream forever, but have been putting it off. Hubby doesn’t want to paint wood, so he’s been encouraging the procrastination (seriously though they need help, they aren’t pretty wood anymore!!!). I’m in!

  17. Kathy Mann says

    Actually tackled one project (sanding and painting the wall damage from installing wiring for the new TV) this morning before I read this BUT…there is no shortage of things waiting to be finished…so…maybe my challenge will be to see how many small ones I can get done before April 30 and pick a biggie for after! Super idea!

  18. WOW! I could so use the “rear-end” kick to get me to finish all my un-finished projects. I counted 9 of them! *sigh* and the sad thing is- instead of finishing those I keep coming up with new ones. Dang that creative mind!

    Amanda-The Eck Lifes inspiring blog post..DIY Pillows

  19. Oh, I so need a kick in the pants-I’ve got a few projects (big and small) ratteling around in my brain. I’m already encouraged and inspired to get those done!

    Ginas inspiring blog post..Green Household Cleaners

  20. i’m SO IN!

    V and Cos inspiring blog post..what i’m working on

  21. Oh no….you’re talking about….accountability! Well, I may or may not have some projects that I haven’t gotten around to, and I may or may not already have the supplies to do them. I may or may not join your little party. Mostly may.

  22. Ok I’m game! Not sure which one of the procrastination projects i’m going to pick though??? That might take me the entire week to select one!

  23. ha! just yesterday i was procrastinating about whether or not i should go take advantage of the BEHR april promotion. i had an entire week of april to go, so i thought perhaps i would wait. thankfully i decided to go to our local home depot and look at colors for paint. it was then and only then that i discovered the rebate deal ended THAT EXACT DAY! so home i went with a FIVE GALLON BUCKET OF PRIMER and two gallons of paint. one for my upstairs bathroom. one for the upstairs hallway. PERFECT for your project idea! okay. so now i have a week to get motivated.

  24. Love this idea, awesome!!

    Lauras inspiring blog post..Storage Star ~ Craft Closet

  25. Hey neighbor! I’m in Edmonds and I’m IN!! I have plenty of things to paint!

  26. ALL RIGHT ALREADY! I’ll be there (spoken with a hint of sarcasm).

    Karen Bs inspiring blog post..Thimble Collection

  27. I may or may not be sitting right next to my project right now…this is JUST the inspiration I need to get my act together!

    the BLAH BLAH BLAHgers inspiring blog post..I’m a TOTAL freak!

  28. Can I borrow a husband?!? I just stopped a guy dead in his tracks with his trailer full of old tongue and groove wood. He was on his way to the dump but now he’s coming to my driveway instead. What have I done?!?

    I want to make a feature wall in my bathroom with it. And I don’t own a ptchoo ptchoo gun either. This should be interesting…


    Donna at Funky Junk Interiorss inspiring blog post..Name this decorating theme! What would you do?

  29. Ha! This is so funny. Ok – I’m on board (since you see me and all…lol). I have plenty ‘o painting projects I’ve been procrastinating.

    By the way, I feel you paint with the whole moving process. I moved 3 times in the past 4 years and I’m perfectly happy to stay where I am for a while. You know it’s bad when you get to the point where you just want to throw half of your stuff away so you don’t have to deal with unpacking it? :).

    AnNicole@OurSuburbanCottages inspiring blog post..Yes You CAN Paint Those Ugly Laminate Countertops

  30. Thanks for the push…I desperately need it…I am definitely a procrastinator…my OCD:) gets in the way everytime…I get overwhelmed and I can’t seem to start. So many projects…so little time. But like you said Even if we don’t finish, we’ll be farther along than if we hadn’t started. So baby steps it is! THANKS!

    Imelda Phillipss inspiring blog post..Santa Barbara Zoo

  31. Love this idea . . . I will be joining the party with my mountain of projects — half-finished, barely-started, or still twinkling in my imagination ready to see the day! As always, thanks for inspiring me.

    And also . . . thanks for tumbling folks over to see my laundry room. That has been a project I’ve wanted to complete for some time. The recognition sure feels good.

    Leisas inspiring blog post..My Cheerful New Laundry Room

  32. Just started viewing your blog on a somewhat daily basis. I like your idea. I may join in. :)

    Karas inspiring blog post..Buzzy Seeds

  33. We apparently live close to one another … If I knew where you were, I’d pop over and we could have a great painting party!!

    Tammys inspiring blog post..Powder Room Coziness

  34. What a completely fantastic idea! I am in! And thanks for singling me out, by the way :) Maybe this little party will be just what I need to stop procrastinating!

    Happy Thursday! * Yes, I actually got the day right this time :) *

  35. Now my secret is out. I am a procrastonator. I have a problem. I also have projects. Several of them.
    I’ll go work on what I need to do to get them done. Well, that is after I piddle some.

    J.J.s inspiring blog post..Is there a Rocky Balboa in the house?

  36. For a moment I thought this might be a Procrastinators club. I was about to join, but then decided, meh. Maybe later. LOL

    MacBross inspiring blog post..Billy Bob Boo Hoo Thornton

  37. I have 2 almost finished projects for a least 1 month and several that need to be started! I’ll join you!

    Jennifers inspiring blog post..Little Sister

  38. THIS YELLED AT ME!!!! Not spoke to me…YELLED AT ME.
    Thank you so much for getting me motivated to get some stuff done! I have 4 million projects waiting “till I was feeling creative”, “had time”, “I’m gonna do it, swear!”…..
    That’s it…..let’s get it done, girls!!
    I KNOW I will feel so much better without all these “projects” hanging out there and me feeling bad about not doing them….
    We can do it!

  39. Awesome! You know this is right up my alley! I’m the queen of procrastination (and thinking up projects… but not getting ’em done – lol)!! We just got a bunch of projects done that I’ve been procrastinating and now I’m just procrastinating posting about it – ha. Now I’ll have to work on my other procrastinated projects! :)

    BTW… welcome to Washington! I’ve lived here all my life… and I love it!

  40. I’m so glad I checked in today ! I have a humble bathroom that desperately needs refreshing, and a coat of paint is probably the best solution . I’m up for the challenge, count me in too!
    ~Amber T.

  41. I am that YOU that you repeated three times. I have soooooo many unstarted projects. One week to pick one. I think I can, I think I can.

    Momma Bs inspiring blog post..pray for rain

  42. I have a few, I’ll definitely be joining in!

    Tashas inspiring blog post..Feathers and Eggs

  43. Ooooh!! Sounds fun. I’m in!!

    Deanas inspiring blog post..Ottoman Slipcovers

  44. I’m in. I have a few projects I want to tackle this week. Just the thought of how fun the online reveals will be will keep me motivated. That and the thought that you’ll kick my patootie if I don’t :)

    Emily@remodelingthislifes inspiring blog post..Happy Earth Day!

  45. Oh boy…P.R.O.C.R.A.S.T.I.N.A.T.I.O.N. is my middle name…you see, in the fantastic world of blogging, you can show off the few projects you actually did finish…nobody has to see the piles of unfinished ones…hidden in corners or closets or behind strategically place furniture…OH NO…Did I just type that out LOUD?

    I will be here with my list…

    Thank you…I think….

    Susies inspiring blog post..In the Shade…

  46. Count me in too. I think. I’ve got a whole bedroom in my garage I need to refinish, so I can move my toddler into a big girl bed. I don’t know what I’m more afraid of -the decor or the toddler in a real bed!

    We are THAT familys inspiring blog post..DIYP #42 Dollar Store Bird Houses & Custom Dinnerware

  47. Uh oh. Now I’m going to have make a decision on which painting project to tackle first. And then actually DO it! I think I’m worried.


    Shannon @ Silver Trappingss inspiring blog post..

  48. What a great idea! I always need to be pressured into finishing something! laurie

  49. Hi there

    I LOOOOOOOVE your blog! And when I read this the first thing that jumped to mind is my house. I think that I will have to come back on the 30th and add to your list of “helpers/ procrastinators”. I started painting my house about 8 months ago and all I did was about 1/4 of the front and that is all!!!!! Every time I look at it I feel bad! So I am going to join you in resolve to start- babysteps, even for a whole house! Well, it has to be better than the nothing I have done for eight months or more now- so thank you for inspiring ME!!!

    Love Pauline in Australia :O)

  50. This was like hitting me upside the head! Get with it! I have SO MANY projects that I’ve been procrastinating on. I’m not even sure where to start. I’m afraid to even say I want to participate…. my procrastination will surface in the weeks between and I’ll fail.
    I’ll have to enlist the husband here too. Really all of the projects involve him. Oh, now what to start on first??

  51. Oh, I am all over this…. I started taking down my kids bathroom wallpaper NINE months ago… sigh… this is just what I needed!!!

    Can’t wait to see everyone’s results!!

  52. I’m in…just freecycling stuff today so I can clear out the room to start the project! Excellent idea!!


  53. Okay, I’m in. I’ve needed something like this for a long time, but kept putting it off…. ;)

    Time to Simplifys inspiring blog post..It’s Reusable Bag Month!

  54. WOW this is JUST the motivation I need to finally get my office (new space) painted – I posted about it a few weeks ago, asking for help on color choices. and I haven’t done anything since then.

    So this weekend I went and got 2 more sample colors to try out AND I finally bought a gallon of primer, so I can at least get stated covering up the pink!


    TidyMoms inspiring blog post..Win a trip to see the Jonas Brothers!

  55. My name is Brenda and I am a procrastinator.

    I have been checking in to your blog for a number of weeks and enjoy seeing what’s new. A Procrastinator’s Party – what a fabulous idea!
    I have a perfect project in mind and have been looking at it for – ummm – let’s just say ‘much to long’.

    It is the cutest little sewing table – which has so far been sanded of it’s barn red and ochre paint. Destined to be a ‘little bit shabby’ and ‘a little bit beachy’. Step 1 – must get before photo to put on that blog I have been procrastinating on :)

  56. My son somersaulted into the living room drapes and tore them down about *ahem* months ago. Time to sew in the little tab thingies and get them back up. They’re currently languishing somewhere upstairs.

    StuffMomsWants inspiring blog post..Baby Einstein DVD-Baby MacDonald-A Day on the Farm

  57. I have a purse that I have been meaning to finsh. I think I can handle that! Now I have some others to hold me to it ;) Thanks for the inspiration to get things done. Amber

  58. Oooh I have a bookcase that is PERFECT for this project! Though I’ll need everyone’s advice on whether to paint or not to paint!

  59. I’m in…I just purchased a wooden bench at a yard sale two weeks ago that needs some TLC…I will get right on it. Thanks for the ‘not so gentle’ push. This will be fun. Thanks, Cherri

    Cherri Engles inspiring blog post..Softball anyone…

  60. I just move so I have so many projects I don’t even know where to begin, but I’ll figure it out by the 30th. This will be fun!

    Melissas inspiring blog post..House Pictures

  61. I would *love* to finally paint our office…or reorganize our freestanding pantry. Hmm, two days to decide!

  62. Hello! I found your blog through Kimba’s blog (and I found her blog through my friend’s blog!). Anyway, I would love to join your “party.” I have a pine coffee table that I picked up from Freecycle over a year ago and it is in dire need of help. Looking forward to getting some advice and support from everyone!

    Thanks for a great idea!

    Momof2hapass inspiring blog post..Time for a Change

  63. Oh, I definitely have a project I’ve been putting off. Okay, okay, I’m in. I think this is the kick I need.

    Michelles inspiring blog post..Full Swing

  64. Count me in!! I’ll be working on a WDW digital scrapbook ( I need to do 3 but I’ll stick with just one for this challenge. ;) ). Can’t wait to see the end results. That is motivating enough for me but this challenge is the “kick in the pants” that I needed.

    Pams inspiring blog post..Menu Plan for the Week – April 27th

  65. I’m a little late to the party, but I was putting off choosing my project … yes, I am that good at procrastinating!!! I have chosen my husband’s closet wall which I have disliked for 4 long years – someone striped it, realized the wood was ugly and left it – now I plan to prime and paint and add new handles and trim – I’m crazy, because this is a huge project, and I’ll have to share my closet for the duration – and I am a terrible painter – but attack it, I shall!

    Heathers inspiring blog post..20 Of My Favorite Things

  66. I’m definitely in! Many projects to do, I’ll try to focus on one at a time!

    chaotic kittens inspiring blog post..Back!

  67. I completely missed the boat on the challenge *BUT* I finally got around to blogging about some of my to-dos. I re-did about 6 pieces of furniture over the last week – so M-A-N-Y pictures to come!


    Susans inspiring blog post..T-2 plus 6?


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