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Project Procrastinators: UNITE!

Project Procrastinators: UNITE!

Photo from Flickr by FranUlloa

You all are so supportive! I send out my cry for pity over my overwhelming amount of painting projects, and you sympathized with me. Not only that, some of you revealed you too have a bunch of unfinished projects to do! So you gave me an idea.

What was I talking about?  Did I say I didn’t have any friends yet in Washington to help me out with my projects? What was I thinking? I HAVE YOU! My little friends in my computer! YOU all will be my painting buddies, wherever in the world you are!

Won’t you be my painting buddy?

I am going to give myself one week from today before I dive in, because I still have to  load my final moving truck to Washington (cringe! don’t ask! I know, we are insane! We have to make ONE MORE TRIP back to Portland for more of our things!  Please somebody MAKE IT STOP!).

APRIL 30 – May 14

I’m inviting you all over to share in my misery joy! And if you all want to join me in getting started on that project YOU are procrastinating on, I’ll give you moral support right back. I’ll put a special Mr. Linky out so we can declare to the world what our Procrastination Project is and then two weeks later on May 14 we’ll have Mr. Linky back so we can show off our accomplishments (however small they might be).

Even if we don’t finish, we’ll be farther along than if we hadn’t started, right?


I’ll be super busy over the next few weeks, so this is a HUGE leap for me to dive into a project right now. Many of you are probably in the same boat. But as my friend from Portland would say, do a little bit at a time and you’ll eventually get it done! I can do baby steps, right? I can go buy the paint. I can clean and prep a chair, right? I can take those seats off the chairs. There are baby steps I can do even if I can’t tackle the whole thing at once!


Ok, so, one week from today, April 30, be ready to declare to the world what your Procrastination Project is. And if you don’t have any projects to do, you can just help ME get MY projects done.  That is all for now. You know your mission. Come back next Thursday with before photos and your plan of attack. Or a plate of cookies.

You don’t have to have a blog to participate.


And if you have QUESTIONS about your projects, put them in your post for next Thursday or in the comments on that day and hopefully Miss Bossy Pants or any of the other PAINTING LOVERS will come help us if we get stuck (not stuck in the paint, I mean stuck on what do to).

Ok, GO FORTH and PLAN YOUR PROJECT! And we can do them TOGETHER.

Yes, I’m talking to YOU and YOU! And YOU! And YOU! And YOU AND YOU AND YOU and YOU and YOU too! Oh, yeah, then there is YOU and YOU and YOU and YOU and YOU … I know you all might have something you could work on too! Oh, YOU too. Don’t try to slip away unnoticed, I see YOU. And YOU. And YOU too! And all of YOU [insert your name] in slipping out the back door!

How can YOU change YOUR WORLD?

How can YOU change YOUR WORLD?

Photo: HGTV Green Home Giveaway

I think I have the most insightful, brilliant and inspiring blog readers ever (and I am not just saying that because you took pity on me yesterday. But I truly do love you for that!)! You all RAWKED the green tips last week! I really enjoyed reading through all of the ideas. You shared some really great tips! I am seriously motivated and inspired to try some new things!

I love that so many of you recognize that “going green” isn’t just politics, it is about good stewardship of what we have. So many good reasons to be frugal, healthier, more responsible and yes, green!

If you missed the Small Steps to Green living post and want to learn what the buzz was all about,  I’d encourage you to take the time to look through all the comments on that post! You’ll be inspired, I’m sure! I have excerpted a few of them here for fun…

Kim at Forever, Whenever:
Well, we’ve moved to a house less than half the size of our old one…

We stopped treating our lawn. Dandelion yellow is the new green…

Pam Moore, Ramblings of a Happy Homemaker
We are progressively becoming more “green” – not for the sake of being trendy, but rather for our health and the cost effectiveness…I make all of my own cleaning products and laundry detergent (which are amazingly more effective than store bought)…

…we should be good stewards of what has been given to us…there’s nothing new about that. Living as our grandmothers did and taught their daughters and ultimately us, is good sense. Such as: make do or do without. If something still works, or can be repaired, we don’t need a new one….

Stephanie, Semi-Crafty Knitter
My favorite green tip would be to replace paper towels with reuseable micro fiber clothes. They are the BEST…

Heather of A Place of Quiet Rest
We do enjoy caring for this Creation in practical ways – if that’s being ‘green’ we’ve been ‘green’ for a long long time, hanging up the laundry, using natural products, avoiding chemicals, collecting ‘gray’ water… We just call these little things we do stewardship – but whatever you call it, it’s a lifestyle choice and not a passing trend.

Allison Schrade:
…my favorite way to save energy is to have “black out” nights. The tv and the lights are turned off, along with the computer and we enjoy the quiet, the candlelight, and either read a good book or play a board game. Or we may have a campfire in the backyard and toast some marshmallows.

Missy, Sweet Funky Vintage
…I switched my kids lunchboxes to re-usable bento boxes so that I am no longer using so many plastic sandwich bags and ziploc bags…I also switched to using a reusable aluminum thermos instead of juice boxes.

How can YOU change YOUR WORLD?


And now, for the winner of the $100 cash prize:

    While all of your tips were inspiring, only one winner of the $100 (generously offered by SunChips!) could be chosen. And because I couldn’t possibly choose one on my own, I used a random number generator to select the winner!

    THE WINNER OF $100 is comment #80:

    Cherri of What A Wonderful Life
    We try to make less trips to the store (which requires more planning) or we go on our way home from somewhere else. We recycle our grocery bags, (been meaning to get the canvas ones), we use energy efficient light bulbs, we don’t by bottle water anymore in the plastic bottles (we try to use glass bottles and reuse them) and we are planting some veggies this year. We just got a rain bucket to use for watering the outdoor trees and plants.

    Congrats! Thanks for entering!

Thanks to SunChips for this contest and for bringing us together to share ideas.

If you thought $100 was a great prize, how about $20,000? Read on!

SunChips has been making its own small steps towards big change. They have started using solar power to make their snacks in Modesto, California.  SunChips is committed to using fully compostable packaging by the year 2010. They are also helping to turn one tornado-devastated Kansas community into a model eco-town. They have donated $1 million towards the solar-powered SunChips Business Incubator which will house 10 local businesses and help rebuild the Greensburg local economy.

Those are some of SunChips small steps.

Now, they want to inspire others so that the Green Effect spreads.

Green Effect Contest

Win $20,000 to Put Your Green Idea Into Action!

SunChips has created The Green Effect, a national initiative about the small steps any one of us can take to help our communities. They have partnered with National Geographic to help make it happen.  They’ll be awarding five grants of $20,000 to five people or groups that have compelling ideas for green change in their communities.

A panel of judges will pick four winners, and online voters will choose the fifth. Each winner will take home $20,000 to put their green idea into action.

What could YOU to make a change in your community with $20,000? Share your idea and you could take home the green.
Find all the contest entry details here.

How can YOU change YOUR WORLD?