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Making the Best of What Life Brings

by | May 15, 2009 | Authentic Living, Inspired Living

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Making the Best of What Life Brings

So, I’ve been hinting at my rough couple of weeks.
While I was feeling increasingly uneasy about our situation, I was hoping to get to today and have good news to share! I can’t go into detail because it is a legal matter, but I can tell you that today was supposed to be the day of my old house closing….my house would have been officially sold and we would finally be free to fully start our life in Washington! I waited three full months for this closing from the time my buyers made the offer and I was SO LOOKING FORWARD to celebrating today.

After a long year of unemployment for my husband, him starting a great new job this past January, the strain of getting our house on the market, looking for a new home and the complications of moving to Washington to start a new life, I was ready to feel settled. I am not feeling settled living in one state and owning a home in another! I was ready to breath a sigh of relief that our long journey to Washington was finally over.

Well, sometimes life stinks and things don’t go like we hope they will. In spite of our hard work, diligent prayers and positive attitudes, things go wrong. Horribly wrong sometimes. God gave everyone free will and they can make some pretty rotten choices that affect other people in negative ways! Today, I am not celebrating. Today, I am sad and bewildered and tired.

After accepting the offer from my buyers three months ago and patiently waiting for their long closing period (meanwhile losing a backup offer!) two days ago they decided they didn’t want to buy a house now and they walked away. Yep, just walked away, leaving us picking up all the pieces. I received their official cancellation paperwork yesterday, the day before closing was scheduled.

Today was supposed to be an entirely different sort of a day. It makes me physically sick to think of all this means and what it could mean for us…we were all set to buy our new house next week. A lot of our plans and other people’s plans were affected by their decision.

I am angry, frustrated, disappointed and in disbelief that I have to start over. We moved everything out of the old house so the new owners could move in today. Now? I have to re-stage the house and start over.

Life isn’t always fair. It doesn’t always make sense. It isn’t always easy. It isn’t always beautiful. But I am choosing to continue to trust that God is watching out for us and working all things together for good. Even rotten things. Especially rotten things. I just need to trust and wait.

So many people are hurting far more than I am in life, I feel like my current situation is tiny — for that I am grateful.

Making the Best of What Life Brings

I kind of felt like Flat Stanley this week,
trying to keep smiling in spite of that tire looming over my head!
FYI, my son took this photo. Poor Flat Stanley!

It was not a beautiful week for me, but in spite of all that happened, I pushed past my fog of disappointment and found something to be happy about. A great community of people who joined in together to create something beautiful with what we had. Sometimes that is all we can do, isn’t it? — just create beauty out of what we have.

Thanks for joining in and making the procrastinator party such a smashing success. I am BLOWN AWAY by your projects. You are a talented bunch, let me tell you! If you haven’t made your way through the links (I’m still working on it), you are in for a lot of inspiration!


Making the Best of What Life Brings

{THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED!} In fact, let’s do a prize right now. I have a book to give away called DECORATING IS FUN by Dorothy Draper. It is an old classic that has been recently reprinted. I am going to give you an extra entry if you were one of the party participants. Any of you, even if you didn’t join in the party, can enter to win via the comments. There will be one winner, chosen at random, on Sunday night the 17th at 9PST.



  1. Chie

    Thanks for giving me the courage and motivation with the home projects. Without the deadline, I might sit there and do nothing due of my surgery.

    When I joined your party, I been more mobilised, starts to move & walk slowly but surely. I reached my goal and even added some projects that I haven’t in my to-do-list.

    Now, I started for a new projects not one at a time w/out 3-4 at a time.

    Once again, you rock for giving us ladies, in the net the motivation and the simple ideas.

    Million thanks & have a wonderful day & great week-end ahead.


  2. Karen B

    So, I’m up really late, working on pretty things for our Women’s Ministries event tomorrow night. I’m not finished, but am going to bed anyway. I decided to check blogs, just one more time. I’m so sorry to hear about your difficulties. I think (no, I know) moving is one of the most stressful events in life, even in good circumstances. We’ve moved 12 times. I hope and pray that all this works out for your good.

    Karen Bs inspiring blog post..Procrastinator’s Party Confession

  3. Sandy Schwab

    Melissa, I’m so sorry to hear that things are so rough for your family at the moment. Sometimes you just can’t believe the nerve of some people – to wait almost three months to tell you that they don’t want the house after all! Ack!

    But as you’ve mentioned you’ve also got some good news, I hope things are looking up for you!

    Sending you lots of good vibes from Germany,

  4. RML

    Oh Melissa, I feel so bad for you re your house :(. That is just terrible.

    We had something similar happen, but it didn´t get to the last day like yours. Instead my husband was dithering around on the price and details and by the time it came to finalise the offer and put down a deposit, the buyers backed out. I was SO cross as I warned him we would lose the deal if we were too finicky. So our 10 acre block of land is still for sale and is our only “back up plan” if my husband becomes unemployed (a maybe). I don´t see any other buyers on the horizon either…

    I hope you can get it restaged and sold again quickly. Good Luck and Big Hugs!

    RMLs inspiring blog post..The Colour Green

  5. JanMary, N Irelandj

    Thanks for sharing this painful and bewildering time for you. I often come to your blog, in awe of the beautiful decor and ideas, and it is easy to imagine that fellow bloggers live charmed lives, where the sun always shines, and all is perfect.

    It takes real courage to admit that everything in your life is not going as smoothly as it could be, but it is also such an encouragement to others who are also finding life tough, especially the the current financial climate.

    Thanks for sharing and keeping it real.

    Hugs and prayers.

    JanMary, N Irelandjs inspiring blog post..Show & Tell – the old piano

  6. Betty Jo

    Melissa I’m so very sorry this has happened. I know for a fact, since recently and unexpectedly losing my precious husband, even in the most devastating circumstances there is always something to be thankful for, although it may not look like it. The title of your post is truly the bottom line. I pray for miraculous blessings for you and yours in the days ahead. ♥

    Betty Jos inspiring blog post..bloggy break and giveaways

  7. CC

    Melissa, I am so impressed with your spirit and honesty! And, that you’ve searched out and found something to be thankful for….. You are such a wonderful example of a incredible woman of God! Wait and trust….sounds simple but I know the truth….It’s not! :) God will find the right family for your “old” home….I will shoot some prayers your way. Heartfelt hugs!

  8. Emily

    Melissa, I am so sorry it turned out this way. I always try to think when things don’t go how we wanted them to, that something better is waiting. He has a plan and sometimes it just takes some time for us to see it. Many more hugs and prayers for you as you start to pick up the pieces and start over again with the sale of your home.

    [email protected] inspiring blog post..Procrastination At Its Finest

  9. Meredith

    Well, boo sucks to them, they were clearly undeserving of your kitchen. Let’s pray that an awesome family will view your home very soon and make a terrific offer. In the meantime, I am giving you a virtual hug as I type.

  10. laney

    …how rotten is that?…i feel your hurt and confusion…yet i know who you are …a woman of faith…and from there i speak to you sister…He has a plan…it will be the perfect one…30 years ago i was in the exact same place you are now…the closing did not happen…i too wanted to crawl into bed…having a 2 year old and a 7 year old…that was not an option!…the “other house”…did sell…the new buyer came from out of state…had all the money needed…and….this is big for all of us … the house was clean…but totally empty…no staging at all…we don’t have to do everything that we are told…when people saw our house furnished they loved it and wanted it…but it sold with the vision of the home the lady wanted…not mine…be kind to yourself melissa…you know Who is in charge…and He will not let you down…blessings

  11. Joni Webb

    Oh Melissa, I am so sorry to hear such awful news! Wow, that’s just horrible. Well, what to do? Do you have to stage the house? Maybe it will sell without staging and it would be so much easier on you!! This is just too unreal – I was so happy for you to finally get your furniture and get started on your house….I am so sorry. If I can help in any way – please let me know.

  12. Kathy

    I am so sorry to hear that the sale of your home fell through! There are many people going through these trying times but that doesn’t make our own problems any less stressful! I am praying that God will turn this into good for you and your family and will provide all you need.

    Kathys inspiring blog post..Happy Monday

  13. Adrienne

    Dear Melissa –
    I am so sorry things didn’t work out for your house down here but I do know that our God knows the end from the beginning. I love the old quote: ‘Disappointment – His appointment!’ As I read I thought of the song ‘In His Time – He makes all things beautiful in His time.’ And He WILL make them all beautiful in His time, not ours. I pray that your heart will be comforted and that you will hear that still, small voice giving you direction and peace. And when the house sells we will celebrate with you. He led you to the place where you are, doing what you are doing, to the ministry He called you to do – and He will not leave you nor forsake you. Ever. Take heart, my friend.

    Adriennes inspiring blog post..My Mother

  14. Puna

    I am so sorry! I know things will work out, you will find another buyer. You are a great example of grace. Hang in there.

  15. Alyce

    I am so very sorry to read of your disappointing situation. I just know that God has better and bigger things in store for you. Take care and keep your chin up!

    Alyces inspiring blog post..Roses in the Rain

  16. Jodi

    That’s terrible. :-(

    I’m sorry you’re sale fell through and I hope another, even better offer, comes quickly.

    I’ll be out if there’s a project procastinators party in July. My new one is due at the beginning of the month, so I’m planning on taking a couple months off from home improvement (other than the nursery, of course.. haha).

    Jodis inspiring blog post..Recipe Review

  17. Jennifer

    Hi Melissa,

    Okay, I’ve seen pictures of your home. What person in their right mind could give up such a treasure? Well, I am just so taken back how faithful you are to trust. It’s not easy sometimes to do that and I know God will honor your faith because of it. Maybe the couple experienced a job loss? That is certainly happening a lot. Well, your home was beautiful and I just know somebody else will come along. Hopefully for more money? I staged my home once and we just had to sell quickly and the buyers actually demanded to keep most of the furnishings too. It was a stipulation of the sale. Boy, was I stinkin mad, give up my furniture for free? I said no and 2 days later we had another buyer. God is faithful. I can say that even after the same job loss horror with my hubby too.
    Thank you for being an inspiration as always and I just know it will all be okay.


    Jennifer @ Blogging God And Mes inspiring blog post..Hooked on Memories

  18. The Pleasures of Homemaking

    Well that really sucks. I’m sorry your sale fell through at the last minute. Perhaps something happened in the other people’s lives that made it impossible for them to go through with the sale? I’m sure it will all work out.

    I’m up for another party in July or August. That would be great!


    The Pleasures of Homemakings inspiring blog post..Project Procrastinator -The After Party!

  19. Becky K.

    Sending you the biggest hug!

    Real estate can be so cruel. We have been through it so many times.
    Keep your chin up and trust the Lord…as I know you are.

    Thank you for being such an inspiration!

    …And for keeping it REAL!

    Becky K.s inspiring blog post..Week In Review

  20. jill

    I’m sorry to hear about the house … I can truly relate … and … it all does work together for good. *Ü*

    Unfortunately, I never even began my procrastination project! lol Maybe one day …

  21. Julia

    Oh, no! My heart sinks for you. I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with this. Hang in there! (Got a kick out of the Flat Stanley photo.)

    What a fun giveaway–I’d love to read the Dorothy Draper book. Hadn’t seen this reprinted version.

    Julia @ Hooked on Housess inspiring blog post..Hooked on Brooke’s Beach House

  22. TheOldPostRoad

    You are smart to realize things could be worse. But what a PAIN! You can at least get closer to God through this. Write a memory verse on a slip of paper and put it in your pocket. When you start to fret, try to recite it. One that just came to mind, “For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the Earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to Him.” 2 Chronicles 16:9

    TheOldPostRoads inspiring blog post..Bird Prints

  23. Dawn-Hydrangea Home

    So sorry about the news of your house. Things happen for a reason! Maybe it just all wasn’t meant to be. I hope everything works out for you really soon. You’ll get through it!

    Dawn-Hydrangea Homes inspiring blog post..Pink Friday "Romantic Roses"

  24. Kimm at Reinvented

    Oh, Melissa, I’m so sorry to hear that your sale fell through. You sound so sad and worried, I sure wish there was something I could do to help.
    Thanks for motivating all of us to finish our projects, take some of that positive energy and keep it all to yourself today. You and your family are in my prayers.

    Kimm at Reinventeds inspiring blog post..Paint and Procrastination

  25. nancy

    I am so sorry to hear of your latest and ongoing troubles. How in the world have you stayed so up and inspiring in your posts? Even planning the whole “party” ! Thanks for that and we should do it again when you are happily settled in your new home and ready for it!

    nancys inspiring blog post..Procrastionation Project

  26. Melanie

    I am sorry that you are going through this. Don’t feel guilty that others might have it rougher than you and that you don’t want to complain. As the saying goes, “Your hangnail is your hangnail.” We have a lot coming up too. We are moving from Florida to a suburb of Cincinnatti Ohio in the fall. We will be putting our newly built home on the market (which we all know stinks) and trying to find one in another state. All the while taking our 15 year old son out of school and homeschooling him until January. There are so many decisions to make that I just can’t think about them all at one time. I just take it a day at a time and a decision at a time. Good luck to you and I hope someone buys your house quickly and you can be free of that burden:)

  27. realmomma

    Beauty is finding the smallest ray of sunshine on the cloudiest day. It is wonderful that you are able to do that.

  28. Denise

    I am so sorry about what you are going through…makes my mismatched tile seem silly, so thank you for helping me while you dealing with a real problem. God works everything together for good, so that is what I will be praying for you~

  29. The Nester

    Girl, are those buyers crazy? I mean, do they know how many of us here in blogland would LOVE to buy that house of yours! They could have lived in one of the best online designers houses!

    I’m so glad you wrote about this situation–I think it helps with the whole process. And as we’ve talked about, I look forward to watching what is going to happen next!

    And, what a great idea for a giveaway! After a week like you had, now you are giving something away–what a great way to heal!

    LOVE YOU!!!!

    The Nesters inspiring blog post..Me Thinks

  30. Debbie

    Hi Melissa, my heart just ached for you as I read your post. I won’t tell you of our house sale woes through the years. But I do look back and see God’s hand guiding us and navigating us through the rough waters, even though at the time all I saw was the storm. He sees the destination and getting us there. I will pray continually for you that you navigate through these waters…with him as your guide.
    Bless You

    Debbies inspiring blog post..Tablescaping!

  31. Kelly O.

    Oh I’m so sorry for you.
    In Canada there are laws and legal obligations in place for this kind of thing. But I have American relatives and they are always on pins and needles right up to the last minute because of the fear of something like this happening.
    I’m so sorry. I will pray for strength for you and your family.

    Kelly O.s inspiring blog post..DANA ROCKS!

  32. Lisa

    Hi Melissa,
    So sorry you’re going through a difficult time right now but hope you’ll continue to be encouraged by all the support you’ll find from your loyal readers (even those like me, who never comment), your friends and family and a faithful God who promises to meet all of your needs.
    I do hope you’ll host another Procrastinator’s Party as soon as you’re able. I don’t have a blog so can’t “officially” participate but really enjoy seeing everyone else’s projects and look forward to the next one!

  33. edie

    I pray God’s peace for you my friend. And thanks for hosting this series—-it’s been a blessing. I’m definitely ‘in’ on the next procrastinator party!
    Hugs to you,

    edies inspiring blog post..Friday Hikes

  34. Kara

    Melissa, I am so sorry about your house. I can’t even imagine how frustrating and disappointing that must be. I sure admire your attitude!

    As for the next procrastinator’s party, count me in! I think July would be great. Why procrastinate all the way to October? ;)

    Karas inspiring blog post..Laundry Room Reveal

  35. Mama Goose

    I’m so sorry to hear that things didn’t work out with the house today. I am inspired by your amazing attitude and your ability to move forward in a positive light. Wow.

    I didn’t manage to pull it together for this Procrastinator’s Party, but I have big plans for the next one, so I vote for July! I love this idea and am so inspired by what everyone has done. I especially love your green chairs and think I’m going to use that color myself! Thanks!

    Mama Gooses inspiring blog post..Protocol

  36. Polly

    Oh Melissa, I’m sorry you have to deal with this. If I could, I would gladly come and help stage your old house for you . In fact, I would love it… look forward to it…. play with some designs outside my “normal”.

    If it makes you feel any better at all it’s raining here and I’m painting my kitchen all day today.

    Will be praying with you for a quick re-sale. (hugs) ~Polly

    Pollys inspiring blog post..Shoebox Nostalgia

  37. Mrs. Jones

    I’m so sorry to hear that you are going through this! We had a similar experience when we moved to VA, and it was so bad I thought there was a possibility we were going to be homeless. I never knew it was possible to feel so much stress. But I’ve never leaned on the Lord as much as I did at that time in my life. Give it up to him. Just hand it over, and know he will take care of you. I know it is easy for me to say, but I’ve lived it too. And it will get better. I promise!! I’ll pray for you, friend.


  38. Vee

    Sounds like an awfully discouraging week. I’m so sorry. None of this takes God by surprise and as you yield this entire mess to Him, He will show you how to pick your way through and give you the energy to do so. In the meantime, I’m way over here screaming on your behalf. Gentle hugs to you and your hubby…

    Vees inspiring blog post..Procrastinators Party-The Big Reveal

  39. We are THAT family

    Oh Melissa! I am so sad for you. But just remember that when God closes a door, He opens a window. He knew this would happen and He knows your next step!

    We are THAT familys inspiring blog post..DIYP #43 Dollar Decor: Customize Your Pillows

  40. Liz

    Oh Melissa ((((HUGS)))) I’m so sorry to hear your bad news, people can just be so awful when buying and selling houses. We were left homeless with an 8 month old baby when we completed selling our house and went to sign for the new house and the people we were buying from pulled their sale. I was irate as they’d had 16 weeks to tell us, so I have every sympathy for you and your family.
    But it will get better and you’ll sell that beautiful old house of yours, I have every faith. Thinking of you all xx

    [email protected] inspiring blog post..Favourite Magazine of the Month

  41. teresa

    Hugs, I have no word to express that could possibly help. When we were first married we went through something horrible like that, we had sold our home, {long story, mainly to do with Dan’s Dad dieing} we had one day left in the house with no where to live- when the rainbow came- Sometimes it the very last hour when the help comes-
    Hugs, and if I could I would share some M&M’s with you-

    teresas inspiring blog post..Procrastinators Party- The After Photos

  42. stacey

    I am so, so sorry to hear that your buyers backed out… I can definitely empathize with house-selling woes. We have been on the market for three months now and haven’t had a serious offer yet. We have two very young children, and I’ve had to move 95% of their toys to storage to make the house less full of stuff, and every day I feel like a bad mom for taking away their stuff. My oldest son has begun cleaning obsessively… I think he’s “catching” it from watching me clean so often. Instead of spending quality time with my boys, I spend my mornings vacuuming and dusting, and then driving around our neighborhood with the boys and the dogs in the back of the car so another couple can come through the house and NOT buy it. UGH.

  43. Kristin

    I’m sorry to hear about the offer on your house falling through, too. What a painful disappointment. I hope things work out really soon for you.

    Kristins inspiring blog post..Happy Mothers Day!

  44. Charlotte at Simply Divine Christmas

    Hi Melissa,

    TGIF! So sorry that the contract on your house fell through. Nothing like starting from square one again. My neighbor just closed on their home after two LONG years of waiting.

    We all have thump-slump days! Including me and just like you my day was yesterday. I cried so much that my eyes and head actually hurt and I was ready to throw in the towel, call it quits, sell my house and move to beach to sell hot dogs! But thankfully my husband easy breezy positive spirit always ready to help me find just a little ray of sunshine during impossible situations that out of my control. I guess that’s why the Lord tells us to take every thought captive like a prison guard and not to worry beyond today because each day has enough worries of its own. So Melissa I hope that you find a little song to sing today and ” Don’t worry -but BE HAPPY!


    Charlotte at Simply Divine Christmass inspiring blog post..Beware of "thump-slump" times – Don’t Worry Now

  45. Beverly

    All I can do is send cyber hugs to you and cyber cooties to those buyers. Good thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family.

    Beverlys inspiring blog post..Riverdance!

  46. Jenny Garland

    Oh, I am so sorry you’ve had a crummy time lately. I do not deal well with other people’s choices affecting the life I have planned and worked at. It’s so, so hard when things are out of your control. Lots of hugs and I’ll be praying for your family. Here’s hoping next week is lots better.

    Jenny Garlands inspiring blog post..More Info About the Crafter’s Challenge!

  47. SJN

    Yikes, starting all over again, I am so sorry! I was a real estate agent for ~ 6 years and it’s like being on a roller coaster, and had to get off.
    (Umm… forgot to link to the right post before I clicked so disregard #20, it’s for the i heart faces page).

  48. Lisa

    Oh Melissa, I’m so sorry to hear about this deal falling through and having to start from scratch. I truly hope that it happens quickly and painlessly for you. I hope there is some sort of deal that can be made for them having backed out, I’m sure money was spent to secure it that they should be repaying you for, no? *hugs*

    Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parentings inspiring blog post..Target Acquired Baby Style

  49. Leila

    I hope you find some consolation in the Scripture I based my post on today.

    Whom God loves, He disciplines….

    Thanks for all you do! and your lovely blog!

    Leilas inspiring blog post..Chew on this.

  50. Jennifer

    So sad about your house. We currently rent our other house we could not sell. It has worked out wonderfully because we had a low mortgage on it and we are being paid double what the monthly payment is. However, we only live 1/2 mile from that house, not in another state. That keeps repairs easy for us! I’ll pray that your situation improves!

    Jennifers inspiring blog post..Run, Forrest, Run!

  51. Myrnie

    Oh Melissa…I am SO sorry! We sold our house after 10 months last year, so unfortunately I know the sacrifices of owning two homes. Keep your chin up and keep praying! (We joked about it- owning multiple homes used to be a sign of wealth. HA!)

    If it’s any consolation, I’ve never purchased a staged home- I prefer to see them empty!

    Myrnies inspiring blog post..Ummm….hi.

  52. Candace

    I am so sorry to hear about all of that house craziness. Sometimes I just do not understand people, but what a positive attitude you have. I’m new around here and love checking your blog every couple of days. I am SO up for the next Procrastinators Party. In fact, I am putting off my big project until then.

    “Never put off til tomorrow what you can do day after tomorrow just as well.” – Mark Twain :)

  53. tammy

    I am so very sorry about these hardships. I will pray for you. God has a way of working all these things together for our good (somehow, someway, sometimes we can’t see). Hang in there ,keep trusting in Him. Thank you for all the loveliness you bring to our lives!!

  54. Abbie

    Thanks for being real. That is especially good to see in this “virtual” world! And you’ll be my prayers. We “might” be buying soon, but it looks like it won’t be our decision if it doesn’t work out. :(

    Abbies inspiring blog post..Chubby, yummy knees

  55. Adriana

    What a wonderful story to share. You are so inspiring with your home and the way you look at things! I am soo excited to have found you as a blog friend! (even though we really don’t know each other – )

    hang in there! I would love to join you on the next pp party!

    Adrianas inspiring blog post..It’s friday again and I am early to the partay!

  56. April in CT

    We went through a similar situation 2 years ago and I am SO sorry you’re having to go through this. My husband is military and to keep a long story short it was time to move on to his next assignment. The day AFTER the movers packed us up and we were walking out of a restaurant from our celebratory “we sold the house” dinner we got the call. Our buyers had backed out the day before closing. Our household goods were gone, nothing but a very empty house and hearts full of dread on how we would proceed. I spent the next several months full of worry, dread, anger, hopelessness and got my first of many gray hairs. As much as I was sick of hearing people tell me “It will all work out”, I can say without a doubt now they were right. When it was all finally over (trying to find a new home was a nightmare as well) we ended up in the place we were supposed to be. We wouldn’t have ended up here if the series of events had not happened the way they did and for all the sleepless nights and worry…I wouldn’t change a thing. Your attitude is inspiring and I wish you luck. :)

  57. Holly

    I would love to read that book. Your site is beautiful. Keep looking to Him, even during these difficult times.

    [email protected]

  58. Julie

    Melissa, my heart aches for you! All of the people before me have about said it all, but I just want you to know I am sad for you and yours, but I KNOW that our Lord who knows and understands ALL things is at your side and will give you the strength, courage and wisdom to carry on. He is indeed our rock.

    I am all in favor of another party in July, it will be here before we know it, but I have SO many unfinished projects and am soon to start the biggest one of all so will need all the help I can get, Gee, I guess that sounds pretty selfish, sorry.

    Give you and hubby a little break this weekend, yes, you can take the time, take a deep breath, give each other a hug and I will be praying for you.


  59. TidyMom

    Oh Melissa, I was REALLY hoping things would work out with the house!!!! I’m so sorry and know the stress you must have endured this week (and the last 3 months)

    Thanks for hosting the wonderful party in the midst of your turmoil. It was fun and I think doing this on a regular basis would be GREAT!! I THINK I’m up for July – but summer time might be busy for some –

    Thanks again for all you do to inspire all of us!!


    TidyMoms inspiring blog post..How to use Twitter

  60. shelbi

    Melissa, I send you all my hugs of comfort today and my prayers are still with you. This only means that God was protecting you from something, and steering you into a different direction. Be confident that He is in full control and has closed a door to something, in order to steer you into something BETTER. God is about the INclusions of our lives, and not the ‘conclusions’. We things ‘tied up’ (in pretty boxes), but God wants things tied IN. Somethings, that is not pretty, but be patient…..God is at work in YOU and YOUR husband…..!!! I cannot wait to see what God is going to do next in your lives. TRUST my sweet, just trust.

    i love you
    bff’s forever,

    shelbis inspiring blog post..Happy Easter :)

  61. kasey

    moving is so hard, and i can completely relate to wanting to feel settled.

    kaseys inspiring blog post..imperfectly beautiful…

  62. shelbi

    oops, I meant to say, “We want things TIED UP” ;) need. more. coffee.

    shelbis inspiring blog post..Happy Easter :)

  63. Denise

    So sorry to hear about the house deal. I can’t imagine. I will keep you and your family in my prayers for a quick resolution. I would love to win the book about being my own home decorator. Frankly, I am the only one I can afford. LOL.

    Hang in there, something wonderful is coming your way!

  64. Jen

    So sorry to hear about your missed closing.

    We’re in the middle of a similar situation – my husband moved to Michigan a month ago, I’m still living in Minnesota and hoping that everything will go wonderfully when the movers show up next week and we close the following week!

    Hang in there. :)

    Jens inspiring blog post..Chair Update

  65. Deborah Milne

    Melissa: I just feel sick for you. Real Estate transactions can be some of the most heart breaking or joyous occasions in our lives. We just had people walk away from a lease of our home in Vegas. Left without notice & left belongings in the home. Our family income is down 40% & every penny counts. Some days you don’t dare face the world.
    I am going to school to get my real estate license. Transactions such as yours make me furious. I am from Washington State & didn’t move until I was in my 40’s. I pray that all goes well for you from now on & that you will be very happy there. Just know you & your family are in my thoughts. xxxx

  66. Bonnie Mattson

    Melissa, I am so sad about your house falling through. I don’t like it when bad things happen to good people but as we know that is part of the plan. As as real estate stager I see this often, especially now. And I also know what it is like to restage the same place…ugh! But it has never been my house so I know it goes way deeper here. Just know I am thinking of you and hoping that an even better offer is just around the corner.

    I am glad you are going to re-do the project procrastination party. I had one all ready yesterday and when I went to publish it, it disappeared. That was a first for me and quite disappointing after all that work. You take care, OK? B

    Bonnie Mattsons inspiring blog post..Accessorizing in the Kitchen

  67. Linnea

    I felt so bad for you after reading about everything falling through like that. Darn, makes me want to give those people a swift kick in the you know what. Well, as some of the others have sent, perhaps there is a blessing here somewhere, you just can’t see it yet. God has done that kind of thing for us before too. Later looking back we discover how something was meant to be. I pray that you keep the strength you need right now to get through this episode and to plan your next step.

    About the Procrastinator’s Blog Party, I would love to do it again. I am sure that by July or October I will be putting something else off. I already am actually. :-)

    Thank you for being the gracious host. It was a great experience to join you.

    Linneas inspiring blog post..The Blogger Procratinator Party/Challenge After Photos!

  68. Michelle

    I am so sorry to hear of your frustrating and disappointing experience! Thank you for being so real with us.

    I pray that in the midst of this you will experience God’s peace and provision like never before.

    8 years ago, UCLA gave my husband 3-5 years to live. He has baffled the doctors by continuing to beat their odds and for that we give the Lord thanks and praise. But life has not been easy. When complaining to God, (8 years ago), about how unfair this situation is to my girls, I felt the Lord prompt me to start a Daily Thanks journal as part of our evening devotionals. Each night every family member has to list at least one way that they saw the Lord’s hand of blessing in their life that day, (this helps keep our eyes on Him and not on the storm). Some days are harder than others – but His fingerprints are always there. Recently we’ve been going through health issues, and their realted financial strain, with my husband again. Last night as we gave Daily Thanks, my youngest said that she was thankful for ‘friends, family and food’. What a great reminder that even in the midst of the yucky stuff of life God is faithful…even in the things I often take for granted.

    I pray that as you walk through this yucky stuff you will be able to see the fingerprints of God all over your life and this situation! =]

    Serving Him with you,

  69. Becky B

    Thanks for sharing such a hard, confusing, disappointing time – I am praying for you today. I too am married to a pastor. We, too, have been w/o a job. We, too, are in the escrow phase of selling our house. To KNOW that God is at work in every circumstance, in complete control and designing our life stories for His glory is the one thing that keeps us in His peace. I’ll be thinking of you guys and believing for a miracle!

  70. Mrs. Petrie

    I really enjoyed your party. Thanks for hosting it. I would love to join up every couple of months to ward off procrastination! Sign me up for the book giveaway. :)
    I’m so sorry to hear about your house troubles. What a frustrating experience for your family. I’ll keep you in my thoughts.

    Mrs. Petries inspiring blog post..Sushi and Tools

  71. Katie

    I’m so sorry too Melissa but I thought your post was very open and honest and you understand that God has a bigger meaning behind all of this. Your heartache and the paperwork especially stinks right now but maybe this is opening a chance for someone else to live in your house that will change their lives and yours in a new way. Just what God had planned…

    Katie @ Clean & Classic Interiorss inspiring blog post..Happy Sink Flowers

  72. Le

    i am so sorry. the Lord will make a way where there seems to be no way!

    Les inspiring blog post..TT10

  73. songbirdtiff

    For some reason, your house story reminds me of our first adoption attempt. Since we’re not parents now, you can imagine that it did not end well. The short version: We had been matched with a beautiful little girl and had our placement scheduled. DHS lost our paperwork. The girls foster home had to close and they would not move her twice. The day that we were supposed to get our very first child, we were told that because DHS lost the paperwork, we couldn’t be licensed and she would go to another family. We had already had visitations, she met our pets and laid in her crib. And we lost her. A week later, James dad passed away suddenly. It was the worst week ever. I’m not even sure how we managed to function for the next 6 months. Eventually, we recovered and are now awaiting our new children. I don’t know why it happened that way, but I still believe there was a reason.

    I hope and pray that everything works out for the best.

    songbirdtiffs inspiring blog post..Frugal Fashionista

  74. Sarah

    I think you should have another party in July. I just found your blog and missed the last party but could really use one as I am a HUGE procrastinator.

    I am so sorry to here about your house situation. Even though its hard to believe its true that everything happens for a reason. Another door will open :)

    Sarahs inspiring blog post..A Search for Joy in Spring

  75. stephanie V

    I’m so sorry! I couldn’t imagine the disappointment, I hope someone else buys your house soon.

  76. Lindsey

    So sorry for the added stress this unfortunate situation has added. But as so many have said what is meant to happen will happen, in His time. Hope you will feel some relief soon!

  77. Imelda Phillips

    Dear Melissa,

    My heart goes out to you in this time of difficulty. I don’t know what I would have done if that happened to us when we were selling/buying in different places (and yours is even out of state). But I am truly very impressed and inspired at the way you react to a challenging situation such as this…it is a testimony to your trust and faith. We all know that prayer changes things. God works in amazing and mysterious ways. Maybe a buyer somewhere is praying to find the perfect home and they are the ones deserving of your lovely home. I will be praying for you. Thanks for your wonderful example of faith.

    [email protected] Simplicity

    Imelda Phillipss inspiring blog post..Project Procrastinators: The Reveal

  78. Jeanne

    Oh, Melissa. That is just the kind of thing that would send me into frustration blahs, too. I feel for you and will pray God sends you peace about the situation -that He will show you He’s in control and has a plan! ~ Jeanne

    Jeanne @ Inspiring Ideass inspiring blog post..More Birthday Party Goodies!

  79. pendy

    Oh, the frustration! Wonderful attitude you have, though, and full reliance on God. Wish I were close by; I’d help with some of that moving and restaging.

    pendys inspiring blog post..Stand By Me

  80. Suzy Homemaker

    I feel your pain, things haven’t been right in our house for awhile now. The economy is terrible here. When I get down, I realize that there is someone out there worse off than me and to be thankful for what I have or don’t have so to speak. At least we’re not living in a tent right now, thank God…..They say it is taking a turn for the better. We will wait and see….
    Best of Luck with the Old House,

    Suzy Homemakers inspiring blog post..Hooked on Thursdays….

  81. Jenna

    I am so sorry the house deal fell through. That is so discouraging. But I know your positive attitude will surely bring the perfect buyer.

    Jenna @ Newlywedss inspiring blog post..Why do I blog?

  82. Gina

    Wow, what a week. Praying for a breakthrough in your situation-sometimes when the rug gets pulled out from under us it’s simply because God wants to give us a better rug. Praying for that for you and for favor as you go forward!

    And thanks for the fun procrastinator’s party, I didn’t take part (I procrastinated instead!) But I had fun seeing what everyone has done. Next time I’m sure I’ll join in-there’s always plenty to do around here!

  83. Meredith from Merchant Ships

    And I thought I was having a rough week! Melissa, your gracious attitude inspires me even more than your design savvy. I have to think something even better will come of this for you. You deserve it!

    Meredith from Merchant Shipss inspiring blog post..Planning Our Summer Vacation

  84. sjiits1nin

    mine’s up…
    :0) enjoyed your blog!!

  85. Susan

    I am so very sorry about that…but here’s praying that you get another amazing offer, over and above for you!

    And may the fleas of a thousand sand camels infest their undies!!!

    I didn’t realize they had republished this…did they include the intro by Mrs. Teddy Roosevelt Jr? I check this out from the library until I could find my own copy…and I love it!


  86. Pamela

    What a sad situation for you and your family. Praying for an unexpected blessing for you today.

    Pamelas inspiring blog post..Makeover Monday

  87. Daly Essentials

    I’m so sorry that the deal fell through.. what a disappointment. I think you just have to hope that things happen for a reason..

    Daly Essentialss inspiring blog post..Etsy Love

  88. Michelle

    {{{Melissa}}} I’m praying for you and that your house can be sold ASAP. Can your relator contact the secondary offer on your house? Maybe the interested party hasn’t purchased another house yet.

    I, too, understand feeling unsettled. We just moved cross country (from Pennsylvania to Idaho) and praying our former home sells soon so we can look forward to our new life here.

    Michelles inspiring blog post..Dinner AND a show

  89. PamperingBeki

    Oh Melissa, I’m sorry!! What a hassle.

  90. Annamarie

    Ah, so sorry to hear of this news. All you can do is pick yourself up and keep going. Glad you can still focus on the positive. My grandmother always said, “everything happens for a reason.” (it still sucks though)

  91. Vickie

    “This, too, shall pass”! I am so sorry for your disappointment! I DO know that HE has something wonderful ahead for you!

    Please count me in for the drawing! I would love to win this book.

    We got in on some of Flat Stanley’s travels for about 3 weeks for my nieces in Cypress, CA; took pictures from Texas of various things of interest and mailed it all back to them! The kids LOVE him!!! Thanks for including him in your post!!!

  92. Dawn

    Hope this is not a duplicate! I apologize if it is. I wanted to tell you that I really needed to read you today – I am in a bit of a funk and your inspiring words and can-do attitude has put a smile on my face that I’ve not seen for days! Weeks, even. So thank you for that. Sorry that my enlightenment is at the cost of your frustration, but God does work in mysterious ways – truly! Whatever you need is right about the corner. Love this blog – it’s one of my favorites. Hang in there & just continue to believe.

    Dawns inspiring blog post..even designers get the blues…

  93. Sylvia

    I’ll be praying for you and your family.
    sylviarj at yahoo dot com

  94. Theresa

    What else can one say buy you are truly “Inspirational”. For some reason, we are always pushed one way or another in our lives, but it’s the spirit that you have and the faith to lead you in the right direction. Thank you so much for sharing your inspirations even in this not so inspirational time period in your life. Your day will come…

  95. A-me

    Had to chime in here. I feel for ya. We recently sold and bought a house and it stressed me out so much I had to ask for a little medical help. We were just moving into a bigger house but obviously I had major hangups about it. My husband wanted to ease my pain by backing out of selling our small house. But I told him no matter how much it was killing me I would not punish the people who were already lined up to close in just a few days. Everything worked out fine and I’m glad I didn’t yank the carpet out from under the buyers. I’m sorry you have to deal with that blech!

  96. Brenda

    I am so sorry about your house deal Melissa. Thank you for sharing and I do believe our God gives us the strength to be over-comers, even when we don’t feel like we are, at times like this. He understands our frustrations, anger and disappointments and yours is a big one but He is bigger!
    I do, I do luv your pear green chairs, you did them proud in their new spring color! I had full intentions on participating but a long weekend away, work and stuff came in between :( ya..ya …are these the excuses of a procrastinator or what!! I will see what this weekend brings.
    God bless you and your family in this time of trial. It may be Flat Stanely for a time but during this time you are not alone.

  97. Pam D.

    Melissa, just wanted you to know I’m lifting you guys up and asking God to turn this unexpected turn into an unforeseen blessing. He’s been showing me lately how we can open the way to his showers of blessings when we pray for those who have caused the problem. ANd rejoice in what He promises that we don’t yet see. So I lift up those people who left you holding the bag and pray for His Spirit to overflow their lives as He does yours… I also pray Psalm 91 over you and yours… and that He will overwhelm you with some unexpected miracles as you start over in this… I know you know, it wasn’t a surprise to Him, and He can turn this all around before our eyes… As far as having to stage things again, do you ever watch the program “Sell this House?” They often just use sheets for curtains and tablecloths, even covering up trash cans and using them as nightstands, or making boxes into the shape of a table or chair and covering them up… They say it’s all about just giving the buyer an IDEA of how their things might look… so maybe you don’t need to bring too many items in to stage it again. At any rate, may He send you the right people with no more wait, and turn what would seem to be an “arrow” against you into blessing. No weapon formed against us will succeed against us when we stand on Him. I love the words from 2 Chronicles 20– My eyes are on you Lord! The battle belongs to him and as we praise Him He will move on our behalf! :) Be encouraged!

  98. Debra

    So sorry to hear that plans didn’t go as planned. I know it is tough for you right now but it seems that God always has a better plan for us and things always work out better than planned. Hang in there, I know things will get better for you. I will keep my fingers crossed and say a little prayer for you. You have many friends in blog land rooting for good things to come your way!

  99. Annie

    Your situation makes me tired, and I’m just sitting here reading! I follow you faithfully and am always inspired in one way or another. Your faith is strong. You will be able to look back and see how God brought all things together for your good. We moved to eastern WA from CA 12 years ago and never looked back.

  100. Rhoda

    Melissa, so sorry to hear that news. I know how disappointing it must be to have to start over again. But, you’re so right, you just have to trust that God has a better plan for you all. A much better plan. That really stinks though! Look for the silver lining in the clouds.

    Rhoda @ Southern Hospitalitys inspiring blog post..Frugal Fashion

  101. Marianna

    I so feel for you! We were in a similiar situation for about seven months of owning a home in one state while living in a new home in another. It is still affecting my feelings for the current house oddly enough…I still feel like I have to wait to move forward and it’s been three months since we’ve been owners of one home only!

    Best of luck to you! I really hope the old home will sell quickly.


    Mariannas inspiring blog post..Snake!

  102. Patricia

    Well, that stinks. I’m sorry your house didn’t get sold. It’s been a crapy week for a lot of my friends. Hugs all around to the people having this type of week. I hope things look up over the weekend!

    Patricias inspiring blog post..Going to the faire!

  103. Joan

    Hope your house matters are settled quickly. Here’s to a better weekend.

    What a classic book!

  104. Jo - To a Pretty Life

    Wow, are buyers allowed to do that? I’m sorry to hear your house isn’t sold like you thought it would be. I know firsthand how frustrating house sale/purchase troubles can be. I hope you find a new buyer immediately!

    Jo – To a Pretty Lifes inspiring blog post..Weird Fireplace Shelf Decorated – Finally!

  105. Yard Sale Mama

    Oh man, I missed a procrastinator party?!?! I guess it was because I kept putting off my weekly blog visits… see, Queen of Procrastination.

    I am soooo sorry to hear that your buyers pulled out. There are many people who do not realize the effects of their actions. My guess is that these people were first timers and do not realize the effort everyone had put into the sale of your home. My husband just left the mortgage industry at the beginnning of the year (praise the Lord!) so I’ve heard some real horror stories.

    Good luck and best wishes- everything will work out :o)

    Yard Sale Mamas inspiring blog post..

  106. Melissa

    You guys make me want to cry HAPPY TEARS for all of your sweet words and support, wow, I am always amazed how many kind-hearted friends I have out there. You are all wonderful. I feel SO SO MUCH BETTER today. I know this is all going to be fine. I just needed some time to adjust to my new normal of living in limbo! :-) And your support made me feel like I am really not alone in all of this. Thank you. Good times ahead, non?

    big hugs to you all…

  107. Jackie Whitley

    That stinks !

    It took us a year to sell our home in Iowa while living in Kansas.

    The buyer was a real jerk. He wanted to move in early. He wanted to store his stuff for free. He kept bypassing the realtor & bothering us.

    We let him store his stuff in the garage. Some teens broke in & he wanted our homeowners to be responsible.

    He bought it as is because of his low ball offer. The dishwasher was new & had frozen up & he wanted us to fix it.

    Make sure your neighbor or realtor cycles the dishwasher monthly so it won’t freeze up.

    The fortunate thing was the sellers in Kansas were able to owner finance for us cause they wanted to move to Ok. So we were able to move in here.

    Hope you find another buyer soon !

    What was the reason for a 3 month closing ?

  108. Julie Size

    well – I sure hope they lost their earnest money and I hope it was a lot!

    It took us 9 months and 2 realtors to sell our home. It is not fun – but later I found out that God’s timing was not my timing and when it happened – all was good.

    Julie Sizes inspiring blog post..It’s Official!

  109. Emily-Sarah Lineback

    Just a quick addition of support and love and understanding. Stinky situation and yet, as you mentioned, especially right now, there are many others who would gleefully trade with you. Not that that takes away the angst, but maybe it can act as a buffer. I pray you and your family can use this happening to make you stronger — and I do pray a new buyer comes your way ASAP. In the meantime, do keep hanging on and looking up!

  110. Ninfa

    That is so awful!!!! By do trust in God, we’ve had something like that happen to us too and at the end we got a better deal and everything worked out. We never know why GOd would us go through a hell like this and yet we survive and remember what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger. You have your wonder family and all of us here in blogland rooting for you!!!!

  111. Peggy

    I am not an attorney but I am a REALTOR and I cannot understand how your buyers were able to just walk away with out some consequences. Feel free to email me if you want to talk about this. Have you already signed your cancellation papers?

  112. Debbie

    Oh Melissa, my heart aches for you. We are trying to sell our house and it’s such a tough market. How disappointing that you thought it was sold only to have to start over again trying to sell it. I’m sorry to hear that disappointing news. But I really appreciate your attitude and dependence on the Lord. Even though you don’t understand and have tried to follow what you believe God was telling you, sometimes we still hit rough spots. Been there …done that too. I’m sending you a hug through the internet. Hang in there. God is good and He always has His purposes. Maybe it was to encourage others who may be facing similar situations.

    Debbies inspiring blog post..Fitness Friday ~ Aging Gracefully

  113. LeAnn

    Oh Melissa I am so sorry about this!! I don’t understand a lot right now but I do know that GOD is bigger than everything that is going on. We will lift you and your family up in prayer. Please know that a family in Ohio is praying for you.


    LeAnns inspiring blog post..Budget Decorating

  114. Arleen

    Hi Melissa. I am so sorry to read your disappointing news. What a roller coaster ride you’ve had. I hope you soon learn why this particular situation occurred and that something even better and brighter awaits you in the very near future. ~Arleen

    Arleen @ Seasons for All at Homes inspiring blog post..Home Library Bookshelves

  115. Sara

    My dear M.
    I’ve been in a somewhat similar situation with the house.
    Of course you’ll make it through this trial, you’ll be a better and stronger person on the other side, but while you are hiking this rocky slope….may God be with you.

  116. Stephanie

    Oh Melissa, I understand completely. I have been there and done this! At the moment, my family and I are living with extended family as we wait on the Lord to provide a new ministry opportunity for my husband. I understand things not going the way we think they are supposed to go.
    So, My prayer is that as you surrender this situation to God’s will and timing that He will fill you with His peace and help you to feel His loving arms around you.
    I did start on a Procrastination project thanks to your encouragement, but I have not finisthed it due to waiting on funds to finish it, but once its done, I will post a photo on my blogspot for you to stop by and see.
    Thank you again for all of your encouragement. I hope that we your readers can now return that encouragement to you.
    It is

    Stephanies inspiring blog post..20 Little Happy Things to Celebrate Life!

  117. Darla

    I’m so sorry Melissa. We’ve sold enough houses now that I know the feeling of holding your breath til the very very very end. I can’t even imagine what you are feeling. (hugs) I’ll be praying for you.

    If anyone deserves a break, my friend, it’s YOU.

    Darlas inspiring blog post..Lands’ End Swimsuit Giveaway!

  118. Gayle at Mountain Moma

    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and hoping for better days to come.

    Gayle at Mountain Momas inspiring blog post..Thinking of Lilac Trees

  119. Pinky

    Dear Melissa, I am so sorry to hear this news. My son and his partner had the same thing happen to them, they had already bought another house and so the first house went to foreclosure and they lost it. I was so angry at the so called BUYERS…..who happened to be a CHURCH for heavens sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know God will bring you through this. I will pray for you and keep you in my thoughts as well. Hang in there! Love, Pinky

  120. amanda

    I’m so sorry! Sucks doesn’t it… seems things can’t get any worse and yet, sometimes, they do! I’ll be praying and thinking of you. I can’t imagine selling and moving at this time! We’re stuck for the moment in our too small house… but damn if I am not thankful for the roof over our head… my husband’s job… and being able to provide for our family. Especially at this time in America! You’re in my thoughts… here’s hoping that your Washington Welcome will be warm soon!

    PS – I officially procrastinated my procrastinators’ project… how many lashes do I get?! :P :)

  121. Robin in NC

    Peace be with you and your family, Melissa. I am raising you and your family up in prayer. May the Lord bless and keep you.

  122. Mrs.Rabe

    I am so sorry for your disappointment! I like what you said about trusting God in it – that He has something for you to learn, or something better in mind for you.

    I am asking Him and trusting alongside you in this! Can’t wait to hear how it all turns out!

    Mrs.Rabes inspiring blog post..Happy Birthday Mom!

  123. Cathy

    I know you are sad that your house didn’t sell but God has the perfect person in mind, even before you decided to sell. Don’t fret….things will turn around. I know easier said than done, I’ve been in a similar situation and it is easy to lose patience.
    Jeremiah 29:11

  124. Joanie

    Oh, Melissa! That is such a rotten break. I am so sorry you have had to go through all of that. I’m hoping and praying you have much brighter days in the very near future. On the subject of the procrastinator project, I vote for the next one being in July because I missed out on the last one and have several ideas. Take care!

    [email protected] Bright Sides inspiring blog post..republic of tea review

  125. a-m

    Oh Melissa, I am so, so sorry. Oh my goodness, how could they do that to you? I am thinking of you and sending you a big hug from Australia. We are all here for you in bloggy land. You have such a wonderful attitude to life. I too try to put my disappointments into perspective but that still doesn’t mean they don’t break your heart at the time. You are a strong, resourceful, wonderful woman. You will rise to the challenge. Just get some sleep first! A-M xx

    a-ms inspiring blog post..A ‘Perfect Piece’

  126. Kelly in Georgia

    Oh my goodness! How awful. Your blog always lifts my spirits, so I wish there was something I could do to help lift yours. We have been through a similar situation (misery loves company!) and are now in a wonderful home…so things do work out in the long run. My practical advice for you is don’t take anything back to stage your house. As a buyer, I can envision MY things better in a home if the rooms are empty. My husband agrees. So save yourself some time and energy. I will be praying that things work out FAST!

  127. ria nirwana

    Dear Melissa…hang on there, girl!
    When your bow is broken and your last arrow spent, then shoot, shoot with your whole heart.
    That’s what you did, and you did good.

  128. Rona

    Life is always good. We may get an answer we don’t like but there’s always a reason why. Continue to have faith.
    All is good!

  129. jenifriend

    continue to perservere; rely on Him and know He’s taking you exactly where you need to be. take care!!

    jenifriends inspiring blog post..{76}

  130. Dawn Sullivan

    I, too, was “supposed” to close last week. Two days before our closing date, we found out the buyer had not filed taxes in 07 and so their loan was not approved. We, too, has passed up on two other offers. 90% of my house was/is packed. AND this comes on the heels of an adoption not going through the previous month. So… I feel your anxiety, frustration, anger, confusion, exhaustion, dissappointment, bewilderment, and fury all wrapped up in a ball of faith with pinches of hope! We are now scheduled to close next week. So we’ll see what next week brings. I pray God sends you a buyer soon that will love your old home and bring Him glory in his sovereignty and you peace and comfort and big smiles!

    Dawn Sullivans inspiring blog post..

  131. Anna R

    So sorry to hear about the house. Everything happens for a reason even though what’s happening is so unfair. Hang in there.

    Anna Rs inspiring blog post..Gibraltor Rock

  132. Maridith

    Melissa- After reading this post my heart just hurts for you. How unbelievably disappointing. I know right now it seems frustrating and unfair but there truly has to be a reason why this all didn’t work out right now. It might not be apparent right now but you will figure it out one day!!
    Thanks for hosting such a great party. You are a wonderful hostess!! Still smiling on the outside even though you are crushed on the inside.
    Hope you have a nice weekend and remember all of the wonderful blessing you have around you!!! :)

    Maridiths inspiring blog post..Guest Room – BEWARE!!

  133. Lisa

    Had something similar happen a few years ago and was so discouraged. Ended up with a much better buyer–sold outright to a real estate attorney who handled everything–no realtor fees! Anyway, God will figure it all out in His timing, even though today seems beyond horrible. Best to you!

  134. Richella

    Thank you for sharing your disappointments as well as your triumphs. And thank you so much for your reminder that, when folks exercise their free will to make choices, those choices affect other people. I am so sorry that you’ve been so negatively affected this past week, but I am grateful to hear that lesson again. You are kind and courageous to share your story; you inspire us to remember that our choices, good and bad, will affect people. And I admire you for your GOOD choice to face this new challenge with grace and faith. Blessings to you.

    Richellas inspiring blog post..Faster and faster

  135. Scribbler

    I see you already have plenty of friends who have commiserated wtih you. I’ll make one more.

    We have had two of the most horrible moving experiences imaginable in the course of our marriage, one just a few years ago. It was not unlike yours, many story elements the same. You are right, however, that you cannot let it ruin your life. You just have to get up and dust yourself off and start over.


  136. Tee

    House hunting and selling are hardly ever a smooth and easy process. I bought my first place almost 2 years ago and it was CRAZY. I looked for a year, and then took a break because I just couldn’t find anything in my price range that I really liked (I live in the DC area). Then I started up again and found my place, only the owners were in a position where they had to sell for less than they owed and more than the place was worth, which made negotiations impossible. I really liked them and understood their position, but I couldn’t buy for more than a place was worth, right? So needless to say I was so depressed when things fell through. Then a month later they called and we made it happen. I was down before, but I had to settle myself in and know that God was going to take care of me. It was hard and disappointing. When I finally settled it was better than before, I had more money saved and got a better deal.

    I know God is going to take care of you. You inspire so many, and I know your faith is strong. I’m already excited to read your update post about what wonderful outcome there is for you :)

    Tees inspiring blog post..Tracy Porter

  137. mamaK

    Praying for you and your family, but I know that you don’t need it! God has great things in store for you!!! Thank you for your blog and for the inspiration and beauty that you share daily. You probably will never know how much it impacts people’s lives! (especially mine!!!) And thank you soo much for hosting the party. I actually got something done! I’d love to join another one in July!

    [email protected] inspiring blog post..Project Procrastination Party–The End!!!

  138. Amanda-The Eck Life

    OMGOSH! SOOOOOOOOOO glad you are doing another project procrastinator- now I can finish or shall I say start the one I was SUPPOSE to do for this last P.P. And lets do both one in July and Oct- this is such a great way to get people motivatied AND gives others good ideas on how to re-purpose things. LOVE you girl and I am praying that something GREAT will come out of your situation. God can always make good out of bad. HE IS FAITHFUL!!

    Amanda-The Eck Lifes inspiring blog post..Things we dont want others to see

  139. emily

    Thank you for sharing the ugly, Melissa. I’m so sorry it stinks…but you do a great job of lighting a pretty, scented candle for those stinky things in life ;) Sending love and support your way.

    emily @ chatting at the skys inspiring blog post..chatting about photos

  140. denise

    Hi Melissa!

    My heart goes out to you so much for this difficult situation. I’m so glad to read how you are trusting the Lord.

    Isa 43:1-3
    But now, this is what the LORD says —
    he who created you, O Jacob,
    he who formed you, O Israel:
    “Fear not, for I have redeemed you;
    I have summoned you by name; you are mine.
    2 When you pass through the waters,
    I will be with you;
    and when you pass through the rivers,
    they will not sweep over you.
    When you walk through the fire,
    you will not be burned;
    the flames will not set you ablaze.
    3 For I am the LORD, your God,
    the Holy One of Israel, your Savior;

    Thank you for your fun blog, for the giveaway and for keeping a great attitude through all this. He is the lifter of your head! Be encouraged!
    denise in nc

  141. Maven

    Melissa, that is just terrible. I can’t believe people would do something like that. You know there’s a reason for all this – it just isn’t clear yet. Hang in there and thankyou for everything you do. The best is yet to come!

    Mavens inspiring blog post..The Queen is Down! My Fabulously Faux Forty-Third Birthday Part I

  142. Pearl Maple

    Oh dear, that is rough.
    Your blog has been an inspiration to many of us, doing the same dance of trying to find the positive spin in difficult circumstances.

    Wishing you a weekend of peace and a new buyer who wants a fast closing date soon.

    Pearl Maples inspiring blog post..Sky Watch Friday

  143. Nishi

    Wishing you all the best and hoping it all works out.((hugs)))

  144. Debbykay


    I feel your pain, frustration and uncertainty in your voice…it can be so difficult to understand why the “north wind” can bring bone-chilling gusts in our lives…but the north wind blows. Keeping positive and “Anchored” during the gale-like winds are difficult, and it often feels like strength is waning.

    Hold tight to your Anchor, and you will find strength and inspiration. These words are to encourage myself as well as you…know you are supported and lifted up by many.

    [email protected] Cottage Gardens and Farm

    Debbykays inspiring blog post..Savoring Violets

  145. Eileen

    Melissa ~ for those of us who love to plan and organize our lives, uncertainty is very, very hard to deal with. It stops us dead in our tracks and makes us look upward and WAIT… and LISTEN. Procrastination aside, its a tough gig to deal with for us “get-it-done” folks.

    You may never know why your prospective buyers did not go forward. Maybe it was as shallow as a better deal, or maybe it was their own fears about finances, or a health event, or a family crisis. I had the same thing happen to me, years ago, buyer backed out and put us in a real financial pickle for several months. I learned a lot form the experience, mostly about how to make sure that I had a REALLY good ” Plan B” from here on out!

    Prayers ~ Eileen @ Star’s Fault

    Eileen @ Star’s Faults inspiring blog post..Hooked on Glitter Pins ~

  146. Joy

    I am so sorry about your house not selling. We live in a messed up world! Keep trusting in God. You will not be disappointed in the end.
    I will ask Him to bless you and to help you see all the blessing you have right now too.

    Joys inspiring blog post..Sage Neck Tie Purse

  147. Linda

    I ‘m sorry the deal fell through. When something like this happens I always find out later that God had something so much better in mind. When I was going through a very scary illness several years ago, a friend was voicing her disappointment in her new house not being inspected for a couple of weeks longer and therefore she and her family could not move in when expected. They had already closed on thier old house. She looked at me and apologized for complaining about something so trivial. I told her, “Honey, if it’s a big deal to you then it’s a big deal to me, too.” I told her we would pray about it and sure enough the inspector made a special effort and got the inspection done before the bank called the construction loan due. And I know she prayed diligently for my healing every day I was sick, and today I am very healthy (except for that over weight thing but I’m trusting God for that too). So it’s always better to get the prayer balling rolling as soon as possible. Thank you for your comment on my chairs. I feel great getting the whole roof finished, thanks for the challenge!

  148. gina

    Me- the eternal optimist has had trouble with my husband’s constant “We don’t have the keys yet” while I am trying to get all of my painting and decorating plans ready to go for the 29th when we (are set to) close on our house. Now I see things really can go wrong still. I’m sorry to hear about your situation but how you are still able to push forward with your message of finding beauty in life every day – no matter what- is inspiring. You don’t just talk (blog) the talk, you walk the walk. I hope it all works out for you soon.

    ginas inspiring blog post..ever since we did this…

  149. SoBella Creations

    Melissa, I’m so sorry that things didn’t work out the way you expected or wanted. Your right sometimes life does stink.

    Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way.

    SoBella Creationss inspiring blog post..Happy Mother’s Day

  150. Mary Ellen

    Melissa, I am so sorry to hear about your house closing falling through. We had the same thing happen last year at this time on our home. It is actually still up for sale- know God has a reason for this kind of timing-

    I actually did get a project almost done and so linked it here- I do so wish I would have joined the Procrastinator Party and will certainly be doing so in July when you have it again!


    Mary Ellens inspiring blog post..Teeny Tiny Breakfast reveal- I really have been working while DH is away!

  151. Maureen

    I am so sorry that this happened. That is just the pits. I hope the situation is resolved soon for you and your family. I hate to hear this.

    Maureens inspiring blog post..try a little tenderness

  152. melissa

    Melissa, this is a little late, but my heart just sunk to hear this, but what a wonderful outlook you have. I have some family members in the same situation and I just feel for you. It will all work out, maybe even for the better…you just never know. Thank you for such a great procrastinator party, I would be a supporter whenever you have one~I love the accountablity. Blessings to you!

  153. Heathahlee

    Melissa, I can empathize with you. My heart breaks for you and your family.

    I’m having to remind myself that God sees the big picture, and I can’t. I had a disappointment this weekend, and though not as huge as yours, I still struggled with, “WHY, God?” And it’s okay to ask Him why. It’s what builds our faith to come out on the other side and say, “Okay, I don’t understand, but I have to trust that you know what You are doing.” I’ll be praying for y’all!

    Heathahlees inspiring blog post..All those tassels….

  154. Kim

    I am so sorry to hear about your house troubles, something similar happened to us and you have to keep thinking that something better is coming!!! It is hard when you are in the thick of things but you never know what tomorrow might bring. Sending good thoughts to you.


  155. hill upon hill

    Oh Melissa I am sorry. I understand all that you are saying, fatigue, disappointment yet trying hard to remember that God is in control. I hope the days since then have been better.

  156. living with lindsay

    I’m sorry, Melissa. I was afraid something like this was going on when I saw your comments over the last few weeks. :( HUGS!

    living with lindsays inspiring blog post..Finding Joy

  157. Shannon

    I’m so sorry about your house. My husband is currently having some bad things going on at work, and it hurts. But it has been a time that has reminded us both that God is in complete control of our lives. Even when something seems bad, it did not take God by surprise, and He has a plan in it. And as believers we can just rest in Him and know that He is going to work out His will in our lives, even when other people do things to us that we don’t like and that hurt. I do hope that your old house sells very quickly, and that you can have a peace about it all.


    Shannon @ Silver Trappingss inspiring blog post..

  158. Ann

    I don’t suppose one more person telling you they’re sorry will help, but I am. Sorry. And although I believe as you do that God is watching over us and that He has something better in store, sometimes, that’s just not what you want to hear!
    I hope things are resolved soon. I love your blog!

  159. rue

    I’m so sorry to hear about your house troubles Melissa. There must be something in the air because we’re having issues with our buyer too. Their buyer backed out on their house and now we have to get an extension on ours so they can wait for it to sell again. I hope yours sells quickly!


    rues inspiring blog post..Is it just me?


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