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Daring to Rediscover What You Love

by | Jun 15, 2009 | Authentic Living, Inspired Living

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Daring to Rediscover What You Lovevia flickr by jesse.millan

I received an email last night from a sweet reader — it really touched a chord in my own heart. She had been reading some of my posts about my aspirations as a young girl and sent me an email sharing a bit about her own life:

Here are a few lines from her note:

I am a grown up and somewhere along the line I stopped going into that place in my own mind where grace and casual elegance lived. Things around here are in a dismal state of affairs. Really, my life is a little past the half way mark and I would truly like to live some of it the way my “little girl” imagined.

You have spurred me on to reach into my past and all the dreams and wonders of “how it would be when I became a grown up.”

She asked me how to start to live the life she imagined she would live. I’d love to help encourage her, I think this is something many of us can relate to.

So I am asking you, dear friends (especially those of you who are out of the ‘dreaming’ and well into the ‘real life’ phase!):

Do you ever go back in time to think about those little girl dreams
of what life would be like when you grew up?

Daring to Rediscover What You Lovevia flickr by Jolante

I’m certain most of us didn’t imagine the struggles we’d face, the hardships we endure or all the dreams we’d set aside along the way.  I’ll admit, being an adult is WAY more exhausting than I imagined! It is messier, more complicated, more frustrating and a lot louder that what I pictured in my dreams (I have three kids so peace is not something I often find, at least in this phase of my life!).

I know my own dreams of adult life probably looked a little more like a fairytale than reality. But why is that? Did I dream of beautiful things beyond my reach, things that are no longer possible for me, or do I simply LET those beautiful things slip out of my grasp in a frenzy of the urgent tasks of every day life? I tend to think I let them go.

How can we bring those moments of beauty and grace to our life, even as life hurls frustrations, stress, all sorts of messes, financial pressures and worries at us?

Where do we begin if we have lost sight
of our little girl dreams?

1Begin with some time in solitude.

Find a quiet place to dream. When life spirals out of control and I lose sight of what I love about life, I usually find I haven’t taken any time out for solitude. I need to get away to be alone with my thoughts and to pray.

2 Get a journal and make lists of things you used to love.

The simple process of writing things down makes a big difference for me in finding clarity of thought. Seeing the things I love on a list makes everything feel possible and doable. I love to make lists like my 20 Little Things to jumpstart my thinking.

3 Create daily and weekly rituals out of things you love.

Find ways to incorporate in to your life those things you love most. Make embracing them a regular part of living — don’t let any one or any thing stand in the way! When you take the things you love and elevate them to a daily or weekly ritual you’ll find all the more pleasure in them as you look forward to those experiences on a regular basis!

4 Slow down.

Fill your days with activities that slow you down (yes, the opposite of what we tend to do!) and allow you to appreciate and savor moments of beauty.

5 Embrace simplicity.

Life as we know it is continually filled with new and complicated things. Our phones, our computers, our calendars, our TVs, even our washer and dryer seem to require an advanced degree to be able to use them. And those are the things invented to make life better and easier! Just when we master some new electronic gadget, they crash or the new model comes out and we are frustrated again.

Move away from the complicated as often as possible and enjoy things in their simplest, purest forms. Go back to some of the rituals and pleasures your grandmother might have enjoyed, before life moved into the fast lane.

6 Live life on purpose — dare to incorporate the things you love into your life.

You can do this! Being an adult doesn’t just mean we can have dessert before dinner and stay up until 10PM. It means we can live out the things we’ve always wanted to do.

Daring to Rediscover What You Love


  1. Salina

    That was such a lovely post and so very inspirational.
    Being a mother of 4 myself, I can totally understand how some can lose that dream of how they thought their lives should have been because of what may have happened in real life. But if we only take just a little time and effort we can at least make ourselves a small piece of that dream a reality. Wish I’d take my own advise on that and yours too. :)
    Please have a great week!

    Salinas inspiring blog post..Motorcycle for Gabe

  2. Cindy T

    I have still have a blue bead (an Indian type bead) that I found when I was a girl in Wyoming…I would be wild and free…an Indian Princess.
    Now at 65, I am married to an English Husband with 2 grown daughters and I live in a large city in France. I am still a bit wild, I have travelled most of my adult life. No I didn’t get to ride the plains of Wyoming and I have lived most of my life in the city…not close to the mountains. but I have been blessed by God. I have moved and traveled and learned and been stretched.
    An Indian princess, no, impossible really, I have red hair, but I am content and yesterday in the garden, I found a tiny Fench blue tile glinting in the sun.
    It will go home to Wyoming with me when I retire in a few weeks.

  3. Mary

    A very good post! Sometimes life just moves too fast, and I need to slow down and quit trying to do so much. As wives and mothers, we tend to sacrifice and do for others while our needs go unmet. It’s important to find the balance between the two.

    Marys inspiring blog post..Another finish

  4. Burning Bushes

    I think this is a great idea-not releasing the dreams we’ve had as children. Recently, I’ve had similar thoughts, and in going through the first 3 steps you mentioned, I’ve begun to see how my dreams are being lived out, in new ways.

    For instance, wanting to be beautiful can mean a beauty that’s internal-that actually grows rather than diminishes with age.

    Or, wanting to see beauty all around me in my home, yard, or neighborhood can be redefined as seeing the people around me as beautiful, and caring most about them.

    I totally agree that we should not release our dreams… sometimes I think the richest blessing is when we rediscover a new way to fulfill them.

    Burning Bushess inspiring blog post..Who’s the Boss?

  5. Becky K.

    Oh Melissa,
    This post is going to touch so many of us in a special way. I think that is one of the reasons we are drawn to blogging. We are often looking to recapture those dreams and want to be inspired to carry out the life of our dreams.


    Becky K.s inspiring blog post..Blue Monday Miata and Mosaic

  6. Pat

    I don’t think I ever gave up on my dreams and I hope I continue to dream and reflect on the dreams for many years to come.

    I raised three daughters with all the loving, messy, busyness of those growing up years. After many many bumps in the road, I still didn’t give up on those dreams. I actually started over, at 40! What a joy that was, because it was with J, who was also starting over.
    I’ll be 66 years old, next month. Many of the dreams I had, didn’t come true until I was in my 40’s. A big dream didn’t come true until I was 60! My dreams continue to come true, it has just taken over half a century, for some of them. I don’t mind, because the dreaming has been joyful!
    I suppose what I want to say is, even we “elder folks” still dream. It’s never too late!
    Keep dreaming!!

    [email protected] Porch Musingss inspiring blog post..~Guest Room Makeover Reveal~

  7. RML - Being More Through Having Less

    Most of my dreams have disappeared too (except being a mother) and it has been on my mind lately to rediscover what will make me happy for a “second career” when the kids have grown a little. Perhaps I need to look right back into my past and see what I wanted to do as a little girl… I might find inspiration there.

    RML – Being More Through Having Lesss inspiring blog post..The Thin Edge of the Wedge

  8. loulou

    hi, bonjour, this post is very touching and it had me reflecting. I am 58 and lost touch for many many years with who I was, what I dreamed, etc. In the last few years, I have slowly reconnected. One little thing I did: I was drawn to an older pattern dishes and now I am buying plates, cups, etc. whenever I see one of the particular model I loved so much at my old aunts home. And I do not save it for later, I use them everyday. Small thing yes, but everytime I feel like I treat myself… Thank you for your lovely post. Loulou

  9. Mrsgarageflower

    De-lurking here:

    I am weepy from reading this. It is so joyful and hopeful. It is a wonderful post and a lesson that I hope my own daughters will learn. Thanks for the great post!

  10. Kristen

    I’m only a year into my “real life” and I definitely don’t feel like a grown up. But I can already see little bits and pieces of my little-girl dreams breaking off and floating away. I really do think it would be a wonderful thing to be still and quiet and remind myself of the things I love…even better to try to tuck them into parts of everyday life. Now to find the time to actually do that…

    Kristen @ Beautifully Imperfects inspiring blog post..On This Day I Married My Best Friend…

  11. Abbie

    Thanks. I’ve recently been sewing again – something I did with a passion in middle and high school, but since have done only for mending. But recently I’ve made pillowcase dresses for my girls and applicqued (sp?) onesies for my baby boy! Too cute!

    Abbies inspiring blog post..Just the kids.

  12. Kathy

    Like most people I had dreams of the perfect life when I was young. I started off making mistakes that really changed my life and not for the better. After lots of hard work and looks in the mirror I grew and worked at making a better life.
    I’ve never stopped dreaming. It may be as simple as how I’ll arrange the furniture on my patio. For me the everyday day dreams make my life very enjoyable. Embracing simplicity for me is the key. Turn off the tv. That is such a negative thing in so many peoples lives. I can’t believe people have HUGE tvs to watch all other people’s lives.
    I’m not saying I don’t have my fair share of days that aren’t so perfect, but I don’t expect life to be perfect. Just focus on the little things, it’s very liberating.

    • Mary

      Kathy,That is one of the keys on the ring of peace!Turn off the t.v.! It steals your peace and think about what you can do with the money that you pay to have that junk pumped into your home.also ,go back and reflect on what your dreams were,one of mine was sewing and I taught myself to do that.I also wanted to do interor Design and taught myself that also. The most important in it all is making peace with ourselvesand with GOD. Forgive your self, GOD FORGIVES!! who are we not to?

  13. Mary

    Hi Melissa,most of us can relate . I have held on to my dream of a little white house and pickett fence ,I grew up in the coalfields of eastern Ky. and we had the barest essentials and not much else .ours was not even a happy home,but even as that destitute child,I would go into the mountians where the wildflowers ansd the lofty trees grew and escape the chaos in my home and life.There among the birds and flowers I found peace and now I surround myself with flowers and I have made a beautiful home out of a fixer-upper and at 60 .my husband and I love the peace that trees and flowers and most of all our relationship with Christ gives us.Do I have it all,? OF course not ,I am still working on the pickett fence and my dream of going to Prince Edward Island.BUT I still love TO dream mary

  14. jen

    What a beautiful post. I love the quote at the end – so true. Thank you for reminding me that my dreams of being an international traveler can still happen, just not in this phase of my life. I will embrace the live I have and I do love it, messiness and joy.

    [email protected] inspiring blog post..I ♥ heart Faces – sepia

  15. Chele

    WOW! Thank you for this! We do tend to think that because we haven’t done something…we never can! That is something I struggle with but I always remember that God wants us to be happy!

    Cheles inspiring blog post..Feeding Time – The Ten Commandments

  16. Jackie


    WOW! I knew there was a reason I was allowed to vex from work this morning! Your post this morning is exactly what I have been needing. You hit it right on the head. Now if you could just just find the perfect Christian mentor for me I would be ever so grateful. Opps, sorry Lord, I know, I know, I put that in your hands. Never mind, Melissa. :+) Now, back to your post. I aboslutely loved it. It is just, well you have me so excited. I have been hoping a group would form for those oldies of us who are fiftish or more that wish to find a way to live life this way. We reach this point in life and suddenly realize, hummm, here I am — years old and what have I done? What have I lived, am I LIVINIG or passing through life? I for one want to start living. Now. Today. Sarah Ban Breathnach has wonderful books, I have them and love to reread them. But books are not personal, interactive. She also has what looks like an awesome monthly internet magazine that is right on target, however I for one do not have the $ to spend on this yearly. That being said here is my question: Do any of the wonderful readers here know of 1 any fantastic books, 2 magazines music ( I go to the library a minimum of once a week :+) 3 web sites, on line groups, of women that learn from each other and address issues of Christian females that are ….”maturing” and want to LIVE. I for one, want to live each moment, enjou each moment, learn and work through each trial God’s way. I think it would be awesome to start up a group if there is not one, begin by working on the lists that Melissa has provided for us, then the first week, look for or make a journal that would so be individualized you would think God personally desinged and sent it to us Himself. . We could keep the 20 lists of all kinds in it, 5 daily gratitudes, one new thing learned daily, steps walked daily and who we prayed for while walking, what blessed us on our walk, how we looked ways and were able to find at least one secret way bless others., lists, and more lists, to inrich and fill our lives, bucket lists , etc, we could all give ideas, what works and what does not. I am starting a list of everything I do throughout the day, work days and home days. I am going to make each experience of the day a ritual. Life has just begun, a simpler, sense drenched, fullfilling one. Thank you Melissa. I hope to hear from others, if you write to me personally please put Fully Alive in the headline as I usually delete e-mails I do not recognize.


  17. Peggy

    What a great post. What I have realized is that some of my girlhood dreams would never bring happiness (like the ones of owning furs and diamonds). But the ones of having family, friends, and pursuing my creativity have endured and that is where I spend my time today.

  18. Sue

    Thank you for this beautiful post! Although I have to confess it took me nearly an hour to read it as I was interrupted many times by a ringing phone, making breakfast, pouring juice, taking a toddler to the potty and other things.

    I too had dreams of a beautiful life, and sometimes, I feel that I am waiting for those days to come, as my children are young and my life is all about them right now. But your last line inspires me, much as the Nester said a few weeks ago, “Make THIS house your dream house” (I’ve been waiting for that too), I need to make THIS moment in life my dream life. It may not encompass all my dreams, but there are beautiful and moments to cherish all day long that I sometimes miss because I am too anxiously waiting for the day when I can read a whole blog post and not get interrupted!

    Sue @ My Party of 6s inspiring blog post..foursome

  19. Jackie

    I know my last post was a VERY LONG one. But, thought I should at least contribute one ritual I am going to start….This will be the last part of my bedtime ritual. I bought some wonderful, on sale items from Bath and Body over the weekend. Lavender and Chamomille pillow spray, lavender and chamomille lotion you lightly roll on your wrist and inner arm at the elbow, and lavender chamomille cream on my hands, all B&B Aromatherapy at 50% or more off. Oh, and I will use foot cream too. Now you would think this would be too much fragrance, nope, can’t handle alot and this works wonderfully for me. It is lite and you used it sparingly. I also have the lavender scented laundry soap and fabric softener and dry the sheets outside on the line. I am going to make a tiny feminine bag to hold my supplies in and will keep it where I will see it as I either turn down the bedspread, or on the nightstand, etc. I will enjoy picking out a material just right for it, soft, feminine, perhaps in old victorian grayish lavender and cream. Then designing the bag, perhaps adding a pocket to the outside and tucking in a sachet that would hold lavender and chamomille gatherd from the garden. I could make the sachet from part of my very old wedding dress or veil…hum…now there’s a thought. Then making the bag itself and filling it with thoughts of all the wonderful nights ahead using it. oh, here I go again rambling on, life is so good, isn’t it! Oh, yes, one more thing…then I will quit, I promise, after getting all tucked in and kissing my dear hubby goodnite, I will fall asleep like I like to do each and every night, talking with the Lord. He never gets tired of my rambling lol….


  20. Susan

    Good Morning and Thank you!

    This post is just what I needed to start a Monday morning. I just finished transcribing it into my journal.

    Blessings and Hugs,

    Susans inspiring blog post..T-2 plus 6?

  21. teresa

    Thanks Melissa , for a heart touching post- I’ve often had the same thoughts. As a little girl I dreamed of great adventures….and I’ve had adventures, {not the kind of dreamed of} but that’s okay. I learned early on in my adulthood- to try and have a positive outlook, trust in the Lord, and work hard. This has been my motto-
    “Work as if everything depends on you, pray as if everything depends on the Lord.”
    Have a wonderful day

    teresas inspiring blog post..It’s a party-

  22. Janet

    What a wonderful post. I needed that. I still think almost daily about my little girl dreams, but just can’t get to it. Thanks for the inspiration. The “time out for solitude” link is inspiring as well.

    Thank you Melissa, I am glad I started my day here.

    Janets inspiring blog post..Weekend Bargains

  23. kristen

    I think I am living my dream life. But somehow…it’s different. It’s not the pretty, always-happy, buttercup kind of world I dreamed it would be. So what it tells me is that I need to figure out why that is. How can I change my life, myself, to make my reality look more like my dream. I suspect it’s all in my attitude.

    [email protected] inspiring blog post..Okay, maybe I AM dirty.

  24. sandy

    Hi Melissa,

    I think reliving a lot of my “girl dreams” happened when I had a daughter.

    That was really fun.

    That dollhouse was a great reminder!

    Great post today, friend!

    sandys inspiring blog post..10 Outdoor Entertaining Yard Sale Finds!

  25. Rachel

    I’m going to give an AWESOME book suggestion, as this is something that has been tugging at my heartstrings as of late.

    The Cure for the Common Life by Max Lucado

    Also a great website:

    Rachel @ Living Purposes inspiring blog post..Time Out

  26. Charla

    I wish you could know how you touched my heart. I am going to mark this post on my favorites and read it everytime I get discouraged with the way life is unfolding. Thank you so much for sharing your heart.


    Charla @ For the Sake of Times inspiring blog post..Welcome to a New Kitchen

  27. Beach House Dreamer

    Since the girl inside of me didn’t dare to dream at all, at some point in my life when it became all too painful I began to pay attention to everything that I was attracted to and loved, every little thing, and took it as a hint. Slowly dreams were revealed and became true, and hopefully will continue to manifest. My biggest dream yet to come. Thanks for this great post.

  28. Ang

    Melissa, is there a way I can print this article on my forehead?? ;)

    I’m sitting here nearly in tears because you’ve really hit a chord today, what a beautiful reminder to us that although life may not be as we’d dreamed – it is still ours, and we get the amazing gift of making it what we want…

    Ah, thank you!

    Ang @ The Creative Mamas inspiring blog post..She.

  29. Andrea

    This reminds me of one of my favorite quotes. Hope you enjoy it as well.

    “The best time to act like a kid is when you’re an adult. When you were a child, you were full of energy, dreams, imagination and the joy of discovery. Playing hasn’t changed. You can dream just as big, and play just as hard. Except now, you have the clout to do it right. You have the freedom. You have the resources. And you can stay up as late as you want.”

  30. Gina

    What a great reminder! It’s so easy to forget our hearts in the busy-ness of life-we tend to overlook that vital part of us that makes us who we are. God made us with hearts for a reason and reminds to take care of them-he’s given us all dreams and wants us to find those (and Him) in every area of our lives. Slowing down really is important in that process. Thanks for sharing this today!

    Ginas inspiring blog post..How do I Serve?

  31. Claudia

    I know my girl hood dreams were probably one dimentional.

    Life isnt like that… HOWEVER… i think we all SHOULD ourselves to death, “i should be the best mother, I should be the sexiest, funnest WIFE, i should, i should. the list goes on and on.

    Looking back — now i have the wisdom to see that all this was my choice.

    Like Abraham Lincoln said, “Happiness is a Choice.” and it really is. What a fantastic post to remind us to STOP shoulding ourselves. Take the time for our dreams– because then we will become happier and our dreams now will be more focused and achievable.

    Thanks so much!!

    Claudia @ DipityRoads inspiring blog post..Ivy Cottages with a Little Pink

  32. Liz

    Melissa, this is a wonderful post and inface my best friend just shared it with me on Google Reader as I was doing the same thing!

    It’s so easy to lose sight of who you are and what you want when you are in a busy family/job/life and this has made me reassess. I’ll be adding you to my link love this week x

    [email protected] inspiring blog post..Recycle Week

  33. Becky

    Absolutely beautiful post. I believe it is an ongoing change of attitude to notice the beauty around us and to continue to create and make our dreams come true. It’s definitely not easy, but with less noise we bring in our lives, we are able to focus on what really matters and to dream again.

    Beckys inspiring blog post..Miss You Dad!

  34. Elisa

    Thanks for this. I am having a rough week and needed that.
    If I could recapture something from my childhood days it would be to let go of the worry. I miss carefree days.

  35. lylah ledner

    This is one of your very best posts… case you ever wondered. Love it! Love you!

  36. Emily-Sarah Lineback

    Oh my goodness, I was literally thinking along this same line last night. I have a four-year-old son and marveling at how easy clarity, authenticity, enthusiasm, and hope are for him. And he certainly knows — and lets others know! — what he wants/likes and doesn’t want/like. :-) Oh, to have that transcend unscathed to adulthood (well, minus the attitude and meltdowns). I’m working on a new book project (“Life in First Person,” about how we must be deliberate in living and leaving our legacy) and this fits so well with it too. Regardless of how we change into adulthood, we can reclaim an element of that clarity if we’ll peek back to childhood: Think back to what activities and items and people resonated with you. … Thank you for such a wonderful, moving post about this!

  37. Myrnie

    This post brought a tear to my eye, realizing I HAVE everything I dreamed of when I was a little girl. Well, except the flying part :)

    I have beautiful, healthy children. A wonderful husband. I was blessed with parents who helped me see the value in education, so I have my degree. God has blessed me with talents to share with others.

    It’s all in the little things, isn’t it?

    Myrnies inspiring blog post..Frugal 101

  38. Debbie

    Oh Melissa, you strike a chord with this post. How I used to dream as a young girl. I dreamed of Prince Charming and we’d have lots of children and live in a house with a white picket fence. LOL.

    But I do journal and continue to dream. My life isn’t exactly what I imagined. Actually, my house is bigger and nicer than I anticipated (at least for now). But I have my honey and I love him. We couldn’t have children and we don’t have a white picket fence. But that’s OK.

    I am getting to the point in life where I really do crave more simple pleasures and I appreciate the people in my life. I’m not into getting things that only add clutter.

    Debbies inspiring blog post..Serious Life Magazine ~ Issue 8 Online

  39. Amy

    Awesome post!! It’s funny, I didn’t dream of the fairy tale, I dreamed of traveling the world. I did a lot of that before kids, but now my husband would rather poke his eye out than travel with kids. I’m all about living life and if we were to wait until they were older, we may never do anything!! Someday, I want to take my kids all over Europe and on a Safari. It’s fun to have dreams and plan for them. Sometimes that is just as much fun as living them.

    I hope this inspires people to do things they have always wanted to do. We get so involved in life that it’s easy to forget who we used to be:-) Thanks for the reminder!!

    Amy @ Living Locurtos inspiring blog post..Yanni Voices Concert

  40. Kristie

    Thanks for such an inspirational and thought provoking post :) My life right now is nothing like I dreamed (and expected) my life to be like when I was a little girl…and due to extensive medical problems it never will be like that. But instead of bemoaning the fact I would never have a family of my own I decided that I just had to accept the loss of that dream and find a new one. At the age of 31 I went to university, got a degree with honours and am in the process of doing a PhD!!! I am living a dream…it’s hard sometimes and requires sacrifices….nothing truly wonderful comes easy, you have to work for it for it to be worth it.
    Sometimes the best thing we can do is to let go of the childhood dreams and dream a new life into being…one that is authentic, that is truly who we were meant to be…..then work toward that new dream in little steps…and to always remember that the journey is at least as important as the desintation.
    Thanks for all your inspiration ♥

    Kristies inspiring blog post..Now for something completely different…

  41. Misti of Studio M Design

    So very touching Melissa. It makes me smile that you would go out of your way to send a little encouragement to someone sounding so desperately in need. We all have times where we need to reach out, so thank you for making this person feel “heard” in this great big grown up world.


    Misti of Studio M Designs inspiring blog post..A Few Random Things About Me

  42. Melissa

    I am enjoying reading all of your comments and seeing how your life has unfolded…I feel that I live my dreams in so many ways, yet there are still some very simple ways I need to change and embrace more of what I love.

    Life doesn’t always look perfectly like we imagined, but we can certainly make it closer to what we dreamed it could be, with all its imperfections the beauty of our life’s dreams can still shine through!

  43. Jeanne

    Sweet! Loved the post AND all the comments! I’m glad God let many, but not all, my dreams come true and that He gave me new ones along the way!

    Jeanne @ Inspiring Ideass inspiring blog post..Lettering Tutorial

    • Melissa

      Amen to embracing NEW dreams along with the old! :-)

  44. Allyn

    I really enjoy your blog! This post is a perfect example of why. I also just bought my first home and in decorating it I often look to your site for pictures that inspire me to reach for some beautiful looks and ideas. thank you!

    Allyns inspiring blog post..Great Looks

  45. Deborah Milne

    Awe inspiring advice. Your post made me a bit teary though. Your reader expressed where my heart is at. It something to be what feels like “all of a sudden” in your 50’s & realize that your life is more than 1/2 over & your dreams have never been met, or even close. It’s a deep down sadness. Your right though, it’s never too late. I remind myself to snap out of it & get on with making things happen. I don’t want to leave this world feeling sorry for myself. Great..great post ♥

  46. Daisy Cottage

    Melissa, you are such a sweet love – always sensitive to others and especially to your readers!

    I think, we as women, have our precious childhood dreams safely tucked within our hearts, and for most of us, they included getting married and having children. And when those sweet dreams thankfully came true and while we were giving 110% to our families because that is what we lovingly do, we lost a little bit of ourselves along the way… usually without realizing it.

    What to do to claim our dreams again and make them our realities??

    NEVER EVER EVER GIVE UP. And never ever think that we aren’t deserving to live a life of beauty and joy.
    Create a personal world that makes you swoon – sprinkle your spirit with hope and most of all… keep on dreaming – for as long as we are able to breathe we are able to dream and they really DO come true.


    Daisy Cottages inspiring blog post..Grab Your Purse!

  47. Pearl Maple

    Beautiful post, somewhere along the way we too often loose sight of who we are because of those adult to do lists. Yippee for celebrating all that we really enjoy, not just the stuff we are supposed to like.

    Pearl Maples inspiring blog post..Sky Watch Friday

  48. janice

    Beautiful post! I usually don’t comment because I always seem to be saying the same as dozens of other delighted readers, but I realised that shouldn’t stop me from saying thank you.

    When I was a wee girl, I longed to be a writer, from the moment I could hold a pencil, my mum told me that’s all I ever wanted to be. (There were signs back then that I was destined to be a mum and a homemaker, too, as I designed, built and decorated everything from shoe box houses for Cindy dolls to tree houses in the neighbouring woods!) I let that wee girl down by gradually listening to the well meaning advice I got from all the adults in my life about the difficulties of earning a living from writing. It may be too late for me to earn a living from it now, but at least by blogging, I’ve found a way to write for pleasure and reach people. It may also have been my destiny not start off by being a writer; as a homelife coach who used to be a translator and teacher, I’ve been able to tap into all sorts of experiences to help others become writers and make their dreams come true.

    I have a daughter who longs to be a writer and I will do my best never to let anyone trample on her dreams.

    janice|Sharing the Journeys inspiring blog post..Birds, Bees and Blogging

    • Melissa

      I am so glad you commented today! It is never too late to pick up your dreams! The fact that I am blogging about everything I love is a fulfillment of a dream for me. And I didn’t even know what a blog was two years ago! :-) I didn’t set out to blog, and never imagined that was how I would live the life I loved, but my dreams caught up with me in unexpected ways!

  49. donna

    Thank you so much, Melissa, for this inspiring post. We women often need to be reminded to take some time for ourselves and focus on our dreams. I have tried to do that over the last several years, which has resulted in a obtaining college certificate in Decorating at 49 while continuing to work full time. Of course, you wouldn’t exactly qualify that as “slowing down”, but when my two adult daughters and husband watch as I receive my certificate later this week, I know that I will definitely have achieved one of my dreams.

    If I was to go back to my little girl days, I could with certainty say that this wasn’t one of the dreams I had. But I think, for some of us, the realization of what our dreams are evolve as our lives do. And as precious as little girl dreams are, they aren’t seasoned with life’s spices – good and bad. Sometimes, we need to be able to go with the flow and adapt our dreams to accomodate what live throws at us.

    Thank you for the opportunity to be able to put this into words. Sometimes stopping to think about where you are in life can be extremely rewarding!

    donna @ dh designss inspiring blog post..Project advances….

  50. Suzanne B

    Wow… thank you for that!

    I put a huge smile on my face here at work… I’m ready for that fairytale…

    I’ll come back and link my post

  51. Lisa

    I love this post! This has been on my mind alot lately.. feeling too frenzied and busy and like life is passing way to fast.. I am now working toward slowing down a bit more, taking on less stuff to do and finding ways to “stop and smell the roses.”

    Lisas inspiring blog post..cloth diaper contest

  52. emily

    This is a beautiful post Melissa. I simply love it. The photos are perfection. I think the key word for this whole concept is “dare”. It can be scary and sad to think back on those dreams and weigh them against reality. But it is so important because those dreams speak to how we were created, before fear and age and worry settled into the cracks on our wrinkled foreheads. I think this is so important to pay attention to. So thank you.

    emilys inspiring blog post..the letter

  53. Jane

    This post didn’t hit just a chord with me, it blasted it!

    Found this quote not too long ago, and I keep it by my bedside to read often:

    “It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” –George Eliot

  54. Debbie

    I absolutely love this post. I can identify completely. I’m just glad that the Lord doesn’t reveal our future to us or I might have run away. He wants us to take one day at a time in step with Him. Too often I didn’t do that and chose my own path. Lessons learned the hard way.

    I think I need to email you Melissa. You always seem to hit on things I’m dealing with.


  55. Alison

    Melissa! What did I ever do without you?!?!? I found your blog yesterday and bought your ebook and now I’m inspired by this post!

    When I was a little girl, I wanted my entire life to be “MODERN”. After having Hurricane Andrew destroy my home in 1992, that changed to me treasuring vintage things and antiques. My home is an old-fashioned home that I love but want to make better (white kitchen, anyone?).

    Thank you so much for you and sharing your inspiration with us. God bless you.




  1. Inspiration - [...] Remember awhile back when we talked about remembering the girl we used to be and daring to rediscover what…

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