The Pottery Barn Basic Slipcovered Sofa Saga
& Confessions

The Pottery Barn Basic Slipcovered Sofa Saga <br>& Confessions
A few years back I decided I wanted a good basic sofa with a slip cover. Truth be told, I have never spent much money on furniture for my home. A lot of what I have was given to me or found at garage sales, consignment shops and second hand stores.  I am the epitome of a “use what you have” decorator.

The furniture in my home is all good quality from stores like Ethan Allen, some are even antiques, but I learned from my mom that you can have high end for much much less than you think if you are willing to get creative and let your home evolve over time. Quality furniture will last a long time, so it is worth having.
The Pottery Barn Basic Slipcovered Sofa Saga <br>& Confessions Only once did I splurge and buy a full price custom loveseat. It was the first sofa I ever bought (18 years ago), and it was the ONLY thing I ever I spent a lot amount of money on (it was over $2,500) and to this day I cannot believe I did that, knowing all I know now about bargain hunting. It was so unnecessary for me to spend that kind of money, we certainly couldn’t afford it, but live and learn.

I will say that I still have that loveseat and the original upholstery — it WILL NOT wear out. So in the long run of 18 years, maybe it was a good investment. For that reason, I recommend buying a classic neutral sofa if you are spending a lot of money on it!

Other than that one crazy splurge, I have never set aside a big sum of money to go shopping for an entire room. Never have, pretty sure I never will. It would be fun (I guess that is why I became a professional decorator), yes, but it is just not something I have felt the need to do. We have other financial concerns than spending our money on furniture. I have gathered a piece at a time as a bargain treasure is found or given. After 22 years, I have a house full of quality pieces that work together that “evolved over time” way.

The Pottery Barn Basic Slipcovered Sofa Saga <br>& ConfessionsIt takes patience to gather your things over time without a furniture budget. But it can be rewarding to look through your home and not be able to find more than a thing or two you actually spent a hundred dollars (or more) on. Even if you can afford it, imagine all the things you could do with the money you saved!

The Pottery Barn Basic Slipcovered Sofa Saga <br>& Confessions

The Pottery Barn Basic Slipcovered Sofa Saga <br>& ConfessionsBut back to my desire for a slipcovered sofa. Since I was determined to buy one for very little money, I knew I was going to have to be on the lookout for a deal. I searched my usual haunts but couldn’t find what I was looking for.

I started searching on Craigslist for the PB Basic sofa and lucky for me, I found a local woman selling a down blend PB Basic for $400. So, it wasn’t cheap but it was cheaper than new! And remember, this is DOWN so it is OH SO COMFY!  I kept the slipcover she had on it for a couple of years until it wore all the way through and started to embarrass my children. True story, it had holes all over it for at least a year. I am so ashamed.

The Pottery Barn Basic Slipcovered Sofa Saga <br>& ConfessionsFinally last fall I was ready to update it with a new slipcover. I searched Craigslist but never found an affordable replacement. I decided it would be most affordable to have a slipcover made for it rather than to buy one from PB, but when we decided to put our house up for sale, I realized I was out of time and that ripped up slipcover was going to devalue our house. I am not a seamstress and don’t even own my own sewing machine, so making one wasn’t really an option for me this time. I had to act quickly to find one ready made.

So I called Pottery Barn in desperation and begged them to search for a floor model slipcover. Sure enough, they had a white (or off white) floor model slipcover up high on a shelf. The only wear on it was a small stain on the skirt, which is usually folded under the sofa a little bit anyways. I knew we’d make our own marks so that was no big deal. She sold it to me for $300. Not as cheap as making one myself, not as cute as one I would make if I could customize it with a pleated skirt, BUT, it was an instant makeover without the fuss. Exactly what I needed!

So now I have a PB Basic down sofa that I spent $700 for. That made it the second most expensive sofa I ever bought. I loved the challenge of finding what I wanted for a fraction of what it would have cost new. I have seen dozens of really high end beautiful quality sofas for $700 in recent years, so I know there is really no need to spend more if you are willing to be creative and flexible! You can buy an IKEA sofa that looks just like this for even less! It might not be quite as comfortable as the PB Basic with down, but hey, it looks great!

And for those of you who asked about keeping it clean, you can wash the slipcovers or take them to the cleaners. So far, I’ve done neither and it has held up just fine. It does get dirty and it is not perfect, but I live with it!

The Pottery Barn Basic Slipcovered Sofa Saga <br>& ConfessionsI have a post scheduled for later this week that will give you some tips on second hand shopping, which is my favorite way to find quality furniture at discount prices! I found a $4,000+ high end sofa for a client at a consignment shop for $800, it is a great way to shop! Stay tuned!

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The Pottery Barn Basic Slipcovered Sofa Saga <br>& Confessions


  1. I’m so impressed… how smart to call for a floor model. This is the couch that I want sooo bad. And I was worried about keeping it clean, so thats good to hear you don’t have problems with it.

    karli & rockbellas inspiring blog post..Price My Space Party!

  2. melissa stover says:

    that’s awesome! i love white. what a bargain hunter you are!

    melissa stovers inspiring blog post..Price my space – Kid’s bedroom

  3. Melissa,
    I have had the same PB Basic sofa for almost 10 years. I am on my second Kahki slipcover , they do last forever! I had PB send me swatches of white….uggh….they have like 5 different whites! This is not good for someone like me….is the cotton duck to creamy white, is the WHITE white to white? I just need a normal white & it appears that is what you have. Hate to ask you but what white DO you have? This would be extremely helpful….

    • Melissa says:

      No problem! Ok, I think what I have is the warm white denim. I was willing to take anything in a neutral color and this is what I ended up with. I love the shade of white, not too glaring white but not cream either. Perfection.

      I have seen these floor model slipcovers on Ebay too, only thing is I wanted to be able to see it and return it easily to the store right away if it wasn’t in good enough shape. Mine really looked perfect, except for that small mark that I never even notice.

  4. I have the Rowe version of this slipcovered couch (with down) and I took it to an upholsterer and had the cushions re-stuffed. It made a big difference in how mine looked. I did not even know you could do this until my mother suggested it ;)


    Beachbrightss inspiring blog post..Could You Live in 450 Sq. Ft.?

  5. Love it! I really love the white PB basic sofas, but we have leather couches (not from PB) that began wearing out within a year. Such a let down. I will definitely do things different next time.

    Looking forward to your consignment post! I bought two of my favorite pieces of art at a home consignment store – I can’t believe the bargain price!

    living with lindsays inspiring blog post..Finding Privacy Solutions for Uncommon Windows

    • Melissa says:

      Consignment is really a great way to shop, so many quality bargains to be found! Post will be up on Wednesday, I believe.

  6. Looks fresh and fabulous!

    Jeanne @ Inspiring Ideass inspiring blog post..Summer Souvenirs

  7. I’m so glad I asked about that sofa….and got to hear the sweet story. I’ve got this big blue denim beast…paid enough for it and keep thinking that I could sew some slip covers…maybe…sorta… at any rate, I’m…again…inspired by your inspiring :-) stories.

    lylah ledners inspiring blog post..Creating Beautiful Moments

    • Melissa says:

      If you can sew them yourself, you are my hero. For those like yourself who have a good sofa but not a PB one, I recommend finding a great seamstress and having her make one unless you can do it yourself! Some will charge you way too much, but I have had good seamstresses give quotes for my clients that were quite reasonable, so it pays to ask around. I usually start by asking for referrals at the fabric stores, they usually give some great references you can start with.

      • What a timely post! I had been dreaming of new furniture for my living room, but I realized I might be able to slipcover or reupholster some existing pieces and be very happy with that.
        I have a comfortable, well-crafted sofa in my basement with very dated upholstery. Does anyone reupholster anymore? I’ve always heard it’s more expensive than buying new, but we got the sofa at a rummage sale, and it’s really well-made. I like the idea of checking with fabric shops, I didn’t realize that.

        Karla @ Mom’s Potlucks inspiring blog post..Use the right tools: Speedy vegetable prep

        • I am an advocate for used furniture finds! Ever since I can remember I have shopped this way and I always am complimented with the way my home has looked. If i like it and it’s cheap I buy it and it makes its way into my eclectic dynasty of second hand finds. I even pick up things brought to the curb!
          If you have a well made sofa it’s worth the price to reupholster. I have watched many friends purchase furniture every few years because their expensive buys just wear out. It’s such a shame to pay so much only to replace it with another piece of poorly made junk.
          So my vote is to reupholster or slip cover when the need arises, or search Craigslist for a terrific find.
          I too purchased one expensive sofa back about 19 years ago and it is still standing the test of time. But I am tired of the fabric, so I was debating whether to make a slip cover or spend the big bucks and reupholster. Anyway recently I saw a post on Craigslist for the same sofa and I had to get it. It too was in beautiful shape and I love the fabric on it. I paid $140 for a $1600 sofa and I am very proud to say that I swapped around the pillows with my other sofa and now I feel like I have 2 new sofas. It’s darling!!!! I’m glad the debate between the slip cover and reupholster took so long because now I don’t have to do either.
          I have many antiques and well made pieces of furniture with the high end labels but with out the high end price thanks to doing just what the author of this awesome blog has done. Good luck to all in your scavenger hunts for terrific deals. I warn you though because once you start you won’t stop. You will realize that your money can be much better spent else where. God bless all!

  8. That’s really good to know that you like the PB basic sofa. It’s been on my wish list for a while. And good for you for finding bargains on both the sofa and slipcover!

    AnNicole@OurSuburbanCottages inspiring blog post..Thrifty Decor Tips

  9. lucky you! i love those sofas.
    Ikea’s white slipcovered sofa, with the slip is only $349 for those who want the look , but can’t afford the price of something like PB. The cushions look flatter than yours though, but i’ve sat in it and it’s really comfy too. $349 is an amazing price I think. Nothing looks better than a white slipcovered sofa imo.


    joni webbs inspiring blog post..Sunday Fun: Fashion, Feed Bags, & Fabric

    • Melissa says:

      Thanks Joni. Good to know on the IKEA sofa–great tip and awesome price! Mine is a little smooshed from my son walking all over it and beating it up with weapons. I didn’t even fluff it before the photo :-) It is a pretty fluffy sofa.

  10. Love this story! I’m so impressed that you knew to ask for a slipcover floor model… a tip I will definitely remember!
    I have an off-white sectional that I paid more for than I should have NINETEEN years ago and it will.not.die. I alternately love it and hate it for random periods of time. Right now I love it because I gave it a deep cleaning a couple of weeks ago and can’t believe how good it still looks.
    I’m totally with you when it comes to decorating with what you have. And it appears that I will have this big white sofa for a few more years! (So glad I stuck to my guns and bought white when so many people said I was crazy!)

    Tracys inspiring blog post..The Bluest Blue

  11. Love this story! I’m so impressed that you knew to ask for a floor model slipcover… a tip I will definitely remember!
    I have an off-white sectional that I paid more for than I should have NINETEEN years ago and it will.not.die. I have alternately loved it and hated it for random periods of time. Right now, I love it because I gave it a deep cleaning two weeks ago and can’t believe how great it still looks.
    I’m totally with you when it comes to decorating with what you have… and it looks like I’m going to have this big white sofa for a few more years! (so glad I stuck to my guns and bought white even tho so many people tried to talk me out of it!)

    Tracys inspiring blog post..The Bluest Blue

  12. Oh jeez… sorry I left two comments… I thought I accidentally deleted the first one!!! New laptop… unskilled operator!!!

    Tracys inspiring blog post..The Bluest Blue

  13. I have a little dream that once my children gain control of their bodily functions, that I too will own a sofa with white slip covers with beautiful accent cushions. I know you can wash them, but with six children who have a penchant for Vegemite, I think I’d better wait. Love your sofa, Melissa, thanks for building the dream! Meredith xo.

    Merediths inspiring blog post..bookaccino time

  14. Yes, thank you for a reminder that it takes patience. I want this house done tomorrow, even if it could be, the upholstery people take a lifetime and to rush means the antiques I really want may not be available right now at ant decent price…

    The Blushing Hostesss inspiring blog post..Tropical Morning

  15. I’m not sure I could get away with a white sofa these days – a 6-yr-old and two 4-yr-olds (not twins) make me dubious. But it IS beautiful!


    steadymoms inspiring blog post..Sponsor Giveaway :: Love and Tea Company

  16. Thanks for this post. I have been grappling with a sofa purchase for the last month. I spent too much on a sofa that I no longer like…at all. So, I’m searching for a slipcovered sofa and settled on the Mitchell Gold equivalent to the PB Basic and the PB Square. I was worried that being on the “low end” of the Mitchell Gold line, they wouldn’t hold up, but clearly, they are built to last (Someone commented that they have had theirs for 10 years! Great!)

    Jeannine @ Small and Chics inspiring blog post..Feeding my paint addiction

  17. Thank you for reminding me that decorating my home is a process and an evolution, not a one day project! Sometimes I get impatient and I want my home to be done RIGHT NOW, but for the most part, I am enjoying the journey of making our old house into our home. Currently, the kitchen is in the works and your website has been such a fabulous inspiration.
    Incidentally, I did the floor model thing for my sofa too. I went into the Ballard Design Outlet and asked them to sell me their slipcovered floor model. Imagine my surprise when they said yes! It was a great bargain and we love the ease of the slipcovers.
    Looking forward to your consignment store post!

    Annies inspiring blog post..The View From My Back Porch

  18. Floor models! What a super smart thing to think of! I had a sofa with the same lines and same cushion layout in my playroom – ugly worn out blue plaid upholstery…not very pretty, but good “bones”. I tried to sell it this summer in a yard sale, but had no luck. I looked online for slipcovers, and after looking at the Linden Street Friday sofa at Penney’s (and measuring every part of my sofa) I decided to see if their $200 (on sale) slipcover for it might “do”. It worked beautifully! I did have to add a little stuffing to the cushions to plump it up, but other than that it worked. Made a dramatic difference! So perhaps there are other brands of slipcovers that will work on the pb sofa (since I really LOVE it at heart!) but do indeed cost less than the pb price. Just be sure to measure everything (and you can always send it back if it doesn’t work.)

    • That is a great idea. I was actually thinking of trying that with that expensive loveseat I have. It looks very much like a PB loveseat in its shape and style so I was wondering if I could get away with buying one and trying it out. Thanks for the tip about Linden Street Friday slipcovers, I’ll check those out. Thanks.

  19. Our furniture is such an eclectic mix.

    I do enjoy some of it, while others I would trade in for more comfort.

    You did very well. I enjoyed reading about it.

    Becky K.s inspiring blog post..Blues and a Mosaic From a Summer Picnic

  20. great deal you found there! One day I’m going to know how to sew! That way, I won’t have to buy those expensive pieces of furniture or slip covers! Haha! Thanks for sharing! :)

    Cheles inspiring blog post..Is that you God? Should I stop or continue?

  21. We’ve been lucky to find some great Pottery barns rugs at garage sales, however we are shopping for couches. Do you have suggestions of some nice consignment shops in the Portland area? I would really like to give them a try. Thank you!

    • Yes, I really like one in Sellwood (eek, can’t think of the name off hand)…it is almost across from Hollywood video on 13th. It has a parking lot on the right side and around the back. I’ll try to think of the name of it and put it here later. It is a small shop but they get some nice stuff.

      Then there is one in Tigard called Consignment NW. It is huge and I’ve found great things there too. You have to look through stuff you don’t like to find the gems, just as in all deal hunting!

      I loved a shop up on Terwilliger that just closed, sad about that one.

      If I think of any more or the name of the one in Sellwood I’ll let you know!

  22. I think if we lived next to each other, we would be great friends- your story about your furniture sounds like what I do- here’s a little silly- I did the same thing when we were first married and bought a sofa {mauve, have you} that we couldn’t afford, but had to have it- the darn thing never worn out- it has been pasted around through all five kids- it finally meet it’s end this year- 30 years later =)
    I just picked up a few things last week at a consignment store- and I’m so looking for a white slip covered sofa too! { little secret, I just got a invite to a restoration warehouse sale in my area- they only happen 3 times a year- and you have to have a ticket to get in- I’m holding a ticket =)
    Happy Day- sorry this comment when on and on =)

    teresas inspiring blog post..Sensible Chic

  23. Oh after my recent visit to a consignment shop, I realized that would be the way to go. Still, even those excellent prices are out of my budget for a while. Great stories about both of your sofas! You must have clean kids, a clean husband, and clean guests.

    Vees inspiring blog post..A Haven’s Food Mosaic

    • Melissa says:

      Well, no I don’t have clean kids necessarily (I have a 9 year old boy and teenagers so that should tell you something about our cleanliness!) but keep in mind you don’t have to get a white slipcover! You can get brown or tweed or other dirt hiding fabric if the color is worry.

  24. But don’t you worry about fleas or bed bugs when buying used upholstered furniture?? If you ever inadvertently bought such an item your entire house would become infested and what a nightmare and expense THAT would be!! Far more trouble and expense than buying new.

    I admire you, but I just worry too much about that to follow suit. Has anyone ever bought an infested piece?

    • Melissa says:

      No, I have never had an infested piece of furniture. You definitely would want to pick a quality consignment shop for your upholstered purchases. Quality shops only accept quality (i.e. nearly perfect!) pieces. I look them over carefully, smell them and have never had an issue. Quality shops would take the piece back if you had a concern once you got it home. Not to worry, you can safely buy furniture at consignment shops as long as you check the pieces out before hand and have selected a reputable and quality shop! I would especially be careful about buying upholstered pieces on Craigslist (which is where I bought mine!) since there is no return. It is important that you take them time to screen who you are buying from and check out the piece very carefully before you purchase it.

  25. I have the same sofa with a pure white slipcover. I finally washed it after using it everyday for 2 years. It washed beautifully. I washed it in cold water with Mrs. Meyers Lavender detergent and hung it on the clothesline to dry on a hot day. I put it back on before it dried completly. It was a little wrinkled but I like the way it looks.
    p.s. I was not as clever as you were in purchasing it. But we got ours w/our American Express points, it took a long time but was worth it.

    • Melissa says:

      Great tip on hanging them out to dry and putting them back on before they are completely dry. I think that is the key!

  26. Thank you for the post…I could hardly wait! I peruse Craig’s List every day and rarely find PB stuff. Oh well, maybe in time. Here’s a silly question…are flea markets the same as swap meets?

    • Maybe someone else can answer this too…Flea markets have booths that people pay for in order to sell stuff. At swap meets, you just pay to enter so everyone can participate in buying and selling.

      Anyone else that can answer this? Is this right?

  27. Love your PB sofa and the story behind it! We foolishly spent $ we didn’t have on furniture when we first married and didn’t “evolve over time”. Over the years, the furniture became worn with holes and we were still paying on it! Thankfully, we have finished with that loan and adopted a “paying with cash” attitude. We finally bought a new sofa last year for about $700 and I agonized over the decision. I knew it would need to last for many years… and hopefully, it does.

  28. You thrifty chics totally amaze me ! I admit it I am jealous !

  29. You thrifty chics totally amaze me ! I admit it I am jealous !
    PS: Forgot to add great post!

  30. I admire your resolve and thriftiness. All you gals today are more budget-conscious, which I guess is somewhat a sign of the times and the state of the economy. I can remember a time when it was all but unheard of to shop at a thrift shop, and now it’s all the rage! (I love my local consignment shop!) I don’t have kids at home anymore, and I hate to travel, don’t give a hoot about clothes or shoes, so my money goes into my home. There was a time when I couldn’t do that. But I figure, you can travel to someplace exotic and carry a photo around. Or you can sit on a piece of furniture that you bought with that money you spent for many years to come!

    Brenda Kulas inspiring blog post..Price My Cozy Space

  31. Have patience..don’t be in such a hurry…my dad used to sing that song to me! :)

    Susans inspiring blog post..Sequim, Washington: The Lavender Capital of North America

  32. Was that the Have Patience song from Music Machine that inspired the line, “Have Patience, Have Patience…don’t be in such a hurry”? :)

  33. Stephanie says:

    That is what I keep telling myself….have patience. I have a living room with 1 sofa, and a rocking chair and I am desperate for a loveseat or another sofa. I need more seating, but alas, I must wait.

    Have patience, have patience…don’t be in such a hurry.
    When you are, impatient…you only start to worry.
    (Wow, that brought back melodic memories from my childhood!)

    Stephanie @ A Fine Houses inspiring blog post..Fine Finds

  34. I am May-Jah-ly jealous of your find your PB sofa and slipcover for less than $1000!!! I’ve been searching for a slipcovered sofa and I’ll be darned if they all aren’t soooo expensive! It looks soooo comfortable, even in white (or off-white)!

  35. I have to share my expensive sofa purchase – about 1978 we bought an expensive Barcalounger sectional sofa in a small diamond corduroy type fabric. I think the sofa was $1800, a bunch of money to us. It was supposed to last “forever”. It did. Unfortunately. We finally gave it away in 2008. That was one time I wished it had not lasted “forever”!!

  36. I like this post–it reminds me to be patient. I haven’t always been good at thrifting–we just don’t have many thrift stores around here that are good for good furniture finds, but I still try occasionally. I do wish I’d talked my husband into a PB couch when we were first married, so I wouldn’t be stuck with our Ikea look-alike one. It’s okay, but not for tall people. ;)

    aubreys inspiring blog post..You know it’s time to fold the laundry when…

  37. Thanks for your answer on swap meets/fleas. May I please ask another question??? Is your PB Basic sofa the down or poly blend? I’ve heard the down doesn’t hold it’s shape as well…but would like to hear from someone who actually owns the piece. Thanks in advance

    • Mine is down and you can see from the photo that the back cushions get a little floppity. When I bought the sofa the owner had a second pair of back cushions made out of foam that were stiffer. I just didn’t like them as much as the “sink into it” down. The down just gives a less formal look that I really like. However, you can have the down refilled to plump it up more if you find it to be less full looking over time and you want to restore the plumpness :-)

  38. Karen K. says:

    I too purchased the PB Basic w/slipcover in Honey this past January. A couple of weeks ago I got a call from the store telling me that they were getting rid of the slipcovers that had been used on some of the floor samples. I was told to get to the store within the next couple of days if I wanted one. To make a long story short, I got a white denim slipcover in mint condition for $60! I would not normally choose white, but for $60 I can afford to have it cleaned regularly.

  39. Hello Melissa – I really like your sofa! It looks incredibly comfy and I love the calm creamy white shade. Great job getting it for a fraction of the cost of a new one! Love those stories. Thank you for sharing!


    Maries inspiring blog post..price my space kitchen & bedroom

  40. Awesome couch! Great great great advice.

    Elizabeths inspiring blog post..Happy 4th of July to my American friends!

  41. I love your blog!!!! So inspiring! I just figured this out this year, the ikea slipcovers fit the P.B. basic couches just perfectly. I have 3 P.B. basic couches. The white one at Ikea is $49.99. What a deal, I couldn’t get the material for that cheap and the material seems the same to me. Like someone said the Ikea and P.B. Basic couches are twins separated at birth. Hope this helps in the future!

  42. I just wanted to say thank you…I’m on my computer nearly in tears ok in tears. I’ve never-ever wanted something so bad, I work hard…save like crazy and even after I crunched my numbers for a PB sectional-comfort I won’t be able to afford it for another 7 or 8 months. That’s with no vacation, shopping, cutting my dry cleaning expense, heck I pretty much need to wake up and work-and that’s no way to live. I came across your blog and I read it, tears pouring down my cheeks I read it. I’m so embarrassed that I have to shop on Craigs List for a couch, I feel like if I ever told anyone they would think I was incredibly dirty or something. You never know what someone is selling you these days, so I just felt so discouraged. When I read your blog, here you were putting it all out there for the world to see it wasn’t shameful, you’re not the cheapest person in the world, and there is nothing wrong with admitting you love something but need to cut corners to afford it. Thank you…a million times over….just thank you I needed to be inspired.

  43. Guess what?! I posted an add yesterday on CL looking for a PB Basic or PB Square and I found one…only a year and a half old from a newly married couple who has moved into their new apartment and have now ordered the sectional. So I guess you can say their loss is totally my gain…for $400! I’m now on the hunt for an off white PB Square couch cover, and I’m having no luck. I have again scoured CL and Ebay and even Pottery Barn, but they don’t have the PB Square as a floor model. Melissa ANY help would be appreciated, I’m trying to stay super thrifty on this so under 200 dollars or just over would be perfection.

  44. I LUCKED UP on a PB Basic (Mitchell Gold) sofa, at a church sale for (are you ready?) $75.00….it was $150 the day before, but I waited overnight because I knew I’d have to have a truck, and when I went back, there she was in all her red/white striped glory, and when I asked the woman if it was $150, she said “No, I’m sorry..I’m afraid the price has changed”…I was mortified…surely someone had told her what the sofa was…I told her to break my heart and tell me what she was asking, and she said $75…and I swear I broke out into a ridiculously happy crying fit…It’s been 3 years, and this slipcover looks just HORRIBLE…so a white slipcover on Ebay for $159 is not going to punch a hole in my wallet, and Voila! A nearly-new PB Basic for LESS THAN $250!!! I am the Queen of Cheap…someone on Ebay has the PINK slipcover for a very good price…it’s a very demure pink, and I’m SERIOUSLY considering it, just to have a spare, and to be able to upset all these men in my home who think their opinion truly matters!!!!

  45. Susan,

    I ended up getting a pb square for a steal, and I actually covered everything from ikea for around $25-30 bucks. I used the karlstad for the sqare and the dimensions matched perfectly, and the erktop for all of my cushions and stuff. I actually shamlessly searched in a discount bin and bought the karstad piece for $5 dollars and then just purchased the other set for an amazing steal. In the end my perfect sofa cost be $425-430 and I love it. So…try Ikea!! If you have the regular pb basic and just want to cover it in all white, you can do it for such a fraction of the cost.

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Phebe,

      I’m looking for a new slipcover for my PB Square sleeper and was going to send out my current faded red to be dyed (for about $300.00) but am hesitating because of the potential shrinkage that may occur. I read your post and went to the IKEA site but see the Karlstad slipcover priced at 149.00. Does the Karlstad fit perfectly over the sofa and then are you suggesting to also get the Ektorp just for the seat and back cushions? So realistically you’ll have leftover pieces from the two slipcover sets? I just want to see how you you found the bargains because buying two slipcovers off the IKEA website is getting pricey, yet again. Your feedback would be appreciated.

      • Hi Phebe,

        I have the PB Square Sofa and Armchair and am wondering if you tried the Ikea Karlstad / Ektorp slipcover suggestion. Let me know if it worked or not. New slips from PB are so expensive and if there are other options out there, I would love to know!

        • DND,
          I did this today and it fits perfectly! I have the PB Basic and purchased a red Ektorp slipcover. It is a bit snug in places (by a smidge) but works perfectly. I am so glad I didn’t pay full price at PB!

    • Hi there!! I was just looking back over your post for the Karlstad base for the PB Square and the Ektorp cushions…would you consider sending me a picture? I would LOVE another slipcovered sofa, and I can get a good deal on a PB Square that needs recovering badly…I would LOVE it if you would!!!! I’m still in love with my PB Basic/Ektorp slipcover combo…what a deal..THANK YOU IKEA!

  46. After reading all the posts…I’m wondering if the three different sofas (PS, IKEA, JcPenney’s Linden Street) share the same dimensions. Can a PB slip fit a Linden Street sofa? Ikea on Linden Street? Etc.

    Anyone have experience with the different sofas and slipcovers?

    I have a Linden Street sofa and would like to have another slipcover.

    • If you want to send me your measurement…arm width, height, depth of cushions, width of cushions, total width of sofa, total depth of sofa, and height of back…it seems like a lot of measuring, but that will guarantee it…I’ll get all my measurements and we can compare…the IKEA fit my PB perfectly, and the Linden Street looks identical….I have a feeling that everyone knows it’s simply the perfect sofa, and they just ran with the design!

      • Kimberly Nucifora says:

        So just to confirm, the Ikea Ektorp armchair slipcover fits the Pottery Barn PB basic armchair? If that’s the case, yee-hah!

    • Hi..did anyone every find out if the Ikea ektorp fits the jc penny linden street..hesitate to buy the linden street because got bad reviews regarding the slipcovers. But if the ikea ones fit that will solve the problem

  47. Hi there,
    Thank you so much for this lovely site! I just want to shout out to all the female Pottery Barn fanatics that are overly obsessed like me over the lovely Pottery Barn couches! I think I’m crazy cause I am so obsessed with them cause they look so classic and clean! My boss gave me her old PB Basic down white couch. It’s 50% goose down and 50% duck down. It is sooooooooooooo comfortable and I get compliments on it all the time. The exterior needs a lift me up cause it has holes in it cause it’s linen material and slipcover. It got washed way to many times cause she had kids and they got stains on them all the time. I have two choices. I can either sell the whole thing for like 500 on Craigslist and put that down on a PB sectional ( which my husband thinks I’m nuts and says no because it’s like buying a car!) or I can get the couch restuffed with either foam or down again and get a seamtrist and make us a new washable slipcover in white for $5oo and then restuffed for not sure ? I need some help and suggestions. My husband is no help because he has no clue on where to look and I love the down feeling not the foam. I like the ” sink in ” feeling not stiffness. Let me know of any suggestions. please..The last thing I want to do is buy a $3000 couch @ PB and go into debt! I have to be smart here.. please help.. thank you so much.

    • If you email me directly with the exact dimensions of your sofa, I will measure my sofa slipcover, which is the IKEA Ektorp (on my PB Basic sofa, which is a PERFECT FIT), to see if it would work…your dimensions should be the exact same as mine, but your cushions should fit a little more snugly because of the feather/down wrap. I did mine in the white, and not only is it gorgeous, it was CHEAP!!! If everyone knew about the Ikea Ektorp cover fitting the PB Basic PERFECTLY, PB would never sell a slipcover!!!

  48. I found a PB sectional on CL for $300. Which would seem great, but then I noticed none of the back cushions were PB. They were homemade and stuffed, so I think that only the couch and seat cushions are PB. Also, the cover is a homemade linen cover, but done well. Do you know about how much it would be to get back cushions on the small sectional. Wondering if it is worth $300.

  49. Great Post! Love it! I just sold my 3 peice basic small sectional (Left loveseat, corner/wedge & right arm chair) if anyone is looking for a slip-cover… I have 2! One is the brushed canvas honey and the other is brushed canvas cardinal red. The lady who bought my sectional was going to make her own. My slipcovers are practically brand new! I would love to help someone out…

  50. This is snowie Pacific N.W. and I discovered your blog buy hunting for formal lv.rm. decorating. I have spent my time inside rearranging furniture and organizing. Having fun. Thanks for all your tips. I just can not decide on colors for my lv.rm. rug, etc.

  51. Oh my word, I was googling cheap slipcovered sectionals and your post came up! :) I have been searching like a mad woman for a potterybarn sectional but am not having any luck :( ugh.

  52. You have so many comments here and I couldn’t read through them all, so I’m sorry if this is info that you have already heard…but I wanted to tell you that I also have the PB basic sofa and I have found that the $40 Ikea slipcover in white is a pretty darn good match in size for that couch! I also have the PB loveseat and the Ikea slipcover for their loveseat is a bit big (I tuck it to make it work) but the sofa is sized pretty much the same. Since they are so inexpensive, I have gotten in the habit of replacing them every year and I wash them every few months as I also have white and with kids they do get dirty! Just wanted to let you know in case you haven’t tried them yet! :-)

  53. eric davis says:

    i have 2 basic pb box cushion down feather couches. Well 1 is a sofa, the other is a love seat. Very expensive set. Any way i got them from a friend who upgraded couches but threw the covers away and bought the cheap slip covers (not pottery barn) all that to say- if any one knows how i can get some nice cheap (under a hundred bucks, pillow fitting covers, let me know. ) On another note, if someone wants to buy these couches, they are in perfect shape and i will sell the combo for 900. thanks.

  54. Hi,
    I’ve been searching, seems like forever, for a slipcover for my PB basics sectional. The sectional is in excellent shape considering five kids-three of whom are boys less than two years apart. All are now in college! After stumbling onto your site I checked eBay and got brave. I purchased a white GULP slipcover – new from IKEA for their ektorp sectional. One of my boys just helped me take off the denim and put the white on – praying it would fit the entire time. I am beyond thrilled! I may add a little more batting in a few corners…but so happy. The BEST part…$185.00!!!

    • HOORAY! I’m so happy to hear that! Yes, for the price, it’s AWESOME! I also found a lady recently on Ebay that makes custom slipcovers for the PB basic, I think they are a little more than IKEA’s but it’s great that there are good deals out there to keep our PB basics looking good!!! :-D

  55. I am picking up a gently used, Pottery Barn Comfort Fin sleeper sofa AND love-seat later this week that I found on Craigslist for $450. Since PB doesn’t make this style anymore, do you have suggestions on where to find slip covers for both pieces that won’t break the bank? Or should I hunt for a seamstress to create custom covers? The upholstery looks good (and it was recently cleaned), but I’d like to keep it that way. Thanks for any ideas.

  56. I’ve had a PB Basic sofa and chair for 7-8 years, and wanted to change my slipcovers, but was put off by the very high price at PB ($1200 at the time, just for slipcovers). I found that the Ikea Ektorp slipcovers fit PB Basic very well. I purchased the cheap basic white slipcovers, and dyed them in my washing machine. I wash them regularly and put them back on straight out of the washing machine while the fabric is still damp and stretchy. Works great!!

    • Thank you thank you thank you for this information. I have been looking everywhere for a slip cover for my PB basic sleeper that don’t cost more than a new sofa! I can’t thank you enough for this information!

  57. Does anyone know if an Ikea Ektorp slipcover will fit the Rowe Nantucket? If it does I will be SO excited!

    • I have a Rowe Nantucket and desperately need a new slipcover. Did you ever find out if the ektorp cover would fit the Rowe Nantucket? My husband dried the cover and it ripped in multiple places when I put it back on! Suggestions???

    • I have the same question. Has anyone found out the answer?

      • Patti Kessler says:

        I know this is a late answer but I just tried the Ektorp on my Rowe Nantucket. The cushion slipcovers fit nice but the base slipcover is too small. I even wet it to see if it would stretch and no it wasn’t happening. I am very surprised the Ektorp didn’t tear with all my pulling. So I am keeping the cushions and going to have the base slipcover made to order. I have the Ektorp in Lofallet Beige and I found a fabric at Hobby Lobby that matches almost perfect. Still looking for someone to make the slipcover at this time Hope this helps someone.

  58. I also had the PB Slipcovered denim sofa and I did love it’s looks. It wasn’t all that comfy but Katrina flooded my home in 2005- one year after I got my new sofa so I had to start over.
    I used a futon for the next 6 years so unsure of what to do or get!
    I ened up going to Rooms To Go and got 2 new slipcoved sofas for my living room! I love them. They hold up better that the pottery barn ones’. THey keep shape better and don’t sag as much if any.
    Also to my surprise they were made in the USA. In Mississippi. I have had them for 3 years now and my dogs live on the same one that I do and you just cannot tell. They never look dirty but I have washed the slip covers and they came out great. I keep expected the cushion that I sit on and lie on ( alot) to sag or something but it is holding up.
    Great prices too and good delivery service. It’s the Cindy Crawford line and it seems to be really good quality furniture!

  59. All of my slipcovers are white in my two homes in Ohio and Colorado, the latter known for dust and dirt. Once I saw how dirty the white slipcovers got (we have two Shelties and a white Turkish Angora cat) I decided to never go back to dark colors and it gives me the creeps to sit on other people’s furniture that is covered in dark fabric!
    I wash my white slipcovers a lot! Had to use a slipcover lady to make a custom twill cover for my Sherrill camelback sofa – $2500 – 30 years ago but it is still going strong! The thing about custom covers is that you can prewash the fabric. I have two Ektorp chairs with IKEA covers and I have found they shrink horribly and the PB covers are no better. I don’t know why someone hasn’t offered preshrunk slipcovers since the whole idea is to be able to wash them.
    All that to say, if you can make them or have them made you can preshrink the fabric. If not, you probably have to put them back on damp or wet – which I hate to do. There is another alternative which I think no one has covered (pun) yet. There is a site called Ugly Sofa that sells Brand X covers and these are genuine PB slipcovers (and window treatments) that have probably been returned. You can get PB sofa covers for $250-300 depending on the style.
    Now, here is what has happened to me, and it may be a blessing in disguise – I will let you know how it turns out. My previous PB Comfort box edge sofa cover shrunk by 6″ and I couldn’t even get it on. The cushion covers still fit, but not the body. I purchased it on eBay – so who knows the story there. So a cream linen cover finally showed up on Ugly Sofa and I bought it in Ohio and transported it back to Colorado about 6 months later. I put in on yesterday and it is sloppy big EVERYWHERE. So I contacted the company and the owner had me locate the tag and sure enough – it was for the Grand Comfort sofa instead of the regular PB Comfort, which is several inches too big. so the jury is still out. I don’t know what the company is going to do for me – their mistake, but I am seriously thinking about washing it in warm water and drying it in the dryer to shrink it. I will post back regarding what happens! If I can shrink it I will buy the Grand slipcovers in the future and shrink them down.

    • I agree about making them so the fabric can be pre-shrunk. I was gifted with a PB Square sleeper sofa and love seat set years ago, and when the original slipcovers wore out, I naively ordered new ones from PB. On their first wash (cold water) and dry (low heat – removed before fully dry) they shrank about 15% and have never fit correctly since. As Pottery Barn considers slipcovers a custom (meaning non-returnable) order, there was no recourse from them. I was fumed, and still have the horrible PB slipcovers on there now. I will never order them pre-made again. I am looking at having someone local make me new ones so I can ensure the fabric is pre-shrunk this time.

  60. Has anyone gotten the grand Buchanan PB Sofa? We want it for our great room and this seems to have the right dimensions we are looking for. Also, has anyone tried the Sunbrella fabrics? As much as I love the. Whites and ivory colors, we have a 50 pound dog who loves to cuddle with us on the couch and 3 kids and lots of family gatherings. We are looking at the Sahara weave Oatmeal color. Seems like it would hide a little more???

  61. Lindsay says:

    Anyone have any reviews (good or bad) on pottery barn sunbrella fabrics as well?

  62. Did anyone figure out if the IKEA slipcover (or any other) will fit on the JC Penney Linden twill sofa? I have the down filled one that I bought off of CL with the arm chair and ottoman for $400. They are all white and unfortunately have a few stains from a messy mom, 4 boys,and a dog. I tried to order new ones but they have been discontinued. I’m so bummed. They are the most comfortable pieces of furniture but really need a new slipcover. Thanks!

    • Same question! I have the JP Penney Linden sofa and it’s in great shape except the cushions are faded. I want to buy new slipcovers. Will the IKEA Ektorp covers fit the Linden sofa? Thank you so much for the help!!

  63. Would you mind telling me the height of the back of the sofa (not counting the cushions). I’m trying to figure out if this sofa will fit through our doorway but the pb website only has the total height with the cushions. Thanks :)

  64. Rita Thomas says:

    Ones the PB slipcover fit the Rowe Nantucket two seat pillow sofa? I have been pricing Rowe and custom made slip covers and the price is horrible and I need to replace covers on my Nantucket sofa and chair. Any alternatives if PB won’t fit? Thanks!

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