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Come snoop around this
cottage on the lake!

by | Jul 13, 2009 | Decorating Inspiration, exteriors, Summer Decorating, Sweet Escape

Come snoop around this <br>cottage on the lake!

I know it is only Tuesday, but I could use a little weekend escape right now. Let’s go on another road trip to an idyllic vacation spot!

Just look at this dreamy setting! The water, the trees …

Come snoop around this <br>cottage on the lake!

Come snoop around this <br>cottage on the lake!

Add in a charming home and you have the perfect summer escape!

Come snoop around this <br>cottage on the lake!

Come snoop around this <br>cottage on the lake!

Love those blue Adirondack chairs!

Come snoop around this <br>cottage on the lake!

It is charming on the outside, but wouldn’t you love to look inside and maybe stay awhile? I would. I love getting to peek inside people’s houses. I am such a snoop.

{A quick side note: Once I was at a house I was head over heels in love with and the owners left the room to go take something outside. I was so excited to be left alone in their kitchen so I could drool and study its fine craftsmanship. I was just running my hands over their kitchen drawer hardware admiring its beauty when the owner walked back in. I was mortified. Busted.}

Lucky for us, today we have permission to snoop around this lovely home! Sweet Emily from Remodeling This Life shared these great photos of her family’s getaway with me (I think it is on a lake somewhere in Florida oops, northern NY) and I knew you’d all want to snoop around too. Because I know you and you are just as snoopy as I am. Don’t deny it. I’ve seen that look in your eyes.

I’ll be quiet now so you can snoop in peace…go ahead. I know you want to.

Come snoop around this <br>cottage on the lake!

Come snoop around this <br>cottage on the lake!

Come snoop around this <br>cottage on the lake!

Come snoop around this <br>cottage on the lake!

Come snoop around this <br>cottage on the lake!

Imagine waking up every day of your vacation seeing that lake view! Such a serene and happy family home, inside and out!

Thanks for inviting us in Emily! You are so gracious to share it with us. Your family’s home is lovely and I can see it is an ideal place to make great memories. What a blessing to have it in your family!

For more of Emily’s great family vacation homes (yes, don’t be too envious but there is another guest house nearby this one!), check out her blog to see the tours!

Meanwhile, where would your idea vacation home be? Go ahead and dream.


  1. JoeyfromSC

    oh my goodness that place is gorgeous lol

    [email protected] busted!

    Thanks to Emily for sharing…I love snooping too:)

  2. Becky K.

    It is certainly a lovely place to retreat to. I love the splashes of color throughout.

    We would love to have a vacation home of our own in the mountains of PA. We use a cabin owned by distant family but dream of having our own place there one day…

    Becky K.

    Becky K.s inspiring blog post..Blues and a Mosaic From a Summer Picnic

  3. Sallie

    Is that Fiestaware in her glass-doored cabinets? We bought ours because we loved the bright colors mix-matched just like that in our cupboards.

    I LOVE all the POPS of color :-)

    Have a great week!!

    Sallies inspiring blog post..Paint, Procrastination, and Wanna-Get-It-Done Lists

  4. charleigh

    wow! its gorgeous inside & out – thanks for the peek!

  5. Gina

    Amazing! I could handle a getaway like that-looks like a fun place.

    And I’m sure I’d get busted too-I’m the one who slows down at night to peer in neighbors windows…just love to see how others have set stuff up and decorated….glad I’m not alone!

    Ginas inspiring blog post..No Cost Window Treatments

  6. Kathy

    One year we rented a house on a lake in Maine for a week. It was a really lovely spot and turned out to be a great family vacation, as well. The first pictures remind me of it.

    Lovely cottage and very casual – just like a vacation home should be!

  7. LeAnn

    She’s got all the colors I love , especially the orange I am in love with. This house is so beautiful. Yes I do believe I could live there:)


    LeAnns inspiring blog post..Bursts of color…..

  8. Julie

    I love the setting this cottage is in–looks so relaxing. I’ve never stayed in a lakeside cottage before. We honeymooned in the Poconos and there were plenty of cute cottages there. My perfect dream vacation cottage would be on Tybee Island, though. There are some really wonderful homes there and I just know one of them would love to belong to my family!

  9. Sharon

    Boy! I’m so glad I am going on a mini break tomorrow, cos else I would be pining for a relaxing break after seeing these lovely images:) Loved the post!


    Sharons inspiring blog post..100th Post – Giveaway from CSN Lighting

  10. Emily

    Thanks so much hosting this lovely tour today, Melissa! Fun to see the cottage here :)

    The cottage is in Northern NY and yes, that is a combination of Fiestaware and Syracuse China in those cabinets. I smile every time I walk past, because I too love the splash of color there.

    [email protected] inspiring blog post..Love What You Have

  11. teresa

    Love it- my dream vacation home would have to be near water too- I’ve always dreamed of having a beach home….maybe someday =)
    Love the color in the home.

    teresas inspiring blog post..Little Birthday Party-

  12. Vee

    Oh how lovely! I’d never have guessed Florida… Guess that means it could be any lake anywhere…

    Vees inspiring blog post..A Haven’s Food Mosaic

  13. Chele

    Beautiful lakehome! I have some photo’s I have yet to share on my blog of our family friends lakehouse that we get to go to again in about a month! Yay, I love lakehouses! So peaceful!! Thanks for sharing Emily and Melissa!

    Cheles inspiring blog post..Where Has My Sweet Boy Gone?

  14. gail gray of a fresh start professional organizing

    I am peeking in windows of homes as I walk the dogs…feel like a stalker, but just admiring the interior!

    Love the color in the home as well as the clean white punches through out. Thank you for sharing the lakehouse.

  15. Candace

    Ooooh, I like this house! I am drooling over all those windows in the kitchen, the glass front cabinets, and that light just off the porch! Fabulous, fabulous!

    For my dream vacation home, I would need somewhere that would be close to the beach and close to the mountains. It is too hard for me to choose between those two relaxing and awe-inspiring spots.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Candace @ our little lifes inspiring blog post..Price My Space Party

  16. Richella

    What a beautiful place. How good to have a retreat like this. Thanks to Emily for sharing it and to you for showing it to all of us!

    Richellas inspiring blog post..Defining Moment

  17. Amy

    I’m so jealous of Emily!! What a great place to grow up and visit each year.

    Amy @ Living Locurtos inspiring blog post..Cajun Caviar Recipe

  18. Lance

    This looks so peaceful. And relaxing. And just plain “great”. Emily, what a place you have to enjoy! The views are incredible!

    Lances inspiring blog post..Painting The Masterpiece of Our Life

  19. katy

    WOW! What a wonderful place, I’d LOVE to have something like this. Thanks for sharing with us. I love looking around peoples homes.

    katys inspiring blog post..Too Hot to Handle

  20. Clayton Gray Home

    What a great home, thanks for sharing!

  21. janice

    Beautiful! We’re holidaying at home at the moment, so I’m enjoying spending a few moments every time I log on just transporting myself to friendly folks’ homes all over the world. Thanks to both of you for sharing!

    janice | Sharing the Journeys inspiring blog post..How to Breathe Life Into Your Writing

  22. amydeanne

    i’m living in my vacation home lol… i’d like a real house now! lol

    seriously i don’t really have a vacation dream home, but i love this home it’s gorgeous!

    amydeannes inspiring blog post..Snow Melts in Spring

  23. Phaedra

    Oh, I love it…to simply get away and have such beautiful surroundings and on the water too, that is my idea of heaven. It must be so serene to be surrounded by big lush beautiful trees and it looks so moist and dewy there. I would love to snuggle up in my robe, take a hot cup of English tea and relax in one of those lovely blue adirondack chairs. Thank you for sharing and for allowing me to go to a heavenly place in my daydream!

    Phaedras inspiring blog post..Simple Pleasures

  24. anne

    Your comment about ‘snooping’ cracks me up; there is a little house up here that we almost bought and although it wasn’t suitable for us, i still am enchanted by it and go to visit it often. It was just put in escrow, and when I went last time to show it to some friends the new owner was there. He was charming and gracious and when I told him about my affection for HIS house, he invited us in to look around and chat…. I gave him my card and really hope he stays in touch, cause i want to see what he ends up doing with the place!!


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