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Fall Nesting Tips: #15
Country Living

Fall Nesting Tip #15: Bring in the books!

You can use books to decorate in every room in the house, including the kitchen and dining rooms! I adore being surrounded by books because it means I can truly LIVE in every room of my home. A room without books feels too stiff for my liking. Books make your home feel warm, cozy and inviting.

I love to be able to plop down on a chair in any corner and find a big stack of books nearby to peruse. Plus it makes me look all smart and intellectual.

Fall Nesting Tips: #15
Country Living

I really love books in the kitchen. I put a bookcase in the island of my previous kitchen and it was one of the most talked about and used features of the room. I’m sure you are sick of seeing these old photos but here it is again, my beloved kitchen (below)!

Fall Nesting Tips: #15

my old kitchen

In my new kitchen so far I am using this cabinet for books (below) but you can bet I’ll add more once I start seriously decorating and adding my own personal touches to the room.

Fall Nesting Tips: #15

my new kitchen

Fall Nesting Tips: #15
Mary Jane McCarty, Country Living

I also love the idea of a library / dining room. Dining rooms typically get such little use, why not fill up those walls with a library of books? Very charming!

Books inspire me to nestle in with a big mug of hot chocolate and read the afternoon away.

So whether you have them in built in bookcases, freestanding cabinets or just stack your books on floors or tables, books are the perfect fall decorating accessory! You can buy great hardbacks at Goodwill so if you don’t have enough books, start collecting them!


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PS. It is not too late to enter to WIN $5,000…seriously, imagine all the books you could buy if you won that money! If you don’t enter, I guarantee YOU won’t win. Chances are still good it could be YOU.

Lastly, I have a BIG and I mean BIG surprise to tell you all about on Friday!

Keep on adding and reading the procrastinator posts too! Tons of fun! We’ll wrap things up on Friday!


  1. Richella

    I love this post. I love, love, love books. . . and I love the ways you’ve shown here of incorporating them throughout the house! Thanks for the little peek back at your old house–it was stunning, that’s for sure. I hope you’re feeling settled in your new digs, even if it’s just for awhile. I admire you for making a home for your family no matter what house you’re in. One of the many ways you inspire me.
    .-= Richella´s last blog ..DIY for someone else =-.

  2. Dawn-Hydrangea Home

    Hey Melissa,
    I love bookshelves in the kitchen. I’m trying to get my husband to build some bookshelves in our kitchen and around the fireplace in the family room. Just another project added to his LONG honey-do list!
    I love the way your furniture piece came out. Have a great day.
    .-= Dawn-Hydrangea Home´s last blog ..White Wednesday…Shades of White =-.

  3. Becky K.

    Your new home is looking lovely.
    I am sorry I haven’t been around as much lately.
    Busy, busy.
    I’ll have to snoop around and see what I have missed.

    We have so many books!
    Our whole family loves them.

    Becky K.
    .-= Becky K.´s last blog ..Ten Things You May Not Know… =-.

  4. Sue

    I love books everywhere too. Yours in your new kitchen look like they will be in a perfect place for grabbing on a moments notice.
    Tried to sign up for the 5K with my little entry blurb but had to register to enter it so I gave up. Guess that will leave more opportunity for others ;)
    .-= Sue´s last blog ..Majolica Morning ~ Happy Birthday Sheryl =-.

  5. Jo

    Thank you for this post! So many of the decorating sites I read are constantly talking about reducing the number of books you own, ect. But I recently moved and the moment I packed up all of my books was the moment it no longer felt like “home” in my old house. This past weekend I unpacked all my books at my new house and it felt like I was filling my house with old friends.

  6. Kathy

    I love that you had a chair near that bookcase in your old kitchen. What a great place to sit with a cup of coffee or tea and go over recipes.

  7. Jessica

    Ahh, I’d love to have a big loungy chair in my kitchen. You know people always gather there, then they would be comfy when they sit (and stop hovering over me while I cook!)

    Love that open shelving in the top photo, maybe it’s just the island I want…
    .-= Jessica´s last blog ..Still Working On It =-.

  8. Kristen

    I’m with you! I love books too and try to keep them every where I can. I never thought of a library/dining room combination. I love it!
    .-= Kristen @ Beautifully Imperfect´s last blog ..Learning =-.

  9. Karen

    I added a bookcase in my kitchen/dining room as an afterthought. I’m so glad I did. It stores cookbooks, and because it’s within reach of the patio door, doggie treats.
    .-= Karen´s last blog ..Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk =-.

  10. teresa

    Love the hutch- and Holy Cow… I hate to wait for surprises =)
    but fun.
    Have a great day-
    .-= teresa´s last blog ..finished Master bedroom =-.

  11. Kim

    We have books everywhere! I love to stare at my recipe books in the kitchen. Beautiful photos, Melissa!

    .-= Kim @ Forever Wherever´s last blog ..My Colorful Quilt =-.

  12. Spring

    I homeschool my three kids, and my DR is nearly wall to wall books, which I thought MIGHT be a decorating faux pas, but I loved the feel of it, and it was also so practical for our everyday use of the room. So glad to know it can “be a look!” :)
    .-= Spring´s last blog ..Is not this nice? =-.

  13. Janell Beals

    YES! I adore books and using them to decorate and to just have hanging around. I placed a lamp on my kitchen countertop and had the thought to place a couple cookbooks under it…then realized my cookbooks are rather shabby looking. Oh well…can’t wait to hear what this big surprise is on Friday!
    Have a great one…Janell
    .-= Janell Beals´s last blog ..Before & Afters – My Previous Home =-.

  14. Annie

    As a former English teacher (before kiddies), I wholeheartedly agree about books!

    BTW Thanks for the daily dose of inspiration. I nominated you for an award on my blog. :)
    .-= Annie @ astonesthrowfrominsanity´s last blog ..What’s Up in the Crazy House . . . Part 2 =-.

  15. AnNicole

    Sick of seeing your toile chair? Never! I love what you’ve done with your new kitchen too.

    I’ll tell you, I’m really good at having magazines around…but not so great at the book part. Thanks for the inspiration to work on that.
    .-= [email protected]´s last blog ..In An Accessory Rut? =-.

  16. laney

    …”without a love of books…the richest man is poor”

  17. janice

    I love books, too, but this article made me smile as I spent a lot of my coaching life helping people whose book collections ended up clogging up their lives and bogging them down. The book takeover can creep up on folk who have smaller spaces, a passion for books and a total phobia about parting with any. One single friend of mine can’t have friends over to stay in a three bedroom house because two of them are so packed, floor to ceiling, with books. Not good for his asthma either, or for his pocket when a cleaning lady had to be hired. I guess it’s all about balance.

    We have no home office, family room, den, basement, landings, conservatory, inhabitable garage, large country kitchen or square hallway.We do have books from every career and hobby, though, and the living room was groaning, desperate to breathe. I’m in the process of keeping only my absolute favourites and those I will read or use again. Then they’ll make their way back into my decorating.

    Your kitchen corner looked lovely, by the way, and your revamped hutch does, too! I hope you get news about house sales soon so that you can get out of limbo. Looking forward to the surprise tomorrow!
    .-= janice | Sharing the Journey´s last blog ..Clutter: What are You Really Holding Onto…and Why? =-.

  18. Paula

    I’m a book lover, too! One of my favorite pieces of furniture is the home for a large selection of my entertaining and cookbooks – I have more on display in my kitchen and a few tucked inside those kitchen cabinets that are above the sink… I try to be careful and edit out any that are not being used regularly – Book Traders is a friend of mine!

    I love the bookshelf area and toile chair from your previous home! I would want to live there!! I really like the new green cabinet you just completed – it looks amazing.

  19. Red Door Home

    I don’t think you can ever have too many books – especially design books!

  20. Abbey G.

    In addition to Goodwill, check out your locally owned bookstore (bonus if it’s a used bookstore)! Make sure to tell them you’re shopping there because it’s locally owned. My husband and I own two used bookstores and it means so much to hear people tell us that.

    Love this post, as we have books EVERYWHERE!
    .-= Abbey G.´s last blog ..Currently Reading =-.

  21. The Bella Girls

    I am digging the books that are displayed on the kitchen islands. What a great way to incorporate all ones cookbooks into the decor. I always feel bad placing my beautiful cookbooks in a kitchen cupboard. (I like how you placed them inside your new hutch). Thanks for the nesting tip.


  22. Aimee

    Aaah, I LOVE to use books to decorate, too! Your house is looking so homey! Love it! :)
    .-= Aimee´s last blog ..Toy Storage Bench Re-Do =-.

  23. Debbie

    Hi Melissa, I agree with you! I love books in all the rooms…especially cook books to peruse…while watching cooking shows! It does make us look smarter…big smile! Love that cabinet you did, it looks amazing. Hope you and your precious family are well. Loving and enjoying the Incourage site!
    .-= Debbie´s last blog ..Fall Home Tour =-.

  24. Elizabeth Barrette

    I love books too. We have books in every room of the house. The cookbooks alone are 8 shelves plus 2 more shelves of magazines and pamphlets.
    .-= Elizabeth Barrette´s last blog ..Samhain Food and Decorations =-.


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