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A Very Pink Christmas
So tell me, are you having a pink, blue, green, or red Christmas?
A Very Pink Christmas
Are you going to coordinate your holiday
decor colors with your everyday home colors?

A Very Pink Christmas
Is it hard to break out of the traditional green and red
or are you trying something fresh and new?

A Very Pink Christmas
No, I’m not really going to have a very pink Christmas.
Although it is a very pretty idea!

Let’s discuss!

I’m curious what colors you are all decorating with this year!
pink Christmas inspiration: Country Living


  1. Gena

    Hmm… getting out of the traditionsl red and green xmas scheme, takes some thought and courage, I think…. for the past 2-3 years we tried gold and green, silver and green, silver and white … going “colour” tho, I’m not sure I could or would, never mind the expense of having to buy different decorations!!!!
    .-= Gena´s last blog ..Paris in Vintage Black & White Prints =-.

  2. Lori

    My favorite color scheme for Christmas, one I just don’t get tired of, is mainly a cherry red and limey green (not fond of dark, hunter green). I add lots of white and silver too. This year I plan to use what I have already, while “shopping the house” for everyday things that I can use in a new way. Looking forward to tomorrow! Sounds like a lot of fun.

  3. Marian

    YES!! I will be having a PINK inspired Christmas again. I did it last year and loved it so much I am doing it again. Pink decorations in the tree, but also cream and ivory, so a combination. Pink candles, a green and pink garland, Pink bows. But also a lot of Ivory so it is not TOO much pink, lol.
    (can there really be too much pink??? nah ♥♥)

    Hugs from Marian
    .-= Marian´s last blog ..Neglecting… =-.

  4. Emily

    I am traditional. There will be some shimmer in there, but mostly red. I am afraid of decorating this year. I don’t want to fall and crack my noggin open.
    .-= [email protected]´s last blog ..2 Years of Blogging =-.

  5. cindy

    I’m using lots of white with pops of red and tiffany blue. With natural elements. I want to keep my seasonal stuff up thru Valentines day (except for the most obvious christmas stuff like the tree). Looking forward to tomorrow!
    .-= cindy´s last blog ..Let’s party on down. =-.

  6. Kelly

    Just finished redoing my kitchen (yesterday!). Painted all the khaki cabinets white, made black and white check drapes, and put away all my red (has taken me a year to get to this point)…and I am worried about changing to yellow as my accent color – especially here at Christmas when the red has been so wonderful to use for the holidays. I have been looking everywhere for some inspiration for using yellow (can’t see beyond lemon and lemon drops for ideas). I am ready for some “freshness” in a house that has had red in every room. Any ideas or places to look for inspiration????

  7. Astrid

    I’m sticking with tradition. I love the traditional Christmas colors (red & green but really mostly red). I usually incorporate some of the Austrian Christmas traditions that I grew up with in my decorating. It makes me happy. :)
    .-= Astrid´s last blog ..New Game + Ice Cream = Happy Girls =-.

  8. Suzann from The Olive Cottage

    I’m not certain what I’m doing for the upstairs this year. I am hoping to figure it out this week. Downstairs the theme is rustic and I’ve been loving gathering all the items for that decor.
    .-= Suzann from The Olive Cottage´s last blog ..W is For… =-.

  9. kathie

    I have been reading your blog for months now and just wanted to say how much I enjoy it
    Am looking forward to tomorrow as I decided this year I really want to decorate our home for Christmas differently this year, will be looking for lots of inspiration!
    Ah yes traditional is still my favorite, yes reds and greens!
    although each of my DD’s have pink feather trees with lights in their rooms…
    .-= kathie´s last blog .. =-.

  10. Elisa

    Last year during the post-christmas sale, we picked up all gold and black christmas decoration and ornaments… Very excited to put it all up and see how it looks :-) Funny, because we had no idea that our dining room would have a gold wall today as well as black wooden furniture. Perfect…
    .-= Elisa @ whatthevita´s last blog ..I Wanna Play Wii in Style =-.

  11. Melinda

    White tree with turquoise and silver decorations! This will be my first year breaking away from the traditional colors, including the white tree! It corresponds with my house colors perfectly!

  12. Judy

    I am wanting to go ‘whimsical’ this year, but I am not sure what that will look like. I will definitely try to use what I have and only refresh it with new ribbon, accents, etc.

  13. Nancy

    Yes, I am doing a Very Pink Christmas this year! We usually spend the winters in our Florida home, but we have never spent a Holiday in this home of 4 years. So let the Snow fly here in MI, we are going Pink for the Holidays!
    Huggs, Nancy

  14. Valerie

    I love the vintage pink and cream, but this year it’s traditional with subdued lighting, very reflective. I’d like some pictures of Melinda’s white, silver and turquoise, mmmm.
    .-= Valerie´s last blog ..Spiritual Friendships =-.

  15. denise

    Our main tree is real and has white lights with ornaments we’ve collected from travels throughout our marriage. Therefore, it’s a variety of colors and I can choose year to year what I want to use as accents. I love that! Maybe I’ll do pink and silver and lots of greenery this year now that you’ve inspired me to think beyond Thanksgiving today.

  16. Red Door Home

    Last year I changed all the red bows on my wreaths to creme. I will definitley be continuing my trend towards less red and more white with pops of green.
    .-= Red Door Home´s last blog ..Home and Store Connection Part II =-.

  17. Deb

    I am so inspired by your post! Each year we have been leaning a bit more toward rustic with more pinecones and woodsy ornaments. I am learning to let the outdoors in and we live in a rural part of NJ where there are woods everywhere. I am staying with a rustic theme of stars and pinecones, but blend it with the softness of buttercreams and winter whites and sage green. Something different. :O)

  18. songbirdtiff

    My hubby is getting our decorations out of the attic today! I can’t wait to see all those pretty things I put away and forgot about.

    We always do traditional colors. Partly because I know my husband wouldn’t be thrilled if we changed it, and it’s his tree, too. Also, I like to use things until they are worn out, so we make the most out of everything by using them year after year. I do like to switch things up, making every year just a little different.
    .-= songbirdtiff´s last blog ..Adding Texture with Burlap =-.

  19. Sarah

    I actually really like deep purples mixed with light greens and bright blues. So pretty! I like to throw white in there as well with some gold and silver. It sounds chaotic, but it’s beautiful!
    .-= Sarah @ Dream In Domestic´s last blog ..DIY Custom Flats The Way You Like It =-.

  20. Heather

    We’ve been doing cream and gold for a number of years. But this year, we repainted the living room into a deep brick red and I think the cream will be to light. So I’m going to tone it down a bit with some copper/bronze ornaments which seem to be a trend also.
    .-= Heather @ what’s happening this week´s last blog ..Soup on Sunday – White Bean with Rosemary =-.

  21. room service ~ decorating 101

    Years ago I decorated in pink and cream and it was beautiful. But now I use copper and green and red. It is all pretty. I love the look of your images. thanks

  22. Sandy Blaxland

    I do the traditional green and red Christmas but I’ve introduced more gold and silver to my scheme over the last couple of years. My living room with the tree is more traditional; the kitchen and bath tend to be more country. But every room has something.
    .-= Sandy Blaxland´s last blog ..SAD AMERICANS REJOICE!! =-.

  23. Kim

    I love the idea of pink but I do live in a house full of boys….so I will be sticking to red (my favorite colour) and a sort of olivey green that makes me happy. I have a very small house but try to do something different every year with my decorations. I can’t wait till it’s time to put up the tree!

  24. Leah

    I’m thinking of a turquoise & silver christmas this year!!
    .-= Leah´s last blog ..No Fear! =-.

  25. Michelle, Home Staging Pro

    I was in Urban Outfitters over the weekend and they had some very unique Christmas tree ornaments. One was a pink cupcake, which I thought was adorable (sorry, didn’t snap a photo). Every year I buy a few new ornaments and I think the pink cupcake will be on my list this year.

    Almost every ornament I use on the tree is blown glass, except for the ones closest to the bottom. The dogs tails sometimes hit the tree, so now I use non-glass ornaments on the bottom 2 feet.

    I tend to do more traditional decorations for Christmas with no specific color scheme – lots of red, green, gold and silver. Though I’m not a very traditional person, at Christmas it just feels right.

  26. Penny

    I decorate my home in Country French colors of reds, greens and golds, so Christmas is pretty traditional at my house. When I lived in Florida I had a beach cottage theme, so my decorating was usually blues and whites for Christmas…

  27. black eyed susans kitchen

    First, I have to say that those pink velvet drapes are to die for! As far as the Christmas decorating color scheme goes, we have a large collection of Swedish things, which means red. So everything has to work with the red. Since the walls in the living and dining rooms are a chartreuse (kind of a honeydew color called bamboo), that pretty much sets up the color scheme. We will have several trees and vintage ornaments. We pretty much go all out….but not before Thanksgiving.
    .-= black eyed susans kitchen´s last blog ..BIG FURNITURE…BIG RE-ARRANGEMENT…BIG PAYOFF =-.

  28. Kelsey

    I’m planning on peacock, ivory, silver and lime this year.
    .-= Kelsey´s last blog ..Harvest Wreath =-.

  29. Richella

    Oh, you bet I go with traditional red and green! But that’s not much of a departure from the colors in my home, anyway. Green is my favorite color (wonder if that’s true for lots of redheads?). And I love red as well. So Christmas decorations just fit right in around here.

    Thanks for the ongoing inspiration!
    .-= Richella´s last blog ..A transformation and A GIVEAWAY! =-.

  30. lylah ledner

    One of my most memorable Christmas’ was while living in Portland was indeed a pink Christmas. At that time in my life, I was very much so into Victorian and pink seemed to fit. It was a beautiful tree and still stands out strong in my mind and heart. Crazy thing is, I still have those pink balls . . . from . . . 18 years ago.
    .-= lylah ledner´s last blog ..Happy Herb Sunday =-.

  31. Holly

    Last year I went with a lot of silver along with the traditional evergreen. I’ll probably stick with that again this year, as I don’t plan to buy a whole new set of decorations.
    .-= Holly´s last blog ..Mirror, Mirror on the Wall =-.

  32. Mrs.Rabe

    I am a traditional color girl all the way – but red is MY color so it works for me! I do try a different feel some years – I am going for a lodge like feel this year for winter here in PA….I am looking forward to it!
    .-= Mrs.Rabe´s last blog ..Thanksgiving =-.

  33. living with lindsay

    Yes! I’m definitely breaking out of the traditional red and green. In fact, each of my room is going to have a color theme.
    .-= living with lindsay´s last blog ..C’mon Baby, Light My Fire =-.

  34. Maya

    It’ll be mostly white…, but the idea of a shell pink Christmas tree is kind of on my mind now…, see what I do with that (or what my husband thinks -ha!).

  35. Sarah from pewter+sage

    I love using metallics for the holidays…silver, gold, copper, bronze, mercury glass. And I love the combo of white and green…I always get lots of fresh garlands, evergreen, wreaths, berries.
    .-= Sarah from pewter+sage´s last blog ..The Next Mood Board Monday =-.

  36. Kim

    Rustic reds and greens are good for me.

  37. Lou Cinda

    I am doing my dining room in pinks and silver and cream which I have never done before. I am having a tough time finding pinks!! The rest of the house is the traditional greens, reds and golds which I also love!

    Lou Cinda :)
    .-= Lou Cinda´s last blog ..AWARDS!! =-.

  38. katie

    i have 2 trees. The main tree is in my family room & the colors are black 7 silver & goes well the rest of my decor. I have another tree in my sunroom & it’s the kids tree. It is very colorful with all our ornaments from when we were kids & the ones they receive each year for christmas!!!

  39. Amanda-TheEckLife

    im going with more greenery this year with a touch of black, white and silver. I found the beautiful black and white plaid silk ribbon online and will use it through out the house-hanging wreaths, on garland, urns, etc. I was inspired by Nell Hill’s new book O Christmas Tree-she has several pages of black and white themed rooms. Soooo excited oh and my fireplace is already decked out!! one area down and many more to go!
    .-= Amanda-TheEckLife´s last blog ..Holiday hoop-la,la,la =-.

  40. Minnesotamom

    I got new blue, teal and silver ornaments on sale after Christmas two years ago. I used them for the first time last year, and I’m sure I’ll stick with that color scheme again this year (even though I’m craving a more homespun look!). We’ll see…I still have my older ornaments in shades of pinky-beige and spice colors, which would fit in pretty nicely with some burlap and lace.
    .-= Minnesotamom´s last blog ..I Heart Faces – Autumn Beauty =-.

  41. karen

    Our holiday motif usually revolves around snowflakes. It started years ago when my mother-in-law began purchasing beautiful crystal snowflakes for my daughter to collect for her future tree. Well, it exploded on us, and now we have every kind of snowflake imaginable.

    Because we are traveling for the holidays, we won’t have a tree this year, so it’s a good time for us to experiment with new colors. I’m thinking gold and winter white.

  42. Bekki

    I am a traditionalist and red is my favorite color, so my house is mostly red and silver, except for the kitchen with its candy theme.
    I don’t change much each year as my children are young and they like it all to look the way it was the year before. I do add a few things here and there, we’ll see what happens as they get older.
    .-= Bekki ´s last blog ..10 years ago… =-.

  43. Kathy

    I have thought about this and find that this year I am drawn to incorporating some pink and that limey green color in with the regular red and green Christmas colors. I also have been using multi-colored and multi-sized ball ornaments the past few years, and I really love the color they bring to the tree or containers I’ve been placing them in. Ooooh, Giveaways!

  44. Julie

    Pink! Who’da thunk???? It’s lovely. I like the feather tree!!!
    Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics and inspiration!
    .-= Julie´s last blog ..Met Monday =-.

  45. mic

    Last year I spent an embarassing amount of money on decorations after xmas. I don’t even know what I bought; it’s all been boxed up for a whole year. I do know I will have a big white tree with blue lights and pink ornaments! I went for white, silver, sparkly, pink, and blue. I’m syked!
    check out my new blog!
    .-= mic @ hishouse;herhelp. blog´s last blog ..lookin’ at; environmentally friendly countertops. =-.

  46. nannykim

    with my luck I will probably forget to come back!!

    I did an all white tree last year…This year I think I will go for some color–like red and white!!
    .-= nannykim´s last blog ..met monday-creating snowflakes =-.

  47. Charlotte at Simply Divine Christmas

    Our family room is decorated in hues sage green and gold . To compliment these colors our Christmas tree is decorated with lots of white lights and ornaments in the colors of off white, gold and silver that helps to create a winter wonderland feeling in the room.
    .-= Charlotte at Simply Divine Christmas´s last blog ..The New Covenant: Does It Abolish God’s Law? =-.

  48. LeAnn

    Hi Melissa,

    I am decorating with blues, browns and golds this year with a hint of pumpkin colored ornaments. I am getting anxious to decorate. We are also getting a real tree for the first time in a long time. I want lots of fresh greens, pine cones and glittery ornaments in bowls and apothecary jars.

    Please stop by sometime. I am under a new blog name.

    .-= LeAnn´s last blog ..It was just a simple motorcycle ride….. =-.

  49. Satsuki

    I actually have a mix right now but I’ve been toying with the idea of switching the colors around. Red and green is nice but I’ve been thinking of a plan in blue/silver/white, pink/green, or one of those brightly multi-colored ones you see in magazines. A friend is giving me a white Christmas tree this year so the possibilities feel endless.
    .-= Satsuki´s last blog ..The Food Storage Analyzer & Gift Card Deal =-.

  50. Eliabeth G.


    We will be decorating with red and green in the livingroom, but I have a white on cream and blue bedroom, where I w ill be decorating with those colors. It’s fun to have two different palettes (sp?).

    I’m sooo excited for Christmas!

    Hey, if you need a good laugh today, come on over and click on the video on tody’s post. It’s worth a chuckle or two.

    Have a grat day!
    .-= Eliabeth G.´s last blog ..Funny Memories and This week’s menus =-.

  51. Gwen

    I do everything in blue and silver because I can’t stand the traditional red & green.

    What I think is so fun is my step daughter’s decorations. She and her roommate do everything in Mardi Gras style. Masks, beads, little musical instruments, etc. all in deep shiny jewel tones. You walk into their house and you are transformed. You want to celebrate!
    .-= [email protected]´s last blog ..Insert Fun & Captivating Title Here =-.

  52. April

    I purchased a purple tree for my teen’s room. She is in high school and their colors are purple and gold. So I bought a purple tree and gold ornaments to hang on it. An easy theme tree for her to show her school spirit. I can’t wait to put it up.

  53. Rachel

    I’m decorating the living room and dining room in brown, bronze, gold, and cream. It hopefully (fingers crossed) will be elegant and beautiful. The family room will be in reds, gold, and whatever else the kids want to add. This year we are doing two trees, so I told my girls the family room tree is theirs to decorate. The living room tree is mine, so I can have everything matching. I’m very anxious to get started. I’ve got a lot of ideas stored in my head…can’t wait to get everything out. Plus, December is my month for my bunco
    group, so I want the house to look extra good!

    [email protected] Rachel

  54. gina

    Funny you should ask… after a little soul searching and a blog post or two, I’ve decided to ditch “traditional” colors and go with bright turquoise, hot pink, lime green, red, purple- fun and bright! Except maybe in mantown, my poor husband needs something for him.
    .-= gina´s last blog ..something you can do this holiday season. for others. =-.

  55. Nikki

    Since we’ve moved into a new house, all of my ‘old’ Christmas things will seem new this year. I don’t think I’ll need to buy anything new. Can’t wait to get everything down Thanksgiving weekend!
    .-= Nikki´s last blog ..Meet Tex =-.

  56. Gina

    Hmm, not really into red so much simply because it doesn’t really go with the rest of my home. There’s a whole lot of blue and silver and white going on around here, plus a bit of color thrown in for the kids. I try to group similar colors and things together-just because it seems to look better. I love the pink picture though, that would great in my girls’ room!
    .-= Gina´s last blog ..Easy Christmas Garland =-.

  57. Bethany

    Love your blog and the love the inspiration! This is my first year as a married woman with our own house, so needless to say our colors will be whatever we have, mostly green, red and silver! I am very excited to start our collection and have holiday spirit!
    .-= Bethany´s last blog ..obessed with succulents =-.

  58. Julia

    I do the red and silver thing in my house, but I always enjoy seeing how other people use less classic Christmas colors like purple, pink, and blue!
    .-= Julia @ Hooked on Houses´s last blog ..Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House =-.

  59. The Nester

    Love this–I’m dreaming of a white fur christmas. and neutrals.
    and in the family room lots of reds and robin’s egg blue and yellowy mossy green. And in the playroom bright vivid colors.
    .-= The Nester´s last blog ..A Prelude to Christmas =-.

  60. kathysue

    I use different colors in different rooms, In my family room where the family tree resides I use red, lime green, pink and black and white. I have a signature black and white striped wrapping paper that I love. In my kitchen/dining I use lime/pink/red. In my living room where I like it to have a hushed, silent night look I use soft creams,sage and golds. I like people feel as if they want to whisper when they see that room but in the family room and kitchen I like the atmosphere to be of happiness and celebration!!

  61. Katie

    I’m verrrrrry traditional….but I think this year I’m going to throw a little lime green in the mix. Just a little. I’m also doing a tree just for the babies (oldest is 2 1/2 this year) with colored lights (I usually just do white). I think she is going to LOVE it this year! :o)
    .-= Katie´s last blog ..The Barbers Get Doooown …Christmas Style =-.

  62. Destiny

    This year we will spend our first Christmas in our new home! I am excited to maybe put up a couple of trees. The colors I will be using are gold,bronze and green mixed with a little WHITE sparkle!
    .-= Destiny´s last blog .. =-.

  63. Liz

    We have Christmas ‘Colours’, every year my daughter and I come up with a colour scheme for everything decorations, wrapping, flowers etc. This year it’s Red, Green, Gold and my 6 year old’s influence ‘a little touch of purple’. I can’t wait ;)
    .-= [email protected]´s last blog ..How the Feature Wall turned out =-.

  64. Janmary, N Ireland

    My colours (colors for you in the US!) vary from room to room.

    Hall is traditional, with large tree and lots of kids decorations on the tree, along with some traditional Santas by the door. We also have our “Christmas Pyramid” advent candle there too.

    Living room has neutral carpet and curtains, with brown leather sofas and brick fireplace, so tree is decorated in natural shades – cream, brown, gold with white lights and lots of cream candles.

    Dining room – just been redecorated with cream and black curtains, so planning a huge bowl of black baubles in the centre of the table.

    Kitchen/family room – planning something perhaps modern and a bit funky for here! Watch this space (or my blog!!!)
    .-= Janmary, N Ireland´s last blog ..Lessons Learned – Faith, emergencies and anatomy! =-.

  65. Karen B

    I always seem to need to change things up every year. I will continue my red and french blue color palette though. I have been buying lots of fun things on ebay to decorate with; keys, glass knobs, and stencils. I’m going to use some burlap and just this morning am cutting up some toile yardage that I have. I’ve started decorating upstairs because I need to be finished early. I just can’t stand to mess up the Fallness that’s downstairs until after Thanksgiving.
    .-= Karen B´s last blog ..Honey Do Hints =-.

  66. Elizabeth

    Wow, great topic! I read all the comments and have lots to think about. I may make some inexpensive changes this year. I tend to go more for theme trees than specific colours. We use about seven trees, some big some small and each has a bit of a theme going. The basement trees are lodge/outdoors themed; our bedroom is white and glass, sort of romantic, but I might add blue this year; the family room is the family tree with a mix of colours with lots of red and all the kids’ and collected ornaments; and my current favourite is the cowboy-themed tree in our living room. I posted last years cowboy tree recently while looking for suggestions to improve it. I found some rusty star ornaments to add to it but no luck with the suggested burlap ribbon, I may just have to tear some strips.

  67. Cheri Peoples

    I remember, as a little girl going to pick up our tree and seeing a pink flocked tree. My dad refused and I cried all the way home devastated. I do a pink tree for my little gitrl but I do several trees.


  68. the BLAH BLAH BLAHger

    I don’t have a specific color, but I do have a specific theme…the holidays at my house are all about BLING! : ) Lots of sparkles everywhere!!!
    .-= the BLAH BLAH BLAHger´s last blog ..Rah Rah TCU! =-.

  69. Joie

    My daughter has pronounced that we will be having a “Prince of Persia” Christmas. The colors are shimmering blue-greens and we’ll have a peacock perched atop our tree! Looking forward to some creative decorating this year.
    .-= Joie´s last blog ..SAD in Suburbia =-.

  70. Abbie

    I’m pretty traditional – so red and green, but I mostly love the ornaments we each had as children and have gotten together over the years so there’s not much of a color scheme there! Last year on clearance I got lots of things for garlands and wreaths (those ball ornament ones, I’m making one soon!) and it was mostly red and gold, except for the garland!
    .-= Abbie´s last blog ..A wake-up call. =-.

  71. V. Higgins

    My inspiration for Christmas (we’re just starting our tradition, this is our second Christmas ^_^) is the Grand Californian at Disneyland. I want a homey, cabin-y, craftsman kind of feel with mostly blue, silver, then hints of red and green. Trying to do a cabin type decor with mostly blue & silver/white isn’t exactly easy though… :-P
    .-= V. Higgins´s last blog ..Tucking His Word into my wandering heart =-.

  72. Jill: The Welcome Home

    I try to use the same colors year. This way I can add to my collection of holiday decorations until one day I have enough to make my entire home feel festive.

    This is the second year I will be creating a children’s tree. It is a fake tree (I can barely keep one watered) and we decorate it with things the children have made, character ornaments and other cheerful, unbreakable things. This tree will be in our downsairs family room (the same space where my hubby built the bar). We plan to entertain down there alot this year and it will be very festive!
    .-= Jill: The Welcome Home´s last blog ..Master Bathroom Retreat =-.

  73. Julianna

    It’s somewhat coordinated with the house, but I find gold to be a classic neutral Christmas color. I pair gold, brown, and a dark teal. (I do throw in some dark red accents–just not on the tree.) I love the way gold makes everything have a very warm glow.

  74. Grace

    Haha! Your blog post title reminds me of the Pink Panther Christmas video that I just bought my son…I think it’s called the same thing, or something very similar! Anyways, I will be decorating with the traditional green & red with a bit of silver and gold mixed in too. I just can’t seem to get away from what’s traditional…and I don’t want to! I can appreciate people breaking free and trying out other fun colors to spruce up their holidays, but I just love that old Christmasy red & green in my own home.

    .-= Grace @ Ruby Moon Designs´s last blog ..Saturday Nite Special! =-.

  75. Lorrie

    Hi Melissa,

    I’m dreaming of a white Christmas – with lots of natural colours and textures – snowy whites, green cedar boughs, woodsy pinecones, silvery stars and just a tiny bit of red in birds and berries.

    Looking forward to tomorrow.


  76. Rachel N

    I’m a traditional girl… dk red, dk green & white. White lights only. Tree decor is mostly white with a splash of red. I prefer silver over gold. My social worker (for adoption) turned me on to your blog. Thanks for all of your fun ideas!
    .-= Rachel N´s last blog ..Growing in my Heart, Not Under It =-.

  77. Thea

    Personally, I would love to have a very simple decor for my Christmas this year. I grew up in a home where the trimmings were dept. store like ( which I loved) and my hubs enjoyed the modgepodge of tinsel (not so much my fave). So, when we began our own family I reluctantly gave in to the colored BULBS…yes I said BULBS.. and the tinsel. But, I am secretly dreaming of a simple green tree with just twinkling white lights, candle-like lights on my windowsills and simple gift wrap. Can you help this simple-minded Momma make her “Christmas Dream come true?
    .-= Thea´s last blog ..Her Bundle of Joy =-.

  78. jessica leigh

    i have SO missed reading your blog. bad bad girl!

    anyways, i have no clue. i think the one in here, the living room, will be more of red wood beaded garland, white lights, and a conglomerate of ornaments. a cooking one for the kitchen? we’ll see!!! so glad to be back here and look around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Elaine's Semi-Homemade Life

    Oooh, can’t wait to see what you have in store for tomorrow!

    We decorate in blues – navy blue, baby blue, silver…. and I’ve always love it. BUT… if I could, I’d do something diff every year… I love the bronze looks…. the whimsical looks….

    In order to try something new out and still be responsible ;)… I’m throwing my daughter a Nutcracker Suite-inspired birthday party in the colors of red, bright green and pink. Can’t wait!
    .-= Elaine’s Semi-Homemade Life´s last blog ..I’m a FINALIST! And YOU can be a WINNER! =-.

  80. Carmen Goddard

    I decorate in golds and crimson colors. I would love to go cream and pink – I might pick one room to start with this year. My boys also collect Santa clauses – So their play room is full of all kinds of Santa Clause. It is so much fun watching them decorate and put them were they want too. Thank you for all the great post – I love reading your blog. Carmen Goddard [email protected]

  81. Jane

    Down here in Australia we have hot summer Christmas’s.

    I bought a cheapie tree and spray painted it navy (dark) blue.
    I did a few white bursts here and there.
    All my decorations are blue and white, with touches of silver.
    (I buy a new one each year. )
    and lots of white lights, tiny ones.
    I have a bottle green and blue checked length of taffeta that I use as a tree skirt. I have some actual pine cones I scatter around the base.
    I wrap in natural brown paper with blue and white bows and trims.
    Everything sparkles as the fan or aircon blows back and forth in the heat of the season.
    .-= Jane´s last blog ..New Moon =-.

  82. Kristen

    It just so happens that a pretty green is the main accent color in my living room already. So I’ll probably end up incorporating that into my holiday decor this year, though I doubt I’ll stick with the traditional red and green. I haven’t thought much about how I want to decorate this year, but I should get on that since Hubby’s given me permission to start decorating the weekend before Thanksgiving…which is this weekend. Yikes!
    .-= Kristen´s last blog ..The One in Which I Give In =-.

  83. Elaine

    We’re staying traditional (reds, greens, gold, silver, etc)….but in our master bedroom I’m going with a darker icy silver color and the rich taupe…I hope this works !
    .-= Elaine´s last blog ..CK Convention in Seattle at the Meydenbauer! =-.

  84. Carrie

    i’m having a green christmas. but not your normal pine tree green. i’ve got a mint green foil tree and a peacock feather wreath.
    .-= Carrie´s last blog ..Holiday Gift Guide =-.

  85. Tara

    I’m doing a bit of “all of the above”. ;)

    I’m decorating the dining room in a rustic “Lone Star Christmas” theme. No tree in there. All of my Texas ornaments are going on garland.

    The playroom is for my daughter and I’m decorating it in an all ballet pink “I’m dreaming of a PINK Christmas” theme. I have a white 3-4′ Christmas tree that’s going in there with all pink ornaments and a pink tree skirt. I’m hoping to find a couple of cheap pink feather boas to intertwine with white garland to put up on the 2 windows.

    The living room is going to be my favorite. I’m decorating it in a “Very Glamorous Christmas” theme. The colors are lime green and rich red. We’ve always had hand-me-down ornaments that really weren’t my style. I donated those babies to Goodwill today. This year Mama gets the tree she wants!

    My annual keepsake ornaments are going on an ornament tree that I found online so I can display those and continue to add to that collection but it won’t muss my Glam tree. ;) I also found a stocking stand (since I don’t have a mantle this year) to display our handmade monogrammed stockings.

    I CANNOT wait to get back from my SIL’s so I can get started on decorating!!
    .-= Tara´s last blog ..Who is this person? =-.

  86. Jade

    I’d love my house to look like any one of those pictures but to be honest it’s every colour which I’ve collected over the years! There’s a bit of green and red in there of course but a whole lot of other colours too.

    My sister and I buy each other a decoration or two each year as part of our Christmas present and we have built them up over a few years, there’s lots of individual decorations about but each of them mean something to me. Sometimes my Mum ties decorations round the napkins at Christmas dinner and everyone takes theirs away with them.

    I’m going to do a blog post every day in December about Christmas past, present and future – quite a challenge for me! And I’ll post some of my decorations and the stories and memories I have with them there.
    .-= Jade @ No Longer 25´s last blog ..Saint Andrew’s Day =-.

  87. sue

    I have been using pink for 11 years now! Just put up red velvet drapes in my livingroom as I have it in Victorian decor using many antiques. My dilemma is, I don’t know how to mix the existing pink garlands and wreath with the red (almost maroon) of the drapes! Help! I spent alot of money on the pink stuff and just can’t pitch it yet. Love pink. Any advise?????



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