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Party Cupcakes: A Tiffany Cupcake Charm Giveaway!

by | Nov 17, 2009 | Entertaining, Seasonal Decorating & Entertaining

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Party Cupcakes: A Tiffany Cupcake Charm Giveaway!

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? And who among you wouldn’t like to see a pretty little blue box from Tiffany‘s arrive with a little something special at your door this holiday season? Like a Tiffany’s cupcake charm and necklace?

Party Cupcakes: A Tiffany Cupcake Charm Giveaway!

Just a little aside here, speaking of cupcakes and a loose connection to Tiffany’s, many of you might remember a year ago when I shared my own now semi-famous cupcake story, you know, the one where my daughters and I baked WEDDING cupcakes all by ourselves? For my daughter’s wedding? Oh, yeah. THAT story. Eh hem. I am crazy, but you all knew that.

Party Cupcakes: A Tiffany Cupcake Charm Giveaway!

But this isn’t about MY cupcake story, it is about this nifty site run by Melody called Party Cupcakes Ideas that features all sorts of cupcake inspiration!

I think she must have every possible cupcake idea represented on her site, it is a great resource! She even will tell you how to make the perfect Tiffany Blue frosting for your cupcakes, if you want to celebrate your big win of the Tiffany Cupcake Charm and bracelet — if you win, that is. Cupcakes really are the funnest and simplest of party or holiday desserts. Go check it out and see the other cute giveaway going on over at Party Cupcake Ideas!

Leave a message here to be included in this SWEET GIVEAWAY!
A Tiffany Cupcake Charm and necklace — a $200 retail value.

Good luck! And enjoy the rest of the giveaways all day on The Inspired Room!



  1. Melodie

    What a cute necklace! I’d love to have this.

  2. Carmen

    How cute is this! I’ve always admired this cupcake charm.

  3. KellyB

    I’ve been wanting to have a cupcake exchange this year for the holidays and her site has some great ideas. Thanks for such a darling giveaway.

  4. Shannon

    Beautiful necklace, although all of Tiffany’s jewelry is beautiful. Great website on cupcakes, lot’s of cute ideas. Can’t wait to try them out!

  5. Wendy

    So darling! I’m in!

  6. Jenna

    Okay, I’m so glad I came over here – because I’d never seen the “cupcake story”. Loved it.
    .-= Jenna´s last blog ..My Tax Dollars at Work =-.

  7. Melanie

    Who wouldn’t love something from Tiffany’s!?!
    .-= Melanie´s last blog ..Space Cadet =-.

  8. Amy

    A very cute giveaway! Cupcakes are my daughter’s favorite food :-)

  9. Kara Johnson

    you’re right, who doesn’t love a cupcake?! I certainly do!
    .-= Kara Johnson´s last blog ..4 Months and Counting =-.

  10. Erin

    Cake…oh, how I love cake. Even jewelry cake.

  11. Teri

    Oh, how sweet!! I love it. Please count me in and thank you for hosting this wonderful, prize filled day. It’s hard for me to get any work done because I keep looking at all of these blogs. lol. Oh, well there’s always tomorrow ; )

  12. Leslie jo

    So cute! Thanks for brightening my day :)
    .-= Leslie jo´s last blog ..Modge podge =-.

  13. Kimberly

    Cupcakes always bring a smile. I’ve loved the “Party Cupcake Ideas” site you’ve mentioned before. A cupcake charm and necklace? Even better because it doesn’t have the calories.

  14. Carolyn

    I love cupcakes and I love Tiffany! What a perfect combo!

  15. Laurie Bruce

    So cute!!! This is the best giveaway so far!

  16. gina

    LOVE cupckaes! That is a great blog to follow- so many great ideas. And she’s hosting a pretty fabulous giveaway too… so much bling to win, so little time. ;)
    .-= gina´s last blog ..tactile learning =-.

  17. malissa

    my daughter and i love to make cupcakes! this would be such a wonderful keepsake i could give to her! how sweet!

  18. Ronnell Karoski

    I love cupckes! I love jewelry! I’d love to win this! Your blog is great and very inspirational! Thanks for all you share:)!


  19. gwen

    I love this! my wedding is may 1st and ive been trying to decide what to give to my neice who is reading scripture during our ceremony. This would be perfect! Thanks for the wonderful oppertunity!

  20. Tracy

    Love cupcakes♥ Love this necklace! Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. MG

    What a sweet charm!

  22. Terin

    Makes me want a cupcake…such a cute gift idea…hope I win :)

  23. Teresa

    Adorable bracelet! I love cupcakes! Well.. really any kind of cake!!!

    Wow! Love your cupcake story!

    Thanks! ~ Teresa
    .-= Teresa´s last blog ..Mercury Glass Love ♥ =-.

  24. Amy


  25. Sara

    Oooo! I love it!

  26. Linda

    lovely giveaway…so, so cute! thanks!

  27. Amber

    Thank you for this great giveaway!

  28. Eliabeth G.

    She sure is creative with he ideas! I enjoyed looking at her Christmas cupcake designs. Not sure that I could make mine look as great as hers. :)
    .-= Eliabeth G.´s last blog ..Funny Memories and This week’s menus =-.

  29. Tracy Rizzo

    That is adorable!!

  30. Barbara

    My granddaughter and I love to make cupcakes together and then we share with the neighbors and with the family. A cupcake charm would be so much fun to have as a reminder of those special days.

  31. meagan

    That is such a cute necklace! Love it!!

  32. texasaggiemom

    What a sweet giveaway! Would love to win this for my little girl!

  33. Melissa S

    so cute. I just got a tiffany’s necklace and charm for my birthday –
    .-= Melissa S´s last blog ..FIRST HAIRCUT FOR SOPHIE! =-.

  34. Meredith

    Ooooh – count me in!

  35. Grace

    That little charm is just too cute! Count me in!

    .-= Grace @ Ruby Moon Designs´s last blog ..Saturday Nite Special! =-.

  36. denise

    fun, fun fun!!
    denise in nc

  37. Astrid

    That cupcake charm is just too cute for words!
    .-= Astrid´s last blog ..Tumbling Tots =-.

  38. Alison

    What a sweet necklace! Here’s to hoping I win!

  39. Lisa

    LOVE that charm and they have a very fun site! And of course I did like your cupcake story too! :)
    .-= Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates´s last blog ..Tea For Two-sday ~ Golden Moon Tea Giveaway =-.

  40. Hannah

    wow! great necklace!!

  41. Darci

    Mmm…”taste and see that the Lord is good”…and so are cupcakes! Such a cute charm, and thanks for sharing your cupcake story!

  42. Beth

    SO CUTE!! I LOVE it!!! I am in!

  43. Jennifer Chaney

    Love it! It would be perfect for me, or a loved one!
    .-= Jennifer Chaney´s last blog ..Hmmmm =-.

  44. Mie

    So cute!
    I’m from Denmark, so I have never seen something from Tiffany in real life – but it looks fantastic

  45. Jennifer G

    eeeeeeeeee! how sweet-love it!!!!!!

  46. Jess

    How cute is that? My childhood nickname given to me by my aunt was cupcake. Keepin’ my fingers crossed for this one!
    .-= Jess´s last blog ..Thank You =-.

  47. Lori

    Cooking is not my favorite….but when it comes to baking…I LOVE IT! A great reminder that a baker is a cook too!

  48. Kimberly

    Tiffany’s! This is so cute and would make a great gift for my daughter who loves to cook.
    .-= Kimberly´s last blog ..Swagbucks =-.

  49. Leslie

    This would be a great present for my sister. She just started a cupcake business this year…


  50. Gwyn Rosser

    This is tooo cute. I love cupcakes. My daughter had pink cupcakes at her wedding.

  51. Nicole C

    This would be a perfect gift for my sister! It combines three of her favorite things: Cupcakes, pink, and of course, Tiffanys!
    .-= Nicole C´s last blog ..Am I the only one… =-.

  52. Missy K

    My sister would love this for Christmas!
    .-= Missy K´s last blog ..A Woman With a Plan =-.

  53. Shelly

    Love cupcakes & Tiffany’s -what a perfect combo!

  54. Laura

    What a cute gift idea. What a fun gift to win!
    .-= Laura´s last blog ..Weird Weekend =-.

  55. Deb

    Adorable little cupcake charm ♥
    .-= Deb´s last blog .. =-.

  56. Judy Van Houte

    What a darling piece of jewelry! Would love to give it to my daughter!

  57. Erica

    i like cupcakes!

  58. Andrea

    If you give a cat a cupcake, he’ll ask for some sprinkles to go with it…

    This is so cute! And my 2-year-old daughter is enamored of cupcakes.

  59. Rachel

    Cupcake story is amazing. Love it.

  60. Shilo

    How cute is that?!
    .-= Shilo´s last blog ..He’s My Home =-.

  61. Tami

    just saw this in the tiffany catalog yesterday and *drooled*!!!
    .-= Tami´s last blog ..road trip =-.

  62. Amy

    So Cute! Love it!!

  63. Nicole

    I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know you are not alone in your insanity. I got married May 23 this year. I made cupcakes for our 300 guests all by myself. Yes, you heard right. I actually made them over spring break (I graduated college two weeks before my wedding), iced them and everything, and then froze them. My cousin had frozen cakes for her wedding (she and her mother and sister made an individual cake for each table that the bride and groom went around and cut) so we knew how to do it. Simple boxed cake mix and frosting and I had people telling me they were the best cupcakes they’d ever had so I guess it worked! :-)

  64. Alex

    I’ve told my hubby for years that before I die, he has to present me with a little bling in a box from Tiffany (emphasis on the “little” – nothing extravagant). If I win, he’s definitely NOT off the hook ;)
    .-= Alex´s last blog ..trash to treasure =-.

  65. Brenna Hornbaker

    Oooh Ohh count me in! I love Tiffany’s jewelry!

  66. Mary Feagley

    How adorable…my dear daughter loves cupcakes, especially with sprinkles!

  67. Lisa

    This is the most adorable charm I have ever seen! Who knew they even made such a cute little creature.
    .-= Lisa´s last blog ..Let’s Talk Turkey! =-.

  68. Joan

    That is sooo cute! I love Tiffany!!

  69. Tracie

    Oh my how I would love this!! Thanks again for the chance at these great giveaways!!

  70. Jennifer

    So cute! Would love to win!
    .-= Jennifer´s last blog ..Freebie Friday =-.

  71. Stephanie

    Cute! Love cupcakes! Love the kind by Tiffany that don’t leave an extra lb on my hips even more! :)

  72. Nikki

    Soo cute! I love it!

  73. Rebecca

    Oh so cute and creative! My sister absolutely loves cupcakes. So, I will need to tell her about that site. Thanks for the great giveaway. Would love to win that necklace for my little sis :)

  74. Denise

    My dd and I are cupcake crazy. Would LOVE to win this! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  75. shelly

    Absolutely adorable!!! (Although after making all of those wedding cupcakes I’m surprised you can even look at one!)

  76. Marian

    OH this is SOOOO sweet, AND it is PINK my alltime fave color ♥♥
    Love it
    .-= Marian´s last blog ..Women of Faith =-.

  77. Molly

    so fun!

  78. Leslie

    Gorgeous charm! I would give this gift to my granddaughter who is making cupcakes with her mom today in honor of her 12th birthday tomorrow!

  79. Julie B

    so sweet!!!

  80. c lo

    want want want!!!!!!!!!!!!
    .-= c lo´s last blog ..teh internetz =-.

  81. Holly

    Aw, how cute would that be if I made a tee with an appliqued cupcake and some ruffle pants with cupcake fabric for the ruffle as a gift for my great niece? Put this little charm necklace with it and I would be the rockin great aunt.
    .-= Holly´s last blog ..Walmart and Publix trip =-.

  82. Jeannine

    I totally remember the cupcake post! HAHA! I just went back to read it again. I can’t believe how expensive the cupcake bakeries have become. My favorite place for cupcakes here in my city still charges 99 cents for them…and they’re awesome. :)
    .-= Jeannine @ Small & Chic´s last blog ..Art for kids =-.

  83. Rettabug

    Well, isn’t this just the cutest little thing?! I had no idea they even made such a darling little charm. How SWEET it is!! And what a SWEET gift it would make for my SWEET granddaughter, too!

    I bet your daughters will never forget the cupcake baking adventure….fond memories for a lifetime!

    I’m a follower, if that is what you meant by being a “subscriber” & I would LOVE to win this treasure!!
    .-= Rettabug´s last blog ..Autumn Harvest, 2009 =-.

  84. Penny White

    I love cupcakes almost as much as I love your blog!!!!

  85. Christie

    That’s too cute. Great gift to a daughter that Dad has nicknamed cupcake! :)

  86. Andrea

    I absolutely love cupcakes! In fact, I just make cookie monster cupcakes for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. But I would give this to my friend who loves and bakes more cupcakes than I do. This would be a perfect gift.

  87. Pat

    Love the cupcake story! I’d love to win ~

  88. Erin Hisaw

    ooo…I just love cupcakes! and to think!…this one doesn’t even have any calories!

  89. DawnJoy

    Well, isn’t that just the cutest thing ever. I think I would give it to my daughter. She’s the cutest thing ever too. But, I MAY be a little bit biased.

  90. Beth

    Oh my gosh…loooove Tiffany’s! Please enter me too!

  91. Johanna

    I love it! Love cupcakes. And to have one around my neck would be awesome! Tiffany’s jewlery is so prettty. Thanks for letting me know ;) Yay!
    .-= Johanna´s last blog ..sweet november =-.

  92. Amy Bauer

    Oooh, that cupcake charm is seriously sweet. The cupcake rage roars on! – Fingers crossed! – Amy Bauer

  93. Molly

    Wow what a cute giveaway! Thank you for the chance to win! I’m feeling lukcy…

  94. Julie G

    Absolutely Adorable!!!

  95. kelly Harris

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!!

  96. Jenny

    YUM! I want a cupcake NOW! I’d love that whimsical necklace.

  97. Robin

    A cute cupcake necklace! I’ve never had anything from Tiffany’s before. I would feel like royalty!

  98. Melissa McClain

    I find mini cupcakes inspiring. The Queen of Cupcakes is definitely that!! I started a cupcake Friday tradition at work recently. Here’s a cupcake that would never go away and share that sense of fun, sweet, indulgence all day long. I love this!!!!

  99. Heather

    Cupcakes are definitly a fun way to celebrate any event! I have done them for many birthdays instead of baking a regular cake and always try to do something cute and different!
    That cupcake charm is pretty cute….lots of fun! Hope I win!
    Have a blessed day!

  100. Kelly

    Could that be any cuter??? Thanks!

  101. Renee

    Who wouldn’t love a cupcake they can wear? They are so cute!
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..Ta-Da!! =-.

  102. Debra

    Please enter me for the cupcake giveaway.


  103. Kirsten

    Blurker here . . . :)

    Finally coming out and commenting. Love this giveaway! Love your site!

  104. jodi

    I’m so glad I have no meetings at work today. I would’ve cried if I would’ve missed this

  105. lisa

    Oh how we love cupcakes. I would love to give this to my daughter in law for Christmas. Her wedding cake was also made of cupcakes since she and my son love them so much.

  106. ScarlettSeraph

    This is super adorable! I would love one! You have the best giveaways!
    .-= ScarlettSeraph´s last blog ..Words for the Week =-.

  107. Cindy whalen

    Adorable!!! I hope I win!

  108. Gina

    wow, that is stunning! you have outdone yourself today hun!

  109. Deborah

    Wow, Tiffany’s – YOU ROCK! This is one of the best giveaways ever! I can’t wait to see if I’ve won this wonderful cupcake charm giveaway. My own litle blue box – that would be so unbelievable.


  110. Whitney

    This Necklace is so pretty. I love cupcakes and would love to have this necklace!!
    .-= Whitney´s last blog ..I Hate Rules!! =-.

  111. christy

    Tiffanys and cupcakes. Heaven on earth.

  112. Julie H

    Cupcakes + Tiffany’s = Heaven. Soooo cute, I could indulge my sweet tooth guilt free!

  113. Marta

    What a sweet little cupcake! I’d love one!

  114. carrie

    wow, i can’t believe you’re giving away a tiffany’s! it’s sooo cute.

  115. Melissa Nunley

    That is the cutest! Thanks for the chance :)

  116. Jennifer Wright

    I love cupcakes but love little blue boxes even more! What a great giveaway! Thanks!
    .-= Jennifer Wright´s last blog ..Well Dressed =-.

  117. Christan

    To say that I love cupcakes is an understatement. I adore cupcakes so much, it is my husband’s pet name for me. I think I’ll bake some tonight and hint of the cute charm at Tiffany’s to my husband!

  118. lisa

    I love baking! A cupcake necklace, how adorable is that!

  119. Bri Ethington

    Love it, that is so cute!

  120. Tamara

    Wonderful. I heart the little blue boxes….
    .-= Tamara´s last blog ..Blog Inspiration… =-.

  121. Andi Irwin

    Sweet! Who doesn’t like cupcakes?!

  122. Meredith

    Who doesn’t love cupcakes?

  123. Sarah

    Wow! What an awesome and decadent charm! I love it!
    .-= Sarah´s last blog ..*Be* the Scooter =-.

  124. Lisa

    That is probably the cutest charm I’ve ever seen! What a great giveaway :)
    .-= Lisa´s last blog ..It’s A….. =-.

  125. Elizabeth

    Oh my gosh! I feel like I’m at a party at work! Shhhhh. Don’t tell anyone. :) How adorable!
    .-= Elizabeth´s last blog ..Thankful for Divine Intervention =-.

  126. Anastasia S.

    Absolutely love your blog and this great giveaway, have my fingers crossed!

  127. Lou Cinda

    Okay, you are killin’ me today!! I LOVE this charm!!!! I hav a charm bracelet that I inherited from my mother and I adore it! I told my husband I needed to start adding my own charms to it now!!

    So adorable!!

    Lou Cinda :)
    .-= Lou Cinda´s last blog ..AWARDS!! =-.

  128. Jessica

    Oh, I LOVE this!

  129. katie

    totally in!! I love it!!

  130. Bri Ethington

    Wow, I love this giveaway, and would love even more to win! :)

  131. Cara

    OMG that is the cutest thing ever!! Thanks for doing this!

  132. Mary

    LOVE this charm!

  133. Robin Fonville

    Please enter me! I just love anything Tiffany! What a wonderful giveaway!
    .-= Robin Fonville´s last blog ..Fall Decorating =-.

  134. Melissa

    Oh my gosh! That is the cutest thing ever! I want to give it to my granddaughter. She IS my little “cupcake”!

  135. Stacy

    That charm is so adorable…thanks for doing such a sweet giveaway!

  136. Lindsey

    What a SWEET giveaway! That cupcake charm is adorable! I’d love to have the chance to win. ;)
    .-= Lindsey´s last blog ..Home Decor on Etsy =-.

  137. kathysue

    sign me up, Love the cupcake charm necklace, darling, You have some great giveaways, Kathysue

  138. Caroline

    Oh, how cute!! I love the cupcake charm!

  139. Irene

    So Darling!!!! and in my favorite shade of Pink!

  140. Sarah

    My favorite cupcake is a classic chocolate with chocolate icing! LOVE this charm!

  141. Angie

    Lurve. Gotta get one!

  142. alison chandler

    LOVE The cupcakes – hope I can win one!
    .-= alison chandler´s last blog ..Happy Fall! =-.

  143. Susie

    How sweet this Tiffany piece is! And pink to boot! Hope I’m lucky today.

  144. Jan

    oh my goodness, that’s the cutest necklace i’ve ever seen. my sister in law is the best baker, and i’d love to be able to give it to her for christmas…that is, if i can resist it for myself!
    .-= Jan´s last blog ..oh what a night! =-.

  145. Kathy

    Isn’t that the cutest thing?! One of the things I miss eating as “regular” food is cakes, doughnuts and cupcakes since going gluten free. I’ve been experimenting on my own to try and get the same taste and I understand that there are some new mixes out that take into account gluten free eating. The icings would be okay, though, so I’ll have to check that out.

  146. Liz

    I love it!!!!!

  147. Sabrina

    I love cupcakes!!! What a cute charm!!
    .-= Sabrina´s last blog ..Yay Me! =-.

  148. Carla

    I love “fairy cakes”!!!! Baking, decorating and especially eating them! Keeping my fingers crossed!
    .-= Carla´s last blog ..Scenes from The Big City =-.

  149. Michelle

    How precious the little cupcake is?! TOO CUTE!

  150. Rhonda

    Yep, I would love to win this pretty cupcake in a little blue box!!!
    I am making cupcake ornaments right now.
    .-= Rhonda´s last blog ..Grand Opening Of “Blue Creek Boutique”And A Giveaway !!! =-.

  151. Shannon at Old World Charm

    Did you say Tiffany? The word alone is enough to have half the Internet interested in this giveaway! Good luck everyone!
    .-= Shannon at Old World Charm´s last blog ..A Warm Glow at Home: Lighting Your Fires =-.

  152. Cynthia

    Cupcakes are the cutest! This would make a darling gift for one of my daughters. Count me in!

  153. kim

    I would love this!! love to make cupcakes myself. thanks for the great giveaway!

  154. Spring

    Wow, another beautiful link! I see a gift for my amazing baker-sister-in-law in the future!
    Thanks for the connection!
    .-= Spring´s last blog ..Too Much =-.

  155. Hilary

    My little girl would LOVE that cupcake necklace! Especially since it isn’t chocolate. Unlike her mother, she doesn’t like chocolate!!! But we both LOVE cupcakes. Thanks for the great links!

  156. beth h

    oh my god… I have been drooling over the tiffany cupcake charm since I first saw them how ever many months ago! I have cupcake-madness for sure!!
    .-= beth h´s last blog ..ride the train =-.

  157. Erin R.

    How adorable! And wow Tiffany! Combining two great things wicked jewelry and a yummy treat.
    .-= Erin R.´s last blog ..Blue Christmas =-.

  158. Tammy

    Oh. my. goodness…..don’t think I’ve ever seen anything cuter! Tiffany does it again!

  159. Brenda Kincade

    Anything from Tiffany’s is wonderful and a real treat! Would love to have it.

  160. Arielle

    Too cute! And hello…Tiffany’s? What a great giveaway! We’re having friends over this weekend- I may just need to whip up some cupcakes!
    .-= Arielle´s last blog ..A Little Fall Treat =-.

  161. Renee

    OMG, I love this charm! I have a thing for charms and I have an opening on my bracelet for this little beauty! Please pick me! Thank you for this great opportunity.



  162. Kristin L.

    I would love love love to see a Tiffany blue box sent to me!! Thanks!

  163. laura


  164. Julie

    How adorable and spunky! love it.

  165. Heather

    OMG!!! That necklace is absolutely beautiful.. i love it.. i’m in love with cupcakes and polka dots.. Tiffany’s make everything better :) It’s just so cute.. Happy blogging! :)
    .-= Heather´s last blog ..a few things… =-.

  166. Vanessa

    What a super cute necklace!

  167. Kate

    What an awesome giveaway! Cupcakes are my favorite!

  168. C

    Love Love Love the charm…….amazing what great charms they have now, as well as cup cakes….my mother baked them when we were children…for a camping trip one time she made 300 for 2 familes of 5 each….she is an over achiever!


  169. Jaymie in MN

    Woo to the Hoo!! What a fantastic giveaway!

  170. Judy

    I LOVE CUPCAKES! Hands down! They are the best!! Oh, if I win this one, it’s all mine!

  171. Maureen

    I would love a Tiffany cupcake charm. Thank you so much for having these fabulous giveaways. You rock.

  172. Sheila

    Oh my gosh! Someone is going to be a very lucky girl! Hope it’s me!! Love it! I’m a subscriber too, so I’ll be waiting for my secret code!! Thanks for doing such an awesome giveaway!

    .-= Sheila´s last blog ..Exciting News from My Friend Denise! =-.

  173. Mary K

    This could be the only time in my life that I can get something from Tiffany’s!

  174. Beverly

    I love making cupcakes. Thanks for including me in the Tiffany cupcake giveaway. Now I’m going off to read your wedding cupcake story.
    .-= Beverly @ My Sew Sweet Studio´s last blog ..More Barn Quilts =-.

  175. Monika W

    The Sock Monkey cake toppers rock!!!

  176. Jennifer

    Beautiful! What a great idea!
    The Cupcake is adorable and I would love a little pink in my world since I have two boys!
    .-= Jennifer ´s last blog ..Truthful Tuesday!? =-.

  177. Stephanie

    My daughter and I love to bake cupcakes! What a fun stocking stuffer this would be for her!

    .-= Stephanie´s last blog ..Road Trip! =-.

  178. Jennifer

    love all the ideas…what creativity

  179. Robin

    Love it!

  180. Tammy M

    Wow, a chance to own something from Tiffany’s!! Thanks for a chance to win!!

    Tammy M

  181. Angie

    How sweet is that charm?!?? I love it!!
    .-= Angie´s last blog ..Personalized Burlap Placemats =-.

  182. Rachel

    Wow. I’m in the process of starting a new adventure in my life – with a cupcake as it’s symbol. This would be perfect for me in that adventure!
    .-= Rachel´s last blog ..Conversations =-.

  183. Janara

    I love cupcakes. That’s what we served at our wedding reception!
    And much easier to serve at kid partys! Whoaa.

  184. Sally Schubert

    These little pink gems are the cutest things I’ve seen lately… wonder who I should gift with one for the holidays??

  185. Andrea

    Tiffiany’s ! This may be my only chance to wear a Tiffiany’s necklace……[email protected]! BUT…my daugther would LOVE this!
    .-= Andrea @ Big Creek Cottage´s last blog ..My most loyal friend…. =-.

  186. Gail

    I love the cupcake and was hoping to give it to my god daughter for her first birthday!

    Thank you again for doing this!
    .-= Gail´s last blog ..Fresh Tips for Organizing Your Home – Organizing Product Favorites =-.

  187. Jennifer Tirres

    What a great giveaway! I came over to your site from Heather Bullard. So far, I LOVE your site. Hope I win!!!

  188. Andi

    Oh my gosh! What a “sweet” necklace! I must have! :)
    .-= Andi´s last blog ..penguin hot chocolate maker =-.

    • Christan

      To say that I love cupcakes is an understatement. I adore cupcakes so much, it is my husband’s pet name for me. I think I’ll bake some tonight and hint of the cute charm at Tiffany’s to my husband!

  189. Christy

    What a cute giveaway!!

  190. ~vee

    Wow – how darling :) I’ve recieved a single thing from Tiffany; sounds like a great first!!
    .-= ~vee´s last blog ..Playing =-.

  191. Cortney

    Cupcakes and a pretty necklace – what a beautiful combination! :)
    .-= Cortney´s last blog ..A Dinner Guest =-.

  192. Danielle Townsend

    Mmm…I love jewelry ALMOST as much as I love cupcakes! :) Thanks for sharing that blog!

  193. Corina

    My daughter would love this necklace!
    .-= Corina´s last blog ..November 16th =-.

  194. sue rodman

    I love this one – and I love cupcakes as well.
    .-= sue rodman´s last blog ..Princesses Free at Georgia Aquarium this Weekend =-.

  195. Christina

    I’ve never owned anything from Tiffany’s – in general, we are a pretty frugal family, so something like that would be considered impractical by my husband….but I, on the other hand, would LOVE to wear that adorable necklace!
    .-= Christina´s last blog ..50 More Photo Cards for Free =-.

  196. Jen

    How I wish I could afford to shop at Tiffany’s. I hope I win this.

  197. Kirsty

    How incredibly adorable is that????? Want.
    .-= Kirsty´s last blog ..A Dollar for Dottie =-.

  198. pam

    Hi! My daughter has a serious love of cup cakes and Tiffany’s so this would be an amazing prize to win. Hope I do!

  199. Jen Iffer

    A cupcake has to be the happiest looking dessert of all. Great giveaway; the Tiffany cupcake charm is adorable.

  200. AJ

    Wow! What a lovely giveaway!

  201. suzanne

    Oh, mamma mia!!! Love that!!! Sign me up for this one!!!

    .-= suzanne´s last blog ..Giveaway winners!!!! =-.

  202. Jessica Redding

    Cupcakes are the most perfect morsels! What a great blog!


    I would like to win grand-daughter likes Audrey Hepburn and has posters of her in her room..remember “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”? Thank-you.

  204. Kristina

    I would l-o-v-e to win this!! But who wouldn’t, right?
    .-= Kristina´s last blog ..Joy Challenge Day # 40 =-.

  205. Cheri

    I’ve never had (and never will) have anything from Tiffany’s…unless I win this necklace. :-)

  206. flybabymom

    OOOOhhhhh… Exquisite.

  207. dale

    two things i absolutely love – cupcakes and jewelry!

  208. Mike

    My wife would love that to be her Christmas gift!

  209. Kelly

    That is so cute! AND from Tiffany’s? Sign me up!

  210. Leslie

    What a beautiful charm!!!! My daughter would love it!

  211. Hillary

    that is so freakin cute. of course anything with cupcakes is all right in my book!

  212. Tammy C

    What a SWEET surprise. Thanks!

  213. Amber

    Adorable AND Tiffany? Count me in!

  214. amy

    i know someone who would FREAK out over this! pick me please!
    .-= amy´s last blog ..sunrise =-.

  215. Cindy Lee

    Now this is the kind of cupcake I can really enjoy; make my mouth water yet contains no calories!

    What a beautiful and generous way to share with others!


  216. Jeannie

    I’d love to add this cute little charm to my bracelet!!

  217. Marilyn

    My oh my, would I like to win this! Thanks for the chance!

  218. Deborah

    seriously…I NEED THIS!

  219. MMW

    What a FANTASTIC giveaway. Love Tiffanys. Love Cupcakes. My life is complete.
    .-= MMW´s last blog ..Wholesomeness of Disney =-.

  220. Chelsey

    This is such an incredible giveaway! Thank you so much!!

  221. Tiffany

    I am obsessed with cupcakes. This charm has ME all over it. Plus, my name is Tiffany. See? Destined. Lol. Thanks for the giveaway. And now I am off to check out the cupcake idea site. Love that!
    .-= Tiffany´s last blog ..Etsy Tuesday =-.

  222. Charla

    That sweet blue box has never found its way under my Christmas tree so I would really love to have that cupcake! Just yesterday I bought a cupcake stand to use for all the holidays. My grandchildren love cupcakes because they believe it is their own personal cake.

    Thanks for sharing.


  223. Arielle

    Oh my gosh, what a wonderful giveaway! And I loved re-visiting your cupcake-making adventure!

  224. Eileen

    So cute! Love it!

  225. Brenda B

    Oh [email protected] – what a day! Cupcakes and Tiffany – now that’s an classy yummy. I don’t do well at baking but I love looking at cupcakes and eating them :)
    This pretty little cupcake charm and necklace would look absolutely lovely around the neck of my beautiful niece Isabella. She is a girlie girl and what 12 year old girlie girl doesn’t like pink and cupcakes!

  226. wanda

    That is the cutest story! My teen girls still love having cupcake parties with their friends.
    Cupcakes are THE BEST!!
    .-= wanda´s last blog ..Excuse me while I kick & scream! =-.

  227. gretchen

    I know so many people I could give this to for Christmas.

  228. Stacy

    Count me in! That is an oh so lovely cupcake necklace!!
    .-= Stacy´s last blog ..Rhizomes and Corms Oh My! =-.

  229. Meredith

    OOOHHHH, I would love that cupcake necklace…Thanks for a great giveaway!
    .-= Meredith´s last blog ..{A Warning} =-.

  230. Amy

    What’s better than a pretty blue package from Tiffany’s – thanks for the chance to win! Amy

  231. Heather Brady

    i am a fellow survivor of a marathon cupcake baking session! thank you for the pretty post and giveaway

  232. Dawn

    OMGosh, what could be more perfect? My 2 favorite things: Tiffany’s & cupcakes all rolled into one! Gotta have it…

  233. Kara

    oh, so sweet! Makes me think of my little Lucy Cupcake … fantastic giveaway! (and, a good idea for Santa LOL)
    .-= Kara´s last blog ..Daybook: Monday =-.

  234. Cindy

    Love the cupcake charm. H0w adorable is that. Melody’s site is adorable and one that I will be using. Thanks Melissa for sharing her with us.

  235. Cassandra Louise

    Cupcakes!! Hands down my all time favorite dessert:) What a precious little giveaway.

  236. Anna/quilted giraffe


  237. Angela

    Cupcakes + Tiffany’s = Love!
    I’ve been wanting this charm for a while now! :)
    .-= Angela´s last blog ..A Week In Review =-.

  238. Stephen

    This would make the perfect gift for my girlfriend!

  239. Lynda

    Who w ouldn’t love a cupcake to wear!!! Awesome giveaway :)
    .-= Lynda´s last blog ..What to do? =-.

  240. mandy

    adorable. thanks for the chance at winning!

  241. carpot

    Oh my, that is one delicious little cupcake! I would love it!

  242. Kim J.

    Anything from Tiffany’s is beautiful….especially this cupcake!

  243. Mendy

    What is better than a cupcake to eat…a cupcake to wear of course! This is such an adorable charm!

  244. Jen G

    Gorgeous! Thanks for the chance to win!

  245. Jennie

    I love this!

  246. andrea johnson

    I love this giveaway!! Would love even more to win it!!!

  247. Dru

    wow, you’re kidding, for your daughter’s wedding, that is masochism-my-style. great necklace charm

  248. Jenny Williams

    How precious! I would love to win this….no lying. But if I did I’d give it to my sweet, precious daughter who I call my little cupcake. In a sea of brothers (3) she deserves to be pampered!
    Love your site :o)

  249. Annie

    So darling!

  250. Lindsay

    Oh how lovely! I love that charm!

  251. Michelle

    Oh my gosh! that is the cutest cupcake ever AND no calories!

  252. Jen

    I LOVE Tiffanys! I am not sure what it is about that blue box but it always makes me feel special. Even when I know in my head that same item could be bought cheaper elsewhere…Tiffanys just makes it that much more special! What a great charm! I’d love to win and get a blue box this year!!!

  253. JaeRae

    What a cute surprise. Cupcakes are the choice dessert with my little guys. I love jewelry that makes them happy. Makes me happy too!

  254. Denise

    Love it!

  255. Jessica c.

    Have awesome is this giveaway!! I just finished eating two cupcakes… Yes apparently one wasn’t enough!
    .-= Jessica c.´s last blog ..A gift for you! =-.

  256. MichelleH

    That is so incredibly cute. My daughter would love this, but I think I would keep it for me. ;-)

  257. Katy

    I would love to win this necklace! It is beautiful!

  258. Joanna Watne

    I heart cupcakes. And all things cupcake.

  259. thicket dweller

    Adorable! Count me in. :-)

  260. Wendy

    Love this cute charm! So cute! Please pick me, thanks for the giveaway!

  261. hana


  262. Amanda Jo

    I hope I’m not too late! Count me in!!!

  263. Maureen

    How completely utterly cute.

  264. Theresa

    I had no idea Tiffany’s even had a cupcake charm! Too cute.
    .-= Theresa´s last blog ..On the walk to school… =-.

  265. Karen B

    Okay, so I’m really getting in late on this.
    .-= Karen B´s last blog ..Thrift Detour =-.

  266. Melinda

    What an awesome giveaway!

  267. Laura

    Love it! So cute!


  268. Hannah

    OOoooh goodness, I love it!!! Pick me pick me!!!

  269. Jeanie

    This is so cute! Count me in.
    .-= Jeanie´s last blog ..Cozy Baking =-.

  270. Nicole

    That is one adorable tiny cupcake! And from Tiffany’s — ooh la la!

  271. mic

    what a cute necklace! and i cant wait to read your cupcake story.
    .-= mic @ hishouse;herhelp.´s last blog inspiration; tile. =-.

  272. Bethany

    This is so pretty! Every lady loves that pretty blue box!! Thanks!!!
    .-= Bethany´s last blog ..Go Battlin’ Bears! =-.

  273. Debbie

    Oh my, that would make the perfect gift for a friend of mine! Thanks for the opportunity to win such a fine giveaway.
    .-= Debbie´s last blog ..Camp Ready =-.

  274. Julie Downing

    This is so sweet (pun intended!). I’ve never owned anything from Tiffany’s and have always wanted one of those blue boxes – and of course whatever comes inside! Good luck to me!

  275. Joanne Kennedy

    Oh how I would love to win this giveaway. I don’t think I have a very good chance though as everyone seems to love this as much as I do. But hey, I had to give it a shot.
    Thanks for the wonderful chance!

    .-= Joanne Kennedy´s last blog ..SO WHAT DID THE SCALES SAY TODAY? =-.

  276. Linda

    This is simply adorable! Thanks for the chance to win a lovely prize!

  277. Jessica Young

    Very sweet!

  278. allison

    oh my, this is too much! I have a million cupcake books and will bake them for any and all occasions!

  279. Elizabeth

    Cupcakes and Tiffany’s, it doesn’t get much sweeter than that.

  280. Anna

    Sounds great – we just made some yummy cupcake today :)

  281. Erin Acosta

    oooo i would love to win that for a christmas present this year!!! it’s so cute i just love it!
    .-= Erin Acosta´s last blog ..Life’s a Dance =-.

  282. yossaria

    how charming!! love your blog and love this necklace.

  283. Shelli

    The cupcakes are great!

  284. Katie

    can’t beat a tasty cupcake, edible or wearable.

  285. erika

    another great gift for the sweet tooth in the family.

  286. Lisa

    So beautiful!

  287. Sara

    That’s the sweetest little cupcake. It makes me want to go whip up a batch–and wouldn’t they be adorable in Tiffany blue with white bows!
    .-= Sara´s last blog ..Monday, Monday =-.

  288. Amanda

    Wow. Yes, I’ll take one. =) Would love to save it for my daughter who turns 1 on New Years Eve!!
    .-= Amanda´s last blog ..Honeysuckle Hill Farm =-.

  289. Dana j

    Seriously? Too awesome!

  290. Granny Smith Green

    If this isn’t the cutest thing! You need one for your daughter and yourself to remind you of the wedding cupcakes!
    .-= Granny Smith Green´s last blog ..Classic Modern =-.

  291. carol

    Such a beautiful bit of teeny wonderfulness! Wow. Love it!!
    .-= carol´s last blog ..about girls =-.

  292. Amanda

    Yum! Cupcakes. :)

  293. Jennifer

    Oh, I LOVE cupcakes! But sadly, who could NOT like a cupcake. So I think the competition for this little beauty will be stiff :).

    Amazing giveaway!
    .-= Jennifer´s last blog ..Sewin’ again! =-.

  294. mg

    I love cupcakes!!!!!!!!!

  295. Peggy

    That is the most adorable little necklace ever! What a wonderful gift that would be!
    .-= Peggy´s last blog ..The secret word is "nice" =-.

  296. Victoria

    How adorable! I just made cupcakes this weekend with my cute granddaughter who was over for a visit. We made chocolate raspberry cupcakes with pink icing and sparklies on top. Just what she picked out from all the pictuers I showed her. What a fun reminder this charm would be and if I won it, I would pass it down to her when she is old enough to care for it.

  297. Sandy

    Nice gift!

  298. Molly

    You have the best giveaways. count me in……..

  299. Lien O'Neill

    Beautiful! My daughter would love this.

  300. Brocantess

    Add me to the list of entrants please!!!!
    .-= Brocantess´s last blog ..Brocantess Big Give Away & Rose Bowl Part 2 =-.

  301. Angela Bussey

    cupcakes, PINK cupcakes!

  302. amy

    .-= amy´s last blog ..My Baby Loves =-.

  303. Rita

    So cute! My 15 year old would love this!

  304. Mary

    So cute!

  305. Kristen

    This is charming. I love cupcakes, it is what I am known for among my friends and others. Thanks for the chance.
    .-= Kristen´s last blog ..Fall Party Cupcakes =-.

  306. Angie

    Wow, this is a beautiful cupcake. I want!

  307. Jessie

    This would be an amazing gift to get.
    .-= Jessie´s last blog ..Two months =-.

  308. Amanda

    Oh my word!!! I love that charm. :) Would love to win one!
    .-= Amanda @ Serenity Now´s last blog ..27 Days of Thankful #17 =-.

  309. Carrie

    soooo cute! i’d love to win
    .-= Carrie´s last blog ..Holiday Gift Guide =-.

  310. Amy Bolduc

    Ahhhhh! Tiffany’s. Never owned a thing from Tiffany’s

  311. Nikie

    Everything looks better with pink frosting!

  312. Jane Jones

    How cute!

  313. Terri Steffes

    I know a sweet little 24 year old who would love this! (my daughter, Ashley!)

  314. Mrs. Dunbar

    OMGoodness. This has got. to. be… the best giveaway EVER!
    .-= Mrs. Dunbar´s last blog ..I blame my mother =-.

  315. Teresa

    That is adorable and perfect for a cupcake lover, like me!

  316. Ashley


  317. Tami Cooper

    Oh, Tiffany’s. It’s been so long! (Since I quit my job to stay home with my girls.) What a sweet charm, who doesn’t love cupcakes?!

  318. Dana

    Ooh, a little blue box. Nothing sweeter!
    .-= Dana´s last blog ..Graduation =-.

  319. Paula

    I can’t wait to check out Melody’s blog – I love cupcakes!! The charm is super sweet, too!

  320. Dawnelle

    um, yes!!! enter me!

  321. Beth

    This is so cute!! And I totally love cupcakes! It would be so fun to win this!
    .-= Beth´s last blog ..More Pictures =-.

  322. Lindsey

    Oh my! I’d SO love to win this. My sister is a cupcake freak (I love them too though) and I’d be delighted to give this to her for Christmas. Thanks for the chance, Lindsey
    .-= Lindsey´s last blog ..Under the Mistletoe =-.

  323. Sherry

    I hear Tiffanys calling my name. Love this…please enter me.
    .-= Sherry´s last blog ..1940 Christmas Catalog =-.

  324. Kristi Rediske

    I love cupcakes-we even made them for the kids to have at my daughters wedding-they were a big hit. This would just make a great gift for Christmas.

  325. Christel

    That is the cutest little charm. My daughter would absolutely love it.
    .-= Christel´s last blog ..Cooling off on a hot day =-.

  326. Chaya Allen

    I love cupcakes! Oh so lovely!
    .-= Chaya Allen´s last blog ..Exhausted =-.

  327. AmyE

    Did I mention I love giveaways?

  328. Lorrie

    Oh what a perfect gift this would be for my daughter-in-law who loves baking cupcakes and does a marvellous job!


  329. Miriam

    Love the charm and the box. Please enter me.

  330. Leah

    I LOVE THIS!!!!! count me in!!!!

  331. Sally

    Comment, comment, comment. There I left 3 comments!

  332. Cathy B

    ANYTHING at all from TIFFANYS is sooooo appreciated… when I was a young girl I so loved the store and the movie BREAKFAST AT TIFFANYS, that people would even save me their Tiffany boxes!!! My first purchase was a sterling pen… then a sterling keychain… My granddaughter and I have been talking for over a year now about perhaps starting to make cupcakes for holidays and special occassions to raise some extra cash. This giveaway would SOOOO be incredible if we won… guess what my granddaughter would be getting for Christmas????

    cathy b
    projecthope7 at gmail dot com
    .-= Cathy B´s last blog ..Casting Crowns..Praise You in the Storms =-.

  333. Alison

    How much fun! I have a little healthy home baking businness and this would be a wonderful signature piece. Thanks for the opportunity.

  334. Lindsey

    Oh how neat!!!! Thanks for the give away!

  335. Stephanie

    oooh! my daughter would love that :)

  336. Heather

    Wow! And what a great blog you’ve brought to our attention.
    .-= Heather @ what’s blooming this week´s last blog ..Barefoot Bloggers – Creme Brulee =-.

  337. Chrissy

    Wow, how cute! You could save my husband some money at Christmas! :)

  338. Yvonne

    My daughter is getting married on March 19th and I’m trying to decide what to do by hand to help her. She just added pink to her Tiffany blue and white wedding, so please add me to those in the running for this give away!

  339. Rachel

    Oh, how cool! I am *definitely* going to have to check out her website (and keep it as a fave!) as I have three little girls who loooooove cupcakes (and two little boys who tolerate them. LOL).

  340. laura

    how cute!! and it’s making me hungry… :)
    .-= laura´s last blog ..bala green blend =-.

  341. Kelly

    love it!

  342. laurie

    nummy! cupcakes and the charm

  343. Jess

    Love it … mmm … cupcakes!
    .-= Jess @ Frugal w/a Flourish´s last blog ..I love pie! =-.

  344. Allison

    Great giveaway! Would love to win for one of my daughters.

  345. Julie W.

    So adorable and I would LOVE it!

  346. Jenni


  347. Donna V.

    Absolutely lovely!

  348. Amy

    Adorable! I love cupcakes…and Tiffany’s!!

  349. Kristen

    Love this one too! Such beautiful giveaways!

  350. Kathy Owen

    This is such an awesome giveaway.. I have had so much insiping times coming to your blogs and will continue to come at in the new year. I make cupcake pin cushions so this is right up my alley. Thanks a million [email protected] and Kath’

  351. emily kate

    How cute!

  352. Jill


  353. Joan

    Oh, how I would love to win this to give to my daughter, the cupcake queen!

  354. Sheri

    so sweet and PINK! That is precious!

  355. Kim Kellen

    How wonderful. Please count me in.

  356. Bethany

    Very cute.

  357. Eileen Sanchez

    The cupcake charm is gorgeous. My grandaughter would love it!

  358. Susie

    Love this. My daughter would love one of these.
    .-= Susie´s last blog ..At The Top Of My List =-.

  359. Melanie

    Bring on the cupcake jewels.

  360. leigh

    Another sweet giveaway!!!

  361. Juliet

    My dear S-I-L has a little baking business. Would be so much fun to surprise her with this!

  362. MaryT.

    My daughter and I baked cookies for her wedding last Dec. And she continues to be a baker “extraodanaire”. She would so get this as a gift if I won. Thanks for the opportunity.

  363. Emily

    How cute! I love it!
    .-= Emily @ Peach & Pearl´s last blog ..Birch bark chivaris =-.

  364. Robin

    Oh yay! I love cupcakes and what girl doesn’t love Tiffany’s??
    .-= Robin ´s last blog ..The big 1-3!! =-.

  365. Mary Melber

    My daughter loves Tiffany and I love cupcakes!

  366. Jenn D

    Oooohhh I love this too.

  367. EWood

    Cupcakes are so “in” right now! Fun!

  368. Amber

    I remember you making wedding cupcakes, right around moving time, wasn’t it? I generally stay up till 4am getting ready for holidays etc.. Maybe we should be friends since we are a little nuts that way. I can’t get through to party cupcakes, but I’ll try again tomorrow.
    .-= Amber´s last blog ..Cream Cheese Filled Gingerbread Muffins =-.

  369. gretchen

    it’s SO CUTE!!! love the whole idea of this non-fatting sweet gift…

  370. Gwen

    Oh my! How precious.
    .-= [email protected]´s last blog ..Insert Fun & Captivating Title Here =-.

  371. Bernadette Merikle

    I think I should go home and back cupcakes instead of stay at work and eye the Girl Scout cookies.


  372. Christi

    Soooo cute, cupcakes certainly are a timeless classic like Tiffanys!

  373. Amanda Bargallo

    How adorable!!!

  374. Audrey

    Would love a gift that comes in a little blue box!!
    .-= Audrey´s last blog ..Taco Tuesday :-) =-.

  375. Catherine

    Who doesn’t love cupcakes! Sometimes just the frosting, sometimes the whole cupcake, or several. I can’t think of anything sweeter than eating a cupcake while wearing this beautiful jewelry!

  376. suzanne

    SO. Cute. Hope I win!

  377. Jeannine B.

    I am now hungry for a yummy cupcake! Thanks for a chance to win a fun prize!

  378. Marcie

    how sweet!

  379. caren

    WOWZEE!!! I would love to win the Tiffany cupcake! I wonder if Audrey had a cupcake when she ate breakfast!!!! Please enter my name and thanks for you great giveaways.

  380. Cindi

    Greetings! What a delightful prize drawing. This lovely necklace would make a wonderful keepsake gift! Many thanks, Cindi

  381. Krissa

    seriously so cute! I love cupcakes…a new obsession!
    .-= Krissa´s last blog ..Weekend Update =-.

  382. Sarah Reed

    It’s so girly…I love it!

  383. Maggie Pugh

    Oh how fun! It is so sweet! I love little cupcakes.

  384. Leanne

    oooooh, I want a TIffany’s cupcake necklace. So cute. I would be the envy of all my friends. Please pick me!
    .-= Leanne´s last blog ..Do You Swap? =-.

  385. junkgirl

    Too cute!!! I want one!!! Thanks for the chance to win!
    .-= junkgirl´s last blog ..Vintage Black Friday… =-.

  386. Michelle

    Cupcakes make everything better. They bring joy. They still do in the form of a necklace. Love it!
    .-= Michelle´s last blog ..The Veil with A Special Touch =-.

  387. JKH

    YAY !! :)

  388. Nova

    Mmm…blue cupcakes…

  389. Liska

    So cute! Might be the only time in my life I’d own something from Tiffany, LOL!

  390. Karen

    I really only want this one for the “blue box”! ;)

  391. Doriann

    Awesome! Lately I’ve been addicted to all things cupcake .

  392. Rachel

    This would be a perfect Christmas gift for my daughter. What a generous giveaway!

  393. Kathy

    I love this necklace. I’d give it to my youngest daughter. I bought a butterfly necklace for my oldest daughter’s (4) first birthday and she had a butterfly garden party. My youngest had a cupcake party this year for her first birthday and I wanted to get her this exact necklace but it just wasn’t in the cards. I hope to get it for her someday.
    So cute.

  394. Jess

    Wow! So adorable!

  395. April

    Love this!

  396. Leslie

    this would be perfect for my daughter. thanks!

  397. RRF

    Delightful! My grand-niece would totally love it.

  398. kathy

    How adorable! I’ve never had anything from Tiffany’s either! Please enter me!

  399. melinda

    my daughter would love this. . .

  400. Stephanie Williams

    very cute charm ~ and from Tiffany’s oh my!

  401. Tracy Dayett

    Love this! Thank you so much for a chance to win!

  402. Jennifer Batts

    Two things I love, Tiffany’s and cupcakes! Perfect together!

  403. Vicki Arnold

    Wow! LOVE cupcakes and never had anything from Tiffany’s.

  404. Amy Mouradian

    This is such an awsome idea! :)
    I’m known as ‘The Cupcake Queen”
    This is so exciting Tiffany’s

  405. Satsuki

    I love cooking and I think cupcakes are adorable! It was the theme for my LO’s b-day a year (or 2?) ago.
    .-= Satsuki´s last blog ..Better Home Remedies =-.

  406. Kathy M.

    I love cupcakes! This charm is so cute! Thanks for the giveaway fun!!

  407. Melissa

    Cupcakes – my favorite!!! And what a pretty necklace! I would love to win!

  408. Niecey

    This would make my daughter feel like the most special girl in the world. I have all my fingers crossed!

  409. Michelle

    Adorable giveaway!! I remember the cupcake story!! Thanks for the great giveaway!! Michelle

  410. Melissa Lowe

    Oh my gosh, I did not know this cuteness existed! Too much! Love it!
    .-= Melissa Lowe´s last blog ..Look Who’s Walking! =-.

  411. tammy

    What a great website and giveaway! I am so glad I found you!

  412. Anita Sifrig

    I just bought my granddaughter McKenzie a Tiffany Charm Bracelet for her 16th birthday. A Cupcake charm would make a perfect addition.

  413. punkinmama

    Cute. Cute. Cute. Did I mention I think that necklace is CUTE?!
    .-= punkinmama´s last blog ..sunday reflection =-.

  414. Jane

    this is so delightful…I’d love it. But then my chef daughter might find it to be just the thing to wear…advertising with bling…but a rather elegant bling.

    .-= Jane´s last blog ..Happy Birthday dresses =-.

  415. T.

    Your cupcake story is so wonderful. I love your blog. Truly inspirational. Thanks for the darling giveaways.

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