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Valentine’s Day Ideas:
Step Aside, Pioneer Woman

by | Feb 11, 2010 | Decorating Inspiration, Seasonal Decorating & Entertaining, Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day Ideas: <br>Step Aside, Pioneer Woman

Valentine’s Day is coming up this weekend, in case you didn’t know (or are thinking you are going to get away with not talking about it.) I’m a little behind, but I have started thinking of some very easy Valentine’s Day ideas to use around my house.

I know I’ve told you all this before, but I am not a great cook. I just don’t enjoy it as much as I enjoy decorating, and there are only so many hours in the day. I don’t really like to EAT my projects. Seems like such a waste.

But I did get my very own Pioneer Woman cookbook for Christmas and WOW. That cookbook is delicious. Oops, almost forgot to link to her. Here ya go … PIONEER WOMAN. I know she needs the traffic and I know you want to know where to find her. She is going to be big someday, I’m telling you.

But since I am not a great cook like that, nor do I have the patience for it, I rely on pretty dishes and other tricks to make me LOOK like I am like Pioneer Woman. Without the effort. That is going to be my claim to fame, I can find a dish to make a can of beans look gourmet.

Valentine's Day Ideas: <br>Step Aside, Pioneer Woman

One of my favorite stores for people like me is Williams-Sonoma. We don’t have one near us anymore but I used to love to wander in there, savor a sample, and look at fancy shaped bake ware that could make a simple brownie look like a special treat. They always have SOMETHING fun there.

I am always a sucker for those pastry cutters and baking pans with little shapes. I love cutting my baked creations into shapes because nothing says “WOW, she can really bake” like a heart shaped sugar cookie.

Valentine's Day Ideas: <br>Step Aside, Pioneer Woman

My son would even think his morning cereal was special if I put it in a heart shaped dish. Kind of like that “You Are Special Today” plate that my mom passed on to me. Not only is the food special, you YOU just feel special when you are using it. It doesn’t even matter if you are having plain old Cheerios.

So there you go. I am not Pioneer Woman, but if you can’t BE as amazing as her you just do what you can to be the best YOU for your family. Find what works and go with it.

Make Valentine’s Day special in some way for yourself or your family. It is what makes life beautiful.

I have a few more simple tips to share today for romancing your home and marriage, so head on over to (in)courage!

all images: Williams Sonoma


  1. Kim

    Heart shaped food is always fun! Maybe it is because we are girls, but it is just so sweet!
    .-= Kim´s last blog ..Snow Day! =-.

  2. Heather

    Melissa – this is too funny. I’m beginning to think that Ree is the new Martha and I’m sure you’re not the only one who aspires to be a Pioneer Woman.
    Seriously though, your ideas are a great way to add a little love into our lives. William Sonoma, here I come!
    .-= Heather @ what’s happening this week´s last blog ..This is NOT How to Repot a Clivia! =-.

  3. Tara

    I love Williams- Sonoma! Would you believe that there is a GRAND one in Winter Park? I’m telling you, that place is golden!

    Have a great weekend…going to check out In-courage today…

  4. Becky K.

    Very funny…

    Presentation…it is everything!
    Well, ok it has to taste good too.
    There is plenty of room in this world for the both of you…

    A very pretty post.

    Becky K.
    .-= Becky K.´s last blog ..The Living Room Project #2 =-.

  5. Lori

    Very funny post. Thanks for a very simple idea!

  6. Gena

    Hi Melissa,
    love the images of the cookies – thanks for sharing re. Pioneer Woman – I ‘discovered” her a few weeks back through a photography search (needed some info) and so loved her blog … it’s fun, it’s friendly and informative!
    Wish you a happy valentine’s weekend!
    Gena @ Vintage Rose Studio
    .-= Gena @ Vintage Rose Studio´s last blog ..Love & Kisses : Vintage Black & White =-.

  7. Lynne

    Oh I love Williams Sonoma too! I so love all the cooking/baking “stuff”. It always makes me want to cook!! Ours even does Sunday demos – for free! I try my best to hold back & not buy everything. We do have an outlet for Williams Sonoma/Pottery Barn about 40 min away. I like to go there b/c at least I feel I get a “bargin”. Happy Valentine’s Day!! xoxo
    .-= Lynne @ Our Happy Home´s last blog ..Cleaning & Organizing…I {{heart}} it!! =-.

  8. Kelley

    Looks lovely. I’m not sure my man would give a hoot, though.
    .-= Kelley´s last blog ..Make it …..MORE =-.

  9. Melanie

    I love to cook and bake so I ordered her cookbook. I have tried many things on her website. (and yes, she needs the traffic;) Most of them are delicious. I also like Elise at Simply Recipes. Try her website. Her food is wonderful too.

    Enjoy your Valentine’s. We really don’t celebrate it since our birthday’s (hubby & me) are 3 days later. I don’t think we will be doing anything this year because my husband has worked so much the last twelve days with all this bad weather we have had.

    Happy Valentine’s Day.
    .-= Melanie´s last blog ..There’s always a first time. =-.

  10. Laura Ingalls Gunn

    Oh we have one of those plates in our house too. I suprise one lucky user a week. Have a wonderful Valentines Day!

  11. Annelise Wilcox

    I use a simple large heart shaped cookie cutter for sandwiches. I even put nutella on them for a sweet treat. By the way I too have that “you are special today” plate from my mom and we pull it out for birthdays. But my favorite collection is of quilted placemats, my mom had made for each holiday. The hearts are on the table now. Cheers to hearts.
    .-= Annelise Wilcox´s last blog ..More Jack Frost =-.

  12. Amanda

    My hubs is getting a big giant heart shaped chocolate chip cookie for Vday. I did it last year, and he seemed to enjoy it just as much, if not more, than any other Vday I’ve gotten him. Have NO idea what I will get. :s
    .-= Amanda @ Serenity Now´s last blog ..Decorating Dilemmas Party…Round 6! =-.

  13. Gina

    Pretty pictures! We don’t get too fancy for Valentine’s but I do try to add some extra special touches for the kids. Heart shaped food, and all red food, candy on top of their sandwiches and stuff. They love it and feel pretty spoiled!
    .-= Gina´s last blog ..Ramblings and Stuff =-.

  14. ClassiclyAmber

    Thanks for the encouragement! And yes, ITA – no one should feel like they HAVE to do things a certain way just because someone else does! Just – be who you are and do what ya like~! <3
    .-= ClassiclyAmber´s last blog ..Live*Laugh*Love Custom Banner =-.

  15. Mott

    It’s the little things in life that add up to big things! You are clever and we are all blessed with whatever talents God gave us. Thanks for sharing different ways of doing things.
    .-= Mott @ The Courtyard Gate´s last blog ..Home…Sweet, Sweet Home =-.

  16. Vee

    Are you kidding me?! I swear that I didn’t know you were linking to Pioneer Woman today. (I did, too, but for other reasons.) I’m glad to hear that her cookbook is amazing. I don’t see why not. I visit her all the time for recipes and I have never been disappointed.
    .-= Vee´s last blog ..Cheesy Corn Chowder and Dessert Too =-.

  17. Lesley

    I love it! I love pretty things to distract my husband, my guests, or whoever from my woeful cooking! This is great. (And thanks for the great link.)
    .-= Lesley @ TheDesignFile´s last blog ..Design Dilemma: Dressing a bay window =-.

  18. Amy

    I like making heart shaped pancakes or sandwiches with cookie cutters. They are super easy and the kids think you did something special.

    Gotta love that book!
    .-= Amy @ Living Locurto´s last blog ..Lisa Leonard Designs =-.

  19. Myrnie

    Heh. PW needs more traffic like I need 10 more pounds on my hips! That woman is amazing :) I just realized last night that v-day is on Sunday, and maybe prawn curry with mint ice cream for dessert isn’t very…Valentines-ey?? :) My daughter made her valentines yesterday though, so at least one of us is ready!! :)
    .-= Myrnie´s last blog ..Valentines Crafts for Kids =-.

  20. Lisa

    You can fake it right along with the rest of us! I am right there with you, cookie cutters in hand. Have a terrific Valentine’s Day!
    .-= Lisa´s last blog ..Cupid’s Curse =-.

  21. Stephanie

    I’ll have to check out her cook book, I have heard so much about it! I love your blog, your pics are amazing!

  22. Melissa

    So funny! I hadn’t been into Williams-Sonoma in years and when I went the other day I bought the exact heart-shaped pastry mold!!! I bought pillsbury pie crust and a can of apple pie filling and they we great!

  23. Angie

    I LOVE this post…(note the all caps..I wanted to really make my point…;-) It really is all about doing what works for you..and if that also means less work for you…I say yes! Make that..YES! Now I must go drool one more time at those little heart shaped whoopie pies….they should be illegal…wow…

    Hugs ~ Angie

  24. Gina

    My family would love to eat up all those treats. I guess I should invest in some heart shape baking ware. I have a new unique heart for Valentine’s Day that I could use some advice on if anyone has time to drop by.

  25. Mary Joy


    I love it! I must confess that I enjoy Valentines Day and have had a ball doing a little Valentine’s day decorating of my own. But I bought a lot of premade decorations this year. They are still pretty and my family loves them just as if I had made them myself. A few little touches and they are just right.

    Also…I am making Valentine pancakes for my family this weekend but cheated by buying the pink buttermilk pancake mix with chocolate chips in it at Walmart to do it. LOL They are still very excited! Thanks for sharing more ideas!
    .-= Mary Joy´s last blog ..Who knew buying a sofa would be so freeing?! =-.

  26. teresa

    you are too funny. I love fun dishes too.
    Thank for putting a smile in my day.
    .-= teresa´s last blog ..Dog Day Monday- =-.

  27. Christi at Charm & Grace

    Well, I am not much of a cook either. In fact, my hubby is such a good cook that he gets to do a lot of it around our house. I only learned to cook after we were married, and it has never been one of my passions. So while I sit in my art room creating away, I am usually smelling one of his wonderful creations when dinnertime approaches. I love the way you make your children feel special by giving them ordinary food in special dishes.

    .-= Christi at Charm & Grace´s last blog ..Artwork 2009 – Year in Review =-.

  28. Dawn

    Want to hear something sad? I have a Williams-Sonoma outlet about 10 miles from my house. I’ve only been inside once (I never seem to get beyond The Children’s Place or Pottery Barn when I’m at the outlet mall) and I had so many kids with me that I couldn’t enjoy it. I was too terrified that we would break something. I have a friend who gets great deals there. Must. Go. Back!
    .-= Dawn @ My Home Sweet Home´s last blog ..Happy 20th Birthday, Photoshop! =-.


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