Sweet, Simple & Crafty Spring Idea from Anthropologie

Sweet, Simple & Crafty Spring Idea from Anthropologie

I went to Anthropologie over the weekend and loved this sweet little idea for a spring plant. I gathered up a bunch of other Anthropologie decorating ideas to share with you later, but I thought this crafty one was worthy of its own post.

Sweet, Simple & Crafty Spring Idea from Anthropologie

Sweet, Simple & Crafty Spring Idea from Anthropologie

I can think of so many ways to use this project. A DIY housewarming gift, a casual party, wedding or shower decoration, a teacher’s gift, a hostess gift or a little something just for me?

Sweet, Simple & Crafty Spring Idea from Anthropologie

So simple and yet it has that handmade touch that makes it unique and special. And those buttons, SWOON!

I have a bunch of little pots that could use a quick makeover with a scrap of fabric and a cool button.

Sweet, Simple & Crafty Spring Idea from Anthropologie

How about you?

So many of you are asking about those wood buttons. Here are some options for you to try (from our friends on twitter!)

One great idea from @cupcakes5 (Cupcakes and Crinoline) was to make your own buttons! Find a tree trimming service that would give you small branches, slice and drill holes! Fairly easy and free! Yay.

Or maybe check these Etsy Shops!

Natural Birch Buttons

Oak handcrafted buttons

Spalted oak buttons

More spalted oak buttons

Handmade Cherry wood buttons

Have fun! Come back and show me what you make with them, will ya?


  1. …dressed for spring!…could we change the fabric in the fall…i am thinking a tartan for the fireside…

  2. They do look simple to make and are quite unusual. I even like them better when they have been stained after watering. Lovely idea!

  3. Cute as a button! hee.

    I used buttons like that(and fabric like that too) to add length to my shower curtain. Go Anthro!
    .-= linda@LimeintheCoconut´s last blog ..Milo and the Big Butt chair… =-.

  4. Adorable, simple, and easy to achieve! Love it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. I love this idea, the fabric and button are so cute!!
    .-= Stephaine @ Geezees´s last blog ..Canvas Unwrapped, Deployed in Iraq, Constance and Matthew’s Story =-.

  6. Cute idea!! I love this, so easy and stylish. Heaven knows I have enough fabric laying around the house…
    .-= Lindsey@ Mama Sews´s last blog ..Boy, have I been reading =-.

  7. I like the idea, although I’m not sure I really like the fabric choice. But great idea.
    .-= Lesley @ TheDesignFile´s last blog ..Design Translation: Choosing a great rug =-.

  8. How simple is that?

    Cute idea!
    .-= Mrs.Rabe´s last blog ..Sew Happy! =-.

  9. I love that idea…I have some pots that were left by the previous owners…I could use them to do this….It makes a nice grouping! Thanks for sharing , Honey!

  10. I like that, too! So cute! Now where to find awesome buttons like that…?
    .-= ClassiclyAmber´s last blog ..Dreamy Creamy Bedrooms =-.

  11. Thanks for sharing. Love this idea. I have several holiday pots that I hate to put away because I can’t use them at the wrong time! Ha! Now I have a solution!!
    .-= em´s last blog ..Sneak Peek =-.

  12. Perfect. I’ve been looking for ideas for my porch plants…can’t wait until warm weather and planting season comes!
    .-= Imperfect´s last blog ..Receiving This Day =-.

  13. Sprucing up an office — a spot where we spend SOOO much time.


    Enjoy the color!

    Pssst — lovin the buttons especially!
    .-= Claudia@DipityRoad´s last blog ..Friday~~Finding Beauty 2/26/10 =-.

  14. So cute, and so simple. Love it!
    .-= Shannon´s last blog ..How NOT To Clamp Wood =-.

  15. Oh Melissa!
    I just adore this!
    Was that like in the window??
    Now that is my kind of craft…I do wonder if there is any sewing involved…and we must find out where the fab….tree…buttons come from! And…let’s don’t forget about that turquoise thread…now that makes it!
    Delighted I finally subscribed to your blog…
    now you pop in via my email!
    Where has my head been?
    Before…I had you marked as a favorite…and I just couldn’t remember to pop over…but now….there you are! xxooxx
    Happy Day!
    Hope your church is growing up in Silverdale! xo
    .-= teresa@bloomingonbainbridge´s last blog ..CHOCOLATE!! =-.

    • Yay, now we won’t get lost from each other :-)

      Yes we need someone to go find those buttons and report back. Anyone?

      You are so right that turquoise thread really makes it! So sweet!

      Happy day!

  16. What a great idea! Got to love anthropologie! I adore the wooden buttons with the teal thread!! I would love to know where are those from?

    • I added some links to the post showing where readers found similar buttons! You can come back and take a look if you’d like!

      Happy day!

  17. Tonya Riggs says

    Those buttons are adorable!
    .-= Tonya Riggs´s last blog ..February {Lucky Girls} =-.

  18. I was just in Anthropologie this week – I could spend an afternoon in the store and never grow weary of looking at everything.

    I love the cute pots! Thanks for the idea.
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..{a perfect hair day} =-.

  19. What a wonderful idea! They couldn’t be any cuter. Off to find some supplies for my own pots!

  20. Mary Joy says

    What a great idea to dress up old or ugly pots or even to change the pot “dresses” seasonally. I love decorating for each season and why not include house plants? Thanks for sharing where we can find the buttons…

    Now I have one more project to add to my TO DO list…LOL
    .-= Mary Joy @ Life Interrupted´s last blog ..Someone once told me its easier to raise boys than it is to raise girls… =-.

  21. these are awesome! what a great way to reuse some pots that just don’t go with anything. thanks!
    .-= micaela @ hishouse;heherlp.´s last blog ..design board; almost finished. =-.

  22. Oh! We just removed a tree from our side yard and it never occured to me to slice one of its branches into buttons! Maybe my husband stacked some of the larger cuts with our firewood? Thanks, Melissa! I’m running out to see right now…!
    .-= Tracy´s last blog ..Field Trip: The Huntington, Part 3. The Garden’s Promise of Spring =-.

  23. The water stained fabric is just gross!
    I would suggest using something that is waterproof instead of fabric to get the same look. Maybe oilcloth which comes in lovely patterns. Even top fabric designers make some of their fabrics in oilcloth. Nice idea but wrong product.

  24. I love Anthro’s outdoor living ideas. And we are lucky that we live where (and hubby works for…) the corporate office that runs Anthro and just locally open another concept store (Terrain) for just outdoor living. Love it and totally abuse my spouse corporate discount. I will head over there when the weather breaks and pick up a ton of ideas!!!
    .-= Courtney´s last blog ..decorating the nursery =-.

  25. What a great idea! I love the simplicity. If only I could sew…
    .-= Kacey´s last blog ..Letters to my loves =-.

  26. oh my goodness, how great- you just leave it right in the gross plastic pot when gift giving!
    .-= gina´s last blog ..the bad, the good, and the ugly. =-.

  27. This is such a neat idea! Thanks for sharing.
    .-= LisaB´s last blog ..Decorating With Plates =-.

  28. Now aren’t those happy!? I was just perusing the Pottery Barn catalog and was inspired to add more houseplants to my home, they just seem to “make” the rooms.

  29. Thanks so much, Melissa, for the blog/twitter mention. It is truly appreciated!
    .-= Mary Beth´s last blog ..Going Green! =-.

  30. Great cover up idea for ugly pots.

  31. i LOVE how they let the fabric get dirty after watering and it shows the water lines. it makes it so much more approachable and “anthro-y”. :)
    .-= the tiny twig´s last blog ..M10 :: Watching the Documentary Food, Inc. =-.


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