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Happy Little Ideas for Spring

by | Mar 31, 2010 | Decorating Inspiration, spring decorating

Paint something yellow.

Happy Little Ideas for Spring

house beautiful

Put some birds in your winter stick trees!

Happy Little Ideas for Spring

Martha Stewart

(Here is where Martha Stewart tells us how to make the birds, naturally Martha would make the birds herself!)

Pin some flowers on pillows or tablecloths.

Happy Little Ideas for Spring

Martha Stewart

Create a garden trellis wall organizer!

Happy Little Ideas for Spring

Martha Stewart

Press your first spring flowers &
hang them from charming frames & hooks!

Happy Little Ideas for Spring

Martha Stewart

Have you been entering the Happy Spring Challenge at HomeGoods? Pretty awesome prizes!

Last week I was giving away a HomeGoods card here and almost forgot to tell you the winner! The winner of our first $50 card is Marie from Emma Calls Me Mama! Congrats! Email me your address and I’ll send off the card!

I went shopping at HomeGoods last week while I was in Portland and got some cool stuff I’ll show ya soon! HomeGoods really is the best, even though I had to drive three hours to get there!

I’ve got two more $50 HomeGoods cards to giveaway right now to ONE lucky winner! Yep, this week you can win TWO cards to help you out in your spring decorating. Just leave me comments about what you are doing in your home to bring a little spring inside!


Featured blog reader –a good blog to read!

Happy Little Ideas for Spring


  1. Marie

    Hello sweet Melissa – thank you for this inspirational post! I love the idea of pinning flowers on a table cloth. So fab!

    I enjoy decorating my hutch with seasonal goodies. For spring I have sparkly eggs, sage and cream candles, and lots of shiny silvery things. Of course my hutch isn’t complete without my chalkboard that says “Easter.” It’s such a beautiful and meaningful time of celebration for our family.

    .-= Marie´s last blog ..leisure time: shopping vs. root canal =-.

  2. Irene

    I love the idea of pressed flowers in picture frames.

    I’ve brought Spring into the house by buying Hyacinth. The smell is amazing and they look lovely.
    .-= Irene´s last blog ..Dining – Alfresco =-.

  3. Emily

    Well, I didn’t paint anything yellow but i did paint a chair green.

    And bought daffodils.

    Happy spring!
    .-= Emily@remodelingthislife´s last blog ..The Spring Break List =-.

  4. Jennifer S.

    Some moss with easter eggs across the mantel and a light purple pillow for the couch.

  5. Teresa

    I’m looking forward to opening the windows and letting some fresh air into the house!

  6. Carolyn

    Some fresh yellow tulips and painting my laundry room a shade of yellow last weekend put me in the mood for everything to be fresh, clean, and alive after this very cold winter!

  7. Tracy

    Martha, Martha, Martha! How can she make me feel so completely inadequate and inspired all at the same time? (I know she has a whole army of people working for her, still)
    Changing out my fireplace “stuff” and bringing in more green and “greenery” here. Yay for spring!
    .-= Tracy´s last blog ..Off-Season Fireplace Fillers =-.

  8. Angela

    I haven’t brought spring in yet! I want to make some new pillows for my couch and I will definitely be copying that table cloth idea. Love it!
    .-= Angela @ Homegrown Mom´s last blog ..Giveaway Week: The Rusted Chain =-.

  9. paige

    new spring green pillows for my living room and freshly painted yellow dining room. I LOVE spring!
    .-= paige´s last blog ..the reprise =-.

  10. Gigi

    I haven’t done much for spring yet (except Round Up in the yard – does that count?) but just wanted to pop in and say I’m glad I’m not the only one who is willing to drive several hours for a bargain…..(just spend 3 1/2 hours round trip to hit Ikea….).
    .-= Gigi´s last blog ..Okay, okay! I got your message. =-.

  11. Kelly

    Love these springy ideas! I’ve been searching out milk glass vasesand my favorite Ball jars hoping to fill them with bright flowers! Oh and making pastel DIY cupcake stands, and a few Martha cupcakes too ;)!
    .-= Kelly @ Notable Inspiration´s last blog ..As Seen On Etsy: Green Post =-.

  12. Stacey

    More gift cards? I can hardly contain my enthusiasm!

    I’ve been bringing spring into my home by opening the windows, bringing home bouquets of tulips, and cleaning. I just love this time of year. A little sunshine and warm air is very inspiring.

  13. Teresa

    I have to open the windows, and I have a new bedspread.

  14. Ashley

    Changing up the pillows throughout the house really helps me get into “spring mode”… on the couch, the chairs, the beds… everywhere!
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    .-= Ashley´s last blog ..Exhausted! =-.

  15. Donna

    Nothing says spring like spring cleaning!

  16. Lori

    Earlier in the month I forced forsythia and today I brought in some crabapple branches that are about to burst into bloom! Very springy!

  17. Lisa S

    I change all of the bedding in the house. I trade heavy warm blankets for light bright coverlets. Silk and lightweight cotton pillows replace fuzzy wool pillows. I always get excited when I change out the bedding. Love this Homegoods Happy Home contest. So fun o see everyone beautiful homes!

  18. Sassy

    Yellow is my favorite color for a bedroom! DH and I were just talking earlier today about painting it this Spring. I am not a huge fan of blue but when blue and yellow are used together in a bedroom it always reminds me of the sun and clear blue skies.

  19. Stacy

    Spring is not quite here yet but I have been removing blankets and generally lightening up the feeling of the house.

  20. sarah

    I am in the process of slipcovering 2 of my upholstered chairs–one in cream and the other in a funky floral–hopefully my room will be brightened!!

  21. Anita

    I bought some white spider mums. They last forever and look great in my blue jars! But painting something yellow sounds like a good idea!

  22. Brenna

    I’m cutting beautiful cala lily’s and iris from my garden and spreading them around the house.

  23. Kate

    I re-did the windows in my master bedroom and bath to allow much more light in. Now it feels like spring inside the house!

  24. Jan

    Here at Rosemary Cottage — the heavy rug is rolled up and stored and the sisal rug now graces the floor in the one-and-only living room! And the antique portrait of a young lady in green now hangs above the mantel — while her sister in deep red has returned to her summer place in the bedroom. The fresh green lady helps the living room feel cooler! Tall white candles in old brass holders — shaped like lily pads — hold pride-of-place on the buffet by the front window. And there’s a silk arrangement (gasp!) of white tulips on an end table. Silk flowers do work here — otherwise three cats make midnight raids on the fresh ones! LOL!

    Cheers! Jan at Rosemary Cottage

  25. Carol H.

    I finally put away my snowman collection and got out the Easter decorations.

  26. Jen Hahn

    We had such a long winter this year I had to buy some tulips already in bloom while I waited for the real ones to come up. Finally spring arrived this week so we opened all of the windows today. Nothing says spring more than fresh air!

  27. Angie

    I’m working on doing some spring cleaning. That should freshen things up around here. I’m also going to add some flowers to our dining room and I’m going to add a few light/airy touches to the kids/guest bathroom!!

  28. Betty Jo

    I’ll be buying pink and yellow flowers this week to photograph. I love going to the florist this time of the year. The redbuds are about ready to pop around here too, and I’ll be getting some awesome photos of those as well. It’s such a yummy time of year!! ♥
    .-= Betty Jo´s last blog ..moving =-.

  29. ClassiclyAmber

    I love aaaaaaall of these ideas! Oh my! I’m really diggin’ those pinned on flowers on the tablecloth. Simply spectacular! I’ve already been thinking about sewing up tablecloths with yummy ruffles. This is dandy, too!! =-D Thanks for the inspiration!!
    .-= ClassiclyAmber´s last blog ..Springtime Mantle Decor, a Winner and Appendicitis =-.

  30. Marie

    Hello Melissa – I’m so excited to win the HG gift card! I didn’t realize that I had won until after I left the comment earlier.

    Thank you so very much! I emailed you my address.

    .-= Marie´s last blog ..leisure time: shopping vs. root canal =-.

  31. Sarah

    Besides buying some spring/summer clothes, I’ve been thinking of ways to add more floral prints to my decorating because I love them so very much and because this is the perfect time of the year for them!
    .-= Sarah @ Dream In Domestic´s last blog ..Showcasing a Bed with Fabric =-.

  32. Kristen

    I love the table cloth with the flowers pinned on. As for what I am doing to bring spring in to my home is opening the windows on beautiful days and pulling back the curtains waiting for spring to really hit the Midwest. When it does, I will bring in lilac bouquets and maybe some crabapple branches from our tree out back.
    .-= Kristen´s last blog ..Home is . . .so many things =-.

  33. Martha

    To bring a little Spring into my house, I bought some easter candy to display in my kitchen, and I have a floral rag quilt thrown over my couch. Tomorrow I’ll be buying fresh flowers!
    .-= Martha´s last blog ...maddie’s rag quilt. =-.

  34. cindy

    It was almost 80 degrees in atlanta today so i opened all my windows and left the front door open! I planted containers with tomatoes and jalepenos and bought some plants for inside too! Spring is here!

  35. shannon

    I am buying lots of flowers for both inside and outside and hoping we don’t have anymore rain!

  36. Tamara

    I’ve painted some vases, a decorative bowl, and a large candle stick holder white. To the vases I have put in cheerful spring flowers, to the bowl I added sumptuous fruit, and I’ve adorned the candle stick holder with 3 lovely eggs (they are plastic eggs that I modge podged with pretty pastel tissue paper). I saw this on a blog and it turned out so pretty. I’ve also switched out my bed sheets to all white and painted my headboard white. I scored some highly discounted light blue and pastel spring green paint at Lowes which I am going to use to paint (and distress) some 4 x 6 woods frames that I haven’t presently been using. I have a really cute whimsical bird/tree stamp set that I will employ in making lovely spring images for the new Spring frames. I am grateful for Spring–to me it is a season of true hope and of limitless possibilities.

  37. candace

    ha! i just painted a five dollar side table yellow today. i can’t wait to wake up tomorrow and see it in the sunlight.
    .-= candace´s last blog of lately =-.

  38. Alyssa

    I’m bringing fresh cut flowers from the beautiful meadows behind our home and placing them everywhere around our home. I’m also planning on putting up a new floral wreath on the front door…I love spring!

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  39. Bekki

    Reorganizing my craft area!

  40. Sarah

    I have bought some greens….1 fake and 1 real which I hope to keep alive :) I always know Spring has sprung when I can’t keep my floors clean from the kids (and big kids) running in and out of the house. We just can’t get enough of a blue sky and 70 deg.!

  41. Phaedra

    Hot pink and turquoise blue daisies in a cute blue pitcher on my bar! I am inspired though to paint something yellow, I have some dining room chairs that would be lovely in yellow. Thanks for the inspiration!
    .-= Phaedra´s last blog .. =-.

  42. Sarah

    Ahhhh! SPRING! Bring it!!
    So far I’ve painted everything my hubby will let me, WHITE. I’ve made covers for most of my pillows in lovely florals and (you guessed it) WHITE. And I’m opening up all of the windows, every chance I get … letting the outside, IN! Hooooray!
    And PS Home Goods rocks.

  43. Denise

    I am working on a shelving unit to hopefully organize some toys- my way of spring cleaning. :-)
    .-= Denise´s last blog ..HomeGoods Giveaway =-.

  44. Christi

    I’m bringing flowers inside. Both flowers that are growing in our yard and ones from the store. Yeah for tulips!!

  45. Melissa

    I have been *thinking* about lots of great ideas, but so far, haven’t realized any of them… Well, that’s not entirely true. I have changed out my candle scents to something more springy….that’s a step in the right direction, I guess! :)

  46. Diane

    Some tulips for the dining room table, and I’m going to *attempt* to make some pretty pillows. This will be a first for me, as I’m very sewing machine challenged :)

  47. Jennifer

    I haven’t had a lot of time for spring decorating, but I did take the time to “blow out” a few eggs and color them for a simple little display. I love simple.
    .-= Jennifer´s last blog ..Little Touch of Spring =-.

  48. Granny Smith Green

    Spring is coming inside! Anything that has a bloom on it is welcome. I even picked the little purple violet “weeds” out of the grass! (I’d say that’s embracing imperfection, wouldn’t you?) They are simply beautiful. Why not take advantage of that large patch of purple?
    .-= Granny Smith Green´s last blog ..Garden Must Haves =-.

  49. krista colvin

    i LOVE that i have fresh white tulips, mounds of double yellow daffodils + fresh pink ranaculas all around my home!!!!! Today I got new black compost throughout the backyard to really set off the white paper bark + the fresh green sprouts from my phlox + peonies.

    I’m working on an entire bedroom redo + picked my paint colors today!!!! I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to have a gift card to kick off this project ;)

  50. Suzanne

    Wow – what a great Giveaway! A little Spring cleaning around here so that when the sun pours in through the windows it looks pretty, not dusty. :)

  51. Jill F.

    After a long Wisconsin winter, we hit 76 degrees today! So I opened up the windows to bring a breath of fresh air into the place (and my cats loved it!) Unfortunately my cats also love fresh flowers and any plant that is alive (they will find them, eat them and then proceed to throw them up) so I can’t bring those into the house, but I’m still able to put out my favorite Spring/Easter decorations to enjoy!

  52. Bekah

    What an inspiring post. I am especially excited by the spring flowers in the frames- I just bought a new frame tonight and that is the perfect idea for it. As for my own house, I’ve been putting some new birdies around and putting some fresh flowers on my tables :)
    .-= Bekah@Ifworkpermits´s last blog ..You know your weeds are bad when… =-.

  53. Jenni Hunt

    Does spring cleaning count? ;-)
    Honestly, I feel so behind… and completely not ready for Easter. I want to make it as big as Christmas in our home… but, the days keep passing by. We did plant flowers in a little indoor greenhouse yesterday… but, we are in desperate need of bringing spring inside in my decorating! Home Goods would most definitely help… LOVE that place!

  54. Lianna

    So cool! I would love to win just ONE of those cards, much less TWO!!!

    I am so ready for spring and love putting fresh flowers in my home. I am so ready for my own plants to start blooming so I can cut them and bring them inside to share with my family and guests :)

    Happy Easter!
    .-= Lianna´s last blog ..When You Wish Upon a Star… =-.

  55. Kathy

    What I’ve done is just outside my window where we can all see outside. The bird bath is clean and full of fresh water. We are all loving watching the different birds come and have a splash. The pots by the door are planted with flower seed. They are just popping up. Now we’re waiting for them to grow and bloom. Such a lovely time to keep the windows clear of anything to keep us from seeing all God’s beautiful creation.

  56. laney

    …moss …moss…moss! i love taking large broken piecse of clay pots…fill with moss (we long ago decided we love moss better than grass in our very woody backyard) and the wild violets that are now everywhere …my easter table with have a center piece filled with moss and violets …and a bunny or two…

  57. Jennifer

    I bought so flowers for the kitchen table. I’m also doing a project with butterly prints I retrieved from Vintage Printables.
    .-= Jennifer´s last blog ..Stealing again! =-.

  58. leigh

    I’m painting and getting flower beds ready! I should paint something yellow!

  59. Christy

    I found two adorable (well, I knew they’d be adorable after I tinkered with them) little birdie pictures at Goodwill. Spray painted the awful baby-poop-brown frames Heirloom White and now they’re hanging in my dining room. I’ll admit I’ve acquired a teensy bit of a bird fetish this spring!

  60. Kim J.

    moss and violets in apothecary jars are springy…and of course, bowls of pastel m&m’s..everywhere..

  61. Laura

    we just moved so the whole house is getting its own “spring cleaning” of sorts, but one of the first things I did was plant Geraniums in hanging baskets for the new front porch, it feels both Springy and Welcoming at the same time!

  62. Tara

    We’re spring cleaning and organizing our closets and adding fresh flowers from the farmer’s market. We’ve changed out a rug in our family room to make it more neutral…looks similar to a Sisal but it’s a Berber. I’ve put out all of our geraniums on our front stoop…

    working like a honey bee!!!

  63. Beth

    I bought some hyacinths and am trying to remove a lot of clutter!

  64. Lisa B

    Lots of tulips! They just make me think Spring. And trying to open the windows as much as possible to let the fresh air in! Thanks for all the great ideas and for your great blog.

  65. Astrid

    I’ve got my spring time sticks….everywhere! I’ve got an Easter tree…perhaps I’ll swap out the Easter decorations for birds after Easter. We’ve been doing lots of craft projects…and I’ve got spring-y fake flowers out. I’d really like to get a new pretty doormat and some fun pillows for my sofas.
    .-= Astrid´s last blog ..Wreaths, Terrified Visitor and Geode Eggs…. =-.

  66. eleisa

    I am washing curtains and cleaning windows. Let the sun shine in!

  67. denise

    Changing out the heavy suede sliding glass door curtain, changing out all the tea lights to french vanilla in glass votives (from cinnamon for winter); planting pansies and violas in pots for indoors, growing some wheatgrass, and bringing out the light colored pillows for the couch…oh, and opening the windows whenever the weather permits!!!!

  68. leslie

    currently I’m just opening the windows whenever I can- I hope to buy some faux tulips soon and maybe plant a few flowering plants in pots to use around the house
    .-= leslie´s last blog ..insulin resistant =-.

  69. Cathy

    I really want to do some spring cleaning. There is lots of organising/ tidying up that needs to be done in our house. I just adore the yellow chair in the first picture. Gorgeous!!
    .-= Cathy´s last blog ..Happiness is…baking =-.

  70. Julia

    Yesterday I showed some photos on my blog of the new milk glass I bought and the flowers I put in it to brighten things up a little bit around here. The weather is finally nice enough to open the windows and let a spring breeze into the house, too. Love this time of year!

    That photo at the top of your post makes me want to paint some chairs yellow. So cheery! :-)
    .-= Julia @ Hooked on Houses´s last blog ..Make Your House Look Magazine-Perfect in 8 Easy Steps =-.

  71. Missy June

    I picked daffoldils and cut forsythia then filled vases on the mantle, in the kitchen and each of the children’s rooms for a burst of yellow spring sunshine!

  72. Posey

    Well, I have changed from my fleece sheets to my 600 thread count white ones!! Fresh flowers on the dining room table. And starting my spring cleaning!!!

  73. Sallie

    Painting a new home office desk a lovely spring green to go in a room with cappuccino walls and green and pink accents. It will be my new everyday work space in just a week and a half when I start working from home! I’m so excited! Celebrate Spring!!

  74. KIMBERLY c

    I’ve been cutting rosemary out of my herb garden & making large and small arrangements with flowers I find in the grocery store. I have a fragrant house with touched of color.

  75. Melissa

    I’m forcing some flowering twigs-pussy willow and forsythia right now. Just have to have some outside inside

  76. Patty

    I love spring! I dusted off my favorite bunnies and watering can , added some potted herbs and made a nice centerpiece for the dining table. I also replaced a candle on the mantle with a nest of green moss and sweet little bird. My kids bring me fresh flower from the yard daily for the kitchen countertop :)

  77. deanna

    i brought daffodils inside for spring!

    and spring cleaning will begin after just completing my “first-time homebuyer” transaction! =)

  78. Leslie

    Hi Melissa and everyone!
    I planted some bulbs in some glass containers and put them in my cafe’ (basement coffee house) window and am repainting my kitchen yellow!
    I just a bunch of great ideas from the other ladies who commented, too!
    I think I will be Spring decorating until Summer!
    .-= Leslie´s last blog ..My 1st GIVE-AWAY– NO April Foolin’! =-.

  79. Victoria

    I haven’t really brought spring inside as there’s not much spring outside here yet. I am doing lots of planning for spring projects and may be getting some pansies this weekend, they shout spring to me!

  80. Crystal

    We are getting our house painted on the outside- perks everything up!

  81. Ann Johnson

    We are in the process of refinishing our kitchen table to make it fresh for spring. Hope it is ready by Easter!

  82. Brooke

    With the arrival of summer-like temperatures this weekend, I’m opening windows, buying bunches of daffs, grilling our Easter dinner, and doing a major virtual edit of our living spaces (no time to do the real thing!) Away with the clutter and unfocused collections; realign the higgledy-piggledy wall hangings; gather the books and magazines and coats and bags and clean them out, find them a home, or get rid of them. Let the freshened air and warm sun waft through the spaces–let everything, and everyone, breath anew.

  83. Vee

    Well I’m all for painting something yellow, but that garden trellis organizer idea is fantastic!
    .-= Vee´s last blog ..Counting the Cost of Caregiving =-.

  84. Amanda

    We have been planting flowers in our hanging baskets and adding them to both the front and back porches.

  85. KellyB

    Lots of spring flowers and leaving the windows open as much as possible.

  86. Joani

    Flowers R bountiful since all the spring rain here in Arizona.

  87. Ashley

    I put some yellow flowers on the mantel and have been sprucing up the potted plants on the front and back porch.

  88. sheri

    Get some dirt between your toes :) We’ve been out in the garden for the past month, working the soil, getting it started, and adding some things to it bit by bit. I love this time of year.
    .-= sheri´s last blog ..Easter Dinner Preparations =-.

  89. Cindy

    I have a table full of starts for my garden. Flowers and vegetables. The kids are happy that the EAster decorations are out!

  90. Joani

    Spring flowers R abundant due to the earlier rains here in Arizona. Beautiful.

  91. Jenny

    I’m so ready for spring. Keeping fresh cut flowers in my kitchen really helps me to feel like spring is on the way…even though it’s still snowing outside.

  92. Eileen

    I have been hitting up thrift stores looking for old frames to redo, and deep, spring cleaning! Also a bit of brightly colored handmade garland from etsy can add a little spring to any mirror or window.

  93. Allison

    Daffodils galore. Just takes a little money (not much) and a little time (again, not much) in late fall and it produces the most happy yard and home in spring! Also, just one Forsythia bush … and you have long branches (unless your husband prunes the bush), sweet yellow flowers and a multitude of gorgeous arrangements!

  94. beth h

    First I brought flowers in (even if I had to buy them and couldn’t grow them yet). And I also change around everything decor-wise to bring in springy colours and a fresh look after a long, cold winter. And mt favorite thing (which I got to do yesterday!) is open my windows and patio door and let the smell of spring inside!

  95. Melita

    I would LOVE a Home Goods gift card! I have added some bird nests’ with little eggs in them, as well as fresh flowers from my yard! Love Spring!!!

  96. Kelly

    I spraypainted little birds white, painted little wooden eggs, & made some mossy topiaries. It’s feeling like Spring around here & I love it!!

  97. Rachel

    I’m cleaning out years of inherited and accumulated color, so hopefully I can feel lighter and Springier myself.

  98. Jenna

    I was actually planning on going to HomeGoods this weekend or next to look for a white quilt/coverlet and shams for my bed to brighten up the look in my bedroom! I’m also planning to spray paint a lamp yellow after seeing this post…love the idea!

  99. Linda

    I just bought a house. So yesterday my daughter and I went and bought a lot of pillows for the wicker furniture in the sunroom in bold colors and designs. Love them.

  100. Kristin Kneupper

    Right now I’ve been concentrating on the outside! Planting a garden, flowers etc. I think it’s time I focus on the inside!!

  101. Joy

    hanging tissue paper poms from the chandelier above our kitchen table in fun springy colors.

  102. Bee

    Bouquets of daffodils, leaving my windows and doors open (nothing like fresh spring air) and gearing up for spring cleaning! I have some painting projects, too, including a dresser, but I’m painting it bright shiny cherry red. More summer than spring, perhaps? :)

  103. Mary Joy


    I am afraid I am not able to decorate for spring right now…getting all packed up and ready to move and get married next weekend.

    I am very busy and enjoying every minute of it!!! Happy Spring and Happy Easter everyone!!! I will be going Spring decorating crazy as soon as we get moved in!!!

    Joyfully in Jesus,

    Mary Joy
    .-= Mary Joy @ Life Moments´s last blog ..Comment problem fixed… =-.

  104. Courtney

    Gotta get rid of almost everything…moving into a (much) smaller home. Where to start??

  105. Megan W

    Lots of spring cleaning, which of course means I’ve found a million little areas I’d like to update with some nice wares from HG! And fresh tulips on the dining room table are also a must.
    .-= Megan W´s last blog ..The Difference Between Men and Women =-.

  106. Angie

    I’m going lighter! I’m painting a soft grey on the walls, adding some new pillows with a bright pop of color and lots of fresh flowers!! So excited for spring!!
    .-= Angie´s last blog ..A birthday and a milestone =-.

  107. Dana

    I am on a turquoise tangent! I have brought turquoise in everywhere! It just feels springy to me.
    .-= Dana´s last blog ..Graduation =-.

  108. Jessica

    I bought some artificial branches of yellow flowers and put them in a vase.

  109. Sarah

    So, far, I’ve just been throwing open the windows and letting a little sunshine inside. Hopefully I’ll get some flowers in a vase for the table soon. :)

  110. Maggie

    I’m painting a mirror border yellow to put above my desk! It will reflect the light from the window opposite.

  111. The Sarge's Wife

    I am working on freshening up my screened-in porch and patio. I’m planting flowers in pots and making it all a more beautiful outdoor “room”.

  112. LindaB

    My daughter is coming to help me spring-clean. She’ll get what I don’t want and I’ll have more room for new stuff….. wait, doesn’t that defeat the purpose? ;)

  113. Rachel

    I am adding white to my living room. Taking out the black and bringin in white pitchers with plants with them. I really like it and off course cleaning too :)

  114. kristiina

    I just bought a bright orange clock from Home Goods for my kitchen yesterday!

    -k :)

    • kristiina

      whoops–i actually got my orange clock from jcpenney outlet store, but i DID get some cute little mini dutch ovens from home goods ;) (sorry for the double comment!!)

      -k :)
      .-= kristiina´s last blog ..Drawers In the Bathroom-Heavenly Storage =-.

  115. Sherry Schillaci

    Bathing the dogs! No really, just doing some spring cleaning and putting out new towels and washing/changing out curtains to a light, airier color. I love Homegoods!

  116. Lindsey Schillaci

    Homegoods is the best!! No money to change much right now – about to graduate from college and then I get to work on decorating a new place! I decorated most of my condo with items from there and wow – what bargains they have! Great fun to go there….

  117. Lynda

    I’ve been spring cleaning (getting rid of junk), reorganizing and brightening up my craft area and enjoying working and sleeping with the windows open! Also enjoying watching my hyacinth bloom (the smell so good).
    .-= Lynda @ SportsMadGirl´s last blog ..Spitting Nails =-.

  118. Suzanne

    I plan on putting up some brightly colored pictures behind my bed (right now it’s bare) and getting some soft, flowly curtains for the master bedroom!! We just painted this winter, now time to make it pretty

  119. Marilyn Holeman

    I’ve been clearing out clutter, and after reading 320 * Sycamore today, I plopped the wooden eggs from Michael’s into the pot of grass growing in my window sill. Have a blessed Easter, Melissa.

  120. Arielle

    I know it’s cliche, but I can’t get enough of decorating with flowers. From the yard or from the store, I just love the life that they bring to the house.
    Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

  121. April in CT

    My little bit of spring is outside. I made new baskets for our front doors and they’re so cute! I love seeing them when we pull up full of spring flowers!

  122. Sherri S

    New mantel decor for Spring! Decorated my front porch with flowers (real and fake.) Spring cleaning of closets with donations to the local Goodwill. I’d love to win and then I would re-do my bedroom!

  123. Kathy

    So far to celebrate spring I have replaced our arctic-weight down comfortable with something lighter – in both color and weight. Although 10 inches of snow are forecast for the next couple of days so I may have to rethink that! Perhaps just pin a few flowers to my tablecloth instead!

  124. April

    Hey there: Well, it’s been a long cold winter for this girl living in Romania! So, a couple weeks ago I decided to try my hand at growing a few herbs on my windowsill and also potted a few flowers. You can see them on my blog, should you like.
    You may be thinking, what would a girl in Romania do with gift cards in the states?
    Well, my state of residence in Oregon and my city of preferance is PDX! I’ll be there for a visit with my husband this summer…(June!)
    I’m new to this site, so I was wondering around and saw you are a pastor’s wife…then I went to the site about your church…clicked on the link about your husband…I’m a Multnomah alum also! My husband and I work in Romania with kids-at-risk and are part of an organization called Word Made Flesh, serving Jesus among the poorest of the poor.
    Therefore, what with so much cold and poverty, I’ve been hungry for spring!
    And so, I’d love for you to take a look at my blog (I’ve been a bit inactive of late…but I’ve lots of ideas churning) AND I’d love to chat with you via email about just that…churning ideas and websites. But, I’ll try and be in touch with another way, too. :)

  125. celeste

    With 8 kids I’m not the shopper ususally but I know my Mom finds lots of fun stuff there so it would be nice to add some touches of spring.

  126. kristin

    We’re definitely using lots of yellow–dwell for target grey and yellow quilt, 1 yellow wall in the kitchen, and rearranging furniture.

  127. Susan M.

    Our nod to spring is bugs in jars! My 4-year old and I have now brought in two different bugs in jars (complete with air holes and leaves).

  128. Julie

    So far, I’ve done most of my spring decorating in my classroom! I work with young toddlers and they’re fascinated by some of the buds and new flowers we see on our outdoor walks, so I put some of my household plants into glass containers and put them on up behind a clear plastic partition so the children can look closely at them. Of course, now that I’ve done this I want to put more plants on windowsills in my own home :)

  129. Stacey

    We are moving so I am decluttering, and dreaming of bright, airy colors in the new house. Oh, and I am treating myself to fresh flowers every week! They make me smile – and they are “stuff” without adding to the clutter!

  130. Trinity

    I’m preparing for spring by making colorful patchwork pillowcases in bird/flower motifs. I also took my daughter to buy a pansy the other day, and we’ll be painting the flower pot together. I’ll replace all the fabric wall hangings with cheery new spring fabric, as well. A few more plants, and voila! Spring has sprung!!

  131. MrsH

    We’ve opened all our storm windows and started digging in the garden. As for decorating, we’ve got seedlings going in every window and my husband has been so sweet as to keep a steady supply of tulips coming into the house.

  132. Maria

    I’m going to my local farmer’s market to purchase local fresh flowers to fill up my milk glass collection. I put them all around the house…tadah instant Spring decor!!!

  133. Bronwyn

    Currently looking (craigslist) for a good entry bench to replace the lonely chair…I’m also thinking 2 matching metal bins for shoes (will repurpose my current single bin as…a planter?) and a cute way to have socks/slippers handy for guests, maybe pillows for the bench. Want to make it functional for family, inviting for guests, and lovely to look at for me! :-)

    Do you do Q&A? If I get a wood craigslists piece (traditional lines), what color would I paint it? Biscuit walls and a black secretary in the room already. A chambray and burgundy antique quilt will hang above it on the high wall.
    .-= Bronwyn´s last blog ..Healthy Habit Challenge, March 2010 =-.

  134. Jeannine B.

    I am cleaning to prepare for some painting projects! Nothing like a clean slate!

  135. muralimanohar

    I am painting everything white. :p My house is a dark cave, and I am sick of it…so I bought a can of white spray paint, and am busy lightening everything I can get my hands on. lol
    .-= muralimanohar´s last blog ..Wild Jasmine.. =-.

  136. Debbie

    I’m busy with lots of Spring cleaning, de-cluttering the house, shampooing the carpets, pressure washing the porch, deck, drive, etc. and of course starting to plants flowers and garden seeds.

    I’m also putting away all the winter bedding and replacing it with lighter quilts. I also change out the throw pillows in the house.

    I love bringing in bunches of fresh cut daffodil blooms and branches of Dogwood & Apple blossoms!!

    I’ve never heard of Home Goods before, but did a search and there is one in my state, so I just may have to explore it!!

  137. Christy

    Cleaning, then rearranging my decorations to highlight the reds and yellows. So glad to be able to work outside again, also.

  138. Gina S.

    I’m feeling the urge to attack everything in my house with some Heirloom White! My husband just smiles and shakes his head…

  139. Andrea

    For this Spring, I’m trying to keep fresh flowers all around the house. On the bathroom sink, at my desk, on my nightstand. It always brings a smile to my face to see fresh roses smiling back at me :)

  140. Linda

    I am bringing spring indoors with bunches of daffodils from Trader Joe’s..they are cheap and say Spring better than anything else I can think of!

  141. Lili Tobo

    Hi Melissa, I read your blog always and really I enjoy it!

    Happy Spring and Happy Easter!

  142. Jill

    I’m transitioning my color palette from reds and browns to one that is made up of whites, blues and greens. I’ve never used these colors before, so it is a long and arduous process, but i get excited just thinking about the final result. I hope it looks as good in reality as it does in my head!
    Chalk paint is definitely in my near future.


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