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Doing Life Together.

Doing Life Together.

My house full of women and children. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What is going on at my house these days? I got my family room walls all painted, and everywhere you look there are sewing machines and fabric and babies, oh my! So what is going on? Did I hire a team to come work on my house? Did I get sick and tired of being the slowest decorator in blogland so I have resorted to paying people the big bucks to make my house look good? Have I tricked people into doing all my work for me while I just blog about it? What is going on?

I’m so glad you asked!

Doing Life Together.
Love how a husband came by and helped at our painting party.

While I love to talk about decorating and work on my house, there is something that matters to me more.  A few weeks ago the women at our church started getting together to do real life things together….so far we’ve gotten together to sew our own pillows, mend and hem clothing, to paint walls, to hold babies, talk about life and organize a garage (and it wasn’t mine!). We have plans to cook, bake, give gifts, have parties and make gifts for the holidays. I am so excited about this group I can hardly stand it!

I shared the story of the beginnings of the group over at incourage today… come on over and tell me if you have a group of women to “do life” with. Looking forward to chatting with you over at (in)courage!

PS. I wanted to show more photos of my gorgeous Martha Stewart “Tobacco Leaf” painted walls but my camera battery keeps dying. Gah.

DIY: Lattice Cutout Mirrors

DIY: Lattice Cutout Mirrors


I am calling this a lattice cutout mirror because I can’t think of what else to call it. Whatever you call it, the idea is you can create a fancy mirror like this out of any thing that has cut outs. You could try a piece of real lattice, an architectural piece or a frame like I did!

For my purposes, I bought a simple set of two picture frames Pier One.

DIY: Lattice Cutout Mirrors

In this particular frame, the small 4 inch square in the middle is where a photo is supposed to go. The scrolly part is just the frame. But I just ignored that and had my local glass cutter cut a mirror to fit the entire 16 inches of the frame so the mirror would be behind the cutouts all the way to the edge, and had the mirror glued to the back. I think the mirrors were about $25 each. Hardware stores sell those mirror squares so if the size worked out, you could use pre-cut mirror.

And there you have it! A fun new mirror!

Just think of the possibilities!

Remember this post where I showed you an idea for a DIY Sunburst mirror made out of pink plastic spoons of all things (last photo in the post)? It is fun to think outside the box from what currently IS to what COULD BE.

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