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The tale of a blue coffee table

The tale of a blue coffee table


I‘ve had this adorable little table for a long time. Lately it has just been hanging out in a garage waiting to be loved again. {Don’t worry, table, I’ve never stopped loving you. You just haven’t worked anywhere I needed you. You deserved to be someplace special.}

I actually bought this table about 15 years ago, right off the truck of an antique dealer during our neighborhood’s annual garage sale. I paid the guy too much money, but I loved this little table. It was perfect in my tiny little English living room. It was well used and loved for many years.

But, when I moved to “the big house” it was too tiny for my rooms. So, it sat. Sad and lonely. And when we moved to this house, it didn’t fit in to the look I was going for. So it sat again. Lonely and blue.

Until this weekend.

When I decided on a whim a couple of weeks ago to move my leather ottoman to my family room (you know how those whims go) my living room was left in need of a coffee table. I thought about this sad little table which had now become a surface for garage junk. Yet, the sad little coffee table was no longer as pretty as it once was. Its worn wood top and dark orange wood finish just didn’t suit me any longer.

What to do with a lonely and blue coffee table?

The tale of a blue coffee table

I could have painted it white. Or gray. Or black. Or even teal. But being the decorating rebel that I am, I risked it all and painted it bright BLUE.

Boat blue by Valspar (interior satin), to be exact!

It is BLUE and I LOVE IT!

I know, all wood furniture lovers are going to hate me for painting it. I think my husband almost had a heart attack. But remember, I love wood furniture and have several gorgeous wood pieces in my home. I just don’t like too much wood or too many kinds of wood in one space. And if it is in poor shape and ready for a makeover, I am willing to take a paint brush to wood in order to fall in love with it all over again.

The tale of a blue coffee table

Better a painted table you adore than a wood one you keep because you feel obligated, but you don’t really love at all.

The little table is no longer lonely and blue. Now it is well-loved and a beautiful shade of blue. Be brave, do what you love!

Are you brave enough to do what you love? What holds you back?

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Weekend Giveaway! Numbers Necklace!

Weekend Giveaway! Numbers Necklace!

Hello, my blog friends!

I am really excited about this weekend giveaway (NOW CLOSED!) from the sweet Lisa Leonard!

Introducing The Numbers Necklace!

I’ve been wearing my numbers necklace for the past THREE months now and I love it for THREE reasons:

1. I love numbers.

2. I love my THREE kids.

3. I love necklaces.

And not necessarily in that order.

Weekend Giveaway! Numbers Necklace!

Want one of your own to keep or give away? Of course you do!

Lisa is generously giving away THREE (1, 2, 3!)  numbers necklaces, one to each of the THREE winners, with up to THREE tags per winner! And, she can ship to the US or Canada!

It is FREE if you win, and you can’t win unless you enter.

Weekend Giveaway! Numbers Necklace!

To enter just leave a comment telling me why you want this necklace!

For an extra entry, go visit Lisa’s site and then come back to tell me your favorite item! Easy peasy.

Have a great weekend!

This giveaway is now closed! Thanks for entering!