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4 Fun Ideas for The Kids' Table

Southern Living

Do you all put your kids at “the kids’ table” for holiday meals? I remember always being at the kids table during our family holiday meals! I actually thought it was fun, gathering together all the cousins we only got to see twice a year around the table! I have fond memories of the conversation and laughs!

4 Fun Ideas for The Kids' Table

My son doesn’t have as many cousins as I do so the kids table isn’t quite as populated these days.  But I still love the idea of making the table memorable for the kids, even if they are mixed in to the adult table!

I looked around the internet and found a few fun ideas I want to use.

Tablecloths and Placemats

1) Use paper on the table or for place mats so kids can draw during dinner or make lists of things they are thankful for.

4 Fun Ideas for The Kids' Table


2) Centerpieces don’t have to be stuffy or formal, why not make them humorous? Veggies with faces or candy turkeys keep things fun!

4 Fun Ideas for The Kids' Table


3) Let kids be involved in making place cards.  A little project like this can keep kids busy while the real turkey is still in the oven!

4 Fun Ideas for The Kids' Table

Party Favors

4. A few fun party favors like these adorable finger puppets (stuck on candy sticks!) will keep kids entertained while the adults are still talking.

Do you have “kids’ tables” for holiday meals?

All images: Martha Stewart, except first photo Southern Living.


  1. Sarah

    Great ideas! I might start incorporating the first one in our everyday lives…may if my son could check out his food, he would actually eat his veggies!

  2. Terri

    Cute ideas! Wish we had a need for the “kids table” (holidays are just more fun with little ones, aren’t they?)
    Happy autumn!

  3. Carol

    Love the finger puppet/candy ideas.

  4. Patricia Torres

    Oh my gosh!! such gorgeous .. gorgeous ideas!!

  5. Jess

    These are super cute!! Love em!

  6. Tiffany

    We always had a kids table when we were growing up but so far our celebrations will only involve our daughter. So no kids table yet. But I ADORE the first idea with the menu checklist. I definitely need to remember that! The second one is also so cute with the little formal looking arrangement and paper fringe :)

  7. SimplyLKJ

    Love all of those ideas! All of our “kids” in our family have now “graduated” to the grown up table as the youngest is 9.

  8. Becky K.

    I LOVE the veggies with faces. Never would have thought of that one.

    Hope you are well, Melissa. It has been so busy here I have not been reading blogs as much as I like.

  9. Annelise

    I wish we had our family here to have a kids table instead we set it fairly formal for a super “special” fancy dinner for the kids at Thanksgiving, they like getting to use the real glasses. I cringe that they may drop them but…something different from everyday. Great ideas.

  10. Tiffini

    I love the first table…simple and organic! We do have a kids table and I am going to use that as my inspiration Melissa…very useful post:)

  11. Karen

    I always sat at the “kids table” and like you, loved it! These ideas will have to be saved but I love them (I’m about to become a first time grandma!).


  12. Rachel

    Oh! What cute ideas! I can’t wait to use these when our kids are a little bigger!

  13. Vee

    No, because with only two it’s easier to plunk them at the adult table. But I do like the idea of having fun things just for them and have always tried to accomplish that. I really like many of these ideas. Thank you!

  14. Fiona's Mosaic

    I love these ideas! And we do often times have a kids table. My fave is the turnips (I think they’re turnips!) with the faces! Super cute and fun!

  15. Elizabeth

    I sit the four youngest kids at our window seat in the dining room with a tv tray in front of them. They look forward to this tradition. They are in the room with us and can join into the adult conversation, but are able to wiggle out of the room when they are finished eating:) I usually get special paper plates for the kids so that if the tv tray topples over, nothing gets broken.

  16. jen

    What wonderful ideas!!! Thank you so much for them. I am book marking them :)


  17. I love turkeys

    You always have the best ideas…really.
    I need to think about the kids table now.
    Have i told you lately how awesome you are? Well…you are.

  18. teresa

    Oh yes, there is always a kids table….love the ideas you shared.
    Last year I made turkeys from small gloves for the kids… this year I’m making a felt Thanksgiving “ships” filled with candy {like the mayflower}
    Love the paper on the table….I think I will use that this year too.
    Thanks for the help

  19. Darlene

    love those veggie faces!

  20. TidyMom

    FABULOUS ideas Melissa!!

  21. Christa

    Yes, we always had a kids table when I was a kid. Now we are starting the tradtion with my kids and the paper on the tables will make it more fun. Thanks for the great ideas!

  22. Marie

    That Martha! I love those finger puppet turkey’s and pilgrim hats! Such cute settings!

  23. Traci Hutcherson

    Those are so cute and great ideas!
    I have always wanted to try the paper table cloth for the kids to draw on. My kids always eat so quickly. Maybe that would slow them down.
    Thanks for sharing!

  24. Luxurious Life

    I have a 5 year old daughter and she has several young cousins so we still do a kid’s table each year. Last year I used craft paper as the table covering, set the table with holiday themed paper plates and cups, each setting had a “favor” bucket full of stickers, coloring pages and holiday trinkets and the centerpiece was a bucket overflowing with crayons. The kids stayed occupied all through the dinner!!

  25. Maria

    Love these ideas! So fun!

  26. Crystal

    You have inspired me to try to create a fun table for our kids in our family this holiday season!! Sounds like great memories in the making!! Thanks!


  27. Melissa Newell

    We have a kids table, only if we have more than just our immediate family. One thing we did use a Kids table for was our wedding reception! We hired a teen girl who was related on the other side of a family member to “watch’ over and help the kiddies. We had the craft paper on the table rolled out, pens, markers, crayons, stickers, small craft kits, balloons, snacks and all kinds of fun stuff for them to do. The parents were able to dance and have a great time, while the kids were entertained in the back of the room and having a blast!

  28. bridget {bake at 350}

    These are such great ideas!!! I wonder if my sister would let me be in charge of the kid’s table?!?

  29. Liz

    Love these ideas! I shared them over in our Thanksgiving Community in BlogFrog!
    Thanks Melissa!

  30. danamc

    I love the crayon idea. After dinner (if there isn’t too much food spilled) you could use painter’s tape to hang it on a wall.

    I once did a blog post about “Food Faces.” They are plates that have face on them so you can use your food to “make faces.” Talk about playing with your food! I don’t have ant little kids – but if I did, I would likely buy a set of these.

    Looks like you can buy them from Amazon and other places.
    How fun.


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