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Christmases Gone By: Dining Room

by | Nov 27, 2010 | Christmas, Christmas Decorating, my house

Christmases Gone By: Dining Room

I was looking through my photo files this weekend and came across my Christmas dining room from 2007 (in my English Tudor in Portland, Oregon). It is always fun to reminisce about Christmases gone by and see how our holiday style and decor evolves over time!

Christmases Gone By: Dining Room

Christmases Gone By: Dining Room

Christmases Gone By: Dining Room

Christmases Gone By: Dining Room

This dining room in this house was really large, it was great to have room for a baby grand piano (we actually had TWO in the house!) and enough space for all that furniture! I am lucky to be able to fit four people in my dining room now! I don’t think any of my rooms now are as big as this dining room.

We had lots of holiday parties and family gatherings in this house. It really was fabulous for entertaining. We hosted over 100 people at our last holiday party. It was so fun to have friends and neighbors over!

Christmases Gone By: Dining Room

The baby grand piano was a player piano, so it could play music all on its own. We’d turn it on to play Christmas songs and it felt SO festive in the house!

I miss all the gorgeous wood and painted wainscoting, the leaded glass doors, and combed plaster walls. So much real, authentic architecture!

Christmases Gone By: Dining Room

I also really miss my glass chandelier. I still have the toile shades though! I hoping to use them somewhere soon!

But even though there are things I miss about my old houses, there are things I love about my new home. Over time, it will become “home” too!

Christmases Gone By: Dining Room

TIP: This wreath is full of broken ornaments, all glued and wired on a wreath. It is a fun way to use less than perfect or spare ornaments.

Thanks for going down memory lane with me back to 2007!

I hope you are enjoying your Thanksgiving holiday weekend as much as I am. We’ve enjoyed hanging out with family and just relaxing for a change, but I’m excited to resume my holiday decorating and start the Christmas season!


  1. Karen


    I have visited your Oregon house via your archives some months ago and I agree, that home was beautiful. But from what I’ve seen of your new home I think it looks wonderful and warm and inviting—your skill at making any place you live feel and look like home is a very great talent!
    I love these long weekends, especially when it means the start of the Christmas season.

    • Melissa

      That is so sweet of you Karen, thank you so much. It is so great that we can make our “home” wherever we are! Thanksgiving blessings to you!

  2. Patsy

    The room is so pretty, but I have to comment on the window treatment. The reason because I have never seen a window treatment with the little rods that I liked, but this one is gorgeous. Not only are the drapes beautiful, but they fit the rod perfectly. I think that embelllishment on the wall between the rods is what completes the look for me.

    Another treatment that I don’t care for is when someone puts the drapes too high above the window and then they have all that “white” space or “wall” space. I hope people see your treatment and learn from it. Great job.

  3. Jennifer

    I love the wreath! I am going to get to work on one right away-thanks for the idea.

  4. Patricia Torres

    The room is gorgeous.. and beyond!! Love that wreath.. I do the same with my broken ornaments.. but all in all.. my wreaths.. dont look as stunning as yours :-( (I’ll brake a few more ornaments this year.. ) *wink*

    Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!

  5. Elizabeth

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing these pictures. So many wonderful ideas. I can just imagine what a family gathering would feel like with the soft light and piano playing!

  6. Elen

    Those toile shades are gorgeous! What a clever way to use gently broken ornaments. Melissa, The Inspired Room was the perfect name for this blog. Props!

  7. Deanna

    Oh, how I love that dining room.

    At our old house, the kitchen, dining room and living room were on the small size, but each separate rooms. In our current home, the kitchen, dining room and living room are all open together. This makes it fun for having a lot of people over but makes decorating a challenge…not enough walls for all my treasures!

  8. linda

    Beautiful grand ole gal you had there! It IS fun to reminisce!

  9. Adrienne

    I had a huge dining room in the first home we owned in Astoria. My sweetheart was the pastor of a church there and it was wonderful to have friends, neighbors and the church family in. Now I have a home with a very small dining room but it’s fun to crowd those dear to our hearts in anyway. I love the look of your homes – old and new!

  10. Tamara

    No decorating for christmas at my place yet. Gotta wait till all the poinsettias sell before I have time to even THINK about it :)

  11. Mary Joy

    So beautiful! What a lovely place for God to use your amazing gift of hospitality. What a blessing to everyone. The beauty of it is…as you have told us before…God has plans for us no matter what size of our home. I love the pictures of your new home too! :D So pretty and homey. It’s so exciting to think about all that God has in store for your family in your new home!!! =) Happy Thanksgiving!!!


    Mary Joy

  12. Grace

    What a great way to use broken ornaments – glue them on a wreath frame. Genius!

    I love your dining room in your last house all decorated for Christmas – it looks so festive and cozy.

  13. Melissa

    Love the pictures!!

  14. Gail

    Love the idea of that wreath!

  15. susan

    Ooooh how beautiful…everyone has put it so well, you make your home-any home-a lovely &loving place. You manage to honor the home itself *and* your family&friends. I just love your ideas&creativity. Thank you for sharing yourself in this blog! -s-


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