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I’ve Got a New BFF

by | Feb 23, 2011 | Decorating Inspiration

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I've Got a New BFF

Meet my new ladder.

For many many years, I’ve wanted my own ladder. My very own 6 foot ladder. My husband has ladders that are 12 feet or 20 feet or 100 feet something crazy like that. Manly ladders. They are so tall I cannot get them in the house myself without wiping out a few lamps on the way in.

And even when he brings a ladder in for me, I’m afraid to climb up on it because …. dun dun dun… I’m deathly afraid of heights. Have I mentioned that before? I am SO afraid of heights, I panic if I see someone else get anywhere NEAR a high ledge. Even if I see someone just LOOK over the edge of a building — while they are on a TV show — I panic from the sofa and my heart leaps out of my throat. I have to look away.

Imagine me up on a ladder.

I almost fall off the ladder just thinking about falling off.

But, even though I’m horribly afraid of heights, I do like to get things done myself around the house. And if that means hanging off the edge of a ladder, risking life and limb, that is what I have to do. But, I don’t want to lug a 20 foot ladder into the house in order to paint a wall nor do I like waiting for my husband to bring one in for me. I’m impatient and impulsive.

When I want to paint, I usually resort to getting on a chair or standing up on a counter or table or something crazy like that.

I have fallen off of chairs and stools and nearly cracked my head open (slight exaggeration) because I was trying to balance myself while painting way above my head.

I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to not be able to reach over six feet! I’m only 5’2! I have to stand on a chair just to get stuff out of my cupboards! Not having my own ladder puts a damper on my ability to get stuff done.

I've Got a New BFF

Now I have a six foot ladder to call my own. Isn’t she lovely?

Let me make it clear that I don’t personally weigh 225 pounds at 5’2 inches tall but just in case I want to wrestle a giant deer head or some other humongous thing up this ladder with me, I will be all set. My ladder can handle up to 225 pounds. She is nice and sturdy. I still could fall off, but I’d rather fall from 6 feet than 20 feet. Just sayin’.

My ladder is my new BFF.

I have a feeling we are going to be spending A LOT of time together.

Do you have a 6 foot ladder? And I’m curious, are you afraid of heights?


  1. laney

    …and just look at that color…so in style…you could just leave her out…in front of a bookcase…with books placed casually on the bottome steps…a plant or two…the possibilities are endless…

  2. kelly

    oooh I so get that fear! Same fear here..makes my head swimmy just thinking about it. And no one in this family of snow skiers and mountain climbers gets it! I do have a 6 ft. ladder and it is well used. I also have a fear of wobbly wooden ladders – which my 80 year old father will not stop using.
    Your ladder is lovely…now if I can just get my husband to build one of those attached rolling wooden ladders in front of our 10 ft. tall bookcases we’ll be set.

  3. domestosgoddess

    I’m 5’8″ with disproportionately long arms so many things are within my reach but I am a little afraid of climbing ladders too. To work around ceiling height in our big old Victorian house, I prefer to lug a solid table around and climb on that. My preferred method of moving a heavy table (or wardrobe) on my own (oh yes!) is to slide it on glossy magazines under the feet! Really works. You will love your ladder even more when she has gained some paint splashes, distinguished service awards.

    • Krys72599

      Glossy magazines? You are BRILLIANT! Thanks for that idea!!!

  4. Peg

    ….you are soooo funny! Love your new ladder, great color! Love your blog by the way……..fear of heights……whenever I’m watching a movie and someone is on the edge of a cliff, or I see one of my grandchildren crawling close to the edge of the stairs I feel fear in my feet….yup thats right, they kind of tingle/hurt….it seems to run in the family……fear in our feet…..go figure!

  5. Myra

    Ha! I’m 5′ 7″ and don’t have a ladder…well, we are sorta borrowing one from my dad. Now I want one like yours. :)

    I’m not really afraid of heights. It’s just the wobbly feeling on an old ladder that is awful! :)


  6. Deb-IL

    Seriously?? What took you so long?! EVERY girl should have her own ladder. I have 2 of my own, one with a larger platform for serious paint work like painting crown or in the old days, murals, faux or stenciling. I’m in the 5’2″ club, too – stepladders hide behind doors in a few places around my house! As for fear of heights…… my hands started sweating just READING your description of YOUR fear of heights!!!

  7. Gina

    Oh, goodness am I ever afraid of heights. Makes my palms sweat when I see crazy high stuff, even on TV! I just gone done painting the front rooms and told EVERYONE to remind me never to do it again.( ) My legs are stiff from using muscles I didn’t know I had to balance myself on an old Wooden ladder. Maybe i should ask for one like your s for Mother’s Day. She’s a beaut!

  8. Gina

    Oh I love my ladders! I have a smaller one (helps with trim work), and a 6 ft. one, too. They’re just handy to have, even for a tall girl like me :)

    And is that one teal? It would match my house!

  9. Dianne

    We have a 6 foot ladder but I leave that to my husband to use…I’m afraid of knocking things over with it as I lug it thru the house…I just tend to stand on things that I shouldn’t…backs of couches..etc.

  10. Krys72599

    Not deathly afraid of heights or I suppose I wouldn’t be able to fly and I LOVE looking down from an airplane.
    BUT I HATE climbing ladders or looking out over the edge of a balcony or something like that.
    I get all creepy crawly at the base of my spine and I know I’m too close to the edge…
    Even climbing the pull down ladder from my attic can make me a little nervous…

  11. teresa

    You make me smile….I’m 5’8 and seem to climb on top of counters tops etc to reach things or a chair is all I need….but it would be so nice to have my very own personal latter….that way at least it would be clean….when I drap my HD’s in, its always has dirt on it or something.
    enjoy your new friend.

  12. My Design

    I don’t have my own ladder, but do have my own tools and cordless 14V drill. I have to hide them under my side of the bed so that my husband does not steal them.

    • Melissa

      Ha….that is so smart.

    • Jo

      I have my own tools too! I had to buy an itty-bitty tack hammer because my husband’s scaffolding hammers were too heavy…from there, I needed a toolbox, and I commandeered the cordless drill. I need a decent set of screwdrivers though. Preferably pink.

  13. Heidi Milton

    Girl, a whole new world just opened for you!! One from 6 feet up– enjoy your new view! :) Yes, I have a ladder and a handy dandy three step stepstool that folds flat for storage and is my personal BFF. No fear of heights per se, at least not that I would encounter on a day to day basis. But you won’t ever catch me bunge jumping.

  14. Jennifer M

    Love the ladder! LOVE the color! Who knew ladders could be stylish?! So pleased for you. My sister-in-law just fell off a ladder in her back yard cleaning a low window. I didn’t realize they have a “life span”. It just broke under her. (It was as old as the hills…)

    A 6 foot ladder is all I could manage to maneuver in our house. I always seem to forget to look up if I’m looking down to clear something…and vice versa. Am I alone here?

    Not a height person either. My dad sent me an email with some guy leaning over a CLIFF looking down and I went straight for the Dramamine. Ug. ;) Have a great time with your new cute BFF!

  15. Barb Boyack

    Beautiful! I want my own ladder now! We have a stepstool, and hubs has ladders I wouldn’t attempt to lug around, and i find myself wobbly at my age..yes that ladder would be perfect! Congrats!


  16. FairfieldHouse

    A new ladder and it’s turquoise! What’s not to love? That’s right, heights. I don’t love them either. I’m okay if I am in something enclosed (with the exception of all glass) but if I am standing near a railing or sitting on a ski lift or ferris wheel with my feet dangling, forgetaboutit. So, yes, I am afraid of heights.

    Your Friend,

  17. Susie Davis

    No ginormous ladders. But yes, afraid of heights ever since I climbed Longs Peak.
    Glad you got yourself a new BFF.;)

  18. annie

    afraid of heights? check.
    my own ladder? check check!
    I purchased the same brand & style just for me this Christmas!! ‘Cept mine is only a 4-footer. and it was only $9 after the super duper sale &coupon from Lowes!! {I’m 5’7″ so I don’t as much help …}

  19. Diane

    Hi Melissa-

    I am not afraid of ladders, if I was I would not have been able to work in display. I climbed up huge ladders 20′ and up to get to the ceiling of the store. Shoppers were always saying – oh my gosh don’t fall, that’s too high, that’s a man job…. I just smiled as I literally hung off a variety of different height ladders like a monkey trying to hang signs and other decorative stuff like Christmas garlands. I did fall off a 2-foot step stool at work while painting flowers on a wall and fractured my knee and severed my ACL. :) My display buddies and I always get a good laugh about that.
    My best- Diane

  20. Kristi

    Yours is the first blog I read this morning and you started me off with a smile! :) I can so relate to the being impatient and impulsive! When I decide I want to do something I want to do it NOW…especially when it comes to home projects.
    Best wishes to you and your new love….I’m sure you’ll have many happy years together!

  21. Luciane at

    LOL This is so cool! :-) What a great idea! :-)

    I think I need to show this one to my husband! He’s looking to buy a good ladder. :-)

    Enjoy your day!


    Luciane at

    Post of the Day: A Retired Baseball Player’s House.

  22. Tonya

    I’m deathly afraid of heights as well – I get everything you said. I’m 5′ even so I don’t go up high very often. Around the house I have step stools (one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom) and a 4′ step ladder that I keep in the closet if I need to get just a little higher. Having these handy makes life so much easier.

    Love the colour of that ladder!

  23. Tara G.

    My husband is a pilot (USAF) and is afraid of heights; I find it hilarious! (He’s an incredible aircraft commander, by the way!)

  24. Shauntelle

    You made me laugh so hard when you talked about climbing on chairs and tables to paint up high because I do that same thing! I’m also only 5’2″ and I’m also afraid of height… to the point that I grab the hands of strangers in elevators if I’m going past the 5th floor!

    Don’t have a ladder–in the condo we rent now, I can’t paint so it’s not needed yet… I love the color of your ladder though! :)

  25. Abby

    I’m with ya! I have a 6 ft ladder that my husband keeps on hooks in the garage that I can access pretty easily. It does make life so much easier. I’m 5’4″ so I feel your pain in the lack of heigth department. Enjoy all the things you never could reach. (:

  26. Gabby

    No ladder yet since we haven’t moved into the new house. I HATE heights. The last couple of years I’ve been taking knock-out worthy medication just to get on a plane. Eeek! There’s tall ceilings to tackle in the new house…I’ll see how it goes. :)


  27. Karen

    We need a new ladder—this one looks really pretty and solid. I hope to have a new BFF very soon as I embark or stripping wallpaper in my reading room in preparation for paint.

  28. Lisa

    Congrats on your new BFF! Pretty color too!!
    I used to be afraid of heights, and although I have done most of the painting in our houses over the years, I would always ask my husband to climb up and paint the high ceilings or stairwells. But I decided to conquer my fear – just get up there and get it over with – and I put on the radio and just did it and now I’m okay. I hate having to wait for someone else to do something for me and I’m so glad I got over this fear!

  29. Shannon

    We have a shared 6 foot ladder…and I love it! I am 5′ 1″ so I need the height of a ladder vs a chair for some things. Trouble is where to store it…it sort of ‘roams’ around the house. Lol. Glad you found a new bff!

  30. Dawn Camp

    Lovely ladder! :)

    I’m afraid of rickety ladders. I’m also afraid of those super extension ladders that just lean on the wall and don’t open. I painted two rooms in our house with one of those and sometimes I would have a panic attack way up there.

  31. Bekki

    In my house it’s my husband tht hates heights. So all the ladders here are mine. He worries when I am on the roof cleaning the gutters, when I am painting the ceilings, etc. It’s bcome such a joke around here! I have a lovely old wooden 6 foot ladder in a paint splatterd red. I love that old thing, it has such memories on it from all the splatters paint, each color represents a time in our lives. The baby nursery, the living room, kitchen ,and bedrooms of our old home. The new colors here, big boy and big girl bedrooms, even the mistakes of color we never liked. It’s like old friend I can visit.

    • Melissa

      Wow you are amazing!!! We have one of those wood ladders too and it scares me!!!

  32. Pamela Manes

    Oh boy, I am 5’2″ as well. I so understand what you mean about fear of heights–it is smart! I used to work in surgery and people fall all the time and do serious damage to themselves all for the love of paint or hanging some decorations. It is good to have a healthy respect and I know you’ll be careful on that ladder!
    Best regards,

  33. Alison

    I am definitely in good company here today with my fear of heights! I have a step-ladder (little thing) and then we have this big multi-position ladder ( is a beast to carry, but has helped me do stuff on stairs and such. I have been wanting to get a 6′ ladder–to go along with my tool box I bought myself, filled with my own tools.

  34. Mary Beth

    I love your new ladder…and the color is stunning! I have a dull, plain silver metal ladder…I have a red wooden one that was my grandma’s but I would NOT go up on that thing…a little rickety! Oh…and yes, I am afraid of heights….funny thing though…I used to be a private pilot and ‘in the air’ I was fine…but put me on a roof or even have me look over a railing in a tall building and I can barely breathe.

  35. Ali

    I’m so jealous right now! I love your new BFF!

    & no I don’t have anything taller than a 2 step stool in my house… no hubby with ladders either. Just me…at 5’4 so I don’t have much better reach than you.

    As far as fear of heights, yes slightly. More so of falling like a fool & getting hurt. For some reason ladders always feel ricty to me & I feel like a single gal living alone will get into trouble. Still I would open my arms & home to a 6 footer! Seems perfect size for all those lil thing you just can’t reach.. like chaning a light bulb! You should see the tip toe I end up doing on my bed when one goes out in there!

    Nice score.

  36. Faith

    Congratulations Melissa! You’re gonna love having her around. And her color is perfect! (:

  37. Deanna

    At 5’1″ I can relate! I don’t have my own ladder – just a well used step stool…paint splatters and all!

  38. Rachel

    I have three ladders. One for the kitchen, one for my closet and one in my unfinished upstairs/attic to reach things stored on top shelves, but they only have 3 and 4 steps.

  39. Imperfect

    Currently we have no ladder at all – just a three tier step stool. It’s worked so far, but I know it can only be a temporary fix.

    And I’m with you on the heights thing – I’m terrified! Oddly enough, I could be on the top floor of a skyscraper and be fine because I know I can’t fall. But put me even three feet in the air with the possibility of tumbling down, and I’m frozen in place!

  40. Shala

    I don’t have my own ladder….yet. But I am very scared of heights!! I know what you mean about getting nervous even watching TV!! This fear seems to be getting worse as I get older.

  41. Jo

    I think our ladder is 6 feet. His name is Lawrence. We inherited him from the previous owner of our first house, and her last name was written on the ladder.

    I think I’m a little bit afraid of heights. Really high heights only though. I think it’s because I’m clumsy, and I know there’s a real possibility that I could trip on the air and fall to my death.

    Your new ladder looks lovely. Love the colour! ;-)

  42. Tracie~My Petite Maison

    Love it. Don’t have the height fear here but would love my own heavy duty 6′ ladder. I do have a 4′ antique French one that I’m sure wouldn’t hold my weight but it’s pretty! Husband has a ladder that does everything but cook dinner for us and it’s so heavy since it can extend to top of roof… I can’t even move the contraption.

    Have fun on your ladder, but be careful on that beauty.

  43. Charlotte

    I too am afraid of heights. I cannot stand it when someone else looks over the edge. That is probably why I hate bridges too. However, I can climb a 6′ ladder. I can even stand on the “this is not a step.”

  44. Anna

    Ohhh, yeah. This girl is A-FRAID of heights. I actually just had to use my BIL’s big extendable stair-frendly ladder to paint the walls in my tall stairwell and I posted a few pictures on my blog in the last week or so and I make myself sick just looking at them. ;) Good luck conquering your fear… it’s like exposure therapy ;)

  45. Missy June

    I’m totally NOT afraid of heights and I do have a little 6-foot step ladder. But last summer I had to borrow my father’s 22 foot ladder to paint to the center of my cathedral ceiling height walls. It was scary and I did actually fall – OUCH!

  46. Pam

    My husband has several ladders, so occasionally I will use his, but my favorites are the step stools. I have a couple that are NOT to go out in the garage and generally are NOT to be used by him. (He doesn’t care if paint or caulk or something gets on it. I do!)

    One time we were painting an area of a REALLY high part of the living room. My husband had the 20′ ladder out and said it was time for me to cut in. Hahaha! Not a chance! I was not about to get up there, so I guess I do have a bit of a fear of heights.

    Congratulations on your new bff. It (he? she?) is lovely!


  47. Donnalee aka Countryfeather

    Good Morning,

    I love the color of your new ladder and yes every girl needs her own supplies. The beautiful color of your ladder is the exact color of my ironing board. a big sturdy 1950’s tourquois, somewhat chipped, trusty, best ever made……belonged to my mother-in-law Helen. She left it for me when we bought her house back in the 70’s. All it ever needs is a top covered with bright cotton fabric and some elastic sheet straps to hold it on. Enjoy your new found BFF.

  48. Kristin

    I’m ok with heights but TERRIBLE with carrying anything big through the house. My husband and I joke that I have a spacial awareness disability. If I have to carry anything over 2 feet long – such as 6 ft. ladders, skis, drapery rods, ironing board (ok, so I rarely get that out!) – I hit ever possible surface between my departure and destination. All the dings around the corners of my house are from me, not my kids. I’ve heard it’s a female thing – what do you think?


    Get out of my head…. my husband’s ladders are tooo tall for me to drag in the house and I have been thinking I need my own (smaller) bad boy!! Is yours really that awesome shade of blue?? Maybe I should get a pink one??

  50. David Chism

    Well, you picked a good ladder to have! Werner is the best! The color is also cool. Us professional painters don’t typically have a lot of color options. We have to go to the paint store and buy our products in “bulk” and/or at contractor rates. Doing that makes us have limited color options! I like your ladder the best! Happy Painting. I enjoy getting your blogs in my inbox!

  51. Mrs. C

    I do have my own ladder. I found a really good one at a yard sale, near a friend’s house. I remember the excitement, MY OWN LADDER!!! I had asked for one for years, and Mr. C would insist on using his own bigger ladders, never realizing how serious I was about wanting one I could handle all on my own. I love my ladder! And honestly, one day when one of his friends stopped by to borrow my ladder, I made it clear it was MINE, and would need it back asap. I need it often, being 5’4″ myself, so I relate totally to your joy of being a ladder owner.

  52. Sally

    I do have a ladder – I inherited it when my grandparents passed away. It has a piece of old indoor-outdoor carpeting tied with twine to the very top – I guess as a soft spot to lean. It’s ugly. I will never take it off. It reminds me of my grandpa. =) I’m not in love with unenclosed high spaces — but in general, heights don’t bother me.

  53. Marilyn Holeman

    We have a marvelous thing. Probably came from Wal Mart. It’s a folding stool. It’s only got two steps, but it has a tall u-shaped handle, so that even if you’re standing on the top step, there’s a handle to grab. I love it, and I can reach all of our near-the-ceiling shelves with it. (We live in a 605 square foot house, and have LOTS of those.) My walls are only 7 1/2 feet on the sides, (I’m 5’6″) though, so this wouldn’t work with really tall walls, but it’s really safe. Also, since it folds up pretty flat, I can carry it right in front of me and not hit everything in the house. :-)

  54. Cyndia

    I’ve never been too keen on ladders, until I found my BFF. I was starting a painting business and needed a ladder that I wouldn’t fall off & wouldn’t cause my knees or back to ache. This one is fantastic. Not your typical version, this one sports actual steps instead of narrow rungs, and a standing platform that allows me to reach ceilings up to 10 feet. There is also a fold-down tray that will hold a bucket, paint roller tray, or any other item I need at hand. When I’m done it all folds away like a regular ladder & I can stow it in a closet.
    Sadly, I haven’t seen another like it in several years. Luckily, I think it’s sturdy enough to last me another 10-20 years!

  55. Ivy

    Fear of heights? Check. Visited the Royal Gorge in Colorado this summer. Don’t want to talk about it… except to say that I made it across! My husband has a ladder that can reach windows three stories high if he stands on the highest rung. I can’t watch him use it.

  56. gitz

    i’m cracking up at the image of you wrangling a deer head up a ladder… what a hoot!

  57. {darlene}

    and such a pretty aqua color too….

  58. April

    Whenever you’re tempted to be afraid of painting heights, just look at this picture and be thankful: Ignore me with the roller in the front, and notice my friend up above, standing on the half-wall on the landing, reaching across the stairwell opening, bracing himself with one hand, and cutting in the ceiling with the other. Yeah.

    Of course, his support arm was really tired after that, so when we went to do the second stairwell in the building, we got a 12′ ladder, put the legs on one side on a stair, and had two 18-year-olds with muscles hold the other side. Then the lightest person who was painting that day (me), climbed up to the top of the ladder (you know, past that “Do not climb above this rung” sticker) to cut in the ceiling.

    I don’t recommend trying it.

    But at least I learned an important lesson…I’m not afraid of heights.


  59. Nicole

    LOL Love it! Its funny how the little things in life {such as a ladder} can make our day better! & I am totally in agreement with you on wanting to get things done without the asking of your significant other. When I get something in my head that I want to do, I want to do it NOW not later!

    Enjoy your new BFF =)

  60. Brandy E.

    I do have a ladder, and it’s the only one in the house. It’s one of those fancy ones though that converts from a stepladder to a tall one and I love it. I got it on sale on black friday a few years ago and never regretted it. I also have a small 2 step ladder for little jobs. :)

  61. Jill C

    I hear ya, Melissa- I am scared to death of heights, too. I am the same way, watching tv or someone else up high terrorizes me! We have several ladders. My hubby bought me a small one for my painting projects when we lived in a house with 8 foot ceilings. Now I have a fourteen foot ceiling in my new house and am too afraid to even think about painting it!

  62. Leslie, the Home Maker

    What a pretty BFF you have!
    Perfect friend, too. Quiet, thin, and you can lean on her.
    My ladder is exactly like yours, only red, in case I do split my head open or something, the blood won’t show.
    I don’t think I’m scared of heights.
    Not yet, anyway!
    It’s so nice to have our own ladders, isn’t it?

  63. Jen

    I need a new BFF too! I think 4ft would be best for our low ceilings. I just hate using my husbands since it is left outside and always filthy and un-stable.

  64. Betsy Negley

    I would like to have a ladder – even just a two-stepper. The only ladder at our house belongs to my husband and touches the ceiling when standing open. There’s no way anyone could use it inside.
    As for heights – YES!!! Deathly!!! My son plays a video game where the character has to shimmy along a very narrow ledge and I CANT WATCH. It’s not even real but my heart starts racing and I get short of breath. He thinks it’s hilarious and laughs at me. I dont ride outside elevators, climb rock walls or get on the roof of my house. As a teen, I had to climb onto the roof to help my dad with something. Took 5 minutes to get up there and 30 to get back down!

  65. Michelle

    Yes! Not only do I have a 6-foot ladder, I have the same one you do! And I use it constantly. Just yesterday I was trying to shorten a light fixture (a project that I learned requires more hand-strength than I have)! Then my toddler tried climbing up, so now MY BFF is lying on its side in the dining room, just waiting for me!

  66. Edie

    Yes. I am afraid of heights too. You should name your beautiful new ladder, “Raisa,” because she “raisa’s” you up!!

    • Melissa

      lol, good idea!

  67. courtney

    I don’t have my own, but we do have a very worn, paint spattered 6 foot one! Now see your nice, clean shiny one I am alittle jealous :-)

    Enjoy getting to know your new BFF.

  68. Peg

    Oh, I have to comment! I keep thinking we are long lost sisters…or twins separated at birth….but how could that happen when I am guessing I am maybe 10 years your elder! ;)

    I just last Thursday spotted and caressed a ladder that I want to call my own! Today I finished painting my entry way– using an old piano bench as my ladder! We do have a ladder, but it is old and rickety and wooden (read HEAVY and more dangerous than it is worth!)…So maybe if I get my new ladder, “she” and your “new BFF” could be VIRTUAL COUSINS???!!! :)

    • Melissa

      Let me know when you get yours and we can introduce them!!

      • Peg

        Sounds great– she DOES have the same last name: Werner! :)

  69. Nancy

    I feel exactly the same way about heights. When our house was being built the contractor was talking to us while standing on the upstairs stair landing, before the railing was in. I had to ask him to move because I couldn’t concentrate with him standing there. I was just thinking today how I need a ladder and if that one is really that lovely turquoise color, it’s the one for me!

  70. Carrie

    You and I share so much in common. I too am 5’2 and have my very own fiberglass 6ft ladder. Mine is blue…a brand new one recently purchased after my husband broke my 1st ladder that was laden in paint of a variety of colors from 10years of painting in my house. I just about cried when he texted me to tell me he broke “my ladder”…I guess I should have been more concerned about him…was he ok? …off to buy my brand new beautiful blue 6ft ladder…I don’t know what I would do without my BFF! Enjoy her….and get lots of paint on her…she will look even more beautiful and will remind you of all the beauty you have added to your home!

    God bless!

  71. Cyle Lewis

    Yes, I have at times nurtured a love affair with the ladder. I have also been known to stand on said ladder in such states as pregnany and the like. I think I’ve been forbidden by the husb, he rserves ladder usage for the male of the home. Funny post!

  72. Sue

    I also have a ladder. I had been using an old wooden 6ft. one but to get the gutters I would have to stand on the top step–not a good idea, especially since I’m 55 years old. My husband kept bringing new 8 ft. or combo ladders home, but when I went looking for them he had brought them to work(he’s an electrical contractor) and I would never see them again. He finally bought me an 8 ft.ladder that was rated for 200 lbs. He can’t bring it to work because too many men weigh more than that.—alas I have my own ladder!!!

  73. Julie {Angry Julie Monday}

    We have three Werner ladders in our garage. LOVE them!!! They are great. I freak a little on our 6 ft ladder…

    My husband does home theaters for a living, well used to, so we have quite the selection of random tools.

  74. Annalea

    I used to have a six-foot ladder. Until a contractor took ours, and left us his bent, paint-splattered, nasty, old, beat-up one and took ours home with him. (They were both six foot, aluminum ladders, but c’mon!)

    I will be bringing a new bff home once the painting, et al, in the new place begins . . .

    And no, I’m not really afraid of heights. Just sometimes, and only extreme heights. 6 feet is no prob . . .

  75. Rose

    LOL you are a hoot! I to am afraid of heights but like you I do really try so I can get what I want done in a timely manner. ;) Although my sister did come and help me paint our living room and the roof of it, she painted since it’s a catherial ceiling.
    congrats to you on your new BFF!!!

  76. Beth

    I love this! I am so like you…impulsive and impatient. I hate waiting on my husband to get something done. When I see what I want to do, I want to do it NOW! I love your ladder. I have one of my own as well. Hope it helps you accomplish much:)

  77. Kara

    I have that very exact ladder! I totally love it and use it all the time. (I’m only 5’2″ too.) I love that it’s stable, but tall enough for me to reach just about anything. And it’s light enough that I can carry it with one hand. I bet in a few years yours will be covered in paint splatters just like mine is. :)

  78. Diane M

    Oh yes I do have my own ladder. A number of years ago a man across the street had a garage sale. And he was selling his old but very sturdy 4 foot wooden ladder. You’ll never believe what a difference that ladder has made to me. Oh…I guess you do – LOL! Anyway…I love it!

    And BTW….I’d never guess you were only 5.2! You talk tall!!!

  79. Anne Haight

    My husband bought me my own ladder AND came home with a whole “paint kit” for me (pro-brushes, rollers, drop-cloths.) I am only 5″ but my 4′ ladder is perfect for painting my 9′ walls. He also got me a tool kit; and not just one of those “lady’s” sets. A for-real guys’ set. He’s a carpenter, but hates to paint, so I do/did all the painting in our 1935 2-family. It’s really great to see all the do-it-ourselves women out there!

  80. susan

    Yes. I have a 6′ aluminum ladder I can pick up&carry &reach most things from its ridged antiskid steps.To tell u what a 6ft aluminum ladder means to a 5’1.5″ “smurf” is to tell u the first thing my ex sold before we could divvy like adults was*my*6ft ladder. Now,having been daddy’s toolholder,also have a 4ft,an 8ft, a 12ft straight ladder from the barn (which will become either a potrack or flipped on the wall as an art ledge, see [email protected]) and a waycool multi “Jaws” ladder that does stairs,extends to 21ft, splits to 2ladders and can be a scaffold. Also love that ladder. I, however, can no longer pick it up.The DD’S & all(dx’s).Thought about selling,but it’s easier to get help on the roof when you have your own extension ladder&said help is free. Now,the height thing-Melissa, I never was afraid before,honest. Dad tells bingobuds about helping re-roof when was 10; I had the 12ft barn ladder to clean the garage&lower gutters. Until the*incident*-I now have trbl getting to 4ft on the 6ft. All my empathy!

  81. Rose

    you had me chuckling out loud with this post because I to am afraid of heights! My daughter had to do all my quotes on the top of the sewing room wall because the wall is 9 foot tall and I don’t do heights either. I can do the second rung of the ladder but the third rung I am having shortness of breath. lol
    Be safe with that ladder! ;)


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