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I’ve Got a New BFF

I've Got a New BFF

Meet my new ladder.

For many many years, I’ve wanted my own ladder. My very own 6 foot ladder. My husband has ladders that are 12 feet or 20 feet or 100 feet something crazy like that. Manly ladders. They are so tall I cannot get them in the house myself without wiping out a few lamps on the way in.

And even when he brings a ladder in for me, I’m afraid to climb up on it because …. dun dun dun… I’m deathly afraid of heights. Have I mentioned that before? I am SO afraid of heights, I panic if I see someone else get anywhere NEAR a high ledge. Even if I see someone just LOOK over the edge of a building — while they are on a TV show — I panic from the sofa and my heart leaps out of my throat. I have to look away.

Imagine me up on a ladder.

I almost fall off the ladder just thinking about falling off.

But, even though I’m horribly afraid of heights, I do like to get things done myself around the house. And if that means hanging off the edge of a ladder, risking life and limb, that is what I have to do. But, I don’t want to lug a 20 foot ladder into the house in order to paint a wall nor do I like waiting for my husband to bring one in for me. I’m impatient and impulsive.

When I want to paint, I usually resort to getting on a chair or standing up on a counter or table or something crazy like that.

I have fallen off of chairs and stools and nearly cracked my head open (slight exaggeration) because I was trying to balance myself while painting way above my head.

I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to not be able to reach over six feet! I’m only 5’2! I have to stand on a chair just to get stuff out of my cupboards! Not having my own ladder puts a damper on my ability to get stuff done.

I've Got a New BFF

Now I have a six foot ladder to call my own. Isn’t she lovely?

Let me make it clear that I don’t personally weigh 225 pounds at 5’2 inches tall but just in case I want to wrestle a giant deer head or some other humongous thing up this ladder with me, I will be all set. My ladder can handle up to 225 pounds. She is nice and sturdy. I still could fall off, but I’d rather fall from 6 feet than 20 feet. Just sayin’.

My ladder is my new BFF.

I have a feeling we are going to be spending A LOT of time together.

Do you have a 6 foot ladder? And I’m curious, are you afraid of heights?

Framed:: Maps

Framed:: Maps

DIY Art: Framed Calendar Maps!

The other day I had an email asking about my family room artwork. And it dawned on me, I am not sure if I ever talked about the maps on my walls! They kind of relate to my post from yesterday about our life of “adventure” (if you didn’t see the video and listen to the song, you MUST!).

So let’s talk about these maps!

The middle frame is an actual art piece by an artist from a special trip my husband and I took to Hawaii about  Hawaii, but the maps are cut from a vintage map calendar.  A super affordable and easy way to add some color and texture.

I prefer to pick maps from places I’ve actually been, you know I’m not a fan of random art!

I’d be so happy if those light switches weren’t there, but they are. Covering them with frames is not an option because then they get bumped and suddenly our fireplace turns on.

Framed:: Maps

My camera battery is dead and I lost my charger (yay me) or I would have taken some better photos and close ups for you. Sorry these were a bit blurry.

The frames for the maps are all recycled and roughly spray painted. I don’t worry about perfection or if the prints fit the frames exactly or not! It is no big deal to me if a little bit of the map is hiding behind the frame or mat.

I don’t have any special hanging methods for balance or distance between. I just eyeball them until they feel pleasing to my eye.  Yes, I just nail them up (after some thought) without a formal plan. Shoot me. If I don’t like it, I move one or two around a bit and try again. That drives my husband crazy. He would prefer I measured everything first so I’d have perfect spacing. To me, measuring is a waste of creative energy. I just want to hang them and move on to my next creative project.

I like a controlled but still slightly haphazard look to art on my walls. An imperfect balance of symmetry and asymmetrical — just to be all strange, contradictory and not normal. Even though I can handle a little haphazard, I can only handle “so much” on the walls. I don’t want to fill up my walls with too much “stuff.”

I wish my camera battery was working so I could step back and show you the whole fireplace wall.

Framed:: Maps

As far as keeping the frames straight, if they tend to move around I stick a wad of poster putty behind them to keep them from tipping!

So now you know the story of that artwork!

Do you hang art work with precision or are you a little wonky crazy and haphazard about it like me?

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