Time to Decorate with Spring Eggs!

Time to Decorate with Spring Eggs!


Spring Easter Eggs

I was looking around this week realizing I have set out a lot of decorative eggs. That must mean it really and truly is spring and definitely almost Easter. I bought those golden yellow eggs at a discount craft store, I love that they have little speckles on them.

Time to Decorate with Spring Eggs!

Eggs under glass are egg-stra pretty.

Time to Decorate with Spring Eggs!

Robins’ Egg blue eggs are BEAUTIFUL!

Time to Decorate with Spring Eggs!


Putting my lumpy sheet music egg in a mason jar disguises my non-crafty ways.


Time to Decorate with Spring Eggs!

Mixing the eggs with moss just feels so natural and pretty. Like mama made a soft little nest for her chickies.

Time to Decorate with Spring Eggs!

An old candle holder is being put to good use for my egg obsession.

Time to Decorate with Spring Eggs!

I’m dying to write someone’s name on that egg. Wouldn’t it be a cute place holder at the table?

In other decorating news, I’m over at (in)courage today talking about making your home more than just pretty by decorating with things that matter….

Does your home make you happy?

Come by and say hi, would you?

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Love eggs for spring decorating, too. They symbolize new life and there are so many beautiful ones out there. Thanks for sharing, Melissa!

  2. Michelle,

    Your egg decorations are egg-tradinary! I especially like the nest tucked in the teacup and the bunny. It would make a wonderful place holder!

    Heading over to (in) courage now.

    Your Friend,

  3. I had to laugh when I saw your pictures. Yesterday I bought those exact same eggs with the little speckles and a bag of moss just like the one you used for your “nest”!

  4. Melissa, I love all of your pretty eggs. I love eggs also. AT whole foods they have cartons of pretty blue and green eggs and it took me forever to buy the right combination. I think I opened every carton they had, it was so fun. I love pretty blue and green eggs!!! I wrote another Easter post too. Mostly to get me going!! It actually helped, now on to my own Easter plans!!! Happy Weekend,Kathysue

    • I wish we had a whole foods near us! My girls sometimes stop there in Seattle for me and bring me stuff so at least I have a way to get my Whole Foods fix! ;-)

  5. Love the simplicity of all these options and reusing things we all have in our homes….What is it about eggs that make us smile? I’m reminded of egg and dart molding – and classic design.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous!! Love this and gives me inspiration – thank you!

  7. You’ve created so many beautiful little egg vignettes…I feel inspired. I bought some styro eggs at the art store last night — on a whim. Now I’m eager to decorate them and find delightful ways to display them around the house!

  8. Where did you find your egg nests? I need to pick up some this week for something I am doing for our Easter guests!

    • I got the smaller ones at Michaels’ Craft, but the bigger one was from my OpenSky shop which I no longer have. Good look in finding one!

  9. Cheri McNeal says

    I, too, would like to know where to get nests! I love them!

  10. There are some really cute ideas here for Easter and Spring! I have an old candle holder much like the one you displayed. I may have to try that idea. Oh if our home was bigger to store all sorts of seasonal stuff. :)

  11. Beautiful eggs! Love that bunny! Would be a great place card holder! Have a happy Easter! XO, Pinky

  12. I love decorating with eggs and nests, and Easter and spring is the perfect time to do it! I love these ideas!

  13. Such adorable vignettes with the eggs, Melissa ~ I love them all! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend.

  14. I love your charming Easter accessories. So festive. Happy Spring.


  15. Happy Easter, Melissa.


  16. You have the mother load of decorative eggs and sadly I have none. LOL. I had every intention of picking up decorative eggs and sadly never got around to it, hopefully I’ll pick some up on clearance after the holiday. Thanks for sharing and I also enjoyed the peep post too. I love peeps and with chocolate they must be to die for.

    Have a wonderful Easter.


  17. Melissa, I love what you have done with the eggs all around your home! So cute and fun, and very elegant!


  18. Thanks for sharing, you’ve created so many beautiful little egg vignettes. I feel inspired. I bought some styro eggs at the art store last night — on a whim. Now I’m eager to decorate them.

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