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Paint: It’s Not Just For Walls

by | May 5, 2011 | DIY

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Paint: It's Not Just For WallsSpray Painted Mason Jars by Be Crafty

If you are moving into a new home or still staring at the same problems you had when you moved in, before you pour thousands of dollars into new furniture or a remodel, first consider possible ways to transform what you have with paint! Today I’m sharing five nifty paint ideas to get your creativity flowing!

Transform your home with paint!

Every time I have moved into a new home, there have been many things that I knew I wanted to change or add to make it my own. We all dream of a home that feels like US. After all the talk about wanting to paint everything in sight YELLOW this week, I thought it would be fun to wrap up this week by sharing a few paint projects from my DIY files.

Paint: It's Not Just For Walls

Now it’s your turn. What awesome ways have you transformed your home with paint? In the comments please tell me about the most dramatic paint transformation you’ve done!

images 1. The Handmade Home 2. Paisley Wallpaper, Back to Basics, Little Blue Chairs 3. House of Smiths 4. Impatiently Praying for Patience 5. Take the SideStreet


  1. FairfieldHouse


    I love the painted floors and furniture! We couldn’t salvage the 130 + year old original hard wood floors in the kitchen after peeling away all the layers of oil cloth that had been laid over the years so I stained a pattern on it. I couldn’t agree more, nothing can transform a room more than a can of paint!

    Your Friend,

    PS Newest post is:

  2. FairfieldHouse

    PSS I typed Michelle. I know you are Melissa. :/

  3. songbirdtiff

    Thanks for the inspiration! My big project this summer is rip up carpet and paint the floors. I will have to invest in some new rugs, but boy am I looking forward to not worrying about animal/child/husband messes!


    Great ideas. The painted staircase looks so cool! Thanks for hosting the party and sharing ideas and painting tips.

  5. rohan

    Awesome paint ideas. I have a small cabinet that I could probably bolden up with some color. Thanks a lot for the inspiration.

  6. Franki Parde

    Paint…one of the miracles of the world!!! I LUV paint! I’m off to paint a wall on my deck moss green…to match the moss growing on it! :-D franki

  7. Cassie

    I see many paint projects in my near future! :)

  8. Angie

    Okay I give up…how do I see the linky party?? I wanna see what everyeone linked up!! :)

    • Melissa

      Ha, me too! I am waiting for them to trouble shoot why we can’t see them!! Thanks for your patience ;-)

      • Melissa

        OK, all fixed. ;-)

  9. Brooke

    I painted my vaulted kitchen wall ORANGE! Then I created a large brown design and painted it on the wall! So fun!

    • Melissa

      Wow, an orange wall! That must be amazing!

  10. Angie

    I can see them now! Thanks Melissa! :)

  11. Rhoda

    Hi, Melissa! I’m all about the power of paint! Linked up one of my old painted furn. projects and love being inspired by all these beauties. It’s so fun to fix up old things & make them new again.

  12. Erin

    LOVE Ashley’s refrigerator. I also want a painted floor somewhere in my house!!

    I linked up my playroom wall. It was definitely by biggest paint risk but I’m pretty happy with it. Thanks for the party!

  13. LoveFeast

    When Chris Ann lived in Maryland, every Wednesday we’d head to the Eastern Shore to go to our favorite auction. It was on one of these jaunts that I claimed a round pedestal table, that had been cut down to coffee table size. It was black. During the shabby chic days, it was white washed. Today it is coated with a turquoise oil base paint. I love that I can change it’s color on a whim when the need arises to spruce up the look in my living room.

    • Melissa

      Way to go Kristin, that is cool how often you’ve changed it!!

  14. Jessica

    Yes it’s amazing what you can do with paint. Spray, wall, outdoor, craft, there are so many types and so many projects!

    Thanks for the link up.

    P.S. I love that green desk, beautiful color!

  15. Jenny

    Your link party couldn’t have more perfect timing! I just finished painting and stenciling the my bedroom.

  16. angie {the arthur clan}

    I have so many things in my home that I need to get painted…this was very inspiring to read today!

  17. Centsational Girl

    Hey darlin, great idea for a instant paint linky party, I’m all linked up, glad to be here, pass the margaritas, mkay?

  18. Sandy

    Thanks for hosting this paint party! Hands down, paint makes such a big difference. It’s my “go to” when I’m wanting to change something.

  19. Sarah

    Thanks so much for hosting! I have so many paint projects it was hard to chose:)

  20. Renee

    Love the power od paint! It’s the easiest, most affordable way to make a transformation!

  21. ColleenwithMurals&More

    What a great party – thanks, Melissa! I linked up my most recent mural. No, it wasn’t in my own home because I’m ‘the cobbler’. You know, who’s kids had no shoes? Well, by the looks of my house, you’d never know I paint murals! But thanks for letting me share anyway.

  22. Ashley

    So fun! I love the idea of a paint linky party… it’s such a big part of all of our DIY lives! :) Thanks for hosting! All linked up!

    PS- LOVE the painted subfloors idea and I’ve never seen the painted fridge idea! That’s wonderful!

  23. catherine

    this past weekend i painted my old piano white! have been kicking around the idea of painting my linoleum kitchen floor, but really need for someone to let me know their experience and also am concerned about the durability, i have boys and dogs.

    • Melissa

      Maybe check with those bloggers that did the flooring and see how it is holding up!!!

  24. susan

    I love it all,but the _aubergine chandy_? I am in looooove. Havent done anything exciting here. Yet. I’ll probly scare u when I do. :D Happy Mother’s to all moms&hope many are blessed to still have theirs&can share their day….-s-

  25. Melissa Lewis - Midwest Magnolia

    Oh my Melissa, I have got to get painting again. This post is really getting my paintin’ hand itchy to work. Love it all:)

  26. Shawn

    Paint is such a versatile medium. It can literally change the look of any room and it is so inexpensive! You showcased some really fabulous paint projects. The eggplant chandelier is just so classy and rich! That was my absolute fav!

    Have a great weekend!

  27. Alison's Rugs

    As I am looking at the chandelier photo, I am staring at this hideous brass type thing hanging above my head. Yes, I transformed my dining room into my office. Well, not transformed, just plopped down my desk and computer. Got a great rug, wonderful bookshelves and a beautiful desk, but this light thing destroys it all. Now I know spray paint can and WILL change all that. Thanks!


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