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A Perfect Butler’s Pantry

by | May 8, 2011 | Decorating Inspiration, Kitchens | 29 comments

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House Beautiful


Gasp. Isn’t that blue painted ceiling amazing?

I think all mothers could use a butler’s pantry like this! At least I could. Simply gorgeous all the way around.

Happy Mother’s Day to you all!


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    That is gorgeous!

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    Oh my! Maybe one day – gasp…

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    Love it! The only thing on my someday house wishlist is a butler’s pantry. Both cottages have them and I just love the look. That ceiling is amazing.

    Happy Mother’s Day to you, Melissa!! xo

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    Oh yes! A painted ceiling and anything but white is far preferable. What a great kitchen and pantry. Happy Mother’s Day, Melissa!

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    We’re looking at an 1850’s home (LOVE the old houses!) this week, and it has a butler’s pantry! The whole kitchen/pantry really need some TLC, but it’s so fun to see the photos of inspiring spaces to spark the “what could be” in my imagination!

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    happy mother’s day, sweet lady!!

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    Love it! I could see myself spending a lot of time in there!

    Happy Mother’s Day!

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    A Butler’s Pantry is definately on my wish list! Perhaps I’ll add a blue ceiling to my wish list too =)

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    Hi Melissa-

    That is quite an impressive Butler’s pantry. It is the size of some kitchens. I love that it has a desk area, too. Someday…

    My best- Diane

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    That blue ceiling is heavenly! THANKS! franki

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    And now to find a butler….hmmmm…where O’ where?

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    I swear every room in House Beautiful I want for myself. lol. Oh to be rich and lucky! LOL. Hope you’re having a wonderful Mother’s Day.


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    i want a kitchen like that!!

    nanne in indiana by way of alabama

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    Is there a way to keep everyone out of the butlers pantry? I love the calm of it all.

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    Happy Mother’s Day! I love the blue ceiling, hmmm, trying to figure out where I could use it here

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    Oh how I would love to have a BUTLER’S PANTRY!!!!!!!!!! This one is perfection!!!! Hope you had a great day! XO, Pinky

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    *sigh* that Butler’s pantry is bigger than my whole kitchen! I do love the blue ceiling. I did that in a hall way and it really added some pizazz!

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    Melissa you made a mistake, I think you meant to say “kitchen.” That CANNOT be a butler’s pantry! Is that really a butler’s pantry? That is incredible!!!!

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    Happy Mother’s Day Melissa &All! :) when I can get movin’ or get consistent help (i have wonderful friends but they have lives/kids/jobs) EVERY ceiling will be in *color*. I am in neutral right now but my heart&brain only function in *color*. Love HB, too :) Saw a great piece on installing tin ceiling panels recently too. Company’s been making for a hundred years. Can’t decide wall or ceiling,tho. Maybe wall in kitchen&ceiling in bathrm…hmmm. In copper :) yeh dream on… :D

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    I am so loving that blue ceiling. Lust in my heart, I tell you!I can’t decide whether I want to eat it or swim in it. lol

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    Oh, I love that! The ceiling colour is perfect! I can’t wait to live in a house without popcorn ceilings! Even if I have to scrape it all off myself! (which I may be doing in our little mudroom/back entry.)

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    I’d never considered that, but man it is beautiful!

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    YES, the blue painted ceiling is SUPER amazing. I used to have a blue ceiling inside my store and it looks good. It accentuated the color of my walls.

    What I inspired the most about the photo is its flooring. It perfectly matches the cabinets.

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    That’s a butler’s pantry?? Because it looks a lot like my kitchen–sans the beautiful ceiling!!

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    Happy Mother’s Day to you too!

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    Absolutely love that blue ceiling. The color is perfect! My friend once painted a mural on part of the low ceiling in her kitchen. It was so magical. It turned what was a flaw into a design element.

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    I love the blue ceilings- finally some color in the endless amounts of white rooms in blogs! I needed this!

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    Yes, yes.. I love it. I am obsessing over the bee cottage series. i think that’s the picture above!! I want to buy that house and cram my family into it!!

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    That butler’s pantry is to die for! Seriously drooling.

    My husband and I just converted our gun rack (seriously, our house came with a built-in gun rack) into a butler’s pantry/wine rack. So much more useful now! Everyone deserves a good butler’s pantry!

    Thanks for sharing the pic!


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