Nate Berkus: Favorite Neutral Paint {Lowe’s & Valspar Event & $250 Giveaway!}

Nate Berkus: Favorite Neutral Paint {Lowe's & Valspar Event & $250 Giveaway!}

Designer Nate Berkus!

Yes, it is true. As some of you might have picked up by now, I spent an evening this week hanging out with interior decorating celebrity Nate Berkus. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. Hate me. We painted furniture side by side. We hung out in a loft in SoHo. We laughed at the same jokes. I might have laughed REALLY loud cause I am all awkward like that.

Since when does someone like me hang out with a famous celebrity designer in a loft in SoHo? Only in blogland do those kinds of things happen, I tell ya. I had to pinch myself. But, never the less, I was so excited to be included!

I was invited by Lowe’s along with Valspar Paint (THANK YOU SO MUCH!) to fly to New York, stay at a hotel in Tribeca, and spend an evening trying out paint with Nate in Soho. Yeah. That doesn’t happen every day. Of course I said YES, PLEASE!

Nate Berkus: Favorite Neutral Paint {Lowe's & Valspar Event & $250 Giveaway!}

Nate Berkus: Favorite Neutral Paint {Lowe's & Valspar Event & $250 Giveaway!}

Centsational Girl & The Inspired Room

I was especially thrilled to find out of only 30 bloggers included in this event, my pal Kate from Centsational Girl was also on this trip! I love getting to hang out with a blogging friend in real life.

Kate and I met up in the lobby of our  hotel and walked in our high heels to the unmarked loft overlooking Soho. It was a gorgeous day!

Nate Berkus: Favorite Neutral Paint {Lowe's & Valspar Event & $250 Giveaway!}

Before we knew it, we were sitting on the floor in our white dresses right next to Nate, trying win a paint competition. We got so into the competition we didn’t even notice (too much) that Nate was sitting right next to us on the floor, or think about how at any moment we could turn around and ask him if we could borrow his paint brush or get his design advice. Well, I did kind of think about borrowing his paint brush. But mostly we were obsessed with winning this competition.

Nate Berkus: Favorite Neutral Paint {Lowe's & Valspar Event & $250 Giveaway!}

This was pretty much a dream for DIY & Design bloggers.

Nate Berkus: Favorite Neutral Paint {Lowe's & Valspar Event & $250 Giveaway!}

And, here was our table. Disclaimer: We only had 30 minutes to paint. It was fairly stressful. I’ll admit, the design, most of the painting and pretty much all of the taping off of the chevron pattern was done by Kate. I can’t take much credit. I held the paint can, ran around finding paint brushes, snapped pictures of Nate, and tried to avoid getting paint on myself or my white dress.

Remember, I hate painting, so I was pleased to have Kate on my team. It worked out well for me.

Nate Berkus: Favorite Neutral Paint {Lowe's & Valspar Event & $250 Giveaway!}

Here is Nate telling Kate she needs to listen to me next time and paint the hinges and the knob, I tried to tell her that to no avail. Thank you Nate. Nevertheless, he gave us the creativity award and we took home two $250 Lowe’s cards. Yay us!

Nate Berkus: Favorite Neutral Paint {Lowe's & Valspar Event & $250 Giveaway!}

As soon as Nate was done talking, Kate promptly ran over and painted the hinges and the knobs. Ha. Much better.

During Nate’s presentation about paint, I took a little video for you! See? I’m always thinking of you. Here is Nate standing right in front of me (i die) talking about his favorite neutral paint color.

Did you hear what Nate said in the video? Gray walls, white trim and black doors make him happy. He likes that combination with pops of color. He would be pretty happy in my living room and dining room! YAY!

Nate Berkus: Favorite Neutral Paint {Lowe's & Valspar Event & $250 Giveaway!}

During the event we were able to try out Valspar Signature Colors paint, which by the way is the same paint I used on my blue table last summer!

You can see by the fact that I already have used this paint that I really do like it! The colors are so pretty!!!

Nate Berkus: Favorite Neutral Paint {Lowe's & Valspar Event & $250 Giveaway!}

This paint covered those dark stripes in one coat! And look at how pretty Kate looks. She should be a painting spokesmodel.

We also learned about Allen & Roth paint and home decor line at Lowe’s.

We had a fabulous time both at the event and having margaritas and Mexican food afterward.  Kate and I even talked at dinner about how much we both love you all. We did! Really. And it wasn’t even just because of the margaritas. We do love you.

Nate Berkus: Favorite Neutral Paint {Lowe's & Valspar Event & $250 Giveaway!}

And because we love you and wish you could have all been there with us, we are giving away our winning Lowe’s gift cards!

One $250 Lowe’s gift card will be given away on The Inspired Room, and another over at Centsational Girl!

1. Hit LIKE on my facebook page, if you haven’t already.

2. Leave a comment on my blog to enter!

Don’t know how to leave a comment to enter? If you reading this anywhere other than this blog (like on Facebook or email) you need to go to my blog at htp://, scroll down to the end of this post, click “Join the Conversation,” type in a comment in the comment box and then submit your comment. You do not have to have a blog to win.

3. For a second chance to win this giveaway, link to this giveaway on Facebook OR Twitter (you can use the twitter/facebook buttons below), then leave a comment here telling where you mentioned this giveaway (FB or Twitter).

4. Head on over to Centsational Girl to read her post and enter the other giveaway over there! More chances to win!

This contest is now closed! Thanks for all your entries!


  1. Please enter me. $250 would be so great as I remodel my room. Thanks!

  2. I am SO jealous that you got to meet Nate! BUT, I am so glad that you got to go!

  3. Erin Meerzaman says

    Looks like you both had a great time. Nothing better than NYC in the spring and Nate was just the icing on the cake!! Thanks for sharing.

  4. That looks like so much fun! I wish I wwere a decorating blogger, but I’m just a blogger who loves Valspar!!

    I liked you on FB, too!

  5. Like you on FB

  6. SOOO jealous- that is an awesome trip. Love all of it. Glad you were able to be chosen for it.

  7. Would love to with this! I’ve got lots of painting to do and need to organize my garage this spring, so I’m crossing my fingers :)

  8. How exciting….lots of projects going on around my house….what a great giveaway!

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  10. So jealous! Love Nate!!

  11. Sounds like so much fun! Already thinking about what I could do with $250 from Lowe’s! :)

  12. OMG! You actually touched nate!? How did you not start forgetting how to talk, etc.? It looks like you had a great trip!!

  13. can’t believe you guys painted looking all cute!!

  14. Holly S. says

    I always spend way too much money at Lowe’s, especially in the spring. I would love to win the gift card!

  15. You guys did look so cute in your “painting” clothes! I have some painting to be done and I guarantee you I won’t be looking half that cute.

  16. Oh how I would love to win this giveaway so I don’t have to stare at my all white walled house…or so that I could pick up the tiles for my kitchen that I’ve been lusting over!

  17. Looks like you had a great time! And how sweet of you to give away your gift card. I’m working on decorating a new nursery for our upcoming baby girl–I’d love to put the gift car to use for you. :-)

  18. Michele Laramay says

    Sounds like a fun time. Thanks for the chance to win!

  19. Amazing trip! Amazing giveaway! Would be verrry handy since we are closing on our first house in a few weeks!

  20. Great post! I believe Lowes has really stepped it up with that line of paint. I’ve used the exterior as well and it completely coats even old wood in one coat. I could load up with some lowes cash!

  21. So exciting! I loved your painting!

  22. very nice job, soo excited for you guys

  23. Lisa Aukeman says

    What an amazing experience! Not at all like you saw him walking down the street but to actually be in a “paint off” against him! Ha Ha

  24. Courtney Lynn says

    Exciting!! Love LOWES! Love their lighting, paint, etc. Def. my fav. home improvement store :)

  25. Lisa Aukeman says

    I tweeted about your give away! Thanks again!

  26. just started two big projects for my sons’ room!!

  27. Lucky lucky girl! This is an awesome giveaway! Thanks for being so generous!

  28. I liked you on FB as well =)

  29. DebbieRN says

    I enjoy your blog so much! It’s in my top 5. Love your combination of making your home welcoming for friends and family – a very Christian thing to do. I did the Facebook thing!

  30. I liked you on facebook and wow, I’d love to win that … we’re in the middle of some major home improvement work!

  31. I’d love to win. I’d have no problem spending $250 especially on outdoorsy stuff now that it’s warm!

  32. What fun! I’m so glad you got to go!

  33. i tweeted and liked! congrats! Im jealous :)

  34. What a great gift for you! I’m a pastor’s wife who moved to a new ministry 18 mths ago. We’re still repainting the house and that gift card would be a huge help!

  35. Awwww, that sounds like a fun trip. Glad you got to go!

  36. So fun to read about your time with Nate! I went and liked you on FB. I would use the gift card to finish off my husband’s home office!

  37. You are a riot; “I told Kate to paint the hinges and door knob!” What an experience to remember! Thanks for including us in your adventure with Kate and Nate!

    Your Friend,

  38. Sounds like a very exciting trip. I would love to meet Nate!

  39. You ladies are too generous! Sounds like a fun day! A mini vacay (:

  40. Congratulations on being complimented by Nate! What an affirmation of your talents.

  41. Lucky you! I love Nate ( who doesn’t). Did the “like”..boy could I use a Lowe’s gift card

  42. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! LOVE! And personally, I LOVE your little table! Someone is going to be very happy to have that in their home!

  43. Jennifer rR says

    I like you on Facebook

  44. Mary Lynn says

    Liked your site on FB and going to share the link- Would love this- just bought a new house and painting the kids’ rooms is the first job.

  45. Jennifer says

    I “like” you on FB :) I love Valspar paint and we plan on using it to re-paint our whole house!!!

  46. Also, I like you on Facebook…so yeah! 2 points for me!

  47. tracey messina says

    Well its spring and many garage sales are popping up! I already scored me several sweet things for my foyer, dinning room, and craft room. so excited to sand, prime, paint etc. to make them so pretty! The Lowes card would be a wonderful way help me do that!

  48. Jennifer R says

    So cool that you got to meet Nate!

  49. Patrice W. says

    Nate’s such a great designer. What a priviledge to get to spend the day learning his tricks of the trade! How exciting!!

  50. How much fun was that?! Except for the fact that no one dressed appropriately. You all, including Nate, must be neat painters.

    I feel so “in” right now as I just purchased a quart of Valspar paint at Lowe’s last night. “Heavenly Day” satin, exterior to be exact. It’s for the little bit of ceiling under the deck roof. I’ve heard that bees won’t build nests there if the roof is painted blue because it confuses them into thinking they are out under the great blue sky.

    It’s been fun commenting here. As you probably know, there’s no commenting elsewhere in Blogdom. Makes one think about getting her own domain and quick.

    Congrats on your win!

  51. Not the roof, the ceiling under the roof, but then you knew that. Gheesh. Can’t think this morning.

  52. Hi Melissa-

    Looks and sounds like you had a wonderful time – what a fun trip. Gotta love Lowes and Valspar for hosting such an event for bloggers to meet Nate while getting to play with their line of products.

    My best- Diane

  53. I love the NAte show!! This event sounds like a lot of fun;0. I’d LOVE a gift card to Lowes for some beadboard or a chair rail for our dining room!!! I liked you on facebook also;0. FUNNNN!

  54. Soo jealous! Looks like you all had a blast!!

  55. the cottage child says

    You’re so sweet to share – I confess I get a little clammy trying to do all the linky stuff for giveaways, but I totally LIKE(d) you so that was easy! Glad you had such a good time!

  56. Suffering from serious Nate/paint/blogging/NYC envy right now!! What a fun post, Melissa ~ thanks for sharing! And for the giveaway… too sweet! I have a whole list of paint projects for the summer and that gift card would be a HUGE help!!

  57. Oh i’m so jealous! Nate’s my favorite!

  58. Love reading your blog – inspires me to make my home beautiful.

  59. Just tweeted!! Thanks again, Melissa!

  60. Ahh sigh, such a dreamboat! Maybe I should take his (and your!) advice and just redo my living room in grey, white, black. Hey Hey ho ho avocado green has got to go! =) It looks like you guys had so much fun!

  61. What a fun adventure, I’m so envious!

  62. Yay! I could definitely pick up some Valspar spray paint to liven up the old wicker loveseats on the patio! We’ve started our first vegetable garden, too, and it could use some help!

  63. I need another door, so this would come in handy!

    How cute is that Nate!?

  64. Isn’t blogging great!? What a fun opportunity, thanks for sharing the chance for the gift card:>)

  65. Mary Lynn says

    shared the link on my facebook page

  66. Franki Parde says

    Valspar rocks…and so do you and Kate for including us in “painting the box!” :-D franki

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  71. I now am a HUGE Liker on Facebook of your site : ) Love Love it

  72. Wow, looked like a fun time! You all look as comfortable next to Nate as any other celebrity would. Keep on painting and blogging.

  73. would so love to win this and finish painting 2 more rooms and trying to start a flower garden and need paving stones – thanks for the chance and great post!

  74. My husband and I are working on building a swingset for the kids. This would help us SO much!

  75. Link to my share on Facebook with over 3,000 fans : )

  76. I like you on facebook of course :-) And we could REALLY use a Lowe’s gift card for our ministry right now – we’re renovating a house in the “hood” in Atlanta so we can live closer to the kids we mentor, and there’s so much we still need to do to the house but cant afford! :-)

  77. I also entered this same great giveaway over at Centsational Girl – thanks girls

  78. The cabinet turned out great and you looked so cute too. Love your dress!

  79. Gorgeous! What fun. :)

  80. Jealous! So cool. Enter me please! I could use some fun paint.

    thanks for the giveaway!

  81. Mary beth says

    I’m a first time reader and I “liked” you on fb! Love your blog!!

  82. Leslie M.P. says

    How exciting for you! Thanks for the giveaway!

  83. I can think of a million things to do with this gift card.

  84. Looks like you had a great time!! Love Valspar paint and I have a kitchen and dining room that needs it desperately!!

  85. Thanks for the giveaway..there are tons of rooms and furniture needing a makeover…starting with the mother-in-law’s china hutch we inherited in all it’s 1971 glory!

  86. Heather K says

    What an exciting give-away! Oh the things I could do!

  87. oooh….lowes..pick me!

  88. Kelly B. says

    Looks like you had a great time! I can’t wait to get my dining room painted!

  89. Oh! Winning this would be awesome! When my daughter got married, we tore out a wall between the living room and a bedroom to make a bigger living space – now I’m trying to figure out how to paint and decorate the space!

  90. Love all the beautiful bright colors! How generous of you to offer your gift card!

  91. Hannah d. says

    Sounds like. Dream come true for you! Glad you had such fun.

  92. Heather K says

    Linked from my facebook page!

  93. Krista Morland says

    We have lived in our house for a year, and it still doesn’t feel like home. I want to repaint every wall and numerous pieces of furniture. Thanks for the opportunity to get started on that a.s.a.p,-Krista Morland

  94. Megan Koren says

    I enjoyed reading this post, what fun! :) I could SO use a Lowe’s gift card to jumpstart some projects I’ve been dying to do in my apartment. :)

  95. Goldengirls59 says

    Looks like you had a fabulous time working with Nate! Thanks for the chance to win a gift!

  96. I will love to win $250! It will help me get the patio set I really want.

  97. Heather Duren says

    Fun experience! Love the colors.

  98. I liked u on facebook

  99. What a fun time- I am jealous! Lowes is definitely my go to place for paint. I am yet to paint a room gray but love the look- hope to try it soon.

  100. Michelle v says

    This is a wonderful giveaway! I hope I win so I can use the gift card towards diy goodies for my backyard! Xoxo

  101. Mulch, MULCH – I need mulch! Oh, and Valspar paint, concrete stain and a new kitchen countertop.

    Loved reading your fabulous NY adventure. Thanks for the chance to win your prize.

  102. Looks like so much fun! But I can’t imagine a roomful of people painting in their nice clothes! I don’t know if I even could have held the can or run around for brushes! LOL!

  103. I would love to win this gift card! I would buy up paint and paint supplies for the new apartment I am moving into! probably some new lamps and cabinet hardware as well.

  104. I posted it on FB!

  105. What a fun event! Would love to win this and put the $ toward landscaping materials for our yard

  106. I’ve now added your blog to my reader!

  107. So jealous you got to see Nate in person! *Swoon*

  108. Looks fun! I have plenty of spring projects that an extra $250 would come in handy for…

  109. I would loooove this gift card! My bathroom needs HELP!


  110. Paula Robinson says

    Luv ur blog! I’m getting ready to paint practically the whole inside of my house. Pick me!

  111. That looked like so much fun! I have used Valspar glaze but never theri paint. I will ahve to give it a try.

  112. I would FINISH painting my dining room (yes, I ran out of paint and never finished) and also put frames around my 2 generic bathroom mirrors–I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time, too! THANKS!

  113. Wow, Melissa…that looks like a great event. Oh to be a fly on the wall while you were trying not to get paint on your dress.

  114. Danielle says

    What a fun time! Lowe’s rocks and I really like Valspar, although I’ve only tried it once and it was in white (boring).

  115. kathleen s says

    Wow $250 would go so far in my house and I agree with Nate a fresh coat of paint changes everything. My oldest has just moved out and quickly before my husband can take over the space as his second office I have to get that room re-done into a nice guest room. Lowes has absolutely everthing i need to complete the job. Thanks for re-gifting!

  116. jennifer says

    One coat to paint over an ugly, dark wall…sounds great!

  117. jennifer says

    Already like you on FB

  118. Looks like so much fun hanging out with Nate!

  119. Danielle Dube says

    I have been wanting to try this paint!! Does it really have noticeably better coverage than other common brands?!

  120. Thanks for the opportunity! Their paint looks beautiful!

  121. I’d love a Lowe’s gift card. We have lots of repainting to do in our house!

  122. What a fun time that must have been! Love those paint colors.
    Thanks for a chance at the gift card…it seems like I’m at Lowe’s every other day!

  123. This would be the perfect way to finish renovating an odd attic space we have into a 3rd bedroom for our growing family of 5!

  124. Danielle Dube says

    I also linked this on twitter!

  125. What fun!! I’m intrigued by the Hi-Def paints!

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway opportunity!

  126. twelve30 says

    What a great giveaway! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win this great prize. I love your blog – so inspiring – makes me want to redo my whole house.

  127. Wow! What a cool opportunity!

  128. Would love it…thanks a lot for this giveaway. Needing to paint an antique secretary and working up the nerve!

  129. $250 would go a loooong way in our kitchen! Thanks for the giveaway!

  130. Would love to win this gift card! I see lots of painting in my future. Thanks!

  131. Kris Lewis says

    Y’all are such sweethearts! $250 would make my house POP!

  132. Donna Bowes says

    What a great trip! Thanks for the giveaway! Just subscribed to your blog!

  133. Karen Jerread says

    Love Nate, Love your blogs and like you on FB!

  134. Thanks so much for an amazing giveaway! I could certainly do a lot with this! My home and blank slate of a yard would love you!

  135. How fun to have the opportunity to paint with Nate! I’d love to win a $250 gift card to Lowe’s. They are a great store, especially for supplies for a DIY person like me! Thanks for a chance to win!

  136. Amanda Conley says

    Thanks for sharing! Would love to add a patio and landscaping to our back yard!

  137. Is he as cute in person as he is on tv?

  138. Amanda Conley says

    Sharing on Facebook!

  139. Patti Hubbard says

    How nice of you! I have lots of ideas…need to repaint the kitchen to match the glass mosaic tiles I fell in love with and have already purchased at Lowe’s. Also I would buy new landscaping perennials and annuals. My yard doesn’t look anywhere near as good as the interior!

  140. Liked you on FB. And, as much as I don’t love painting either….I sure love how it looks once it’s done! A $250 gift card would be great:)!!!!

  141. Sounds like an amazing event to attend and you had tons of fun! Ahhh…to be that close to Nate, love watching his show!

  142. What fun! Love that coverage on the chevron wall. I’m so over having to use up to three coats to get it right!

  143. It looks like a blast. Thanks for the pictures. I would redo my bedroom in purples and pinks. $250 would go a very longs way. Thanks for this give-away


  144. Elizabeth says

    Love Nate! And your blog! Thanks. Would love to get some paint and some more paint!!

  145. Like you on facebook. I would love to win this! We’re planning some remodeling projects this summer and this would be a HUGE help!

  146. Sounds like so much fun!!!!

  147. What fun you guys must of had! You both looks so cute and Nate looks pretty darn cute too Thanks for the chance to win. I have been using their paints for awhile now. Great stuff.

  148. So fun! $250 would be a huge blessing to get started on the million projects I’ve got planned! :)

  149. Amy Wolff says

    Looks awesome……………. must have been a fun conference.

  150. what a cool giveaway! I LOVE the pictures – you guys look great! :)

  151. Liked you on facebook, and really need to paint my family room (I’m leaning towards grey!) so would love a gift card.

  152. Nicole C. says

    Thank you for this giveaway – this is great!
    I love Valspar paints, and $250 would buy all the paint I need for the 3 bedrooms I have to redo!!

  153. Sounds so exciting!

  154. Annette Taylor says

    Love Valspar paint! I am getting ready to re-paint my kitchen and my cabinets so this would be a big help!! Great Giveaway!!

  155. What an awesome trip! To be able to spend time with such a great designer as Nate. I am such a Lowe’s girl this would help me finish up a couple of projects around our home. What a great give away!

  156. Sarah Brumit says

    I would love to win this gift card so much! :) Thanks for sharing it!

  157. StaceyBull says

    I bet that was so much fun…..and I could sure use the gift card!

  158. Sarah Brumit says

    I tweeted about the giveaway!

  159. Yay, I can enter! There is a Lowes currently being built about 2 minutes from my house. You and Kate looked absolutely adorable. I’m glad you had a great time!

  160. Sherry in TN says

    We are in the middle of a Masterbath remodel- a tad over budget- The gift card would buy the faucet to finish it out.
    Thank you for the chance to win-

  161. Ooh…what a fun giveaway! I would definitely spend this gift card in the trim department! Board and batten, crown molding, frames for our boring bathroom mirrors…the possibilities are endless! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  162. Nicolette says

    Paint! We’re renters, but we have one HIDEOUS peach and purple bathroom (yikes!) which I’m trying to get our landlord to agree to let us paint and do a mini reno on.

    Some high-quality products like a Valspar paint in a luxuriously muted tone might be just the thing to sway him. If I win, expect my before and after photos!

    I can see why Kate didn’t paint the hinges – they needed something… else? Painting them the colors they are up against is a good way to camouflage them, but I could see something darker, or a metallic silver finish bringing more pizzazz to your funky piece.

  163. Oh man I’m so jealous I love Nate, watch him everyday. Well I need that $250 (like everyone else). I’m starting to redo my kitchen/dining room so I need everything include paint. We love Valspar … just finished painting all the other rooms with it. Please throw me into the pot. Thanks.

  164. Thanks for this great giveaway! The Lowe’s giftcard would be an awesome way for us to finally put up some delicious crown moulding in our dining room and living room. :)

  165. Nicolette says

    Linked on facebook, too! Thanks for the chance to win! :)

  166. I love your blue table, I hadn’t seen it before!

  167. I’d love to win!! I love Valspar paints and have used them throughout my home! Next project – painting the kitchen floor!

  168. michele m fry says

    liked you a long time ago on facebook!!

  169. How nice of you to share! :) I love Valspar paint and Lowe’s. We just moved into a new home so that giftcard would come in very handy!

  170. You are a lucky duck- I LOVE Nate! I’ve been contemplating gray for my dining room for sometime now, with pops of yellow and maybe one other color. This would be outside my comfort zone but I think I am going to go for it soon! That $250 would sure come in handy to make-over my dining room.

  171. You girls are living the life!! Hope this contest is open to Canada…

  172. michele m fry says

    wow what a great time and wonderful opportunity!!!! Looks like such fun and that Nate sure is a cutie!! We are re-doing our front and back porches and this gift card would be fun to use to add the little extra’s, like drop cloth curtains for the front porch!! Thanks for being willing to share. :]

  173. omg, we need to redo our bathroom, and would love $250 to go towards that!

  174. Sharon W says

    I LOVE Nate!!!! I am so jealous of you for meeting him. I also love Lowes! My goal this year is to finish my home, this gift card would really help.

  175. sangeetha says

    Cool thanks – looks like you all had fun

  176. Woohoo! It looks like you girls had a blast!

  177. Oh! Pick me! I need to overhaul my porch!

  178. Caroline says

    You two are so cool for offering these giveaways!
    Thank you…fingers crossed!

  179. Would LOVE to win!

  180. Love the cabinet y’all painted! Bet you were swooning in the same room with Nate! Thanks for offering this fantastic giveaway!!!

    Mary @ Redo 101

  181. Michelle says

    This sounds like it was so fun! I would spend the $250 on some new paint and details to update our dining room, and also materials and paint for a pegboard storage project!

  182. Caroline says

    I Tweeted to the masses! lol

  183. We are moving soon and would love the gift to buys LOTS of paint :) Thanks!

  184. Like you on FB! :)

  185. Elizabeth Provost says

    I would love to redo my guest bathroom – Paint, Paint, Paint!

  186. Wow, that sounds so fun. I would love a Lowe’s gift card – I want to paint our bedroom grey!!!

  187. That looks like so much fun =) I can’t wait to start painting some chairs I bought at a thrift store!

  188. What a great giveaway! This would be awesome for our closet re-do which is part of a total master suite overhaul.

  189. Would love this card to use to paint and update my kids’ bedrooms this summer!

  190. Thank you so much for doing this! I could absolutely use a lowes gift card to finish up a couple of projects in our house right now!

  191. Love all the bright colors! that looks like it was so much fun!

  192. Thanks so much for the giveaway. I could totally use this on a cabinet that I got that needs to be painted. It is my first attempt at painting furniture and I am so excited b/c it is such a nice old piece.

  193. Wow! What an amazing experience! Looks like you had a really fun time with Nate.
    Thanks for the chance to enter your giveaway. You are amazing and I truly truly looooove your page! :)

  194. Thanks for the giveaway :) Our new condo needs a major paint job!!

  195. Also, liked you on Facebook.

  196. I would so love to win this! My daughter’s bathroom is in desperate need of an upgrade and this would be a great way to start! Thanks so much for offering the gift card – that’s really generous.

  197. Oh this would be soo fun to win!!

  198. Paola Rarick says

    It is great to see you had a wonderful time. God is very good isn’t He? Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  199. I love Lowes! We just purchased all of our appliances from there but I’ve never used their paint. This would be a great way to try it out!

  200. Christie says

    I would LOVE to win this amazing prize! That giftcard would be a big help for the little bathroom in our home. We could use it to give the bathroom a quick facelift with a new light fixture, wall cabinet and paint. :-)

  201. I liked you on facebook. What an awesome giveaway! If I won, I would use this for our future house which I hope is real soon!

  202. Would love to paint my whole house!!!!

  203. I tweeted! @dlk3265

  204. Liked you on FB

  205. Sometimes I think you are just having too much fun! It’s nice to know about Valspar paint covering so well.. I think I will be buying some today and repaint my side table. Thanks for the post and congratulations!

  206. With a 250.00 Lowe’s gift card I’d get tile for my kitchen backsplash!

  207. Looks like you had oodles of fun! I am so impressed that you can paint all dressed up! :) I’m usually covered in paint! :)

  208. I liked you on FB!

  209. Okay, Nate aside (if that’s even possible), I loved seeing the coverage of the paint over the b/w zig-zags! Yeah, I own my DIY nerdiness, but coverage is soooo important when you find yourself painting as often as I do. Look out dresser, if I win you’re going Navy Blue!

  210. cindybee says

    Your blog is AWESOME…I’m about 6 months new to becoming addicted to blogs…such wonderful ideas..and yours rocks !! My husband and I are headed to NYC on the 25th.. any suggestions of must see-creative places to visit?

  211. Loved that green paint color – it’s really similar to my kitchen color. I agree that the Valspar Hi-Def paint is fabulous!! And I’m really liking the neutral grays…thinking of making some changes around my oh-so-colorful home.

  212. Oh what I would do for this gift card! With 2 little boys on the move, it seems everyday we find something else that they’ve broken. Just last night one of them broke a door handle. So that would be first on my list, followed closely by new paint for my kitchen cabinets and a new front door – well at least it would take a small chunk out of that expense!

  213. My house would benefit SO much from this. It thanks you.

  214. It looks like you had so much fun!!! I’d love to win to redo my bedroom. It needs it sooo bad. Thanks for the chance.

  215. Thanks for including the picture with the black and white stripes being covered up – I never believe that paint can actually cover those in one coat but now I have proof!

  216. I shared the giveaway on my FB! Thanks for all the beautiful & inspiring ideas you share!

  217. Barbara Mc says

    That $250 gift card would like about 2 seconds in my hands. So many things to do — so little time and money to do it.

  218. Marian Baldock says

    Inspired to do some painting!

  219. Donna O. says

    Ohhh…you lucky duck!

  220. How neat! I wish they would have given you more time to brainstorm and execute your project that day. I don’t like the way TV shows are compressing everything into “faster, faster, now, now!” Anyway, thanks for offering up your gift card. I can certainly put it to good use at my house!

  221. I tweeted!

  222. cindybee says

    I love your blog…I am addicted to blogs, as of 6 months ago. My husband and I are headed to NYC on the 25th, do you have any suggestions of must see creative places to visit?

  223. Jen Lovmo says

    I love reading your blog emails every morning! you have such wonderful ideas!

  224. so exciting! congrats. I would love to win the gift card :)

  225. I shared the link on facebook!! Thanks again

  226. I need to redo my boys rooms to transform it from a little boy room to a big kid room!

  227. Verlan Day says

    How exciting for you to be a part of this project. Thanks for sharing!

  228. Jen Lovmo says

    Just linked this post to FB as well!

  229. Congrats!!! Looks like much fun! And I agree, the painted hinges and know look fabulous! ;)

  230. I like you on facebook

  231. Love, love these ideas.

  232. We have so many projects at our house that we could use a gift card to help us complete (or at least get a little bit more done). Kitchen needs some major TLC! Master bath needs country ugly wallpaper removed and some new fixtures! Glad you had such a fun time in NYC.

  233. Tweeted too! ;)

  234. Elizabeth says

    Been loving your blog, especially how you share other bloggers’ ideas all in one space! Sounds like a great event!

  235. My hubby and I are moving into a new home in a new state this weekend and this giveaway would definitely come in handy!

  236. I would use it for outside–flowers, shrubs, a cute bird feeder! Though there are lots of rooms around here that I would want to paint too! It would be so fun to win!!

  237. I agree about the knob!

  238. Valspar paint is the only paint I will use! I liked you on FB.

  239. liked you on facebook!

  240. I like you on facebook, thank you so much for this blog and your ideas! I am already on a mission to get more “inspired” to decorate my house! Love your blog and I am happy that you had a great time in NY!!!

  241. Love Nate and Lowes!! Happy that you got to go!!

  242. It looks like you had a great trip! I always love Nate and most of his designs too. And I especially love Lowes! Love your site, it’s been inspiring for me and things I’d like to change and do in my own home, thanks!

  243. Love those colors!! Gives me some inspiration and excitement to do some painting!!

  244. I shared the giveaway on my FB!

  245. Yeah, not above winning. Posted a link on FB to that end. Good luck, all and thanks, M.

  246. I Like Inspired Room on FB and left a comment!

  247. Mary Newhouse says

    How fun!

  248. Tweeted this post!

  249. A day with Nate?! Awesome! I know you both had a great time. Congrats on winning and thanks for sharing with us.

  250. I liked you on Facebook!

  251. Great giveaway!! How fun to meet Nate!

  252. Danielle says

    I wish I was there!!!

  253. One word: jealous. But also SO excited for you and think both you and Kate are so deserving!

  254. What a fun trip/experience! I ‘liked’ you on Facebook also. Thanks for the chance to win such a great giveaway!!

  255. I’m not surprised you 2 got picked to be there. You’re awesome! I’m using Valspar paint to paint over the red in my living room and it’s incredible. Guess what color? Gray! I feel so “in” right now. What a great giveaway and it would help me finish things up and move onto another room soon. I was just telling my friends last night that I love this paint more than any other paint I’ve ever used. I liked you on facebook too.

  256. I shared this giveaway on FB!!

  257. I liked you on facebook! Awesome giveaway!

  258. Great Prize and I liked you.

  259. You are one lucky lady! Looks like you had a blast! I liked you on facebook a long time ago.

  260. We are buying a new (to us) house, so I can think of a million projects to do! The first thing I’d buy is paint, and then some plants for the yard.

  261. Looks like such a fun experience!!!

  262. I love Nate! You are lucky!

  263. OH my – seriously AWESOME! I’m thrilled for your adventure! I need a new kitchen sink, pick me! pick me!

    Have a great weekend!

  264. I like your FB page!

  265. What a cool trip and products! I’d LOVE to win.

  266. Look at that green paint cover up that black and white chevron! Purty good. Thanks for sharing the experience.
    So many possibilities with $250 gift card. Please pick me so I can finish my garage/laundry room!

  267. O I love Lowe’s and that paint rocks with one coat. Love it. I need to repaint my sons playroom. HOLLA!

  268. mommycaptainhook says

    Congrats on getting to spend time with Nate!! Awesome post!

  269. Carmen E. says

    I ‘liked’ you on facebook! Thanks for the giveaway….and for all the wonderful ideas on your blog!

  270. I like you on facebook. What an awesome giveaway. I have so many things I could do with the $250!

  271. I liked you on facebook!

  272. What an amazing giveaway… We could use it to paint all the rooms in our new house. They are definitely in need of some new paint! I liked you on facebook!

  273. Lucky you! SoHo, love that area and you two are just beautiful and creative. and caring!

  274. Cyndia Montgomery says

    I ran right over to FB to “like” you. But I liked you already! Enough to be so very happy for you that you had such a fun trip and got to hang out with Nate!

  275. What an awesome day! Boy, I could really put that gift card to good use, my living and dining rooms are desperate for a fresh coat of color.

  276. A day with Nate = AWESOME!

  277. Thanks for the chance to win! This would be so fun to help me finish up all the projects I’ve started.

  278. Wow! How lucky are you?? I would die!! I really hope I win this giftcard. I am so tired of my sage green walls…and desperately want a lighter – brigher space! Here’s hoping I win.

  279. Laura M. says

    YAY! I hope I win!

  280. I would update my patio! Currently we have a rickety table and four plastic chairs and a plastic “armoire” for storage. It needs to be lovely-fied so my husband can relax and sit comfortably as he has serious health issues – cancer that won’t go away. When the kids visit we all enjoy eating alfresco together.

  281. Leigh F. says

    I LOVE Nate! I am so jealous! :)

  282. thanks for offering this giveaway! could definitely use help purchasing paint for all the white walls in my new townhouse!

  283. So great…glad you had fun! Your site is great.

  284. Thank you for sharing your visit to NY and Nate. I would love to have the chance to win this great prize. Loved this post! =)

  285. I’d love to win the Lowe’s gift card! We are moving next week and have LOTS of ideas of how to spend it. Sounds like you had an awesome trip.

  286. I shared this on Twitter.

  287. I liked you on FB! Thanks for the giveaway!

  288. I shared your giveaway on FB.

  289. I would love to win! I have so many projects and so little money! lol!

  290. I bet your day was SO fun! How exciting!!! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  291. Every room in our 1960s house has a project. But the top priority is the nursery! We only have 2 months left til the little one arrives and there are many unfinished items left to check off the list.

  292. YEAH!! I liked you on FB and am so glad i found you through CG. I am a mazed at how well that green covered the blue in one coat!! AMAZING…

  293. and here’s my 2nd entry with my link to my fb post!/profile.php?id=576286461

  294. I liked your FB page…..happy to have found your blog !!

  295. Veronica S says

    Wow! I would PAINT PAINT PAINT!!!! My kitchen needs a re-vamp, my dinning room could use a re-do, and my hallway is ri-diculous.

  296. I Tweeted the GIVEAWAY! :)

  297. I shared on my FB wall.

  298. I tweeted and liked you on facebook!

  299. I would love to use this to paint my house a more neutral greige! Thanks for the chance to win!

  300. Connie tacazon says

    I love lowes for everything, especially paint inspiration.

  301. Love the colors. Congratulations on your trip.

  302. I love Nate + his show. How awesome you got to hang out with him! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  303. This is my first visit to your site! Thanks for the giveaway!

  304. I liked you on facebook :)

  305. I liked you on Facebook! What a fun trip! I could do so much with that $250 as my husband and I are working on renovating our 1916 house!

  306. I love lowes. and with an old house and LOTs of unfinished projects that gift card would come in handy. Priority for me is fixing the master bathroom after we had to tear out a wall to fix a leak – a year ago. it would be nice to have it finished.

  307. I like you on Facebook!

    Your day sounds fantastic… What a fun way to spend a Monday!

  308. I liked you on facebook!

  309. Congrats on winning, and thanks for the giveaway!!

  310. I would LOVE to win this! I need a whole bunch of stuff at Lowes, including valspar hi-def paint!

  311. Heather H says

    We’re working on our fixer-upper and would love this!

  312. I liked you on Facebook! What an awesome giveaway!!

  313. I love Valspar paint and Lowe’s! Looks like it was such a fun trip!

  314. I just liked you on FB! I’m getting ready to paint our kitchen and I loved all of the paint advise!

  315. I liked your facebook!!!

  316. Devan P. says

    How great!!!!

  317. I just bought a new house and I am shocked at how much money I will be spending at Lowes in the near future!

  318. Guerrina says

    My whole 1st floor is “builder beige” and needs COLOR! The guest 1/2 bath also needs a total new look (beadbord or board & batten & new paint, build new vanity, tile floor). Kitchen cabinets need to change to white from standard builder grade oak. $250 would go a long way to making any of these happen!

  319. I would paint my kitchen cabinets….ummm I think.

  320. I love Lowes and would spend all $250 on redoing my master bath. It needs tile, lighting, new faucets, etc. Thanks!

  321. Looked like fun in NY. This giftcard would help me put some new tile floors, beadboard and board and batten in my bathrooms.

  322. Ashley F says

    If I won the $250 gift card, first I would redo my dining table since its looks like a picnic table by retaining it, tiling the top so I don’t have to use a table cloth(i dislike them) and then would add cushion and fabric to the top of the benches. Next I have to end tables that I’ve found at odds and end places and would strip them, and end up painting them a gray or violet color with an elegant pattern on them. Then I would uses matching hardware to make them look like they belong together so my husband and I would have nightstands for out bedroom. Since currently our bed is only on rails I would then make a fabric headboard and make it extremely long in order to add height to our room. I’m still looking for a dresser to redo but eventually when i’ve found the perfect one that would be redone as well. After the necessities were finished, I’d like to father material to build my son a little school desk so, he has a place to do little activities when he is down stairs and we are cooking and need to be able to see him.

  323. luv lowes! valspar is my new bff, lol

  324. We’re putting our house up for sale so $250 would buy a lot of paint!

  325. I would have loved to be in your shoes meeting Nate! He is so amazing. This gift card would help me do a lot to my majorly outdated kitchen!!

  326. I liked you on FB. Great giveaway!

  327. Lucky, lucky you! But maybe if I win the card it will be lucky, lucky me! Thanks for the offer:)

  328. So exciting that you got to meet Nate. I love his show! Thanks for the chance to win! ~Sally

  329. I love Lowe’s! I would use the gift card to buy paint for my bedroom and living room, which I’m in the process of re-decorating. Then I’d use the rest for flowers for my back porch and a screen door so I could keep my door open to look at those flowers!

  330. Looks like you had a fabulous time! Gray is also my favorite neutral these days – with lots of white and some black for punch. Now I just need the color to add to it.

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us, Melissa.

  331. I am beyond envious of your trip to NY. What a cute table you guys painted! Can you tell us what the paint colors are called or is the Inspired Brand a small enough collection for us to be able to guess?

  332. Ooh, that would be a dream! I would stock up on primer, paints and finishes for all the projects I hope to refinish (clear) out of my garage and into my home. :) And accent with beautiful plants to add to a couple more planters in my front yard. (I LOVE all the gorgeous color) Oh, and of course, I’ll need a few extra sand paper sheets for my sander because I will burn through at least 2 of them to complete all the projects I do have. :) Thanks, Melissa!

  333. And I “liked” you on Facebook.

  334. Oh how fun! I know the chances of me winning are SO slim, but I totally want to! My husband and I are in ministry and we’re moving to an inner city neighborhood for a church plant. I’m so excited that we’ll be living in a tiny, fixer upper home (our first real house) and I can’t wait to decorate and make it home. Funds will be super thin so a gift card would be incredible! :)

  335. I love your site and would love to freshen my house with Valspar paint!! I have furniture, walls and cabinets that all need paint!!!

  336. Jennifer from WI says

    Thanks for sharing your experience – oh the things I could do with a $250 Lowes gift card!

  337. Thanks for sharing!

  338. I am moving into a new apartment soon. I have lots of DIY projects planned and some extra $ would be fantastic!

  339. I also linked to this giveaway through facebook and am wishing and wishing…

  340. For our newly bought house an gift card to Lowes would be so great!!

  341. MelissaJane says

    Oh, the thought of a Lowe’s gift card excites me no end!

  342. WOWSAS! I am so crossing my fingers, toes, hair… well you get the picture! I have a list already that I want from Lowes. This gift card would come in handy!

  343. I also posted a comment on facebook! :)

  344. I linked on Facebook as well!

  345. Holy cow! I think i’d pee my pants if I was that close to Nate!!! Here’s hoping that gift card will be burning a hole in my pocket very soon:-) My mind is now swimming with the possibilities!

  346. Sounds like lots of fun!!!
    Thanks for giving out your $250 gift cards!!
    I would love to win!! I need to buy a microwave and dishwasher for my kitchen. :)

  347. Cameron S says

    I would totally buy a bunch of Valspar paint and re-paint my living room and sitting room!!!

  348. Liked you on FB

  349. Cameron S says

    I just tweeted about your giveaway @camster0310 !!!

  350. Thanks for the giveaway! I liked on Facebook!

  351. I tweeted! (jrich_57)

  352. Olivia Juenke says

    Oh, you are so lucky! Nate is adorable! And I could really use the gift card. I have so many projects, but the next one I’m dying to try is installing board and batten in my son’s room!

  353. That looked like such a good time! Thanks for sharing your loot, you’re too sweet.

  354. Melissa, how fun for you! What a great trip to NYC – family time and Nate! Thanks so much for offering your winnings as a giveaway – you are awesome!

  355. I linked to this giveaway (and “like” the Inspired Room) on Facebook :)

  356. What a great trip! I would LOVE a shopping spree at lowes!

  357. Hoping for some baby news in the very near future! With that, I’d love to use the gift card and Lowes Valspar paint to elevate two drab old wood dressers to fresh and fabulous! We hope to use these new peices as a wardrobe and change table for our nursery. Can’t wait to dive into this project!

  358. I can think of a lot of projects. I’d paint my kids’ rooms as well as a bunch of furniture that needs sprucing up. Thanks!

  359. Allison Cillis says

    looks like such a fun day! inspires me of what i would do with a lowe’s gift card!

  360. Patricia says

    Nate Berkus….you lucky gal! “Liked” your FB page, can’t wait to receive your inspired posts! Love your blog too. Thank you for the generous giveaway.

  361. $250 at lowes would do a heck of a job of getting the nursery finished for these twin ladies I am 29 weeks pregnant with!

  362. Jennifer crockett says

    I could do a lot of damage with $250 from Lowe’s. Would have more trouble deciding where to start, house or garden.

  363. I would love a chance to win! Thanks for passing this giftcard on!

  364. Thanks for the giveaway and great blog!

  365. I’d buy paint!

  366. What an awesome giveaway. We just moved into a new house that needs a lot of work. I’ve finally determined some of my color choices and now it’s just finding the funds to do it! I’d love to win.


  367. I like you on Facebook…have for a while! : ) I am so excited for you that you got to do this! I would have laughed way too loudly, too. : ) Oh, and I wanna win!

  368. LaVerna DuBois says

    I would L.O.V.E. to win.

  369. Liked you on Facebook. :)

  370. LaVerna DuBois says

    Just tweeted (@l2dub4)

  371. Thanks for the giveaway! I “liked” you on FB!

  372. Leigh Anne says

    What an awesome opportunity!! Looks like so much fun :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  373. Wow! What an amazing opportunity! Found your FB page and instantly “liked” it :) My home is desperate need of come color and I would love to win the GC for that very reason. Spring is here and I’ve got “spring fever” as it were to make my home fresh and vibrant :)

  374. Colleen in Dallas says

    Thanks for sharing!

  375. Oh so jealous! I’d love to meet Nate! Doesn’t he seem like one of those people who you just know would be one of your best friends (if you ever actually got the chance to meet him)??!!? That doesn’t so too stalker-ish, does it? ;)

  376. That looks like a great trip! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  377. I just bought a new house 1 week ago. What wouldn’t I use the card for? =)

    I’ll be tackling the master bedroom soon. Everything (walls, ceiling, trim) is the same color. There is no bedroom door. There are no window treatments (not even blinds). And the light fixture is super basic and cheap. A second floor bedroom in Austin, TX really needs a ceiling fan.

  378. Oh, this is so exciting! I am happy for you– what FUN!!!
    If you knew how much Valspar paint I have purchased at Lowes since January, you will definitely pick me!!!! :) :)
    And I love holding a paint brush! I’ll keep my paint-brush-holding-fingers crossed to win!!!

  379. I liked you on Facebook!

  380. What fun! So glad you got the opportunity to go. You deserve it. :)

  381. What an awesome opportunity for both of you. It looked like so much fun! I enjoyed hearing about your adventure. I liked you on Facebook and would love the chance to win the Lowe’s gift card. Thanks for the chance to win!

  382. Robyn Villacampa says

    Ahhh, a Lowe’s gift card! It would take me about .2 seconds to think of what I could spend it on. My husband and I have an old house and we love DIY projects! That’s a good thing because our house keeps us busy with PLENTY to fix and improve! :)

  383. rachelle says

    So cool! This makes me want to paint all sorts of things in my house crazy colors!

  384. OOOOhhhh….I could have so much fun with a Lowes gift card! I’ve “liked” you on facebook.

  385. Lemonade stand/outdoor puppet theater! I would try some of that hi-def paint in a fun color & get the materials to make a small structure for a lemonade stand & leave a spot for a removable curtain so it could also serve as an outdoor summer puppet theater for my 7 yr old daughter. Hours of fun for years to come!

  386. Patricia says

    Just linked you up on Facebook @ Sweet Cherry Quilting! Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  387. I’ve tweeted it too!

  388. Thank you for the giveaway~ I like you on facebook!

  389. Jaime Brown says

    It was very sweet of you to giveaway one of your cards. I am sure you could have used it for your church plant! Thanks for the chance to win. I would put it to great use.

  390. Tonya Thompson says

    We moved into our house about a year and a half ago … it is still all the dreary paint colors that someone else picked out. I need this house to feel like it’s mine so I would spend every penny on getting it painted and turning it into brighter, much more fun home!

  391. Laura Tawney says

    What a dream day to spend with Nate! Congrats and how fun to spend it with your bloggin friend as well:) I don’t like to paint but I need to paint (things are very early 90’ish around here) so would love to win a gift card for paint!
    Laura T

  392. I could so use the 250 gc to lowes. First I’d buy some tile to tile over the brick on my fireplace in my den. then some paint for my $18 goodwill dresser that will be an entertainment center!
    Mary B

  393. Thanks for the opportunity! Looks like y’all had fun!!

  394. love your blog nad would love to win!!!

  395. liked you on FB!

  396. I love visiting here…plus, we could definitely use the gift card from Lowe’s! We just moved in to a much smaller home and I need help to utilize this space. Thank you!

  397. I tweeted!

  398. keri hoffman says

    we are refinishing our 106 year old home so a $250 gift card to Lowe’s would come in very handy

  399. What an amazing experience for the two of you!! Very exciting! And how nice it is of you to share the gift cards :)

  400. OOOH WOW! Count me in!

  401. Wow! What an amazing trip! We have a lot of painting to do in our new home and I can’t wait to check out the Valspar color choices…

  402. Sallie Jerry says

    I followed you from Centsational Girl, and loved your post. If I had $250 from Lowe’s (what fun!), I’d use it to put up some crown molding, which I’ve been wanting to try.

  403. What a tremendous giveaway! And your trip sounds fantastic, too. :)

  404. Gina Amburn says

    I “liked” you on facebook (already had) and I would absolutely LOVE for you to consider me for the gift card! I also feature your blog on mine,
    I would have died to meet Nate. Congratulations on being a chosen one!

  405. I am happy I found you through Centsational Girl! I am hoping to win this card for my loving husband. His outdoor projects had to go on hold while we prepare for baby #2 & he deserves a yard he would be proud of!

  406. Ohh! Pick me! Would love to paint up our farmhouse.

  407. Alice Adams says

    I am sure you guys had alot of fun! I really enjoy his show on tv. I am getting ready to take the wallpaper off my LONG hallway! It’s from the 70’s I am sure!!! It would be great to have a gift card to use during this project!!! Goodbye wallpaper and hello paint!!!

  408. Looks like you had a WONDERFUL time! I’m looking forward to doing some rejuvenating of my bedroom this summer!

  409. I would LOVE to paint the ’70’s kitchen cabinets in my new house white!!!

  410. christie says

    Just found your blog today and I am so excited!!! Love getting decorating ideas. I’m hoping to win the gift card because I’m getting ready to paint my kitchen a beautiful green. Can’t wait!!!!

  411. This is my first time on your blog. It’s fabulous. There’s so much to look at and I love all the DIY ideas. It looks like you had a great time meeting Nate and hanging out with the other bloggers. Thanks for sharing your experience and giving your readers an opportunity to do some painting and DIY at home!

  412. Thanks for a great giveaway. It looks like you had a lot of fun painting.

  413. Autumn Rujiraviriyapinyo says

    Thanks for the give away!

  414. Thank you for being so generous!!! Sounds like a great event – Super jealous ;-D

  415. Jennifer says

    I love the possibilities of paint! Thanks for the great post. That must have been an amazing event – esecially with NATE! So inspirational I am sure.


  416. Alyssa L. says

    Thanks for the giveaway and for sharing your adventures! :)

  417. Karen G. says

    I liked you on Facebook. :)

  418. Jennifer DG says

    I just found your site via Centsational Girl -LOVE YA!
    So yes i would use this card to buy a new vanity for our master bath. The previous owners put in a pedestal sink, which is super nice but NOT so practical. I have spilled enough make-up, water and pill bottles than i can count.

  419. My apartment could really benefit from a $250 gift card to Lowes!

  420. Love the giveaway!!!

  421. Karen G. says

    Thanks for this great give-away…I totally could use $250 at Lowes!

  422. Laura Tawney says

    I posted this on twitter @lauratawney
    Laura T

  423. Awesome story! Thanks for the giveaway!

  424. Thanks for the giveaway Melissa! So generous of you!!

    -Your neighbor on the good ‘ol Olympic Peninsula,


  425. this is awesome – I would use this to get a start on redoing my laundry/pantry/mudroom!!

  426. Would love the $ from Lowes! Love the store and would add to my already bursting garden!

  427. Barbara (WA) says

    Goodness, the adventures you are having!

  428. I would love to win this giveaway! We have a vintage Airstream travel trailer that we are restoring and this would help us with the restoration!

  429. OHMYGOODNESSGRACIOUS!!!!!!! Wow, WHAT a trip….how marvelous, thanks for sharing with us!!!! Yay!!! :D

  430. I ALREADY LIKE/LOVE you on FB @ kari.schmidt1 :D

  431. I LIKED this link on FB

  432. I just tweeted about the giveaway

  433. I also posted it on facebook.

  434. Love the website, The gift card would go a long ways in helping me finish up my new “mom cave”.

  435. I need a new kitchen desk and workspace! This would be an awesome prize!

  436. I’ve enjoyed following your blog. I’d love to win the gift card to Lowe’s, so many DIY projects to do!

  437. My 10 going on 18 year old daughter wants a more grown up room. I would love to use a gc to Lowes for bead board and paint!

  438. Oh how fun that looks! Wish I could escape to NYC! That paint coverage looks amazing, will have to try soon!

  439. So awesome that you got to spend a day with Nate!!!

  440. What wouldn’t I do? :) We bought house this winter and have a neverending lists of fun projects – from rescreening window screens to repainting thrift store finds.

  441. I tweeted and liked this on facebook! Thanks for the opportunity!

  442. How exciting for you!!! You’re living the dream!

    And I will dream about everything I could do with the paint that that gift card could buy!!

  443. Jennifer says

    Love your blog and have liked you on facebook as well. Thanks for the inspiration!

  444. Lucky you! What great fun you must have had at the Lowe’s event. Being in the same room with all those beautiful paint colors AND Nate… heavenly! ;)

    I love Lowe’s and Valspar paint! Nineteen months ago, my hubby and I bought a run-down 1978 house on a 30 acre horse farm and since then, I think we’ve spent a bazillion dollars at Lowe’s fixing the place up. I even bought all my new kitchen appliances and washer/dryer from Lowe’s. I’ve used Valspar paint exclusively inside and out but there’s still painting to do, not to mention a long list of unfinished projects on the house and barns. We could also use some landscaping plants and patio pavers. Winning a gift card would be an awesome help in crossing off some of those projects on the “To Do” list! Thank you so much for the opportunity, Melissa!

  445. Brittany says

    How fun!! I’m totally jealous! ;) I would use the gift card for either some flowers for the yard or toward a vanity for one of my bathrooms.

  446. love your blog, thanks for the great giveaway!

  447. Yeah – thanks for the chance to win. I am in the middle of a painting project in my new home.

  448. So glad you ladies had a fabulous time in NYC! I’m totally inspired by the paint colors…and your masterpiece! Lowes and I would be doing the painting tango if I win the gift card! :)

  449. Oh, what a wonderful giveaway! Just found your site via Centsational girl and I think I have to stay and linger a while. :o)

  450. WOW, that’s exciting! I guess it was also fun and Mexican food, that’s a golden brooch (at least for me).

  451. Oh how fun! AND I’m super jealous. How gracious of you to give your winnings to your readers! We are about to buy a house, and would love to go crazy at Lowe’s buying up paint!

  452. Thanks for the giveaway! amy @

  453. Coming over from censational girl…love your site!

  454. Danica Clark says

    :D Ahhh! That’s so awesome! You guys have some great pics, looks like you had a blast! (Would have loved all the colors to paint with! *woots*)

    What I’d do with a giftcard? I’d use it to paint my little sister’s ROOM! We created a little “Tangled/Princess” room for her, but the walls are bare. We just used spare construction paper to decorate it with flowers and birds.
    Didn’t have paint to paint it. It’s just plaster right now, leftover from the 70′s. We bought the house a while ago, ripped off the psychedelic stripped wallpaper, and it’s just a crusty plaster now. Bleh.

  455. Love your blog! Thanks!

  456. I wish I was there!! Or at least I hope I win!

  457. I linked you on FB. Plus I have a link to you on my blog…under the heading Seriously Cool.

  458. Well of course I’ve already “liked” you on Facebook…I’ve been a fan for ages! Looks like y’all had a fabulous time…and thank you for sharing the spoils!

  459. Yea…I could finally finish my bathroom! I love just walking around Lowe’s and looking at all the home improvement items, gardening, and light fixtures.

  460. I’ve been dying to try this paint!!!

  461. Danica Clark says

    Ha ha! Posted on both Facebook AND my Twitter! :)

  462. Just bought a new house and used the great Valspar paints from Lowe’s! So much to do yet in our new house and Lowe’s is my new favorite store! Thanks Melissa for your great blog…it’s so much fun, I’ve shared it with my two daughters-in-law to be! :) Have a great day!

  463. Would this Valspar paint cover all the crayon drawings on my *white* walls in one coat too? I would paint my daughters’ room. I want to do it in green and then tape out a large diamond lattice and paint a lighter green on top, finished off with hand painted flowers in the center of some (all?) of the diamonds. What do you think?

  464. Wow I bet you had a great time! I have a couple of painting projects and could really use the gift card from Lowes! Pick me! Choose me!

  465. Love the blues!

  466. Heather Walker says

    We are going to be painting 4 rooms in our house this summer-well, we hired someone to do it and I will have to check out this paint! I love Nate, thank you for sharing! Wow, what an awesome experience!

  467. totally already like you on facebook. :)

  468. I like you on Facebook. :D

  469. What a generous thing for you and Kate to do!! There’s so much I could do with $250. You girls rock!

  470. Stephanie M says

    I am totally envious you got to hang with the Berk! Love the post and I totally agree with you about painting your hinges/knobs :)

    Hope I win this!

  471. also, how AMAZING is it that you got to hang with Nate Berkus! Not to mention getting to hang with a blog-friend! I can’t wait to actually meet some of my blogger friends in person!!! :) I’m still a newby blogger. Thanks for sharing your adventure!

  472. Oh my gosh! This gives me goosebumps! So happy for you!!! :)

  473. Melissa, thanks so much – I love Lowes. Would have no trouble using a gift card, probably on new edging for my flower beds.

  474. Stephanie M says

    I also linked to your giveaway on fb! :)

  475. Would LOVE to win a gift card so I could replace my hideous kitchen counter tops!!! What an awesome giveaway…thanks!!

  476. This looks like it was so fun! Way to stay clean, too… all white and crazy colored paint is a recipe for disaster in my world ;)

  477. Jealousy is not a quality I value in myself but I can’t help it right now.

    Oh and I’m totally a Facebook follower.

  478. Love your blog! We just bought a 1960’s ranch style house- it definitely needs some work! Can’t wait to make it our own special place and some freebies from Lowes wouldn’t hurt a bit :)

  479. Heather Walker says

    I tweeted and put on facebook-you just can’t get too much publicity, now can we?

  480. I would use it for paint and cabinet supplies to overhaul my kitchen. I would love to have white upper cabinets and black bottom. With new hardware.

  481. oh the things I could do with $250 from Lowes – I’ve been there 4 times in like the last week and a half. It’s very convenient to live right around the corner from one ;o)

  482. I tweeted the giveaway!

  483. Looks like you had a lot of fun! All that pretty paint makes me happy. :)

    I don’t have Facebook, but I’m hoping I can join in anyway…I’m getting married in October, moving into a new place, and I’m sure we’ll be needing paint and such. This would be such a blessing!

  484. Okay, so happy for you for this wonderful opportunity–congrats. I LOVE paint, too. I hope someday to have time and energy to share some of my painting and “repurposing” projects with you. Keep up the “inspiring” work.

  485. Rosemary says

    I hope I win! We just got an offer accepted on a new house and we won’t have a lot of extra money to do the little cosmetic changes that need to be done (and for which I will always refer to your page for inspiration!)

  486. Great post! It looks like you had so much fun!

  487. Katherine says

    This is great! I am buying a log home that has one room with ‘drywall walls’; my daughter’s room and she wants a sky blue bedroom. She has cancer (in remission!) and I want a low VOC paint, and I ws hoping for a ‘paint-primer-in-one’ deal. I was researching and not having much luck. Then I read an article about Nate speaking for Valspar with is low VOC and readily available at Lowe’s. Thank you Nate, Valspar, Lowe’s and the Inspired Room. Glad you had an awesome trip to NYC!!!

  488. “Liked” you on FB! :)

  489. And…”linked” you on FB!

  490. Great pictures!! And brave brave woman wearing white to a painting event!! Well behaved women rarely make history! :)
    Would love to win the GC… my girls are dreaming of a zillion shades of purle in their bathroom. I’m dreaming of crisp white… maybe we could work out the details with a GC from Lowes!

  491. Great giveaway. I would use the gift card to buy paint and materials to add board and batten to my bedroom

  492. Jen Hastert says

    OOOHHHH! My list is very long. Our house is on the market and I need it to sell fast. I need some Valspar paint to use for touch up paint and to neutralize a few rooms (the lime green one in particular). I need fixtures for 2 of 3 bathrooms….the brass ones are, well, brass! I need a few boards for the deck (puppy chewed boards do not look good), wood filler to fix the inside puppy chewed baseboards, kind of need new carpet for the kids’ rooms, oh, and more Valspar paint to repaint the ugly, icky brown stained front door. That should get me started!

  493. Oh, that sounds like the most fun ever!! I love to paint so I would be in my element. Your project turned out great – congrats on the award.

    I am going to link the giveaway on Twitter right now. :)

  494. Would love this giftcard! Thanks for being so generous!

  495. That sounds like a blast (even though I hate painting too)! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!
    Jennifer B.

    jenniferlynnebeard (at) gmail (dot) com

  496. Marilyn Holeman says

    Aw, Melissa! That’s so sweet of you! Thanks for the chance to win. I’m glad you and Kate had fun.


  497. I liked you on FB!
    Jennifer B.

    jenniferlynnebeard (at) gmail (dot) com

  498. I so enjoy living through your journeys….I homeschool my children, so I see my home day in and day out….what a wonderful inspiration you are!
    I would so love to have some extra money from Lowe’s since we are moving in 2 months….we already go to Lowe’s for our needs….but with some extra moolah…I might try even more wonderful colors….please, please, please :)

  499. Gloria Carrillo says

    Found you on Facebook about 6 months ago and I’m NEVER letting go. I enjoy your site tremendously!!!

  500. Brittany says

    We are about to start a fairly large remodel of our condo, and part of this will include painting all of the walls. This whole “one coat” trick that the Valspar Hi Def paint is claiming to accomplish would be perfect since some of our walls are garnet red. We’re also painting our black kitchen cabinets white so this paint would be perfect for that too! Oh, I hope I win!

  501. What a fun night!! I have to say, I’m envious! I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the opportunity to be able to finally paint my cream walls in our house! I LOVE color but just haven’t wanted to take the time to paint but a gift card sure could motivate me quickly!!

  502. We are moving in 2 weeks–I could totally use this!

  503. Would LOVE to win a $250 Lowe’s gift card. I have so many projects that it would be useful on! Thanks!

  504. Marilyn Holeman says

    I “liked” your Facebook page! About time, huh?


  505. liked this on facebook and I also shared the link on facebook. Just became a follower

  506. Love your blog! And I would love a gift card to Lowes. I spend all my money there already.

  507. You guys did a great job and I’m sure it was nerve-racking to have Nate watching and close by!

  508. Michelle Wright says

    This looks like a wonderful time you ladies had. A $250.00 giveaway!!! You ladies are awesome. Just built a cottage on the lake and landscaping needs to be done.

  509. Too stinking fun! Love it.

  510. I like you on FB. I actually kind of like you everywhere. ;-)

  511. Could really use that gift card on the house I’m closing on next week!!

  512. Courtney says

    Love your blog! It would be so nice to win!

  513. I’ve liked you on FB for a while now!! Yay! This looks like you had such a great time. What a cute outfit too! Thanks for the opportunity to win. I’m crossing my fingers!

  514. Yvonne Higgins says

    I would love to win this gift card. I just finished an extra large king size quilt and want to redo my bedroom to go with the new quilt. This gift card would allow me to do this.

  515. Annaliese says

    I like you on FB (and real life, of course!)

  516. Kristina A says

    Looks like a great day! Thanks for the chance to win. We have a bunch of projects that just need the finishing touch :)

  517. Awesome giveaway!… We need to paint our subfloor.. Puppy messes ruined our carpet :/

  518. Tracie Trump says

    Like you on Fb and would LOVE to win!

  519. The trip sounds amazing – you lucky girl! Getting to meet Nate is a dream come true. How fun!

  520. shared the giveaway on FB, too :)

  521. I would love to win – I’m thinking my entire house needs a new coat of paint, and this would cover it! I really like Valspar Signature – it’s definitely good paint. (I actually used to work in the paint department at Lowe’s, so I saw a lot of it!) Thanks for the giveaway!

  522. I love, love, love me some Valspar paint!!! Coverage is great and it goes on so smooth.

  523. HeatherM says

    What fun!!! We are starting to build our new home, so I’ll have lots of fun things to make good use of the gift card!! Thank you for the giveaway and sharing your amazing NYC experience.

  524. Cynthia L. says

    I just liked you on FB. Been loving your blog for several years now, Melissa. Keep up the great work!

  525. OOOOOOH! It’s time to update our outdoors now that Spring has totally SPRUNG! I would love to use the card for Paint and outdoor ‘stuff’. :)

  526. Of course I like you on Facebook, I like you in real life too :)

  527. Great pics! Great projects! Great blog!

    And now, Great Scott! All the paint and painting supplies I could finally tackle if I won your Lowe’s gift card giveaway!

  528. Melissa, thanks so much. I love Lowes and would have no trouble using a gift card, probably on edging for my flower beds.

  529. I love your blog! Great giveaway, too.

  530. Linked to your contest from

  531. Melissa,
    This looked like a very fun experience. Lucky you and lucky us for your sharing it with us (your readers).

  532. We are going to build a new fence OR buy tile for our downstairs bar :)

  533. I want the gift card! Your blog has me inspired to do some great DIY!

  534. what a fun event! i can’t believe how well that paint covers those stripes

  535. Haley Busbey says

    I love reading your blog!! My fiance and I just bought a house in February and we have been having a blast remodeling it! That lowe’s gift card sure would come in handy with picking out countertops to go in our kitchen!! :)

  536. Liked you on Facebook, and love your blog! 250 at Lowes would go a long way towards some great paint to make our apt feel more like home and give us a start on all those great Ana White projects we are dying to start!

  537. Haley Busbey says

    I liked you on FB and linked the giveaway on twitter!!

  538. I would love to win a Lowes gift card! How generous!

  539. 250$ gift card would help me take many of my projects off the shelf. I would love to use it for crown molding, peel and stick wood tiles in the first kitchen and living room.

  540. Looks like you guys had so much fun!

  541. I just love different colors in a home! Congrats on being invited to the event! How fun!

  542. Michelle says

    Love your blog visit all the time just starting my DIYing and hoping for the best..I am excited!

  543. kristin m. says

    first thing i’d do is spruce up the back yard with some colorful flowers and maybe get that outdoor dining set i’ve been wanting! kristinmik at gmail

  544. I am so jealous! :) How cool! Please enter me in the drawing.

  545. I love Lowe’s and Valspar too. How fun for you two to go to this event and meet Nate! New to your blog, excited to check it out!

  546. What an amazing opportunity you had to meet Nate! Thank you for the giveaway! :)

  547. Yolanda Cookson says

    I just bought six amazing pieces of furniture at yard sales last weekend…the $250 gift card would buy all the supplies needed to make the pieces works of art! :)

  548. I would LOVE to win this!! Valspar is the only paint that I enjoy using. Their colors are the best and coverage is amazing! I still have MANY rooms to paint in my new house and could really use this gift card!

  549. Allison J says

    I would love the chance to save some money on our big hall bath remodel this summer–our old house and old bathroom needs a complete remodel!!

  550. Cathy Stech says

    I just love you on fb!! no like! love

  551. Paint, paint and more paint. That’s what I’d do with $250. Much-needed paint!

  552. I liked you on FB and linked the web site. Thanks for the giveaway!

  553. I’m a new follower of your blog and a relatively new blogger. I’m so inspired by your inspirations :) I’m a single mom of 2 teenage girls with no time (anymore) to look through magazines. Getting to read blogs is such a pleasure and inspiration.

  554. $250 to Lowes would go a LONG way in our new and colorless house!

  555. Cathy Stech says

    I would love to redo my day care kids room in my house! They are a wee bit hard on paint and the walls!

  556. I linked to this on FB

  557. Would LOVE this to help me get started on my basement remodel!

  558. I absolutely LOVE Nate!!! Now I will be honest and say I am addicted to Behr paint and primer in one. I have never tried the Valspar. If I win this I would definately take the opportunity to try Valspar as I have some serious painting to take care of! ;) Lucky you and how brave you are painting while looking so nice and dressy. ;)

  559. Diane Westbrook says

    Oh, my…oh, my…getting to really meet Nate!! I am old enough to be his Mom (or maybe Grand Mom!) but he is the cutest thing and so talented!! Have watched his show and watched him on Oprah, as well……and you got to be right there with him the entire day!!! Wow wow wow…
    We are much like you in a way that our house has been on the market forever…things need to be done in it and sadly we do not have the funds…so the gift card would be a great help and besides that it is from Lowes…..yay! love Lowes…
    And, dear Melissa..I want you to know how much I look forward each day to reading your mail that comes right to me…you are such a sweetie!

  560. Tracy Laverty says

    I love your blog and have found quite a bit of inspiration from it. So, thank you. Also, I would love to win this gift card so we could work on a patio for our backyard. Thanks! Great job on winning the paint contest- your project was super cute.

  561. I liked you on FB!

  562. you know I like you all over the place. perks that this comment can win me something, but that is not why i comment. i comment merely to say: the next time i see you, i am going to hug the nate-love right off of you. so don’t shower, for like, a year. k?
    MELISSAAAAAAAA! THIS IS FREAKING (I hate that word. why did I type it??) AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    how. fun.
    – {darlene}

  563. I liked you on FB, too!

  564. Lindsey Adele says

    Pick me, pick me! You’re pictures are fantastic – it was fun to read about the day from the viewpoint of both you and Kate. :)

  565. I love Lowe’s and Valspar paint, it would be so great to win!

  566. I liked you on Facebook!

  567. We’re just starting to redo our living space – new paint, maybe new light fixtures, curtains… you get the idea. We’re keeping the same furniture just changing up some of the other stuff. This would help so much and I could maybe even sweet talk my husband into so much more:) Thanks for the giveaway. I’m jealous of your time with Nate!

  568. Love, love, love your blog! So INSPIRING!

  569. Squee! I’m so happy for you! I love Valspar paint, too. I tried another store brand at first in our house, but I went back to Valspar; it’s better.

  570. I like you and I shared on Facebook and Twitter. :-)

  571. Seeing as I just spent $200 at Lowes yesterday, this post comes too late for me! However, I just picked up an awesome old dresser that needs some work. With that much money, I would get some brass cleaner, some stripping agent, a nice stain, and some polyurethane to seal that baby.


  572. You are so LUCKY! I love Nate Berkus. My son even drew a picture of me watching the Nate Berkus show on his Mother’s Day card, which the whole family thought was hysterically funny.

  573. Jessica Sparacio says

    Oh, you are so lucky! I love Nate. He’s my adult crush. I would love to win the Lowe’s g.c. Please pick me! Thanks for the chance!


  574. You are so incredible! Thank you for doing the giveaway! We are getting our house ready to list on June 1st so we could really use the Lowe’s gift card. Thanks!

  575. Oh and p.s. I’ve liked you on facebook (and in your blog) for a long time!

  576. julie selby says

    I love Lowe’s! Thanks so much for sharing!

  577. I hate you! ;) JK…You did say I could in your post…I am in love with Nate…So jealous over here…but happy you had such a great time!

    I already liked you on my Screaming Meme and now I added that I liked you on my personal Meme FB…for my friends and family…:)

    I want to be the winner!! I actually need it…:) So , add my to the mix! Xo, Meme

  578. I linked your giveaway to my Facebook Page!

  579. Brigitte says

    Hi! I just found your blog via Kate at Centsational girl, and I was immediatly smitten with it! So pretty! I think it was very sweet of you & Kate to give away your prizes! That is very generous! Thank you for the opportunity to try and win it! :) I swooned when I saw the first picture of paint colors! They are all so lovely!! Hope your having a great day! :)

  580. I would love this! It’s a great givaway! It seems like all of our money is going to lowe’s these days :)

  581. cristin d. says

    I love Lowes! There are so many things I could use the giftcard for! We rent and my landlord doesn’t do anything to the property. We have already done so much to make it feel more like home but many other things (like the yard) that are just too costly for us to put our own money into.

  582. I tweeted about it too! @kblesher!

  583. I liked you on facebook, and would LOVE to win this gift certificate!

  584. Sounds like it was a lot of fun. I can’t imagine painting in those dresses, very brave. That or I must just be a messy painter. ;)

  585. Sarah Corrigan says

    I just liked you on Facebook, am a visitor from Censational Girl!

  586. I also shared the giveaway on facebook!

  587. June Jones says

    I like you on facebook. We have so many painting projects in our house, and have learned through experience that hi def paint is the way to go! Lowe’s has great colors – it’s the only place we go for paint.

  588. cristin d. says
  589. I’ve used different types of paints but I love Valspar! Just painted my powder room with it and it looks great!

  590. I would LOVE a gift card to lowes! I am in the process of building a home and $250 would really help out right now : )

  591. Stacey Hoops says

    We are looking for an inspiration for our newest addition’s nursery (which is a corner of our room)! This would be awesome!

  592. Let me count the ways I could use a Lowes gift card. :)

  593. Shannon Burke says

    I just found your blog and could really use the $250 at Lowes. I have a dresser, screen, desk and shelf that all need to be scraped, sanded, painted and sealed. And I’m also very jealous of your fab trip!

  594. Shannon Burke says

    I also posted a link to the giveaway on facebook, liked you on fb and follow you on twitter.

  595. Sunday Burquest says

    I love LOWES! I could use the card to re-do my stairs :)

  596. Oh, how I’d love to win! There are so many things I could use a gift card to Lowe’s for, but I’d really like to put it toward a new stove!

  597. Oh, Melissa! That is SO cool!

    And “I might have laughed REALLY loud cause I am all awkward like that.”….that makes me love you even more! :)

  598. I would buy a new dryer for sure! The having to use two rounds to dry everything really blows and is really sucking up some power!

  599. I just liked you on Facebook, you have another fan. I read Centsational Girls blog and am so glad l found you there!
    It’s really nice that you both want to share your gift cards with us. If l were to win l would paint my attached garage walls and floors. We have a very small cozy, but somewhat cramped home. When our children and grand children come to visit we lack entertaining space. I would like to use my garage space to perhaps add a ping pong table, my hubby’s 50 year old train set and a small table for puzzles and games. My imagination runs wild at all the possibilities this extra space could bring. Thank you again, Gail

  600. Linda Braden says

    Ooh. I’ve come from centsational girl for a second chance at that $250.00 gift card. My first purchase would be a brad nail gun so that I can batty with board & batten in my home. Second priority is growing up my son’s room — he enters high school in the fall and it’s overdue for serious update.

  601. Sunday Burquest says

    I mentioned this on FB :)

  602. Ohhhhhh forget the paint.. just sent me Nate! I think He will like my gray walls ;)

    Looks like a real fun adventure Congratulations From Amsterdam

  603. Courtney says

    would LOVE to win this!! I’ve got it spent in my head about 7 different ways. :)

  604. Trina Gilligan says

    I like you on Facebook! Thanks for the great giveaway! I love Lowes and Nate Berkus!

  605. Trina Gilligan says

    I shared on Twitter and Facebook! Thanks!

  606. lucky you… would love to win. lots of projects in the upstairs bath

  607. Thanks for giving away your giftcard! You are so kind!

  608. I found your blog through Centsational Girl- looking forward to digging through the archives!!

  609. Courtney says

    shared on twitter!

  610. hi, luv your blog. congrats on being chosen to attend. hear the valspar paint is great. would love to win. tx

  611. I found you through Centsational Girl about the Lowes gift card. Now i’m going to check out your blog! :)

  612. Thanks for the give away!

  613. Nicole Anderson says

    I would start painting my basement!

  614. Katie S. says

    Found my here from Centsational Girl, and now a FB fan and added you to my reader! Thanks for the chance to win; I’d love to help my Mom update her living room =)

  615. It looks like an awesome time!! I was so excited for the two of you. :)

  616. We just bought a new house so we’d love to paint EVERYTHING! The house is still stuck in the 80’s with wall paper and nasty orange pain everywhere!

  617. Ashley perry says

    I’d love to buy some paint and curtain rods at lowes! Thanks for sharing!!

  618. Hello again, I clicked your facebook link button! Another chance to win, woohoo!

  619. Stephanie Kent says

    Hi! Would love to win this gift card. So much I could do!

  620. You guys did a super job on your table…I really liked the chevron. Congrats on being selected to participate in such a cool event!!

  621. I would use the gift card for paint and supplies. We have a whole house that we are decorating. Our home was damaged in a fire, we rebuilt and are working our way through room by room.

  622. How wonderful! I’m moving soon and can’t wait to update my new house!

  623. I liked your facebook page! I found you through Centsational Girl.

  624. I also tweeted about this giveaway.

  625. I would buy some wood to make a top to the remnants of an old card catalog to make a table for my son’s room.

  626. Came over from Centsational girl…would love another chance to win!

  627. Christina Ceballos says

    I liked your blog on FB.
    Made my way from CG’s blog!

  628. Sandha Ong says

    Hopped over here from CG! Would love love to win $250 gift certificate to decorate my backyard or get a rug for our dining room!

  629. I just found this blog and love it! Keep up the good work–sounds like a fabulous trip!

  630. Sandha Ong says

    Just liked you on fb!

  631. WOW…what a great giveaway! And OMG I’m SOOOO JEALOUS you got to hang with Nate!

  632. LOVE LOVE your blog! Would love to win the $ towards something fun and new for my dining room!!

  633. Valerie K. says

    Would love to see new paint in the master bedroom!

  634. oh yay giveaway! we are moving in a month so i can think of about a million things I could use the gift card for…but if I had to pick one or two things it would be a super chic faucet for our master bathroom and/or a light fixture for over our new kitchen table!

  635. Thanks for the chance to win!

  636. I would start painting all of our three bedrooms!

  637. LOVE your blog! I am at this very moment sitting on my couch staring at 4 splotches of paint on my wall trying to decide what color I can live with!! (And they are all Valspar!!!) I have been surfing the web regularly for redecorating ideas and I keep coming back here. EEK…I have 3 days to decide on a color!!!

  638. WooHoo! I’d buy some paint with that gift card!!!

  639. Kitchen updates and organization are calling my name! Thanks!

  640. Sarah T. says

    A new light fixture for my dining room!

    Thank you!

  641. what fun!!!!! i cant imagine being there with nate berkus.
    would love to paint my kitchen, thanks for the chance to win!

  642. Love your blog! Gets my creative juices flowing every time.

  643. So fun!! What a great opportunity. And so sweet of you to give up your gift card!

  644. Awesome giveaway! I could do a ton with that giftcard!

  645. Angela A. says

    I love the paint advice, and I would be thrilled to win the giveway to help me decorate our new house in the fall! So glad you had fun. :)

  646. I would love the Lowe’s gift card. thanks for sharing.

  647. Wow, that paint is awesome. I have some paint projects coming up that I could definitely use some Valspar paint for.

  648. This my first time on your blog and I am loving it. I can’t wait to go explore and see all your fun stuff. Great giveaway. Nothing inspires me so much as paint. How much would that shopping trip be??? :-)

  649. I would love to finish my boy bedroom that I’ve been promising to do for a year now. It all takes money.

  650. Oh, I am a follower on facebook too!

  651. I tweeted about this giveaway!

  652. Courtney M says

    A new front-loading washer-dryer set. Not fun, but necessary. Thanks for this!

  653. I love your blog-thanks for the inspirations!

  654. I need a kitchen re-do so badly!

  655. I’d put it toward an area rug.

  656. diane johnson says

    I would use it to buy lots of paint!! I love your blog :) Thanks!

  657. sunny ketchum says

    I would use it for paint and supplies. This is my first time to your blog and I love it! I will be a regular from now on.

  658. sunny ketchum says

    I “liked” your page on facebook

  659. Like!

  660. sunny ketchum says

    linked to the giveaway on facebook

  661. I could really use that gc- we have tons to landscaping to do . . .

  662. Wow, so jealous of you both! Looks like you had a fun time. Love the chevron stripes, so unexpected but they’re really funky and fun. We need to finish our kitchen so the GC would really come in handy for us!

  663. How sweet of you girls to give away your prizes! We are building a house so the gift card would be wonderful!

  664. Lisa Zerbo says

    I would buy a new rug for my patio!!

  665. Becky Zepeda says

    I am newly divorced and any extra money goes to Home Depot / Lowes for repair materials for this house. My ex did ZERO maintenance or repair for about the last 4 years so I’ve got my work cut out for me.

  666. Oh, I am so glad for you! What FUN that must have been!! And you are so sweet to give away your gift card – I have lots of painting and gardening to do this summer, so I hope I win!

  667. I would probably replace the fluorescent light fixture in the kitchen and replace some old linoleum floors! :)

  668. I’d use the $250 to start on a nursery – paint, organization and some DIY furniture projects!

  669. Carol Ann says

    Woo-hoo! Would love to win!

  670. Oh how great that would be…I am working on our babies room and that would be wonderful to go towards it!

  671. I tweeted this!

  672. What fun. I’ll have to try some of that paint. And I would love to win a Lowes gift card. Could get some supplies to build floating shelves or maybe spruce up the flower beds a bit.

  673. My kitchen needs to be painted!!

  674. I would love to get some power tools from Lowes so we can start doing some fun home projects such as moldings, baseboards, shelves… I could go on and on. Thanks for sharing your gift certificate!

  675. Brenda Mueller says

    I came over here from CG, always love looking at new home improvement blogs! Thanks so much for giving us the chance to win your hard earned gift card :). Would love to have the money to redo my kitchen cabinets.

  676. Brenda Mueller says

    Just linked it up on facebook, thanks again!

  677. Oh looks like y’all had a great time! Would love to win!

  678. “Like” on Facebook!

  679. Shopping around for a new paint color this week! Nate is some great inspiration!

  680. Love Valspar paint! That is all we use here at my home. Looks like you girls had a fun time!!! I am a FB and blog follower :)

  681. bswisher says

    I am trying to find the perfect neutral grey, please share the color Nate mentioned was his favorite from Lowe’s in your video?..I would love to win the gift card to carry out the inspiration!

  682. Anjanette says

    Finish my basement.

  683. Awesome giveaway! Thanks!

  684. I love Nate!

  685. Just found your blog, thanks for the contest. Love your blog, I’d love to do my counter tops over! Thanks, Mary

  686. i LOVE LOWE’S!! I could spend hours there. Awesome giveaway!!

  687. What a totaly awesome day! I’m so jealous….but so happy for you…way to go girl.
    You rock!

  688. I mentioned this giveaway on Twitter

  689. Great giveaway! Thanks!

  690. Oh I need the giveaway so badley. I have no baseboards or door knobs or shelving in our recently gutted house. We ran out of money!

  691. Julianne says

    I have a bath remodel coming up and this would help!

  692. Are you sure this just wasn’t a wonderful dream? LOL!

    Thanks too for the giveaway…Who doesn’t need a gift card from Lowe’s?!!

  693. It looks like you had a great time!! Nate is such a cutie pie!

  694. Hi there,
    I love your blog. Its one of my favorites. I am so excited you got to go and paint with Nate. I love him.
    I can’t believe you are giving away your 250.00 gift that you won. Wow. Well I sure do hope I win.
    have a great weekend

  695. Sarah Knudsen says

    You lucky girl! I hope I am the lucky winner in this one!

  696. I “Like” you on facebook. :0)

  697. I just posted a link to your giveaway on the Our Fine House facebook page.

  698. HI, Melissa! You lucky girls, you. Of course, I’d love to win this. I have some projects that really need doing.

  699. Graziela says

    This giveaway would be awesome for us, we are getting ready to put an addition to our house. Two bedrooms and a laundry room, we’re also knocking down some walls to open up the kitchen. Very exciting! I also posted a link on my facebook. Thank you!

  700. I would use it to buy some wood for the headboard I’ve been putting off and to buy some great pots and flowers for summer.

  701. Love Lowe’s – it’s a guilty pleasure for me!

  702. Please enter me in the contest~I am would use the gift card to help me finish my screened backporch. Thank you!

  703. Kimmie S says

    Love the paint choices! What a fun trip!!

  704. Rhonda Z says

    I am reorganizing and updating my craft room. I wood buy storage stuff, shelving and lots of paint!

  705. Awesome! I would love to win, I’m knee deep in painting and sprucing up my new (to me) house!

  706. Regina Veillet says

    I am so happy that you got to go hang with Nate! I was just thinking the other day, “I wonder if Nate will discover Melissa someday and invite her to be on the show?” I think this is just as cool! Yay!

  707. Oh, what I could do with a Lowe’s gift card! I am happy I stumbled upon your blog. Thanks for the chance!

  708. What a fun trip!!! :)

  709. Facebook!

  710. We just totally remodeled our home in October and I’d LOVE to use the gift card to Lowe’s to help finish all the “little things” that we need to complete!

    What an awesome giveaway! :)

  711. Lowe’s is my home improvement store of choice as is Valspar paint!!!!! Oh, I would have fun with $250. I enjoyed checking out your blog.

  712. I would love to win this!

  713. would love to win…I am going to be redoing my boys bedroom and this would help me out! thanks so much for doing the giveaway! So jealous of your time with Nate!

  714. Sounds like a fun trip!

  715. Oh! What a lovely thing to win that gift card! Thank you so much. Those pics are amazing, love all the fab colors!

  716. Elizabeth Mann says

    What a great giveaway!

  717. Holy Cow! Nate and $250!! Life is good, isn’t it?

  718. What a dreamy adventure!!

  719. Carolyn Wiebe says

    I do believe I could spend that in about 42 seconds! :)

  720. Thanks so much for sharing this fun adventure. I would have been in awe of Nate as well. I am trying to create a ‘space’ to make my own to do crafts, projects and so on. I am in need of getting it framed out and then hope to paint it in some fun colors so the Gift Card would be a blessing. Thanks for all the photos as well!

  721. Liked ya on FB and just tweeted the contest. Thanks!

  722. Would love to win this! We are expecting our first child in July and this would be so perfect!

  723. Would absolutely love to win this. Need to do some major yard work this summer! Thanks!!

  724. catherine says

    i love nate…he’s absolutely darling.

  725. Mentioned giveaway on FB

  726. awesome! I could do so many things with that gift card!!!

  727. Therese Green says

    I would love this for our new house – we are moving soon! Cool post!

  728. I love Nate and how fun for you. My husband hangs wallpaper and of course I never get things done in MY house. Would love to win, maybe I could get him to paint in our house during a weekend.

  729. Sounds like fun, and the colors look wonderful too!

  730. Love all the ideas you give me and would love to be able to transfer them to my house with that giftcard!!

  731. Helen VanAusdle says

    This would be great for my husband and I, and the new house we’re buying… Well, new to us.

  732. Helen VanAusdle says

    I posted on Facebook!

  733. I love Nate’s color palette of gray walls/white trim/black doors with pops of color. The more I think about it, the more I like the concept.

  734. miracle balsitis says

    I love Nate! I love Lowes. I’d love to win!! HOT dog, this would be so wonderful!

  735. Wow, I would love to win this I’d give it to my parents who are moving into their new house in a couple of weeks- I’m certain they could use it!!
    Thank you for the opportunity to win and for sharing!!

  736. Oh what a way to spend an evening!! I love Nate and he is so talented in decorating. Oh I can think of lots of possibilities if I won that Lowe’s card!

  737. Hilary W says

    In our house we have blah white walls. We would love a Lowes gift card to help us get some color in our house.

  738. Melanie G says

    I would love to win! Thanks!

  739. I love your blog! What a great giveaway.. I love Nate Berkus too:)

  740. Would love to spruce up my bathroom. New paint, medicine and vanity.

  741. Oh Em Gee. I would have DIED to meet him in person! I am so jealous. I love your blog (and I live in Silverdale, does that give me an advantage?) LOL

  742. Sounds like a fun trip! I would love to win. I am at Lowe’s weekly and want to start adding some pretty landscaping to my builder basic yard. Thanks Melissa!

  743. Oh my! I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on paint with Nate there. I would probably just end up painting a bad portrait of Nate on my dresser.

  744. Soooo jealous of your weekend! I would LOVE a Lowes gift card I am hunting a pretty robins egg color for a bathroom! Any valspar colors jump out at u? Thanks…love to win!

  745. We would love to fix up our dated dining room, thanks for such a great giveaway! And congrats on your exciting trip.

  746. We are in the middle of remodeling our bathroom, so I’d spend it on new bathroom fixtures!

  747. So very cool!!! I just moved into this house a few months ago and there are still projects to be done. I love Lowes! I miss it being so close to me, but I know where to find it in my new town too!

  748. Alexandra says

    I liked your page on Facebook
    Alexandra Haralson

  749. Alexandra says

    I also linked this giveaway on facebook.

  750. Looks like you had a great time! I’d love to win and would use the card to paint my awful 80s oak cabinets white and replace the hardware.

  751. I would love to win this!!! My backyard patio would love it also!

  752. I would love this! How awesome of you to give this away, not sure if I could be so generous… :) I really need to update my bedroom and this would help make that happen!

  753. I just bought Valspar paint for the first time this afternoon…right before finding you on Facebook! I’ll be painting my ugly hallway this weekend…wish me luck!

  754. I would love to win this. I have so many projects that I would like to work on this summer and this would definitely help.

  755. I have three rooms to paint so this would come in really handy!

  756. So neat! I would love this to do some sprucing up of our house before it goes on the market.

    And, I’ve ‘liked’ you on Facebook for a long time now. :)

  757. I love Nate! I try and catch his show as often as I can!

  758. Stefanie says

    I would use this to buy our much needed outdoor/ gardening supplies for our first summer in our first home! :)

    It gets so darn expensive…

  759. I am making plans for a new floor for my kitchen so this would be quite helpful towards that!

  760. Stefanie says
  761. Would love to win this! We are renovating our loft and this would really come in handy. “Rooftop” would be the perfect color for the fireplace and “Elegance” would be great for the bathroom. Fingers crossed!

  762. This is a great giveaway!!


  763. LOVE the chevron pattern! Congrats on the win (and getting to hang out with Nate!).

  764. I have been looking at colors to repaint our family room and just this morning thought we might try Valspar paints this time around. This would be perfect!

  765. I would love to win the Lowes card to use towards our deck.

  766. Just linked at FB, too!

  767. What an amazing experience you had! Your blog has been a source of inspiration for me. I am updating my 1980s home, room by room. So far two bathrooms have jumped from 1984 to 2011.Needless to say, I would love to win a $250 Lowe’s gift card. I practically live there every weekend.

  768. I just liked you on Facebook! :)

  769. I would start with bookshelves for the kids room, paint a dresser and side table, drop cloth curtains for the family room, some shelving units for the kitchen, and some plants for the yard. It would be super useful to win! :)

  770. Oh wow!!!!! Melissa! I am so excited for you!!!!! What an amazing experience you had!!!!! That is SO awesome! I am really, really happy for you, friend! Did you ever dream you would have come this far just one year ago? :D

    I would love to be entered…what an amazingly generous prize you are giving away today! My jaw dropped when I saw that you were giving away YOUR prize!

    You are such a gem!

    Building Home with Him,

    Mary Joy

  771. I just love Nate Berkus! He’s so handsome!!! I love that first photo of you three together. I’m so jealous you got to meet him.

  772. I linked this post up on Facebook! :)

  773. I just liked you on FB. So excited for a chance to win!

  774. I LIKE you on FB! Susan T Hahaj is ME on FB!

  775. I just tweeted the contest. Yay for seconds!

  776. Paula D. says

    It was fun to read about your experience. Thanks for sharing! I’d love to redo my bathroom walls …

  777. I tweeted by clicking on your link! I am SuzieButtons on Twitter! Susan

  778. I would LOVE to win this gift card (which you are so sweet to give away!!) I just found Kate’s blog about 4 days ago & have spent hours learning from her. I found 2 great furniture pieces while thrifting (spell check thinks that isn’t a word) this week and am smack dab in the middle of refinishing them.

  779. We love you too. Awesome story, sounds amazing.

  780. Would LOVE to win this!

  781. Shared on twitter!

  782. Wow, what an adventure!!!

  783. Wow! How cool! Did you get Nate’s number so you can send him to my house? ;)

  784. What a fun adventure! Speaking of fun, my girlfriends are coming in July to celebrate one of the friends 50th and I would love to paint the living room.

  785. Hey! Thanks for the chance to win ;0)
    I would paint all of our bedrooms–sprucing up the place to get it sold and find my dream house!!!
    Thanks again~

  786. My deck and yard need some serious help so this would be amazing! Thanks for the opportunity!

  787. I’m a fan on FB!

  788. I would love to win this! We’re moving into a new house in a month or two and could really use some paint and other supplies from Lowe’s. Thanks so much!

  789. What an experience for you with Nate Burkus! Can’t imagine how exciting that was for you. Love the paint makeover. Thanks for the opportunity to win. Love your blog. It always inspires me!!

  790. My kitchen cabinets and worn landscaping need some serious help! Thanks for the chance at winning.

  791. victoria Gladden says

    I love your blog!! I used Valspar in all my rooms in my house. Maybe if I win my favorite painter (my hubby) can paint again :)

  792. Liz Runge says

    Winning this giveaway would be SUCH a blessing! My husband and I are in the process of buying our first house so we would be able to use this toward a LOT of things: fridge, washer, dryer, bathroom cabinet, wood, PAINT, etc. Here’s hoping..and praying…and crossing of fingers.

  793. Liz Runge says

    I shared on facebook. Thanks so much for the generous giveaway!

  794. What a fun time. I love watching the Nate Berkus show and have recently discovered the world of design bloggers and have a bookmark to your blog.

  795. Erin Carnes says

    I love your blog! And, I really need that gift card for my new house :)

  796. Do you know the name of the green that Kate was painting on the wall? Does a question count as a comment? :)

    Blogging leads to fun things.


  797. And, I Tweeted about this event @ECarnesMD

  798. Mike Runge says

    Looking forward to possibly winning a gift card for some home renovations on our first house we are buying!

  799. Oh how I would have some fun w/ this prize!

  800. Alexa F. says

    Looks like you guys had a blast!

    I love building/painting/dohickey projects around the house, so this could be quite a lovely belated birthday present (last week!). :)

  801. Hi, never visited your site, Kate sent me here! I will be back, and would love the gift certificate! What fun for you and Kate, I think the whole experience is awesome! Valspar is the best, and I can use lots of new paint in my home, which is about 70 years old — is a sweet little house I live in alone….love to redecorae your energy and insiprations are a big help. Sharon

  802. I’d love to win this and work on a few projects around the house.

  803. I would love to win this so we could finish our bathroom. It would be a wonderful blessing.

  804. Wow…what a great experience! Thanks so much for the chance to win!!!

  805. Oh, Melissa, how lucky to meet up w/Nate. I would feel just as lucky if I could win and repaint and decorate my 3 bedrooms that are very outdated. I might have to get a suggestion from you for the latest and greatest colors out there in the decorating world.

  806. We’ve lived in the same rental home for 12 years. Our landlord will not spend any of his money to paint or replace items that need updating. Over the years we have been doing our best to update on our own as we can. We would have a wonderful time with the gift card from Lowes!!! Our backyard could use a big facelift.

  807. I love your inspired blog…I’ve been visiting here daily since we moved, looking for inspiration. I’ve linked back here from my blog and tweeted you on my twitter. Good luck to everyone for a wonderful give away!

  808. What a fabulous trip and experience!! I am getting ready to paint my dark, dreary, and dated paneling so paint is needed!!

  809. Jill croft says

    Giftcard to lowe’s to paint my house this summer would be great!

  810. How generous of you girls to give away your gift cards! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  811. Angelika R says

    Why of course I am going to comment!
    Im glad you had so much fun! WOW! Look at you, fancy blog superstar!! Keep up the good work!

  812. Oh how I would love to win this! Thanks for being so generous and giving the gift card away!

  813. Lucky ladies! I could certainly make good use of that gift card.

  814. Thanks for sharing your experience of the Valspar competition and meeting Nate!

  815. What an exciting day you had!
    I would love to win the gift card that you ladies won!

  816. I would give the gift card to my friend who is building her house! She would be so happy!

  817. Linked on Twitter! :)

  818. Melissa S. says

    I would love to win a $250 Lowe’s Gift Card! Oh, so many things to spend it on!

  819. What a fun event for you guys!

  820. Melissa S. says

    I mentioned this giveaway on my Facebook page!

  821. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. New York is such a fun place to visit!

  822. I would love to win this gift card!! I just started my blog and this would be a great way to get some projects going. Thanks so much for offering up your gift to all of us!!

  823. Shannon C says

    Love your blog. Visit yours and Kate’s every day. Thanks for the chance.

  824. Thanks for the chance to win! Love your blog!

  825. You lucky ducky!!! I love Nate Berkus. My entire life stops to watch him each day. We’re you just pinching yourself the entire time?!?!?!
    I’d love a shot at a Lowe’s card so I could paint a vintage dresser that my parents received from my grandma as a wedding gift.

  826. Michelle Lehn says

    WOW it looks like fun!
    Im going to try Valspar paint.

  827. Lisa Lewis says

    oh the possibilities! New paint, new lighting, new look!

  828. Sandra Bemis says

    Pick me, pick me, pick me! I live in a 100+ year old house, so a $250 Lowe’s gift certificate would help in the preservation.

  829. We’re getting ready to do some painting both indoors and out. A Lowe’s GC would be ideal!

  830. I’m a new follower — would LOVE to win! :)

  831. OHH I am so green with Envy. Is Nate as cute in real life as he is on TV? I would love the gift card.

  832. Laarni SM says

    I love these paints!!!!

  833. Wow! After a looooonnng day with the kiddoes, I came to my “treat” website for a break to find a great story (WOW! a night in SoHo with Nate B.!!) and a giveaway to Lowe’s! How sweet and touching is that to share your gift cards with “virtual” strangers?!!! Wow (again)!!! Love this site. Not only is it a visual break/treat in my day, but a spiritual “deep breathe” as well. Thank you for being here!

  834. Can’t wait to buy a few power tools if I get so lucky as to win the GC! Thanks so much for the chance!

  835. Since this whole painting thing is pretty new to me I would buy an array of different colors of paint and of course all the necessities needed for painting and priming and refinishing old unique treasures!!! Would love to win this gift card:)

  836. Michelle Peterson says

    I would LOVE to win this prize! I really need to start painting my master bathroom!!

  837. Michelle Peterson says

    Linked it up on my Facebook page, too!

  838. I already follow u on Facebook :)

  839. Martha Palmer says

    Ohhh….I would have loved to have been there. Nate is so talented!!!

  840. I know you had so much fun! Thanks for sharing with us. I’d love to win that gc…. I’m in that store way too much!

  841. So, so lucky!! What a great time. But really, giving away your gift card?? Bless you! :)

  842. Martha Palmer says

    Ohhh….I would have loved to have been there. Nate is so talented!!! I read your blog everyday..You are very talented, also!!!

  843. Those are some rich colors in those paint cans! Love it! Must’ve been fun!

  844. I *really* love NateB & VALSPAR colors…it’s all I intend to use when I brighten up every room in this house, so Puhleeze! Mr/MsRandomThingy, I would *love* this card…

  845. Paint… paint… paint!!!!

    I would get paint and revamp, redo, and bring new things to life with my gal pal. We are giving new life to old things…. kinda like what we are doing with our lives.

    We need the creativity to flow! And paint… helps :0)

    You go, Melissa!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  846. Aimoku Higa says

    Oo oo oo! Pick me! I have been dying to paint my kitchen and get new flooring!

  847. Aimoku Higa says

    Linked it to FB

  848. Tyler Higa says

    My wants to win this so much so that we can paint our kitchen, which by the way she’s been begging to do for months now.

  849. Tyler Higa says

    I also linked this to my facebook

  850. How fun! My front yard needs some sprucing– I need to paint my sad looking outdoor rockers and my kids’ chairs. I LOVE that green you and Kate used.

  851. Just like I told CG, I would literally RUN to Lowes and straight to the paint sprayer isle. There is one there with my name on it I AM SURE.

  852. I’d love to use this gift card to paint and spruce up the apartment my fiance and I will have once we’re married in August. We’re so excited to tackle it together and make our own home. We’re college students (ie dirt poor. good times) so this would be such a huge awesome helpful wedding gift and nice way to start playing house together – for real! :)

  853. VintageBeachgirl says

    Hi there! Thanks so much for sharing your trip and your winnings with us… are too generous!! But I’m glad!! I would love to win the gift card thanks for giving me a chance!!

  854. Oh how I would love to win!! thanks for the chance!!

  855. I liked your facebook page!

  856. I shared this link on facebook!

  857. I love those colors! I’m already thinking which colors would good in my house.

  858. I also linked up at Facebook!!

  859. I just liked you on Facebook!

  860. I would use the $250 Lowe’s gift card to paint my dining room, living room and patio furniture!

  861. I linked this page on my facebook!

  862. I have so many things that need painting…I would love the gift card…Your blog is awesome. I look forward to my email every day.

  863. What fun to meet Nate! Love the way this paint covers in one coat and love the colors you used together on the table!

  864. I would use this to work on my bathroom. Great giveaway! Enjoyed hearing about your fun trip to NY.

  865. Debra Cheuvront says

    I liked you on Facebook. I would LOVE to win this awesome giveaway!

  866. Shared your link on my fb page and I tweeted!

  867. Stephanie says

    Thanks for a fabulous giveaway! I’d love to reorganize!

  868. Stephanie says

    Linked on facebook

  869. Wow, thanks for the offer.

  870. I’d love to win this! I liked you on Facebook too!!

  871. Love your blog! I would use the gift card to paint and fix up my daughters room!

  872. Linda Rostock says

    Our TV room would be finished but I still need to buy curtain panels for our TV room…the room has 13 windows plus a door!! They’re just sooooo expensive. Please pick me! Thank you! Linda

  873. I don’t know if it counts,but I tweeted,too!

  874. I would love to win so I could put it towards stuff for my patio!

  875. Beatriz Rodriguez says

    I’d use the gift card for paint and for outdoor light fixtures.

  876. Beatriz Rodriguez says

    I shared this giveaway on Facebook.

  877. Would love to purchase some outdoor goodies from Lowes. Thanks for such a generous giveaway!

  878. Keri Lee says

    I loooove that green paint you chose! I would buy 20 gallons of it to slather all over my house. :P

  879. Keri Lee says

    I linked to you on facebook.

  880. Love your blog! I would love to get plants if I win.

  881. I’d love a Lowe’s gift card. My daughter’s room needs a new color. Thanks for the giveaway!

  882. How wonderful Melissa! You look gorgeous. And so does Nate (hubba hubba).

    xo Terri (Windlost)

  883. regina f says

    oh please, please, PLEASE pick me. we just moved from WA to AZ and already painted the downstairs of our home but our out of money and cant do the upstairs which includes the kids’ rooms. our daughters SO badly want to paint the top of their room purple and have white bead board around the bottom. . . we would use this money to do their room and the rest of our upstairs (including painting over the pink walls in our master bedroom). come on random generator!

  884. Fun with Nate!

  885. Would love this! I’m moving into a new house as a young graduate this summer and could use the help! :)

  886. Barbara F. says

    It was so much fun to see pictures of you and Kate painting with Nate. The trip must have been a whirlwind but lots and lots of fun.

    So nice of you to give away your Lowe’s gift card!!

  887. Adrieanna Dodson says

    I love The Inspired Room….and I sure love Nate too….My hubbie and I are getting ready to buy a home together after 7 years of apartment living….so this card would sure come in handy for our future DIY fixer upper ; ) Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas…they are a delight in my day.

  888. Very generous giveaway! I’d get me some of that gray paint just like Nate!

  889. This is amazing I like this very much your post is very interesting an informative. you have provide me good knowledge about painting.
    Thank you for sharing with us.

  890. Denise S says

    There are so many possibilities of what I can do with $250 to spend at Lowes, paint, new kitchen faucet, kitchen sink!
    thanks for the chance to win!

  891. Denise S says

    Liked on FB!

  892. I really like Valspar paint – I’ve used it in my bathroom and in the basement!

  893. Rachel S says

    Thankyou. I would love to win that card to finish my painting projects and maybe some outdoor landscaping.

  894. i would love to redo my old bedroom furniture.

  895. …and i fb’d it.

  896. WOW!!! What a fabulous give-away!!!! I would love to win….i’d use it to purchase a sweet little arbor for my vegetable garden!!!!
    Thank you for the opportunity! I’m heading right over to “like” you!!

  897. Adrienne says

    very cool! could def make use of this!! what a cool experience!!

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  899. Adrienne says

    I linked to this on facebook!

  900. Love that Valspar green that was used in your project. What a fun “getaway” – New York, Nate, and fellow design bloggers! And, who wouldn’t love a shopping spree at Lowe’s for all those spring projects! Thanks!

  901. Jaclyn McCord says

    Sounds like a fun trip! I would looovveee to win this giveaway!

  902. Amy in PA says

    This would be a big help with my upcoming bathroom reno! Thanks!!

  903. I would spruce up my bathroom….starting with the vanity & top. Use some vaspar paint to repaint the room again!Thanks for the fab giveaway.

  904. Summer break is here and time for sprucing up the bedroom! In 35 years of marriage, other rooms came first, but now it’s time to fix it up with some new color from Valspar!!

  905. How generous! I would love to win. I would buy some patio furniture.

  906. My deck needs stain! What a great treat! You gotta love Lowe’s.

  907. Christine says

    To spend a day painting next to Nate…so jealous! I’d love to have that gift card to finish sprucing up my laundry room.

  908. We are about to embark on a bathroom reno and could totally use that gift card!! Thanks for the chance.

  909. I “liked” you on FB!

  910. I think we spend more money at Lowe’s then anywhere else! Thanks for sharing this chance to win with us!

  911. Deborah in Atlanta says

    I’m so excited for you and Kate. You go girls! I would have still been standing there trying to figure out what the heck to do and you would have been finished. What would I do with the money? Oh honey – what wouldn’t I do? I’d get some wood and finish the fireplace, or apply it towards hardwoods for the floors in the den and hallway, I’d love to have new vanities in both bathrooms. I currently have pedestals and that’s such a storage problem, as well as it poses the problem “where the heck do you put your items while you’re putting on your makeup?”

  912. My fiance and I just moved into our first place together as of yesterday! SO SO excited to be living with him after a long distance relationship for a year AND to decorate the new place!

    p.s. I liked you on FB!

  913. Diana Duncan says

    WOW! What a treat you had! I would LOVE to win this card and create a craft room in my soon to be extra bedroom!

  914. I’d love to win a gift card to Lowes! Seems I end up there regularly. Hard to choose what I’d spend the money on but it’d probably be paint!

  915. This would be an amazing giveaway to win…we are moving in a month, and will be making several trips to Lowes to fix up the new house!

  916. Renee Sayre says

    I’m about ready to tackle my kitchen cabinets. I would love to do a major renovation just don’t have the extra money right now. Would love to win this:)

  917. OH! What wouldn’t I do? My hubby and I just bought a house from 1950 and it needs lots of love! :) I could purchase flooring for our dining room, knobs for our new kitchen cabinets (from Lowes….which we are installing ourselves! :) ) or better yet…put it towards a dishwasher that actually works instead of this one from 1990. :)

  918. My dining room is crying for board and batten, and a fresh coat of Valspar paint! Love your blog!

  919. Gayle in GA says

    Thanks for the chance to win. The gift card would come in handy to purchase bath fixtures for my master bath remodel. You guys did a super job painting the little chest. Thanks again!

  920. PICK ME!!!!! I would buy new patio chairs.

  921. We just bought a house and I am painting all 3000 square feet by myself! I would love this gift card to buy paint and decorations for the house. It is our dream house and we can’t wait to move in!

  922. Would love to have the gift card to help finish the enclosed porch we added to the back of our house last summer.

  923. Beth Sundstrom says

    Hi there! I’d LOVE to give my playroom a facelift and perhaps inspire my children to actually want to play in it rather than trail after me saying “I’m bored!”

  924. I Hit LIKE on my facebook page

    clenna at aol dot com

  925. I would love to buy a new bathroom sink.

    clenna at aol dot com

  926. I shared on my FB wall:

    clenna at aol dot com

  927. Debbie Guess says

    What a generous giveaway & what a fun night you must have had. If I won I would go straight to Lowes and get what I needed to board & batten my bedroom, I would also beadboard my small guest bath and get the turquoise paint I want to redo an antique dresser that I have. Wouldn’t that be a fun day!!!! Thanks

  928. After 7 years, most of my walls are builder’s white. I could definitely use the paint.

  929. Stephanie C says

    Hubby and I would love to decorate our new condo with some crafty stuff from Lowes! OK, so just me, but Hubby would like it when I’m done :)

  930. I would definately stencil a wall or two with valspar paint in cream and mocha colors.

  931. My whole house needs remodeling,so I don’t even know where I would begin!

  932. I would pick up a lot of paint for A LOT of DIY projects I have been waiting to finish once the warm weather came along! I would also pick out some new lighting for some changes I have made the past couple of months.

  933. Great giveaway! I would get some lumber for some projects I’ve been dreaming about for months and a couple power tools. :)

  934. Winning the Lowes gift card would be great! I am just starting to think about transforming our boy’s (9 and almost 12) bathroom. ( So they will use their bathroom- not ours!) I was actually planning on stopping at Lowes today to look around. My dream plans are to do a tile floor, install board and batten part way up the walls, paint the upper part of the walls walls and install new light fixtures- Lowes has the best lighting selection! AND last, but not least, possibly applying polyshades to the old oak cabinets to give them an updated look. It sounds like a lot of work- but I’m ready…. and Lowes is the place to go! Having the gift card would be a great start!

  935. Maybe I should close the door on you. NO! What an event. Good for you, I am proud of you.

    As an artist/faux painting and fine art I know that nothing surpasses paint. Instant gratification. It’s economical, it fun and it’s fast. Forget wallpaper, nothing can give a wall such depth like paint can and especially if you combine various colors creating color washes and faux venetian plaster. I love paint. Thanks for sharing you 1001 days and having such an inspiring blog.

    God bless,


  936. Karis Henry says

    Oh the possibilities of a Lowe’s gift card!! Wood for projects….first on the list.

  937. Congrats on your win at the Lowe’s event. Thanks for sharing your winnings with us! I have a whole laundry list of projects that I could use a $250 for at Lowe’s. Bring it on!

  938. Jennifer says

    How exciting! Love Nate! Thanks for the giveaway.

  939. This paint looks amazing! We are in the process of redoing our new house and I would love to try it out! I love both you and Centsational girl both and it was fun to see your day together!

  940. I would use it to buy lumber to create my square-foot garden, and if any was leftover I’d buy some additional plants for landscaping!

  941. Oh please, me! Please!
    Sounds like you had such a great trip!

  942. Bonnie P says

    Oh the possibities…dream!

  943. Whitney J says

    We just bought a fixer upper and there are sooo many things I could use this for. I will definitely be going through a ton of paint.

  944. maria ensey says

    How fun to see you both with Nate!! I’de love a gift card for my little boys bedroom re-do!! Maria ;)

  945. I’ve never used Lowe’s paint, but with a $250 g.c. I sure would give it a spin!

  946. We just recently moved into a new home and would love to paint a few of the empty, sad rooms with fresh bright colors!

  947. Oh, I would LOVE to win. My husband and I are just beginning a small, cheap kitchen remodel.

  948. I would love the gift card to purchase new ceiling fans for the house we just moved into!

    • As a first time homeowner & a newbie to the world of blogs, I have become hooked on many sites. I love seeing what people are doing to make their space personal & special, and have come away with many, many ideas. Don’t know specifically what I’d do with the gift card, but I have many possibilities rolling around in my head!

  949. Thank you for a chance to win!! I have about 50 projects waiting & this would be fabulous!!

  950. gretchen says

    OH I so could use this…just moved into a new house and have so many DYI projects to do.

  951. Oh wow, there is SO MUCH we need to do around the house right now. Keeping my fingers crossed for a gift card!

    (Came on over from Centsational Girl, & boy am I glad she pointed me to this site!)

  952. What an exciting time for you! Thanks for sharing.

  953. I love what you do, and Centsational Girl, too (she’s how I know about you)! I would use the $250 gift card to get everything I need to re-do my laundry room the way I’ve always wanted it!

  954. If I won, I would use this fabulous gift card to re-do my laundry room! New paint, floors, knobs, and window treatments:)

  955. ME! Pick ME! LOL We have a 60 yr old home that we are renovation here in the PNW…we could use that Lowe’s card one hundred times over and then some! Great post-thanks SO much for the gratuitous Nate vid…who cares if he sits on the other side of the fence, LOVE him anyway!

  956. Joanne B. says

    Thanks for this chance to win a $250. Lowes gift card! Would come in handy as we are hoping to replace my daughter’s carpet in her room with wood or laminate! Pick me please!

  957. Michelle says

    You & Kate are both so generous! Thanks for the great giveaway! Ya gotta love Lowe’s & all the inspiration in there!

  958. Karen A. says

    This would be so amazing! Our bathroom is in DIRE need of a makeover!

  959. We just moved from Denver to San Antonio and our old grill didn’t live through it. My hubby would be thrilled with a new grill for Fathers Day and I could use that beautiful gift card to get some flowers too!!!

  960. we just bought an amazing house (our first!) yesterday. it was built in 1968 so it has a lot of charm and personality, but it needs a lot of work. right now, our highest priority is to replace the old sliding glass door in the dining room, that exits to the patio. besides being ugly, it doesn’t feel secure, and safety is a huge concern for us. a lowe’s gift card would help us purchase a new, beautiful french door with adequate locks and door hardware. thanks for being so generous!

  961. Lauren O. says

    This will go a long way in helping me redo my master bedroom!

  962. I would Love to win! It looks like you had a great time… yes Im jealous.

    I would use the money towards fixing our house so that we can sell it – it is in need of some repairs before we put it on the market and I would give anything to be able to move to Oregon so that we can care for my fiance’s Mother who needs us. I would use the GC to buy materials to fix the roof and/or the deck and/or the siding on the house and/or paint and/or a front door! (our front door has a window that has been smashed and is held together with duct tape right now!

    Thank you for your generousity and for hosting this giveaway

  963. For sure I will use it to remodel our master bedroom… it needs some love :)

  964. I would love the gift card to buy paint for my bedroom!

  965. I just liked you on facebook

  966. We are renovating and redecorating our 1880’s cape cod so could defiitely use help from Lowe’s!

  967. I have a long list of things I’d love to do with a Lowe’s gift card! It looks like a really fun trip. I’m so glad you go to go.

  968. Looks like so much fun! I happen to be working on a project involving paint & winning this would be perfect!

  969. Thank you so much for offering this to your readers and for sharing your experience in NYC! I’m gonna follow your lead and be charitable with that gift card by doing a bedroom makeover for my mom =D

  970. Kristi Rediske says

    I am actually in the process of painting some furniture for my daughter and myself , so I would buy paint and sandpaper and new knobs-I hope I win-:)

  971. I’d get materials to organize our garage & my tools, and finish projects around the house (install crown molding, adding a backsplash in the kitchen, replacing light fixtures, etc) Thanks for this opportunity!

  972. Winning a $250 gift card to Lowe’s can really help me purchase materials for a few projects in my house, like installing wainscoting in my first floor bathroom and then stenciling or wallpapering the top half, replacing our construction-grade light fixtures/chandeliers, installing a closet system–and the list goes on. Thanks for sharing this!

  973. I like you on facebook! :)

  974. Nate Berkus!!! SWOOON!

  975. Thank you so much for the chance to win! I like you on Facebook and I love your blog – really helps inspire me! So glad you enjoyed your trip!

  976. I tweeted this giveaway –

    Thank you!

  977. I just discovered your blog about 5 weeks ago and WOW!!! I would love to win the gift card!!!

    Thanks for all your awesome ideas!

  978. I already “liked” you on Facebook, but I just linked to this giveaway there!!

  979. Catherine says

    Have paint brush… Need PAINT! Love the giveaway! Thank you!

  980. I have used the valspar paint with the primer in it. I painted my sewing room with it. Love it!! It was so easy and only one coat …. I will be using it again.

  981. Ooh man, I was recently plucked from my home in Utah and moved to a bachelor pad in Washington. I’d pretty much die to have that gift card. Maybe then my husband would unground me from thrift shopping because then I could actually finish my projects.

  982. Not that exciting, but essential… I would use the gc towards replacing our toilets :) I’m new to your blog & have enjoyed reading entries this morning. Thanks!

  983. Cassandra says

    I love having found your blog, and being inspired. I have a few painting project in mind already, and now I know, paint the hinges and the handle.

  984. We are painting the exterior of our house and hope to landscape the front yard the gift card would be a great help!

  985. mildred roberts says

    Love your blog,already a follower there
    Would love to win gift card ,love Lowe’s – need a paint sprayer

  986. first time viewing your blog-very inspirational

  987. Sarah D. says

    There is always a project in my head. :) Thanks so much!

  988. SO could use the giftcard for stair renovation, patio updates or bathroom paint!!!

  989. I would love to win a Lowes gift card! We just had our third kid and I am really wanting to figure out some good storage solutions.

    I heart Nate! He always has a good blend of elegant and fun in his designs- thanks for sharing!

  990. I am so jealous of your painting experience! I would have loved to be in that room! If I won the #250 gift card I would use it to buy probably some paint, but only if I had money leftover after buying a compound miter saw! I am getting really tired of borrowing my dad’s and my hubby doesn’t have one. Wouldn’t it be nice to have one in a permanent home in our garage? I could only imagine the projects I could complete!

  991. I just found you and have a major blog crush now! Seriously, love your heart for the Lord, authenticity and contentment, and inspired living.

    Thanks so much!

    ***also linked the giveaway on facebook. :)

  992. AND…I liked you on facebook (forgot to mention that)

  993. Oooh I could really use this to do some much needed renovations for my 100 year old house!

  994. Thanks! I “liked you on FB”. Love your blog

  995. I would buy paint, paint, and more paint. Thanks to a little computer project started by my hubby, I now have 2 extra rooms to paint. I really just wanted to paint my living room…not the kitchen and boy’s room too!

  996. Rebecca V. says

    Winning the giftcard would give me a great start with my new apartment, especially living on a college student’s budget. (As in no budget, hello romen noodles!) I would use the card to revamp some inherited furniture items and make them truly my own. Plus, it would definitely help in picking out something for dad with Father’s Day just around the corner!

  997. kel mcnichol says

    I love DIY blogs…I love creativity and I always have a project going on and love to get inspired.

  998. Marley M. says

    I would love the gift card to make our Master Bedroom a true sanctuary…..a chandelier maybe? Great Job Melissa and Kate!

  999. I’m itching for a little screened-porch renovation.. a fresh coat of deck paint, some new screening, and some outdoor curtains and rugs will do the trick!!

  1000. I am currently taking down all the popcorn ceilings in our home. $250 would be a big help for supplies and paint!

  1001. I would love to win the gift card. It would get me that much closer to finishing up our daughters room.

  1002. My favorite Valspar neutral is Hotel St. Francis Clay Angel — endless name, gorgeous light stone color, currently on one wall in our master bedroom. I’d love to win the giftcard and buy more of it, to use throughout our house!

  1003. I mentioned this on FB

  1004. As a first time homeowner & a newbie to the world of blogs, I have become hooked on many sites. I love seeing what people are doing to make their space personal & special, and have come away with many, many ideas. Don’t know specifically what I’d do with the gift card, but I have many possibilities rolling around in my head!

  1005. I have been an email follower for quite a while. Just started my blog. I love your posts involving paint. I am not quite as brave, but I’m getting braver and “inspired”.

  1006. Kim says