Inspiration: Summery Kitchen Shelves.

Inspiration: Summery Kitchen Shelves.

White open shelves with summery blue dishes, lemons, and fresh flowers? Love.



That is all.

Want open shelves but are afraid to commit? Check out my take on open shelves!

I found this lovely photo the new BH&G website! Check it out! You will be inspired.


  1. Love it Melissa!!! Have a great weekend:)

  2. *WOW* such a beautiful kitchen. I adore absolutely everything in that photo! I best go and check out the BH&G website, thank you Melissa :-)

  3. Lemons have to be one of my favorite decorating and cooking items. I really like keeping several lined up on the window sill above my sink. I grab them as I need them for meals and restock just about every week.

  4. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing it.

  5. Swoon….yes I love, love it! I’m still crushing on the turquoisy blues that became so popular last year and have incorporated it in my kitchen accents.

    Sigh, wouldn’t it be lovely to ‘redo’ my kitchen? I’m struggling to be content.

  6. Love! The pops of blue and yellow are just awesome!

  7. I love the look of open shelves in the kitchen, but when I imagine them in my own kitchen all I can think of is how dusty everything would get! How do people keep open shelving clean?

  8. I love it too! So fresh and summery… when will summer come? At least photos like these give us that summer feel! :)

  9. Oh very pretty!

  10. That’s a lovely kitchen corner. The lemons in the jar is the golden brooch.

  11. There is something really clean and crisp about white and any shade of blue! Love your photos—-very inspiring! You picked the right name for your blog! Have a happy day! xoxo Kim

  12. Lu-hu-huv it.

  13. Can you hear me gasping in Georgia? Those are gorgeous… of course I would have a child perched on one of them proving to mom that she could get all the way up there. And then I’m guessing I’d have broken dishes :( So I’ll admire from afar till I’m an empty nester :)

  14. Simple, fresh, happy.

  15. Love open shelves! I think I need to add some yellow to mine now. =)

  16. Me too. *Sigh*

  17. I plan on adding soft turquoise into my kitchen. LOVE!

  18. Sigh! So beautiful! I love it!

  19. BH&G is always such an inspiration. ♥ the white with the pops of blue, pink and yellow. Crisp and clean :)

  20. You could cook a roast in that kitchen in August and still feel cool as a cucumber! Love it! (especially the vintage looking timer.)

    Have a wonderful weekend!


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