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HGTV’d: Win an AmEx $100 Gift Card Giveaway from HGTV!

by | Jun 9, 2011 | Decorating Inspiration | 557 comments

HGTV'd: Win an AmEx $100 Gift Card Giveaway from HGTV!
Did you all watch the premiere of the new series HGTV’d last week? I SO wanted to tune in but our TV was sadly NOT WORKING! We’ve only had that flat screen TV for about a year and a half, so I couldn’t believe it already croaked! They don’t make ’em like they used to. Good thing we bought it at Costco, they have a two year warranty on their electronics! WOO HOO! Score!

So, our TV is now fixed and I’ll be tuning back in to my favorite shows like Sarah’s Cottage and the new HGTV’d!

The next episode of HGTV’d is Monday June 13th. Here is a little preview of the next topic:

The Mars Family of 12 has outgrown their home several times. With ten kids ranging in age from five to twenty, they have gone through many expansion projects, one of which was adding on a new kitchen. That left the old kitchen area unused and filled with junk.

Superstar designer Sabrina Soto is taking on the challenge of transforming that desolate space into a unique multi-purpose room that would meet the whole family’s needs for comfort, functionality and fun. With a few surprises thrown in, including a fish tank, a custom-made coffee bar, and a gaming area, custom ping-pong table door and rich textures and strong colors, all of the Mars’ dreams for the room come true.

And, here is a promo video!

Enter to win a $100 AMEX CARD!!!

If you’d like to leave me a comment today,  you will be automatically entered to win a $100 AMEX card, sponsored and sent to you directly by HGTV! If you don’t enter, you don’t win. Someone WILL win, and it can’t be me. Might as well be YOU, right?

So what would you do this summer with a $100 AMEX card?

Let’s dream a little. GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED.


  1. danielle

    I can’t believe I missed the first episode of HGTV’d. No worry I just set my DVR :). Wow- if I had a $100 gift card I would put it towards a planned budget re-do of my master bedroom.

  2. Carrie

    Fabulous giveaway. I missed last week’s HGTV’ed too but am hoping I can watch it online tonight. With a $100 amex gift card, I would get some new lighting and accessories for our huge screened porch. Or maybe help pay for a weekend getaway. So many choices.

  3. Emily Morrow

    I would LOVE to win this card! I would use it to buy some frabic to make some chic living room curtains.

  4. kathy

    Who couldn’t use $100!? The new show looks great, I would put that money toward the new bathroom floor we need, since the tile is cracked and coming up:>{

  5. Simply Sara

    What would I do with $100 dollar AMEX giftcard??

    I would use it towards new flooring we need to install on our second floor!! We really need it, the carpet up there is definitely needing to go!

    Thanks for doing the giveaway!!

  6. Susan F.

    Love your blog and loving the chance to win the gift card:)

  7. Lindsay

    Awesome giveaway, thanks! I’d use the gift card towards the shed we’re building.

  8. Kelley

    Would love a chance to win $100 gift card which would be used towards an air compressor/nailer or flooring for the bathroom!

  9. Lesley

    Missed the first episode, but planning on watching the next. We’re about to embark on redoing or kids’ bathroom, so the money would go toward that!

  10. laxsupermom

    Wow! Great giveaway! I’d use that $100 towards the backyard spruceup. It’d go a long way towards making my backyard more hangout friendly. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  11. Beth

    I’d use it to revamp my porch!

  12. Lori H

    I would put that $100 toward my husband’s home office. It has been neglected in favor of more public spaces and I want it to look really great for him!

  13. Laura Landrigan

    I love most everything that HGTV does. I am looking forward to seeing the new show so much that I DVR’d it. If I was lucky enough to win a gift card I would give it to my mother.
    After many years as a renter she was able to purchase a small home. Having lived in an apartment she had little furniture, one bath and no extra bedrooms.
    Now she has 2 baths and a guest room. Lots to furnish and lots to do. We yard sale like crazy but an extra $100 to buy something she really wanted would be fun!

  14. Sally

    I’d buy paint for the bathroom for sure. That wallpaper has got to go! Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. Emily

    Time to spruce up the deck! Thanks for the opportunity.

  16. Jamie

    A $100 Amex gift card would be used for paint, paint, and more paint. Lots of painting projects to tackle in my home right now. Paint for the kitchen, paint for the family room, paint for the living room, paint for the dining room… Did I mention I would use it for paint?

  17. Sarah R

    I would buy some paint to finally get rid of some of the builder beige that is covering all the walls in our house!

  18. Martha

    We just bought a house, so there are MANY things I could do with an extra $100:-)

  19. Catherine

    We’re in the process of buying our first house (hooray!) so the number of things I could do with $100 from AmEx is practically infinite. But for starters, paint?

  20. mandy

    With $100, I would by an outdoor bench for my front yard, so I can sit in a beautiful place, that is shady and cool, and watch my sweet 2 and 6 year old children play in the sprinkler!!!!

  21. Lauren

    Great giveaway! I would use it for my master bedroom makeover. After 5 years of marriage, we’re finally getting new furniture and I have to redo everything! Thanks for doing a giveaway!

  22. Crystal

    Melissa, I think I would end up spending the money on either plants (4 huge ferns for my front porch) or on something for my son’s room that I’m re-doing.

  23. Tammy

    I’d use mine to go towards an Arne Jacobson egg chair! Definitely! Love your blog!

  24. April

    I don’t have cable, but when I do have access the first channel I go to is always HGTV. I would love an AMEX gift card. I’m getting married this summer and we’re currently building a new house…so I’m in the market for new decorating items, and free ones never hurt either!

  25. Amy in PA

    Probably spend it on a new computer router! Sounds exciting, right? Hopefully there would be a few $$ left over for something fun – like family room pillows :-)

  26. Julie

    I’d love to win!!!And if I do, I’ll probably use it on vacation! Taking the family to NYC next month!!!

  27. Mary WG

    We don’t have cable anymore, but I love those shows!

  28. Beth

    I would put the money towards a new camera!

  29. Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

    I’d put the money towards our upcoming bathroom remodel. Speaking of which, how to do you apply to be on HGTV’d?

  30. Daune

    OOOOOO! I would definitely put it toward our living room re-do! :)

  31. Debbie Formento

    After a recent water leak in our bathroom that $100 Giftcard would be put to good use in our bath refresh!
    Please add my name to your hat.

  32. Ashley Daily

    oh. man. I’m thinking I would want to use that money for a father’s day present for my honey: a new circular saw. And maybe something for me: lumber. Yes, that will do nicely.

  33. Kim J.

    Awesome giveaway!! I would use the money to purchase 2 tables i’ve been eying on Craigslist!

  34. Kim

    I think everyone can use $100 to shop with. I know I can. Great offer!

  35. Joan

    Oh yes, sign me up to win the $100.00 Amex Gift card. I’d spend that money in a snap buying some more plants/accessories for our roof-top deck!

  36. Jan

    Great giveaway! I would use the gift card towards a new patio table for our porch.

  37. Bebe

    We are redoing our bathrooms upstairs, so I would use the gift card for those projects!

  38. Nan

    I’d love a chance to win – we’d paint the bedroom that’s just begging us to. I plan on watching the show next week. Thanks for the opportunity!

  39. Amy B

    I take my kids to the amusement park :)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  40. Danielle D

    I’d put the money towards a new camera!

  41. angie

    Missed the premiere :( Will definitely catch it this week! Thanks for the giveaway! My deck has long been on my project list. The AMEX card would come in handy for that!

  42. Katie

    I would buy a new tree for my yard.

  43. Theresa

    Oh no, I missed it as well but I will be turning to watch it next time. I am redoing my teenage son’s room so $100 would be very helpful.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  44. Judy

    Love your blog…would put the $100 towards a new lock set for our front door…or new carpet tiles for my husband’s “office”. Would be great to win! Thanks

  45. angela

    this looks exciting! thanks for the giveaway – if i had the extra $100 I would give it to my boyfriend who is trying to renovate a few bathrooms in his house. :)

  46. Marisa

    Finally got a new couch for our family room… $100 would buy some nice pillows for it!

  47. Sunday Burquest

    I’d love AMEX card – thanks for the giveaway!!!

  48. Renee

    $100 dollars goes a long way if you want it to. I like to make my own gifts for people so I would probably stock up on craft supplies and spray paint!
    Renee @ Lattenene’s Cup of Chat

  49. Anna

    We are moving next month…that AMEX card would come in handy! Thanks for doing a giveaway!

  50. gina

    I forgot to set the DVR Monday night but luckily the 1st episode of HGTV’d is on several times this week so I caught it. Love David and his use of color but this one was a little too wild for me. Got HGTV’d set on the DVR now for the rest of the series as is Sarah’s Cottage…love her style!!! I want to move in!

    I’d love to win a $100! If I won I’d put the money towards my master bath that needs updating badly. Only people that see it are myself and my husband so it’s still stuck in the ’90s! Please pick me! I’d also love to be HGTV’d!!

  51. Hisloverevealed

    My sisters & I are going on a trip to Vegas in July to celebrate my oldest sisters bday. I would definitely use the gift card for that.
    Thanks for this post! I hadn’t heard about the new show “Sarah’s Cottage”. Can’t wait to tune in

  52. Kelly

    I would love to spend it on my garden! It’s my favorite.

  53. Marixa

    Oh $100 would be awesome! I’m working on lightening up my dinning room/kitchen area and want to recover the chairs in new fabric. The fabric I chose would cost about that amount for all 6 chairs. I also need new curtains too but I haven’t found what I want.
    I’d love to wartch this show but we don’t have cable…:(
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  54. Paula

    Love HGTV, I’m addicted but somehow missed the show. Great giveaway, we all could probably use it for a little summer sprucing up. Thanks, and better luck with the second t.v. – wish we had a COSTCO nearby.

  55. Kris

    Awesome! I would use it for my daughter’s second birthday party.

  56. Jessica

    We’re moving into our first home two weeks from tomorrow…there are so many things to buy I don’t even know where to start! $100 to help out sure would be nice…

  57. Katie

    I would love this gift card. It would go towards gas for an upcoming road trip to see my college roommate get married! It’s going to be a blast seeing my best college girlfriends all together again, but a bit on the expensive side!

  58. Amber Freeland

    We did away with cable almost a year ago but I am super bummed I missed this show! May have to find the video online. I would definitely use the gift card for some more work to my kitchen i.e. ceramic tile, curtains or some new bakeware. I am slowly turning it into my dream kitchen on our grad student income me and my husband are very slowly pulling in lol.

  59. Audra

    OMG, OMG, OMG What a great give away Chicka…………Thats really a loaded question what i would do with 100.00…………I would just have to spend hours in there searching for those golden items and excellent deals..Love, love, love ur blog and all u share w/ us……….U ROCK!!!

  60. Melissa S

    I would put the gift card toward a new couch at JCPenney that I’ve had my eye on for some time!

  61. Thirkellgirl

    I would spring for a bunch of stuff at Ikea, and enjoy every moment of deciding WHAT stuff! :)

  62. Kari

    AWESOME!! Love the show….HGTV rocks!!! Thanks so much!!

  63. Peggy

    I would head to Home Goods or Ikea with the AMEX gift card! I do so love your blog!

  64. lyndsey

    I would finally reupholster the Craigslist wingback I purchased last year!

  65. Ashley

    Oh my, I’d get started on decorating my new house! So much to do!

  66. Whitney

    I stumbled across your blog when looking for a desk that could be made out of an old door. I loved your idea…it was beautiful!! I still haven’t had the opportunity to make one for myself, but I am definitely keeping it in the forefront of my mind! Anyways, I just recently started reading your blog and I am HOOKED!! I’ve gone as far back as last summer’s posts…I just can’t get enough. You do a wonderful job with lots of pictures (I love pictures!), great ideas, and links to other blogs as well. I also put in all my favorite blogs into iGoogle like you recommended and am so excited to have them organized in one place. Which other blogs do you find yourself reading on a regular basis? I’m interested to see where you find your inspiration when you are not inspiring others. :)
    Thanks for your blog! :)

    BTW…we just made a move for my husband’s job and had to go from a nice spacious house to a tiny one bedroom apartment. I love it, but it is in some serious need of window treatments (I’m thinking yellow!). So that is how I would spend the $100…making my own. I’m so excited!

  67. Kellie

    I sure could use some extra DIY cash!

  68. tracylee

    Will they be showing it online anywhere? I don’t have cable… would love to watch though!

  69. Mary Beth

    I would use the card toward a mattress/mattresses for my little guys….they broke their bed…a specific little monkey was jumping on the bed….I have bed frames now I just need mattresses. : )

  70. Arlene

    Love HGTV,I am by nature design challenged. HGTV was my first baby step into the design world, approx 7 yrs ago,I am having the time of my life discovering “my style”. My son is getting married this summer and I would love to spruce up my patio. A $100 gift would be a fantastic start. :)


    Count me in! I could definitely put that baby to use.

  72. Carly

    Awesome giveaway! I don’t have cable, so I have to watch HGTV online, I’m glad they have that option!

  73. Naomi

    I would finish painting the rest of the rooms in my house! What a great giveaway!

  74. Karen

    I would save the card and purchase paint and supplies for a new home we are planning to purchase before the end of August. But there are sooooooooo many choices that’s for sure ;)

  75. Laura M.

    I have lots of painting to do this summer, this would certainly come in handy!

  76. Sarah J.

    I’d love a $100 gift card! I’d probably use it to spruce up our deck for summer :)

  77. Michelle F

    an “extra” $100!!?!!! WooHoo!! & thank you!!

  78. April Taylor

    Thanks HGTV. I love this channel. I’d spend the $100 towards a new sink and faucet in the bathroom.

  79. melora

    Heck yea.
    I’d put that money straight towards purchasing the new floors for my living room.

  80. KimH

    My step-daughter and her hubby are coming to visit in August…I’d use the card to take them to Cedar Point.

  81. Dana K

    Absolutely love your blog! It has been a complete inspiration for the Cape Cod style house my family and I just purchased! We are in the process of renovating…including a complete kitchen remodel. So, an extra $100 would come in extremely handy!

  82. Debbie

    I would spend it on (part of) a new fence! WOO HOO! Thanks for the chance!

  83. Lindy

    Send me the card, send me the card, send me the card!
    Love the blog.

  84. Chrissie

    I would use the money to work on landscaping the yard of our house. It really needs some color and style. Thanks for the chance to win. I really enjoy your blog.

  85. Crystal

    A $100 AmEx giftcard would go a long way in helping us furnish our nursery for our first baby :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  86. Tamela Moore

    Love the new show, HGTV has done it again. Would love to
    use the S100 gift card to finish off my dinning room. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  87. Jacqueline

    With $100, I would build a sitting area for the backyard. With 4 kids ages 6months-6yrs, we are outside quite often! Thanks for the chance to win!

  88. Judy

    I would love to use the $100 AmEx giftcard to purchase some items to spruce up our front porch.

  89. Shaina

    I would use the gift card on a new fixture in my dining room or breakfast nook!

  90. Bri

    I would probably buy tile for my shower surround with it. I’m dying to get in that bathroom with a sledgehammer!

  91. amanda

    $100 amex card could be used up pretty quick! we have some spaces that def. Could use recovering/resurfaced around here!

  92. Shauntelle

    Oh, I’m torn with what I’d do. On the one hand, It would be great to use it toward a little weekend getaway for the family cause we could all use one. On the other hand, I could use it toward new patio furniture for the new place… decisions, decisions! :)

  93. Carla

    We might be moving to a new home so a $100 gift card would be nice. I could buy something new for the new house like art or fabric for curtains. Oh yeah. And missed the HGTV’d too darn it.

  94. Tracy

    I would use it to put in a backsplash in the kitchen.

  95. jeannie

    I would update a few light fixtures around here. Always seems to be the last on my list!

  96. AJ

    I was unable to watch last week but plan on watching the new show whenever I can – Love HGTV! Anyway… I would use the gift card to spruce up my living room – it needs a little love! Thanks for the chance to win. AJ – queenofmynest(at)gmail(dot)com

  97. mary b

    Love HGTV!
    If I won a $100 AmEx gift card I would have to use it for gutters on my Farmer’s porch…so tired of the rain splashing my mulch up onto the nice white paint ;)

  98. Kelly

    Great giveaway, I’m an HGTV addict, so how fitting! =) I’m about to move cross country and into a new apartment, so I’d use the $100 to get me started on the decorating and DIY projects I have planned!

  99. Kristie G.

    What an awesome giveaway! We have a list of projects around our house and this would definitely help out! Thank you!

  100. Tracy

    I keep trying to convince my sister to submit a video to HGTV’d-they have 3 kids, 2 dogs, and a great little cape style home. Only problem is, it’s so compartmentalized with walls everywhere that the whole family can hardly fit in one room together!

    As for me and that $100 AmEX gift card, I’ve been looking to add colorful throw pillows and accessories to our dark-ish family room. But it looks presentable enough the way it is, so new accessories just because I want them feels like excess. A gift card would help me do this without pangs of conscience!

  101. Diane

    HI Melissa-

    I would so love to have some extra cash right now. I am makeovering a bathroom in my house and it seems I keep having to run to Lowes to get some tool or supply.
    My best- Diane

  102. Keisha

    Practically watch HGTV every day in our home! I will buy some decorating accessories from either Z Gallerie or Pier 1 Imports, two of my favorite stores.

  103. Christen

    I would use it to tile the shower in our master bath so we can get rid of that ugly, dated surround! ; )

  104. Amy A.

    How exciting! I would use it toward fixing up my laundry room!

  105. Libby

    I would use it toward finishing the update on our back screened-in porch. Great giveaway! I did watch HGTV’D and really liked it. I have them all set to record so I won’t miss one episode.

  106. BecKy wooldridge

    two of my children are setting up homes inn different cities this summer. I’d love to be able to help them make their new place look like home! how fun…

  107. KellyB

    I would use it to buy flowers for my front yard. We just finished remodeling (to the studs!) our farmhouse and I am ready to start on the outside now.

  108. Alyssa L.

    Having just bought a house, there is no end to what I would use it for! Probably to buy some shelves for the laundry room.

  109. Michelle

    Good morning and what a sweet giveaway :0) We would love to use it in our living room. Progress has stalled due to lack of funds and the room is in such a HUGE state of craziness right now. $100 would really help!

  110. Suzanne

    I didn’t get to see the show, but I’m so excited that there’s a new design show, and not a real estate show!
    I’d buy an outdoor rug for our new porch.

  111. Shannon

    Bathroom renovation!

  112. Shawnda

    $100…I’d put it toward lumber to build an outdoor table/benches/chairs a la Ana White. :) I recently hung dropcloth drapes on our covered patio and now I’d like to convert that space into something we can use all summer long.

  113. Jessie C.

    I’d put it towards a new kitchen counter.

  114. Lisa N.

    I would definitely use this to finally put some window treatments up in the master bedroom. It’s almost complete with the exception of curtains! Help me complete our sanctuary! :)

  115. Heather A.

    What would I do with a $100 AmEx gift card? Dude… spend it on frivolous home projects. Nothing that has to be done, just things I want to do! Oh, the options are endless!!

  116. Laurie

    Wow! I would use it to buy some flower pots, flowers, an outdoor rug and some type of outdoor “artwork” for my front porch!

  117. Cari

    I love the gift card so that I can finish up my twins’ bedroom that has been in a perpetual state of half-done since we moved in 5 years ago!

  118. Heather Duren

    I’d use it to purchase some fabric for the windows in my bedroom.

  119. Stephanie

    LOVE HGTV! If I won I would buy new exterior light fixtures!!! They have been on my to do list for months!

  120. Erin Houghton

    Hi Melissa,

    I love HGTV and would like to be entered to win the gift card. I would use it to replace an old ceiling fan in my living room with something more charming.
    Thank you.

  121. Jennifer DG

    Aww, missed the new show!! I will be on the the look out for it!
    With $100 I would put towards my curtains! I am attempting to make my own curtains to try and block some of the morning sun that is heating up our den. Finding the right Fabric/Print is HARD!!

  122. Mindy S

    I think I would use it to start putting new wood floors in my bedroom!

  123. Mary N

    What would I do with a $100 AMEX card? We’ll be moving across the country soon, housing still to be determined. No doubt, I’d use it to personalize the new dig.

  124. holly

    Just moved into a new home and would LOVE some extra decorating money! :)

  125. Angela

    How fun! I am moving into a new house in a couple of weeks and have so much painting and fixture changing to do. Would definitely use it to do come of that.

  126. Christie

    An awesome prize from sponsored by my favorite channel and posted on my fav blog? Sign me up! :-)

  127. teresa

    I didn’t get to see it…have it set to record. {Most everything we watch has been pre recorded =) crazy life.
    Looking forward to checking it out.
    As for the card…I would use it for “Art”….my cottage walls are a little bare.
    Thanks for all you do.
    Have a great day

  128. Whitney

    I would love to win this! I didn’t get a chance to watch HGTV’d, but will next time! And what would I do? Buy some paint! Half of my house is still pink-ish (swine?) and ugly from the previous owners.

  129. amy

    yes yes PLEASE! I would use it for more flowers for sure!

  130. Katie

    I would take my kids on a fun outing – somewhere cool on a hot day!

  131. Julie Lawson

    I love your blog. It totally inspires me! Keep up the great work! I have tweeked my home space as a result of reading your blog! Thank you so much.

  132. Sherry

    Melissa, Thanks for the chance to win $100 from HGTV! I would love some new kitchen and bath rugs. Something pretty for summer.

  133. Julie Lawson

    Oh, and I desperately need a new rug in my tv room where I watched the first edition of HGTV’d. Love that David Bromsted!


  134. JennG

    Oooh, I’d stretch that gift card as far as I could. We just purchased a summer cottage and have had a blast with DiY projects, lots of paint, etc. Thanks for giving me the chance to enter. Have a great day!

  135. Patti E

    Wow! A $100 would go a long way with my buying some paint…
    Fingers crossed…..!

  136. MaryBeth

    We are finishing our walkout basement and some extra money would be benefical. Every little bit helps.

  137. Kelly

    LOVE HGTV….I am a teacher and am so enjoying the summer off to catch up on all of your shows!

  138. Heather

    I’d buy some paint and get my redecorating on!

  139. Kelli G

    We moved into our new home in February and settling in has been a slow process since I’m pregnant with twins and have a toddler in tow at all times. I’d use the $$ to make my boys’ rooms extra special for them!

  140. Arielle

    I would love to get a new rug to liven up our living room. Thankfully, I’ll be able to get lots of inspiration thanks to such fun summer shows!

  141. maggie

    Of course I’ll enter! :) I need some new fabrics!

  142. Bonnie Jean Fulcher

    What is HGTV’d ? Our TV broke down and I have barely had time to watch since we got a new one. Most of the shows I really liked are gone now. I watched religiously for several years but I am more into the DIY and crafty shows. Most of the new shows are too modern… and they keep moving Holmes on Homes which was the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I don’t think it is even on HGTV now. I used to love “Neat” too… lots of great and not so expensive organizing ideas. That might be on TLC… I forget. It is so confusing… too many choices. I like traditional, rustic, victorian and colonial … nothing at all modern. I hate that the shows are constantly changing and you don’t know from season to season what is on when. I also hate having to go to my computer every day to see what is on when. But I could really use $100.00… we have lots of DIY projects we are working on… this month we are also having some professionals in to do electrical work. We bought the “money pit” in 2005 and have regretted it ever since. We found out about three days into it when we almost died due to a huge hole in the furnace. And we had it inspected. I think I will hire Holmes to come and build my next house !

  143. Jennifer

    How fun! I would use it toward new 2″ faux wood blinds to replace our ancient cheap metal mini blinds!

  144. Heather H

    We have all sorts of projects that this would be great for!

  145. Megan

    I would use gift card to buy plants and flowers for our front yard. We just moved into our first house this winter and are revamping the front landscaping.

  146. Doris

    I would purchase items to decorate our bathroom.

  147. Maureen

    with the economy like it is this would help in the home improvement of our place.

  148. Tara

    First, I love your daily blog… such good ideas and inspiration. I would love to win!!! When I started thinking about what I would use it for the list became endless. How fabulous to imagine spending $100 over and over and over again. I am starting a new DIY project for my old wicker furniture. New cushions would be a lovely idea. Here’s to winning!

  149. Joy

    I’d go to HomeGoods for a guilt-free shopping spree! :)

  150. Maggie

    Oh goodness! Thanks so much for a chance to win such an awesome prize!!! I would definitely use the gift card to buy paint to re-do my kids’ bedrooms…yep…that or new clothes…;)

  151. rebecca.k

    I would use the gift card toward the purchase of new tile in our kitchen. We just removed a wall in our kitchen, so we are living with an old vinyl floor with sub-floor showing where we took out the wall. Not attractive! :)

  152. Keara

    Buy decorations for the baby’s room!!

  153. Corey

    Oh my gosh, I would LOVE to buy some materials to build (yes, I said BUILD) a new master bed. It’s been put off for way too long because of silly necessities like groceries, books for school, etc. Adult priorities = no fun!

  154. Rachel

    Missed the first episode but plan on watching next Monday.

  155. Tara

    I would love to put that gift card toward a patio! We love to grill and enjoy the sun, but right now we don’t have any where to eat outside. This would definitely help!

  156. the cape on the corner

    oh no, so sorry about your tv, that stinks!

    i would put the gift card towards some new bedroom furniture…that stuff is so expensive, that every little bit extra helps.

  157. Esther

    I would so love to win!! I am working on my dining room and $100.00 would help in there so much!!

  158. Tara

    Go on a nice summer date with my husband! :)

  159. Phyllis

    Started redoing my bedroom and had to stop since I had lack of funds. Could really use $100 to help finish up.

  160. cassandralouise

    Paint, paint, paint!!!!

  161. Verlan Day

    We are building a new home, so I am sure it would go toward new linens for my bed.

  162. Tessa

    With a $100 gift card, I’d buy some containers to help me organize my pantry.

  163. tammy

    I love HGTV! What a fun contest.

    I would probably use the gift card towards buying new cushions for my patio furniture. The ones we have are literally falling apart and new ones just aren’t in the budget right now.

  164. Tasha

    I could use it to paint the laundry room and my daughter’s room. That would be perfect!!!


  165. Megan

    So fun!! I’m dying that I can’t wait this. We don’t have cable right now. Boo. But maybe a gift card would perk up the fact that I’m missing this!

  166. nancyo

    I would so love the extra cash to finish up a few of my outstanding projects! :)

  167. leslie

    we’re having to re-do the basement because of some flooding… and while practical me would say I’d use the card to go towards re-modeling, I think I’d actually do my best to talk my husband in to a new sofa to go with the new walls and new carpet….:)

  168. Jennifer

    I’m moving in two weeks to a new-to-me home! Yay! $100 would give me a kick start on all the fun projects I can’t wait to get started with. Paint, plant, furnish, update, decorate…shall I go on? :) Btw, I did see HGTV’d last week and l.o.v.e.d. it! Too fun!

  169. Cathy

    I’d finally get a rug for the kitchen table…it’s needed one for forever! Thanks for the giveaway!

  170. Pam

    Some new cushions for my garage sale chairs would be a treat! I was planning to make them, but would be oh-so-happy to ‘simply’ cross that off my list! :)

  171. Joy Lee

    Oh so many things that I could do with a $100! Probably would go toward the purchase of a rug. I am in desperate need of some rugs in my house.

  172. Franki Parde

    I would surely like to be HGTV’d…but an AMEX card would be nice, too! :-D franki

  173. kristin

    of course I’d love to win!

  174. Lindsay

    I think I would paint. Our house is still full of the previous owners paint choices which is o.k. (b/c it’s neutral) but I’d like to add some punches of color here and there.

  175. Mindy

    I’m so bummed I can’t watch that show!!! We don’t have cable. :o( Cruel and unusual punishment I tell ya! If I had an extra $100 bucks, it would definitely go toward scratching another project off the never ending to-do list!

  176. Julia

    I still haven’t had a chance to watch that show, but maybe I’ll catch it this week. Like everyone else, I sure could use an Am Ex gift card. My summer house-project list is about 3 pages long and growing! :-)

  177. Susan

    I would decide how to decorate our new foster child’s room who hopefully will be adopted into our family soon! We have waited to do anything specific, so this would really be helpful!

  178. Kim

    SO many ideas….SUCH a limited budget!!! It would be toss up between paint and wall decor! =)
    Thanks for all of your inspiration!!!

  179. Kate

    I’d buy rugs, or lighting, or plants, or curtain rods, or couch covers, or…. I don’t know…. It would just be too exciting to win!!!

  180. Denise Dynes

    I believe $100 would just about top off my savings for a plane ticket to visit a faraway friend!

  181. Ashley

    I didn’t catch the premier and am hoping to find it on the internet soon (no luck so far). I’d love LOVE more funding for my billion+++ home projects. Thanks for the chance Melissa, and HGTV! :)

  182. Maggie

    I’d buy new curtains for our home we moved into a couple of months ago. :0

  183. Michelle R.

    What woudl I do with $100 AMEX gift card?! It is never too early to start thinking about Christmas presents, especially if you are planning on making them. I would hit up a few of my favorite places to supplies; Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, Home Depot, Goodwill and the list goes on.

  184. Holly Edwards

    If I won, I would pay off bills with it!

  185. Sarah

    Having just been layed off from my job 2 days ago, I can say $100 would make a difference. Not a fun answer,but we would use the $100 on food, gas, and the like.
    imascubagirl (at) yahoo (dot) com

  186. Vintage Beach Girl

    I think I would buy more chalk paint to paint our entertainment center and a kitchen cabinet. Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway! What a great prize! I’m ashamed to admit I missed the show but I’ll be sure to watch from now on! Take care, VBg

  187. Julie

    Do a little sprucing up in our bathroom :)

  188. Leah Marie

    I’d buy new light fixtures for my bathrooms!

  189. Susie

    With a $100 AMEX Gift Card I would treat myself to a facial and shoulder massage! :)

  190. Tersa S.

    Oh so many things to do with $100! I think I would put it toward an outdoor table and chair set. This is our first house with a covered back porch, so I am itching to get some furniture out there!

  191. Lindsay

    Desperately need new filing storage to replace the falling-apart box setup we have right now – in a design which hubby and I both like. We have a challenge ahead of us right there that just maybe this would help us out with.

  192. Jennie

    I would put it towards a new washer and dryer.

  193. marie

    Road trip! I’d use that gift on a summer getaway with my sweet husband.

  194. rachel

    I love hgtv, and I really love cold hard cash!

  195. Tana Hendricks

    Use it on our first tropical vacation with my husband this summer!

  196. Jenn

    Is is bad I had to google what an AMEX card was? But, I’d still love to win it!!!

  197. Alex

    We’d use it to make our cozy apartment totally chic with some new accents.

  198. jessica

    i adore hgtv. and since i clearly did not win the green home, maybe i could win this one!! ;)

  199. Tammy

    I would use it to help furnish the nursery for our first grandchild. The father is a teacher so money is tight for them.

  200. Jennifer

    hah..that stinks…but do not feel bad, I missed it too and I’ve been wanting to watch it! Instead I got caught up in the CMT Awards last night…oh and even worse I didn’t even record it. :-( Maybe next week!

  201. Jennifer

    ha I forgot to say what I would use the AMEX card for…well needless to say my house is a never ending project, but the latest is we are remodeling our master and this would help with new furniture! ;-)

  202. Laura

    Sure. I’ll win! That would help with the porch-to-rumpus-room transformation!

  203. sarah

    i would redo the upstairs bathroom, or i would get my kitchen faucet that i’ve been dreaming of. i have an old builder’s grade boring one.

  204. Karon

    I’ve never tuned in to either show, but I will now. I would love a custom made coffee bar! That would be heaven. If I won a $100 gift card, not sure what I would spend it on, definitely my house – maybe the shows will give me some ideas!

  205. Katie Seest

    I’d buy a couple of new rugs for my kitchen and go on a date w/my husband.

  206. colleen

    Paint! Paint! Paint! My entire downstairs has been painted, and we never painted the upstairs (after 5 years in a new house). It is about time!

  207. Sara

    We’re moving into our first place next week! It would be so nice to have this for new furniture!

  208. April

    We had a flat screen that did that too, after the warranty was up. My husband took it apart and one of the capacitors had shattered. He bought a new one for about $2 from the hardware store, replaced it, and it’s been working for us for another couple years now. They don’t make them like they used to, you’re right. They’re also harder to rip apart and fix yourself, if you can figure out what’s wrong in the first place.
    love your blog!

  209. Michelle

    I would buy a new area rug. We’ve had the same one in our high-traffic family room for way too long, and it needs to be retired.

  210. Payal

    I’d put it towards getting a new kitchen sink & faucet.

  211. Tisha berkenpas

    I love HGTV!

  212. Sandy

    I missed the first show too. If I won the gift card, I would go on a little weekend trip.

  213. Claire

    Oh, man, I so wanted to get a video in to be on that show. My backyard would be the perfect place for them to work and do a monumental makeover. Or my kitchen/family room area. That said, I’d use the gift card to pay for the new backyard furniture or plants that I need as I redo my backyard this year.

  214. Becky

    Give my backyard a shot in the arm. It’s a lovely yard, but needs some pizazz to spice it up and make it party worthy!

  215. Natasha

    I’d use a gift card towards the purchase of some new towels and hardware for my recently painted master bath.

  216. Sandy

    Your site is adorable…..
    And like you…I love HGTV….and Sarah’s House…
    What would I do with $100 gift card….hmmm….buy a couple of decorating books and maybe a ticket to a garden tour.

  217. Laurie Cordeniz

    I would put that $100 towards the re-do of my children’s bathroom which looks the same as when we bought our home 25 years ago – ouch!

  218. Cindi

    Our backyard fence and small deck have needed
    staining for awhile now. This Amex $100 gift
    card could buy some stain for us…
    Many thanks to you!

  219. Heather

    This would help complete my newly redesigned living room.

  220. Diane

    So glad God provided for you via Costco!!
    Gosh, Melissa….there are so many things I could do with an AMEX gift card! Let’s just say I’d be blessed beyond imagination. :-)

  221. Sabrina

    I definitely could use this to spruce up the backyard with some flowers and pretty flower pots!

  222. Charity

    We just moved across the country and I’m dreaming of curtains! Pick me! Pick me!

  223. Charlotte

    ohmygosh! just thinking of all the places I could paint and the old vintage windows & frames I could buy with a hundred bucks has got me giddy!! :)

  224. Gale

    I would SO buy new pillows and lamps for my family room!!! Desperately need more color! :)

  225. Tracey

    Yeah for free money! Thanks for offering up a great giveaway and for reminding me this show is sitting on my DVR waiting to be watched.

  226. Autumn Rujiraviriyapinyo

    We are adding on a family room to our home this summer. It would be put to very good use on any number of things to in there…like dry wall and ship-lap =p

  227. Fiona's Mosaic

    I would redo my daughter’s bedroom! It needs it! And now that the oldest is home from college and moved back home, we need some creative storage in there.

    Yay! It COULD be me!

  228. Pam

    A great giveaway! Count me in:) thanks for the fun

  229. Andrea Wood

    $100 would help toward furniture in the basement we are remodeling. Thanks for your giveaways!

  230. sandy

    Wow! We would love to get some new bedding for our bedroom!

  231. Jen Borden

    Would love to win!!! I would use the $100 towards some outside pillows for front porch and a new umbrella for the deck table.

  232. Bethany

    I never ever win, so here goes. We need to buy bushes for our landscaping project out front, which would be the most practical, but the most fun would be to buy the most darling swimming suit that I have been eyeing but is way out of my budget. Just being honest! :)

  233. Jean W

    I’d love to win a gift card! I think I need a day to splurge on myself- (we women always tend to put ourselves last, don’t we?) I would love a day of ‘pampering’- mani. pedi & a hair cut & style! A “Just for me day” would be just what the doctor ordered!

  234. Katie

    We are in the process of fencing our yard and creating a fun and festive outdoor living space – an Amex card would be super helpful! :)

  235. Heidi

    I would get fabric for new dining room window treatments and to reupholster a slipper chair for my office. So fun to think about!! Thanks Melissa, for hosting!!

  236. Catherine

    We are working on replacing our deck and would probably use it toward that.

  237. kathy h

    Right this very moment, I’d use the AMEX card to buy a new set of sheets. Ours are torn and worn, but there’s no money in the budget right now.

  238. Teacup Lane

    I would probably spent the gift card on something for our house. I can dream…right? I missed the new show on HGTV but I’m dvring Sarah’s shows. I love her designs! I liked “meeting” her cute hubby and Tommy is always a “hoot”.

  239. Regina Veillet

    I am loving getting my regular “Melissa fix” now that I am getting your blog every morning! The new show sounds great. I will set the DVR today!

  240. Beth

    I would probably use the card to help with our kitchen remodel. The money sure does add up!

  241. Jolynne

    I love HGTV and The Inspired Room! And if I won the $100 Amex gift card, I’d put it towards new drapes for my living room. Thanks for the chance to win, and for all the inspiration. Jo

  242. Nicole

    I would LOVE to win this!!

  243. Monica Hoang

    I would put this $100 towards my Silhouette fund =) It would be put to great use!!!

  244. Shari

    This would definately help with the master bedroom makeover I’m working on!

  245. Susan

    I would do something silly and oh-so-fun…maybe take our grandgirls on a fun day. I can’t think of anything else I want to do except make some memories!!

  246. Carol

    I want to make-over our patio … I want an oasis … $100 would be a great start on some cushions, lanterns, rug and plants! Well … like I said … a good START! Thanks for the opportunity!

  247. Teresa

    Looking forward to the next episode – Sabrina Soto is one of my HGTV faves!!!
    Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway – $100 would go straight to some indoor storage containers. Always needing more of those!!

  248. Jenny H

    Pretty much love every show on HGTV and this one is no exception! The $100 AMEX gift card would be a great start to decorating a nursery for our second baby, due this December!

  249. Pam

    A $100 AMEX card from my favorite network, HGTV, would go a long way in helping me transform my bedroom into the dreamy place I know it can be. Thanks for the opportunity!

  250. Gigi

    I enjoy your blog and would love to win $100.00 gift card. I would us it for something for the yard. Thanks

  251. Emma

    I’d totally use it to decorate the new apartment/duplex/house/whatever that my bf and I will be moving to! Or on my trip to New York City in August. Either would be awesome :)

  252. Leslie

    Love your website – have to read every post!!! With $100, I would put in a new window upstairs in my house. A 100-year old house is in dire need of new windows!!! Too many years of wear and tear on the poor frames. Hope that you pick me!

  253. Ashley

    I would continue my bedroom re-do project. Maybe find some new bedside tables or give the walls a fresh coat of paint?

  254. Deann Carpenter

    hmmmm…$100 would give me a very fun outing to IKEA! There is SO much on my wish list.

  255. Barbara

    I love Sarah and Sabrina’s shows and will be setting my dvr. I would purchase a pool lounge chair for my hubby. Father’s Day is coming!

  256. Laura

    My husband and I close on our very first house tomorrow. If I won this gift card I would use it to buy my very first vacuum. HGTV would be giving me the gift of clean. (^-^)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  257. VHiggins

    *crosses fingers* I love design shows but we can’t afford cable (gotta love being out of work :-( ), do you know if they stream any shows online or via Hulu or Netflix or something? I would *love* that!

  258. Mollianne

    I am working on re-doing the master bedroom in our house that my color-blind, engineer husband ‘decorated’ before we got married. Girl…it is B-A-D…but the love we share there is G-O-O-D!!! I’d use the $100 for fabric for the new bedskirt and window treatments and accent pillows.

  259. Rena

    I’d love to win – we are screening in our deck and will need lots of new things:)

  260. Jeannine

    Wow! That’s pretty awesome of HGTV! I watched the first episode and it was over the top…but that’s what we expect of David. I can’t wait to see Emily’s episode!

  261. Vicki

    I would buy some of that fantastic Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!

  262. Victoria

    Hmm…$100? Well, I would definitely put it together with all the Lowe’s gift cards I’ve been hoarding to update our laundry room. We have to paint, put new flooring in, and in general make everything prettier!

  263. Courtney

    $100 would seriously help my husband and I mulch all of the flower beds that we are trying to spruce up!

  264. Jennifer S

    I need to DVR this show! With the $100, I would probably go to HomeGoods to find a new side table for the guest room.

  265. Lisa

    I would use the gift card toward our landscaping project, it’s 3 summers in the making and hopefully the last phase this summer!

  266. Pam

    I love the new show! And what a great giveaway!

    I’m glad to hear you were able to get your tv fixed or replaced! Gotta love Costco! :)

    Have a great day.

  267. Missy June

    I’d use it for groceries. It could really help us right now.

  268. Glenna

    I would head straight to the paint store and get some paint for my kitchen and bedroom.

  269. Allie

    After reading your blog about “five things to ask yourself before buying a white sofa”, I decided I’m ready. I would use $100 to buy an extra set of white slipcovers for my fabulous IKEA sofa nad chairs I am purchasing on my next trip to Atlanta ( in July)! I think I’m ready for white but with two boys and a dog, slipcovers are a must!

  270. Megan W

    I definitely spend it on some nice new accessories for the home!

  271. Ashley Taylor

    I would either get new bed clothes or a new bed frame. Decisions, decisions….

  272. Alicia P

    I can watch hgtv all day! I would use this for some lamps to pop the decor all over my house.

  273. Monica F.

    With an AMEX $100 gift card, I would drive to Ikea to shop! It’s a few hours away and I’ve never been. This would give me a great excuse to go!

  274. Allison

    I need a bathroom makeover…$100 would definitely get me started with buying paint and a new light fixture!

  275. kayduh

    I would add it to the upstairs addition fund. Every little bit helps!

  276. Lana G!

    I live in the state of Washington but work in the state of California. When I am in CA working, I live with my sister. This summer I will be moving to a different room in their house and I would use the money to spruce up the new room.

  277. Colleen

    I’d probably put it toward window treatments.

  278. Connie

    Just added this show to the dvr!

  279. Alissa

    I’m an HGTV junkie! I’d use the $100 to kickstart our minor kitchen updating and put it towards new countertops and cabinet knobs.

  280. stacy

    oh gosh, that would sure buy some paint! thanks for the chance to win!

  281. FirstCorinthiansThirteen

    I would use it toward a pair of tabnle lamps for our living room! Or to buy supplies for my DIY 60 inch pic I want above our bed. Or to repaint the office. Or to DIY a frame around our giagantic mirror in our living room… you get the idea.

  282. Laura

    Thanks for the giveaway – if I won, I’d probably spend it on getting the final touches for our master bedroom finished!

  283. Gina

    I would use it to redo my laundry room. I know exactly what I want to do but, as with everyone, funds are limited. I think it needs a sparkley ceiling mounted fixure but my teenage daughter thinks I’m nuts…so I must be on the right track!

  284. Vicki

    I would use it to buy that great Chalk Paint from Annie Sloan!

  285. bethany

    i’d spend the card on my hubby’s birthday…. :) fingers crossed!

  286. Lanelle Lambert

    Love your blog. Moving into a new house and getting lots of ideas decorating with what you have although a AMEX gift card won’t hurt. It’s going to need lots of paint to start with.

  287. Sonya B

    We would fluff our back patio a bit. Right now it is somewhat drap and in need of some fluffing.

  288. Jackie

    I did see the 1st episode of HGTV’d and didn’t particularly like David’s design. Hope I like the next one better. I’m a big fan of Sabrina Soto. Thanks for the chance to win the $100. I actually would like a new lens for my camera, so I’d use it for that.

  289. Carolyn

    I’d definitely spring for some wall art for my bare, bare living room walls!

  290. Mary Friedrich

    I would love to get a monetary boost to help finish my powder room. It’s so small that $100 could really go a long way! :)

  291. Laura

    Oh wow- I would work on my office for sure!!

  292. GinaE

    Either some patio cushions or a new gas grill would be what I would use the gift card for. Many thanks for the chance to win!!!

  293. Monika

    I’d love to revamp my daughters’ playroom!

  294. Amanda

    We have so many projects in progress around the home this summer, like paving the patio or finishing paneling the ceiling in our basement, and it would feel so good to complete some of them. $100 would greatly help to finally put these projects to rest so we can relax and enjoy the summer!

  295. Lisa P.

    As much as I’d love to go on an Ikea shopping spree….I’d probably use it for groceries.

  296. Virginia

    Hmmmmm…a new bedspread would be nice…or thermal curtains to keep summer’s heat at bay. Yep! That’s what I’d want to do with an HGTV’d Amex gift card! :)

  297. Terri

    I would use it for art supplies.

  298. elz

    We have a ton of home renovation projects- we could repair the screened porch, get new linens, paint, or a new kitchen light fixture. Thanks for the chance to win.

  299. Jessica F

    I would use it to put a frame around the blah builders basic mirror in our bathroom!!!

  300. Mimi

    I would use it to buy an indoor/outdoor rug for my deck!!!

  301. Marilyn Holeman

    Hmm. I think if I won the $100 gift card I would buy a pond kit or perhaps a fountain for the yard. Fun!

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  302. Brenda

    This would go nicely towards my patio remodel!

  303. Arlene

    We will finally be taking over our townhouse in August/Sept that we have been renting out; until we were able to move due to my work. We have a lot of projects but will probably start with renting a wallpaper steamer to remove wallpaper and on from there……

  304. Erica

    eee I would love to win the gift card!! :)

  305. Marla

    Wow! How can one easily decide on one project Melissa, when you give us so many great ongoing ideas via your website?!:)
    Well, if I have to choose one, I guess I’ll go with the patio. Summer is nearly here and it needs some TLC to make it a ‘room’ for our family and friends to enjoy.
    Once again, “Thank you Melissa,” for offering such wonderful opportunities through your creative insight!

  306. AEOT

    We’re in the process of decorating my son’s “big boy” room, and that AmEx would help us buy a dresser to refinish or go towards a handyman to put in a built in bookshelf in the nook he has in his room.

  307. Beth

    I would love to have $100 to go toward our new back patio re-do! That would be awesome! Love your blog!

  308. Lesley

    $100 gift card would help me start on my master bedroom ..

  309. Sallie

    I would put it towards a new summer rug for the family room.

  310. Sylvia

    I would buy some supplies and get crafty with the kids this summer!

  311. Laura Zarrin

    I have two ugly bathrooms & a sad deck, so I have some deciding to do if I win.

  312. Katie Rye

    Oh my goodness my next project is to make a headboard for our spare bedroom! I have the design all ready but have not purchased the supplies!!

  313. Carol Ann

    We are taking a long road trip this summer and I’m sure I will find a shop or two along the way to spend that cash!

  314. Sarah S.

    Loved the first episode! So sorry you missed it. I would love for them to come out to my home and redo my empty back yard.

  315. Mary G.

    This would come in handy for the big painting project next week!

  316. natalie

    I would spend it on a ceiling fan for our bedroom… we’re sweltering! Leftovers would go to fun lampshades… :)

  317. Heather dela Cruz

    I have a huge craft/sewing room all to myself, and I have been itching to paint it and put up some shelving. This would help me get going for sure!

  318. Mary

    We have chosen to not have tv and I usually love it except when I want to see something like this!!!

    Please enter me in the contest!!

  319. Natasha

    Love your website! I find myself bookmarking so many of your posts then sharing them with my boyfriend to get him inspired, too – we JUST moved into an apartment (albeit rental), and we are more than excited by the endless opportunities. As we are young and still at the bottom of the salary ladder, we’ve been inspired (and determined!) to refurbish our curbside furniture, thereby transforming our home into a home we can share with and entertain friends (it’s too hot in DC to go outside!). A $100 AmEx would cover the cost to supply this mission: sanding wedges, wood putty, bonding primers, paint (or Krylon paint sprays!), water-based protectant, new knobs, etc (I’ve done my homework). If there’s any left over (and I will maximize every cent on that card), I think this would be make for a lovely cherry to our ‘iced’ apartment:,+product.marketingPriority&navCount=635&navAction=poppushpush&color=&pushId=A_FURN_RUGS&popId=A_DECORATE&prepushId=&selectedProductSize=

  320. helen

    i have soooo many dreams though i think i would put it toward new deck furniture, ours is looking sad.

    thank you!

  321. Laura

    I’d keep painting. One room down and about 4 more to go.

  322. GJ

    I could work wonders on our offices with a $100 face lift!

  323. Faith

    My 17 year old son plopped down on the couch the other day and we heard a big “crack”. Oops, broke the frame. $100 toward a new couch would be a good start. Thanks for hosting!

  324. Karen

    I think I would probably use it with some of my own dollars to fly to Austin (from So.CA) to visit my 6 month old grand daughter!

  325. Sarah Knudsen

    I could really use a $100 gift card towards our house renovation.

  326. Rose Christopher

    I love the new HGTV shows. I’d love to win the AMEX card! I’ve got bitten by the “restyled” bug and loving it!

  327. Ann

    I’m sure it would end up buying fabric and paint.

  328. susan

    My rose covered cottage! :) not all my climbers “took” last year, and I need to start on bigger trellises&perennial vines to fill in. My little 2story brick will be so pretty once the front climbers&vines get filled in-ooooooh! Better yet the Bloomerang Lilac that blooms spring thru fall&smells like the old-fashioned ones. I will have aromatherapy -&- gorgeous everytime I step out the front door! Thank you for the opportunity,Melissa! Yaaaaay!

  329. D'Rae

    What an awesome giveaway! I so could use that for some new crafting supplies!

  330. erica

    I’d love some new summer clothes! My wardrobe needs inspiration.

  331. Michelle

    Fun show! I need to watch for it! With $100 I would stock us up with sunblock and bug-spray for the summer…always forget how pricey that stuff gets!

  332. Leslie

    Redecorating my daughter’s bedroom and the gift card would definitely come in handy. Thanks!

  333. Mandi Wolters

    I just bought my first house, so I’d buy curtains. Or rugs. Or paint. Or bedding. Or art. So many possibilities!!

  334. HollowSquirrel

    I’d buy a stencil and paint for my entryway and gleefully spend the rest on FABRICS!

  335. Ronnell

    Oh wow, with a $100 gift card there are lots of things I I could do with it! Buy paint for my bedroom, put it towards new flooring, I always have an endless project list. Fingers are crossed here!

  336. Andi

    I so wish that I could watch this new show. Too bad I live where it’s not aired. :(

  337. Teresa

    I would buy some planters for our deck!

  338. MarySue

    Longing to paint our white walls with some vibrant color — $100 gift card could get us started!

  339. Erin

    We are planning to move soon so a $100 gift card would be nice to add new touches to our next home.

  340. Shannon C

    Some new cushions for patio furniture. I have to tune in to the next show missed the first one.

  341. Shelley

    I really need some new bedding for my bed! :)

  342. Mimi

    If I won the $100 AMEX card I would buy new bedding. I’ve worked hard to complete my little haven, but believe it or not the bedding is the last thing I need. The walls are a pale lilac. The bedside tables are glossy black and there are silver and black accessories.

  343. Kathy

    I’ve always wanted a bird bath. Or maybe new towels. Or maybe some storage things so I can declutter. The possibilities are endless!

  344. Heidi L

    Oh, thanks for the reminder about HGTV’d, I’m setting the DVR now! I would love to win the Amex card and would use it to update my kitchen with new hardware, curtains, and paint! Thanks for the giveaway!

  345. Jan Stephenson

    If I won the $100 gift card, i would so put it towards a new grill for our family. Ours is on its last leg! Love your blog!

  346. KC

    $100.00 AMEX card = New Wall Color for my kitchen. WOOO HOOO I am feeling lucky. ;)

  347. Kristyn

    I would use it for our summer living room reno!

  348. Fiona

    I would send my husband and kids out to blow it on items they want to include in our home. My only instructions would be – buy something you absolutely love and don’t considered whether it is worth the money or whether Mummy would like it. It would be fun to see what they would chose and I would be able to include a little bit of them into my decorating choices.

  349. Lynn B.

    Since I’ve downsized to a manufactured home after being only part-time employed the past 2.5 years, I’d use the funds toward upgrading a seriously out-of-date and partially malfunctioning kitchen.

  350. Ashley

    So many wonderful summery things I’d buy with $100!

  351. Meg

    HGTV is the greatest. With $100 I’d buy some new lighting for my new apartment! It needs it.

  352. twelve30

    What a fantastic giveaway. I would use it toward updating my guest bath. Thanks for the giveaway.

  353. Jenny

    Awesome giveway! I would buy something for my back deck! Thank you so much!

    robertjenny @

  354. Monique

    If I won the $100 Amex card, I’d probably buy fabric and art supplies. Woo hoo!

  355. Debra Cheuvront

    Thanks for a great giveaway!! I think I would get new bedding or maybe towels.

  356. Judy

    I would use $100 AMEX card on something around the house. Currently, the bathroom is in progress.

    Judy :)

  357. Dee Guthman

    Plant new window boxes:) Happy Summer

  358. jamie

    if i would win the amex $100 gift card i would perhaps buy myself some new summer clothes. or take the kids on a day trip. the possibilities are endless!

  359. Katie

    I would put it toward back splash for my kitchen…. or the pub table I want… or a new bed spread? Too many options!

  360. Amber

    Some plants and grass for the front yard! I’m sure my neighbors are embarrassed to live next door to me.

  361. Jessica

    I’m thinking a redo of the kids’ bathroom. They’ve outgrown the puppy and kitty shower curtain and accessories.

  362. Aimee

    I need some rugs for my wood floors!! $100 would be so helpful in finding some fashionable ones!

  363. Jodi

    I would use the $100 toward plants for my sparsely landscaped yard. Thank you!

  364. Greta

    I’d buy pillows for our bed and spray paint for my projects!

  365. Tammy aka

    I think with $100 I would redo a dresser into an entertainment stand for our new house.

  366. Amy

    I love that show!! Oh how we could use this! We are slowly trasforming the downstairs in our split level to a master bedroom suite.

  367. Christy

    $100 I would be able to work on some DIY window treatments in my living room!!

  368. Rachel

    I’d love to recover my chairs.

  369. Angie

    I would probably use it to sign our 4 year old up for the little kids’ basketball program this summer.

  370. sandy johnson

    I would love new end tables for my living room. This would help a lot towards them!

  371. Deb Martell

    Probably buy Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint and spruce up some furniture!!

  372. Jeannine

    $100 gift card would be just the thing to get me off the dime to paint my kitchen cabinets this summer and completely change the kitchen’s look. Fun giveaway and great blog!

  373. KO

    We would use it on our trip to Florida for extra fun at Disneyworld!

  374. ileana

    I would love to get some trees for our yard. We had bunnies and they ate around the bark of our young dogwood, and it died. Didn’t know that could happen! I miss my dogwood!!

  375. Kirstie

    I would love to win $100 to finish decorating my den. We put down new flooring and bought new furniture but ran out of money before we ran out of things to do. :)

  376. Christie R.

    I would get new curtains for my front room and some paint!

  377. Mary

    I would love to make curtains for our ranch style home in the country. These are definately a want, not a need (our neighbors are not close). $100 gift card would come in handy.

  378. Courtney S

    I would buy flowers and cool ‘stuff’ for my new yard! This is our first summer in our home and we have a great yard with NOTHING in it…total blank canvas. I don’t even know where to start!

  379. Mary Feagley

    I would love to have some new drape panels for my family room…we are desperately trying to leave the 90’s!

  380. Gina

    Oh! I could so use a boost in my efforts to decorate the kitchen! i have sooo much to do and just need to get started and a little ole gift card would help!!

  381. Jan

    I’d buy something DIY–probably a new sander. Awesome giveaway!

  382. Liz Runge

    I love your blog! I especially love when you share advice/tips. :) ANY extra income..including gift cards..would be a blessing for our new home that we’re closing on in a week! (Our first house!)

  383. Cynthia borbon

    Put it toward our Disneyland fund!

  384. Michelle

    Hmmm, I think it would have to go to our backyard makeover!!

  385. Josee

    I can’t wait to watch it! Thanks!

  386. Tracie

    I would put it towards fixing up my back yard.

  387. Amanda L.

    I love the new show and know you will enjoy the next episode. If I won the $100 gift card, I would be making cushions for my window bench that I just finished.

  388. Rachel K

    What a great giveaway!! I love watching HGTV!!

  389. Joanne B.

    We are planning to re do the floors in my daughter’s bedroom later this summer. We are looking at the Allure vinyl planks- I love the bamboo and it looks soooo real when even right next to the real bamboo wood flooring!. $100.00 would be soooo helpful! Thanks for this opportunity to win!

  390. Amy S.

    If I won the AMEX card I would use it towards purchases for our new house!

  391. Susan Michael

    I would love to redo the light fixtures in my kitchen!

  392. R

    I need some new outdoor cushions!

  393. Carrie

    I love me some HGTV! If I won I’d use it for fixing up the house in prep for selling.

  394. Alison

    Ah, so many things that I could use $100 on. Buy new stain for my deck would be the first thing I would do. I have my DVR set to record HGTV’d.

  395. Marilyn S

    I just finished removing my old jetted tub and installing a tiled walk-in shower…now on to the accessories! That gift card could come in handy!

  396. Sonali

    $100 would go towards the purchase of a new rug for my living room. I have a dog and he loves rugs, not to mention he also likes to take all his toys and his bones to the rug as well. You can imagine the rug takes a ton of beating. Now if only I had beautiful black leather floor tiles like we saw in HGTV’d last week!

  397. S. Agrawal

    Likely not this summer, but early fall I’d love to plant a few fruit trees in my backyard. I could use the amex gift card for that!

  398. Stephanie

    How nice of HGTV! $100 would make a decent dent in buying a new tub surround. I made some bad assumptions when buying my home, like that the beadboard lining my shower was actually made of a waterproof material. Oh well, you live you learn.

  399. June Jones

    I would use it to buy new curtains for my house.

  400. Christi

    We are buying a house, so I’m not sure what I would get first. Probably something to make the bathroom pretty.

  401. Marie Moore

    Gosh where do I start? We just bought a house. A true fixer upper!!

  402. Dawn T

    Awesome giveaway! I would use to towards the above ground pool that we are saving for. It sure is hot & humid here in Florida :)

  403. Connie

    I would put it towards our kitchen which needs a major overhaul!

  404. Leea

    Since I work at a school my home projects get done during the summer, need outdoor furniture, shelving (for both home and school stuff) and the list goes on as to what I would use the gift card towards! Thanks for the chance!

  405. Shelley

    HGTV is awesome! I would love to put the money towards a headboard for my son’s room!

  406. Cara

    Thanks for the chance to win! I love HGTV, and our 100+-year-old house could really use $100 for the many things we have on our to-do list! :-)

  407. Terrie M

    I did see the premiere! That lady was fantastic! So enthusiastic and who doesn’t love David!
    I would probably use the $100 to finish up my master bedroom redo! It’s almost done, just saving a little more money for curtains and accessories.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  408. Jo

    I would buy a tree. Maybe. I’d say some house-related project…but I can’t handle the thought of another project at the moment. I want to take it easy this summer ;-)

  409. Judi

    with $100. dollars I would finish my backyard for summer entertaining!!

  410. Kim

    I’d love to win the giftcsrd. I’d use it to buy supplies to refinish some furniture pieces.

  411. andrea

    We’re turning the kitchen into a school area for homeschool next year…would definitely use it for that!

  412. Kendra

    pick me! pick me! my room needs some serious help!

  413. Kendra

    pick me! pick me!

  414. Lori

    So many projects to choose from……probably a new light fixture for the powder room. Thanks for the chance!

  415. Sherri

    I’m just embarking on a family room redo – $100 gift card would come in handy!

  416. Amy W

    I would put it towards patio furniture.

  417. Kady

    I love HGTV. I would like to finish decorating my baby boy’s room.

  418. Etta

    I would use that gift card to do some much needed updates to our home. We are in the process of removing wallpaper and painting so that gift card would DEFINITELY help!!!! HGTV is WONDERFUL!!!!

  419. Lauren

    A giftcard to help decorate my first baby room would be so incredibly helpful!

  420. Laurie

    I would buy new paint for the main living area in my home!

  421. Kristen

    I would totally have a fun party with my family or buy new bedding for my bedroom!

  422. Jill D

    We’re moving into our first home at the end of this month and a $100 gift card would be such a treat!! I would love to use it to buy some new pillows or paint!

  423. Pam M

    Yes, I saw the premiere of HGTV’d. It has been added to my DVR schedule! I would use the gift card to buy some materials or accessories in our powder room that it about to be redone.

  424. Lainey

    Loved the show!!! I’d use the giftcard to spruce up my bedroom. I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and have a battle ahead of me. Since I’ll be spending a lot of time resting (and watching HGTV getting ideas for when I’m better). Maybe some soft, pretty new bedlinens would be my spending choice. Thanks fir the contest!!!

  425. Kim

    I would put towards my bathroom upgrade – maybe some new pulls and lighting?? Love these posts!! Great ideas!!

  426. Sharon

    Wow! What a great giveaway!! I would take the $100. gift card and use it towards fixing up our back yard. I am trying to turn it in to a place where my family can hang out and spend quality time outside!! Or maybe replace the outdoor chair cushions that a little mommy squirrel tore up to make a nest with, haha!

  427. Elizabeth

    I would finally finish the pieces of furniture waiting for me in the garage. I’ve got plenty of vision – not plenty of disposable cash. ;)

  428. Elz

    We close on our house on the 18th of July, we could so use this money to buy something pretty for it!!

  429. Tonia Smalls

    I discovered your website today as I was looking for DIY sources for a home office. So I am inspired by The Inspired Room and HGTV and would use the gift card to start creating my home office.

  430. KAW Said The Krow

    I would probably buy more plants for my garden

  431. Megan

    I’d buy paint for our kitchen cabinets – they are SO UGLY! :(

  432. Emily

    I could definitely use $100 to help purchase fabric to recover our faded chair!

  433. Michaela

    Now I wish that we had cable again! With $100 I would buy paint and accessories for our family and dining room.

  434. Nan

    So many projects, it would be hard to choose where to begin. Thanks for the giveaway!

  435. Melissa

    I’d use the giftcard to spruce up my youngest son’s room–and to take the family out to dinner!

  436. klynnnn

    faucets or a new garbage disposal… what would I choose?! :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  437. Megan Berkey

    I would LOVE this!! We are in the process of buying our first home and it has TONS of little projects that need done. The first thing on my list would probably be to build a dining room table, farmhouse style =)

  438. Carol Sanders

    Buy more plants for the inside and outside of my home!

  439. Joy

    I’m a huge HGTV fan! I have 100 uses for the $100! Thanks for the giveaway!

  440. Jaynie

    We just moved for my husbands new job as a worship minister. $100 would add some of the home sweet home touches to the house we are in the process of purchasing.
    Thank you for the give away!!

  441. Shellie

    I love HGTV!! I also love your blog!!

  442. Melissa

    I’d paint our apartment!

  443. Tina

    I would love to win! Thanks :)

  444. allison

    what a wonderful giveaway! Thank you!!! I would love to put the money towards a slip cover for our sofa- we currently have a large white paint stain after a calamity that involved turning our sofa upside down and accidentally pushing a can of paint over while moving it… oops! needless to say, the perfectly good sofa might need a bit of a face lift!!!

  445. Candice

    I would paint my son’s room with $100 AMEX card. Its next on my list so why not?

  446. Gloria Kressin

    The last are in our house to be remodeled is the living room/dining room. Could definitely use a $100 AMEX gift card!

  447. Mary

    I could really use $100! I’ve got plenty of projects to use it on!

  448. Alicia

    I”d get started on making new beds!

  449. Paula

    Wow! What a great giveaway!!

    I could definitely use an AMEX giftcard to help purchase some much needed paint for my kitchen cabinet project… which will lead to neading new countertops & sink!

  450. Mandy

    Sweet giveaway! I think we would use it to purchase some furniture for our patio. :)

  451. Jamie Forsyth

    My master bath needs some serious help–100.00 from Amex would be a great start!! I promise I’ll put it to good use!

  452. Heathahlee

    Love me some HGTV! I watched the premiere, and was thrilled for her. I would love it if Sabrina Soto or Genevieve Gorder came to my house to renovate! : ) As for what I’ll do with the $100…PAINT! I just got a sample of Behr Mocachino that I’d love to paint my bedroom with. Here’s hoping! : )

  453. Heather

    We are finally getting our basement finished. $100 for accessories!!!!

  454. Julee

    I would use the amex card to buy paint for my living room and bathroom, or new flooring for my living room, or new paint and window coverings in my bedroom, or….the list goes ON AND ON AND ON!!!!

  455. Karen

    I saw the show and I loved it! Can’t wait for the next episode.

    I’m in the process of redoing my bedroom… so the $100 Amex card would come in handy for that.

  456. Janet F

    I would use the gift card for flowers for my patio and backyard.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  457. Joan

    We just moved from Virginia to Alabama and have moved into a small cottage on Lake Martin. I would use the gift card to dress up our porch and invite my new neighbors over for a little get together!! I would be such fun and a great way to get aquainted.

  458. Denise Schroeder

    I would use the $100 gift certificate to purchase a light fixture for my bedroom.

  459. Ashley J.

    We just moved into our “new” old house…lots of updates and renovations in our future!

  460. Kat

    Ooh pick me pick me! LOVE HGTV!

  461. Colleen

    I have about a dozen projects planned now that we are getting some good weather!

  462. shel

    I’d love to have HGTV revamp my home; I often drool over those home makeover shows and dream of having my house overhauled. $100 would be a great mini-makeover for my kitchen; I really want to tile a backsplash behind my counter.

  463. Kim

    If I won I would use the card for sprucing up my boys bathroom. It desperately needs some serious sprucing.

  464. catlin Evans

    The gift card would help me finally get some frames for pictures and get things on the wall!

  465. Naomi

    My next project is updating our master bedroom. I would use the gift card for new lighting.

  466. Amanda

    As a recent college graduate I would love to have some money to decorate my first place!

  467. Ashley

    We’re moving back to the US and into a new house this summer. Paint, furniture, stocking up an empty pantry…the possibilities are endless!

  468. TERI S


  469. Adrianne

    I would use it to spruce up my front porch!

  470. Lauren

    We recently moved into a new home and have a multitude of projects that could use some serious help from an AMEX gift card!

  471. Diane

    I would be so blessed to have 100.00 to purchase toy shelves and a chalkboard to make a cozy corner in my home for my precious grandson whom I care for every day, while his mom is teaching 1st grade. I so want him to have his own special place, home away from home because he can’t be with his mommy during the day. Thank you!

  472. Regina

    I would buy landscaping materials or lumber to finish a deck that I am dreaming of. I have many house ideas just no where to start from. $100 would be the perfect spring board for my plans.

  473. Dot W

    I think I’d get some beaded paneling for our little bathroom. It wouldn’t take much of it to make a huge difference in there.

  474. Tatiana Sciancalepore

    We just moved into our first house and had our second child all at the same time! What wouldn’t I do with $100! lol It would probably go towards an area rug for the family room though.

  475. Tami Qualls

    I would spend it on some summer camping equipment!

  476. Coastal Femme

    Loved the show! As for the gift card,I would use it to finish my dining room.

  477. Missy S

    $100 would get me closer to new patio furniture! Martha has great pieces over at the Home Depot! Thanks for the oppertunity Melissa!

  478. Melissa

    A $100 gift card would buy me some paint to finish all the projects I have going on around my house.

  479. Cindy

    That 100 dollar card would give me a great start on painting my living room that has one of those MONSTER 12 foot walls(that I never knew what to do with).
    …still waiting for Genevieve to help me with that room and design it around my Momma’s stamped cross stitch

  480. Aileen

    I would definitely put $100 to good use! I need new towels for my master bath as well as some accent pieces! Yea AMEX!!

  481. Deanna G.

    I’d spruce up my backyard! :)

  482. Guerrina

    I missed the HGTV’d opener! Aaack! Would love to start on my 1/2 bath and $100 would surely help a long way with that! Planning beadboard or board & batten and building a new vanity!

  483. Kristen

    I’m in the middle of redoing my living/dining room. $100 would be a big help!

  484. Tiffany

    Buy some natural stone to increase the area of my front porch!!! LOVE natural stone, but the price is steep…for rocks?!?!

  485. Carolyn

    I would use it to do some “staycation” trips for me and my boys

  486. Erin H.

    We’re redoing our porch, and I’d put it towards that!

  487. Bronwyn

    A jute rug to cover my wall to wall carpet in the living room (thanks for the idea, Melissa!).

  488. Susan Audrey

    I’d buy the materials to start a garden in my backyard. Right now I’ve only got a small container garden and would love to branch out and have some veggies planted in the “real” ground!

  489. Joy

    I’d love to win the $100.00 from Amex that would be great to use!

  490. Laura J

    I’d buy materials for my back patio. I don’t have one and that’s the major project I plan on taking on this summer

  491. Erica

    My entire house needs HELP!

  492. Rhonda

    Oh the possibilities are endless!!! But I’d love a guilt-free guest bedroom re-do. It always seems like projects (expenses) trump the guest bedroom. But as a southern belle working on my “hosting skills” that just seems wrong! I can’t seem to convince dh. With FREE $, I wouldn’t have to! LOL! Thanks for the chance to win. Here’s hoping….

  493. Lisa Aukeman

    I am itching to spruce up the sitting area on the deck. The $100 Amex would help! Thanks for the give away!

  494. Holly

    Put it toward our summer vacation!

  495. Jen D.

    Thanks for the chance to win. I enjoy your blog!

  496. D. Wisdom

    Shop some of my local vendors.

  497. Kristina Halleran

    I so watched the episode! thank goodness for DVR! Hope to win, need new frames for pics I won at a silent auction…..
    Thanks for sharing……

  498. judy

    We desparately need new bedding for our bed!

  499. AmberMae

    My husband and I are nearly done packing for our move into our new apartment. 100 big ones would be a great help to fix it up (it’s a little dated and worn out from the previous tenant). We’d ideally like fix the kitchen to replace the cabinets, which has doors ripped off the hinges, and burnt and bubbled up Formica(sp?). Cooking is big with us and having a fresh space to work in would be a godsend. although i’m sure our son would love to paint the old doors.. we might just let him! haha :)

  500. Heather Nash

    We would finish our daughters nursery!!

  501. Amanda Conley

    I still want SOMETHING in our back yard…it’s so boring!

  502. Amanda Conley

    And Thanks for a great giveaway!

  503. Leslie

    I would buy some new chairs to go with th great round antique table I just bought.

  504. Suzy

    Redoing my master bedroom. I could so use a $100 AmEx gift card. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  505. Stefanie

    What a great giveaway! I would definitely use the money towards our master bedroom… which always gets pushed further down the to do list. Thanks!

  506. Cindy

    I would use the money for my patio.

  507. Lora

    I would use the $100 towards redoing my orange brick fireplace. Either the stacked stone look or some sort of glass tile.

  508. Jeannine B.

    I would use the money for some new blinds for my kids rooms!!!

  509. Robin

    You bet I could use that, probably in my yard. thanks for the giveaway.

  510. connie tacazon

    I’m really excited about this new show, going to DVR it right now.

  511. Noelle

    I want to catch this show, I missed the premier but I will be watching Monday….I could give my front porch some much needed love with $100, Thanks and I love your blog!

  512. jo

    love your blog…re the show they have a kitchen filled with junk…sounds familiar :)

  513. Cindy Ross

    Love my HGTV! Show me the money! Thanks!

  514. Nanci

    I would use that $100 and fix my bathroom. What a great idea. Or maybe some flowers for my yard. Oh, it would go to good use. Nanci

  515. Susana of Montessori Candy

    Hi! Thanks for posting this giveaway! I would use the AMEX card to spruce up our front porch. A first impression is so important, and ours is a bit in shambles these days. Nothing a little paint and potted flowers can’t freshen up. The AMEX card would be perfect in completing this project.

  516. Stephanie Grant

    If I had an extra $100 I would use it to help landscape our very plain yard….maybe use it to create a small goldfish pond :)

  517. Krissy

    I would use the $100 to update our powder room! Thanks!

  518. Pat

    Wow so many things to choose from if I won that card! Thanks!

  519. Leigh

    I’m dying to repaint our guest bath!

  520. baltimoremom

    Would love to win :) and would use the card to put towards my son’s fifth birthday party. He’s such a good boy and deserves to have a big bash to celebrate with his buddies.

  521. Carrie Hosozawa

    I would buy sme paper lanterns and candles and throw a summer solstice party!

  522. kendal croix

    I haven’t seen the show yet but I can’t wait to watch it. Since graduating college I had to move home so I could afford paying student loans, so I would for sure try to spruce up the small space I call my own.

  523. Julie S.

    WOW! I would definately paint my daughters room. Our situation is not the best and this would help her out! Thanks!

  524. Michelle

    Well it’s freezing here in Australia but I did spot a lovely wool blanket yesterday on sale for $99, so that would be mine!

  525. Barbara

    I would use the Gift Card toward re-designing my office/den in my house. Need new shelving to store all my books, etc.

  526. Erin

    I would love to win a $100 gift card from my favorite TV station!! I would go a long way towards some DIY projects around the house. :)

  527. Sarah

    I’d love to win! I would use it towards some home imrovements we want to do! Thanks!

  528. Anita

    Wow, this definitely would come in handy right about now! What a great giveaway. Looking forward to seeing the next episode too.

  529. Teresa

    Fingers are crossed…We’d use the money toward our bathroom remodel or one of the other many projects. So many inspirations from HGTV and the AmEX $100 gift card would be icing on the cake. =D

  530. Leslie M

    I would use the money to decorate my bedroom!

  531. Kendra

    Love this Giveway! Would love to update a few areas of the house!

  532. Peg

    It would start my savings toward a new tv– our old one is over 20 years old!!! can you believe it!!?? it is starting to show signs of “old age!” they made them to last back then. :)
    fingers crossed!
    thanks for the chance to win!

  533. Connie

    I’d love to win!!

  534. Jennifer

    Hmm, redoing my 4 kiddos rooms so I would love to get some great paint, bedding and accessories.

  535. Kathryn

    I would use the $100 towards my next getaway!

  536. Savina

    I would use it to finish our landscaping project this summer.

  537. Patty

    Oh, I’d have a hard time deciding! (as usual) I’d love some rugs and perhaps some fabric!

  538. meg duerksen

    i would take $100. :)
    can’t wait to watch that show.
    she is amazing.

  539. Deborah S

    Oh I would put it to very good use…shopping for dorm accessories for my daughter’s first year at college this fall!

  540. Real HOusewife in MN

    I would use it on our upcoming trip to San Francisco! A little extra spending money wouldn’t hurt :-)

  541. Louise in NE OK

    I would love the $100 AMEX….I think that I would buy some chalk paint and wax.

  542. Karen G.

    Buy fabric to slip cover a comfortable quality sofa, but one that is beginning to wear. Thanks!

  543. kate

    I’d love to win a giftcard! Enter me in…hope I win!

  544. Amanda

    I would use the $100 for a new fan for our kitchen, so we can stay cool AND stylish this summer!

  545. Christy

    Will be watching! I would probably use it for some backyard sprucing up (could use Ahmed or Jamie at my house).

  546. kathleen stewart

    I would buy a bookcase.

  547. andrea

    You bet I could use this. I’d love to buy some fabric for some pillows in my bedroom!

  548. Karen

    I’ve got several decorating projects in the works and an AMEX gift card would help me wrap them up. I’d love to win!

  549. KATHY


  550. andrea

    $100 I don’t have to account for??? I would definitely splurge on something for my home that I have difficulty justifying out of our regular budget. Maybe some new summer dishes? Or pillows? Or table linens? Hmmm….the decision would be tough, but I’m willing to be saddled with it! ;0)

  551. susan freeman

    I love your site. I would use the 100.00 AMEX to replace our

    bathroom window. Half of it fell out three mos ago. we have

    tile for the walls, no money for window!! Wish me luck….

  552. Sarah K

    We are moving in a week and could definitely use this for all the projects we have planned at our new house.

  553. Sally

    Would love to win!

  554. Jami

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

  555. cathy z

    Fingers crossed!

  556. Abbi

    Maybe use it for fun stuff as we travel or buy some new shrubs for our yard or put it aside to save up for new flooring.


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