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Evo Conference

by | Jul 9, 2011 | blogging, My Life | 10 comments

Evo Conference

Evo 11 Conference

I’ve been out of town this week at the Evo Conference, it has been SO much fun! This was my first time at EVO and it has been a great experience — this conference is held at a resort (Park City, Utah) — I’m really feeling like I am on vacation! I have my own room, well, actually, it is like an apartment! Pretty awesome! I’m enjoying the peace and quiet and a bed to myself! Yay!

I really love getting together with blogging friends and just hanging out in real life with people I love and admire. Every conference I go to, my circle of BFF’s grows. I LOVE IT! Seriously, going to blogging and social media conferences has been the best for getting to really know the people behind the blogs. These women are real and authentic, they are funny, smart and they are just a blast to be around. AMAZING women, some of whom I’ve known for over three years now and some who I’ve known that long, but finally got to meet in person!

Evo Conference

A few of my BFF’s: Simplemom & Reluctant Entertainer

I’ve also enjoyed meeting newer bloggers (I got to hang out with Mandi from Vintage Revivals, she is absolutely darling and completely talented, I adore her!) as well as learning from some amazingly talented and FUN people!  Hopefully I’ll get some pictures of the rest of the lovelies I hung out with this weekend!

Oh, do I have some tales to tell! Ha! More on the crazy happenings, later. I promise. You might see pictures and incriminating evidence on my facebook and twitter feeds! Don’t judge. Just sayin’ these conferences can be a little crazy sometimes!

I’m on my way back home late today!

Don’t forget VOTE every day for my Shabby Chic Dining Room design board (or any of the boards) so you can be entered to win $10,000 in the Apartment Guide Your Picks. Your Place. Sweepstakes! Apartment Guide is my sponsor at Evo so I’ve enjoyed getting to know the great people there in person as well!


  1. teresa

    Sounds like a fun place to be. enjoy!
    Have a great day.

  2. Christina

    Sounds like a great time!
    Can’t wait to hear or see more ;)

  3. Fairfield House


    All of the blogging conferences sound like experiences to be remembered. I’ve never even heard of EVO. Looking forward to reading about it. Do you think you could possibly put together a post with links to all the conferences you attend? Would love to meet up with you one day! :)

    Your Friend,

  4. Desiree - vosgesparis

    How great is it to meet the people behind the blogs ;) We had our first blogger meeting in Amsterdam 2 weeks ago.. hundred women and some men in one room… such an amzing vibe and great networking.

  5. Nina

    Loved your recent post in In Courage…snapshot moments are huge…my girls are still really young and I needed that perspective.

  6. Jessica

    I’m from Utah. We had a condo just above Main St. in Park City…I adore Park City and miss it entirely. Hope you had a chance to enjoy the beauty while you were there. My favorite thing was our hikes and gathering wild flowers. Love that place. I just may have to try that conference next year.

  7. Lisa~

    So glad the conference was a good experience. I’d love to know how it compared to Blissdom. If I can’t go to all of them (like some people) then what to do next year. Instead of going to Blissdom again, I’d like to try something different. Lisa~

  8. Amy Sullivan

    Just clicked over from (in)courage. I’ve never heard of EVO…fun to learn about all of the conferences out there.

    I’ve never met any of my blogging friends in person, but that is going to change in a couple weeks, how fun!

  9. Mandi

    You are seriously the sweetest thing ever! It was so fun getting to know you and having a chance to hang lots! You are sone of the truly kindest and sincere people that I have ever met and I am SOOO dang lucky to have you as one of my BFF’s!

    love your guts

  10. asian home decor

    I’m from Utah. We had a condo just above Main St. in Park City…I adore Park City and miss it entirely.


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