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Lovely. Pretty. Shiny. Blissful Monday Inspiration.

by | Jul 11, 2011 | Decorating Inspiration

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Lovely. Pretty. Shiny. Blissful Monday Inspiration.

Lovely: open shelving, pretty dishes and perfectly aqua bead board.

Lovely. Pretty. Shiny. Blissful Monday Inspiration.

Pretty: decoupage a vanity or dresser with some summery paper. Add a quirky stool in green.

Lovely. Pretty. Shiny. Blissful Monday Inspiration.

Shiny: have your local glass shop cut you mirrors for dresser drawers, the mirror will reflect the sunshine and bring more light to your room!

Lovely. Pretty. Shiny. Blissful Monday Inspiration.

Blissful: Hang a porch swing.

Happy Monday, lovelies!!

Besides unpacking my suitcases and hanging out with my family after my trip to Utah last week, I’m working on some fun projects and posts!

What are you up to today?


All photos from BH&G


  1. Rosie

    Love each and every one of the photos ~ great way to start my Monday. Thanks :-)

  2. Kristi

    Gorgeous inspiration!! Love that aqua beadboard! Thanks for sharing-hope your trip was awesome!

  3. Diane

    Welcome home! There’s no place like home!

    What pretty photos to start the day with. :-) I truly love the aqua beadboard and white shelves pic! But as much as I love it…I don’t see myself gravitating that way. Am I stuck in a rut???

    Today I’ll be busy getting a new consultant up and running. It’s so fun to share the joy!

    You have a blessed day with your family.

    Glad to see the green tree and goldfinch back on your e-mail banner :-)

  4. courtney

    Loving that dresser! And its way too hot around these parts to even hang out on the porch swing :( As for me, today I must finish laundry from our vacation! Just trying to get my home back in order.

  5. Mimi

    I’m working in my flower shop today. Soon to begin creating flower arrangements for our weekly accounts. Love the color combination in your post. The display window in our shop is all white with touches of aquamarine. Pure summer.

  6. Irene

    That desk is perfect for the one I bought off Craigslist. I love everything about it!

  7. Susan

    You are right, these are pretty, shiny, and blissful! That open shelving scene is delicious! I love everything about it. Thanks for shairing!

  8. Jo

    Oh, I’m in love with the white shelves with aqua beadboard! Gorgeous pictures. I’ve been thinking of ways to make our house more cottage/farmhouse.

  9. Karen

    Hi Melissa,
    I’m at work but I wish I was sitting on the lovely porch swing with lemonade and a good book! Happy Monday.

  10. teresa

    Happy Morning to you too =)
    Great inspiration for a Monday morning. so need so fresh ideas, today I’m trying to figure out how to re-fresh, my cv livingroom…hard because there is only one or two way for the furniture to go….what to do!

  11. Sallie

    Love the porch swing! I’m packing up books and clearing out the craft room. My husband is ready to start on my new work table and desk.

  12. Sangeetha

    Oooh I am drooling all over my computer! Such gorgeous inspiration. I love the idea of mirrors over the dresser drawers. But how do you know who I can stick the mirrors onto the drawer?

  13. Sandy

    Welcome home, Melissa! I love the open shelving. Would love to add something like that to our kitchen, but not sure where. Will have to give it some thought.

  14. Kate

    I needed this post today. I’ve been procrastineating (that’s when you eat instead of getting off your butt and tackling your to-do list) when it comes to my house. I think I’ve just been burnt out. Your blog has reinspired me to forge ahead!!


  15. Nan

    I love the aqua beadboard and white shelves (and the pink mixer peeking out in the corner of the photo!!). Time to get my inspiration notebook out and start a few new projects.

    Thanks for the nudge.

  16. Angela

    I love the desk! How cute. I might have to keep that one in mind for my craft room. I have scoped out the perfect room in my new house and the previous owners sent some great shelves I can use so now I just need a desk. I might even do that with my daughters desk. Thank you for the inspiration. I needed that after all this crazy unpacking.

  17. Sarah

    That is the first mirrored dresser I have ever wanted! Wow! Just beautiful! Wonder if I have a dresser I could do that to. Hmm… :)

  18. a-m

    Oh my, blissful images alright. Love the mirrored drawers. Today? I spent today searching old bookstores for a book of poems for a homeless man in my street. I am going to see him tomorrow to give him the book and hopefully make his life a little better. He was speaking fondly/longingly about a poetry book he used to own when he had a house and a different life. I found the book today. I did no work, no housework, nothing really productive, except search for this book. I cried when I found it. A-M xx


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