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The Dangerous World of Homemakers

Ready for a laugh? This video cracked me up.

We homemakers do have rather risky jobs.

I knew there was a reason I quit ironing.

Safety first, fellow homemakers.

 If you are reading this in a reader, on facebook or email and cannot see the video, you can click over to The Inspired Room to see it!

3 Summer Spaces To Inspire

3 Summer Spaces To InspireBH&G

Wouldn’t you like to have lunch on that screened porch?

I bet it is cool and comfortable!

Inviting outdoor rooms inspire you to venture out on a nice cool summer evening or lovely summer day to enjoy the ambience.

I love the combination of the weathered green chairs and dark wood table  and floors, and the sunny yellow throw rug.

The mood is relaxed and charming!

3 Summer Spaces To InspireBH&G

And this funky front door, LOVE IT!

The mustard yellow paint with the over-sized zinc numbers tell guests they are at the right place,  come in and stay awhile!

3 Summer Spaces To InspireBH&G

Turn to the left of that front door (above) and here is a really fun front porch.

I love the mix of fabrics for added drama and the eclectic use of furnishings!

Meanwhile back at my house, I’m still working on my own porch and some fun simple garden areas around the yard — I’ll be showing you more of those projects this week, and in the weeks to come.

We’ve had some rainy days but I’m hoping for a nice long period of good weather so I can finish up some of the things I’ve started. I’ve been having a blast outside every chance I get and the results of just a little effort are paying off in our enjoyment of our yard.

I didn’t do much gardening at my last house (we had too many indoor projects to work on), so it has been a few years since I had a yard I’ve really worked in! I’ve forgotten how much I miss just puttering around with plants and creating outdoor spaces. It is so therapeutic for me! I might have a black thumb, but I enjoy gardening and creating outdoor rooms anyway!

Do you enjoy creating summer spaces as much as I do? I know it has been quite hot in many parts of the country so I suppose some of you are inside by the air conditioner! Not here in Washington, we are still just gearing up for the real summer weather. I think. I hope.

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