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Transitioning to Fall Decorating: Naturally

by | Sep 8, 2011 | Fall Decorating, Seasonal Decorating & Entertaining

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Transitioning to Fall Decorating: Naturally
Country Living

I think incorporating the simple beauty of natural elements is one of the easiest and most attractive ways to include any season into your decor. There are so many lovely things in nature! And because I like being subtle in my decor, utilizing natural elements makes sense to me.

Transitioning to Fall Decorating: Naturally

Better Homes & Gardens

By using natural fiber rugs, window treatments, natural fabrics, or even twigs from the yard, I can achieve a rich and warm room without too much muss and fuss. Natural burlap wrapped around pillows or frames can give some natural texture and seasonal pizazz!

Transitioning to Fall Decorating: Naturally Better Homes & Gardens

Transitioning to Fall Decorating: Naturally Country Living

Don’t over think your decorating. Keep it simple so you can focus on the beauty!

Transitioning to Fall Decorating: Naturally Country Living

Oh how I love that kitchen! Kitchens can tend to be full of cold and hard surfaces, but with the addition of bamboo cutting boards and rattan baskets you can really warm things up.

Transitioning to Fall Decorating: Naturally

Transitioning to Fall Decorating: Naturally Country Living

Beautiful colored flowers in pitchers of creamy white and browns, be still my heart!

Transitioning to Fall Decorating: Naturally Country Living

Natural things are so beautiful all by themselves in a bowl, you can’t go wrong!

Transitioning to Fall Decorating: Naturally Better Homes & Gardens

Branches for curtains complete with twigs and birds nests! Inexpensive & naturally beautiful!

Transitioning to Fall Decorating: Naturally Better Homes & Gardens

Framing natural elements, such as these sea whips or flowers, is a great wall to fill up wall space!

Transitioning to Fall Decorating: Naturally Better Homes & Gardens

Grouping natural mosses, rocks and plant material into cake stands or other containers makes a naturally beautiful centerpiece!

Transitioning to Fall Decorating: Naturally Better Homes & Gardens

I love this idea for keeping special memories! Gather sand and shells picked up on vacation and put them in individual glass containers marked with labels identifying the date and location of collection! I love the simple beauty and meaning of decor like this and it is the perfect transition from summer to fall.

Are you as excited about Fall decorating as I am? Happy FALL!


  1. Heather

    It’s been cold and rainy here in Southern Ontario, so the fall decorating has begun. I picked up a lovely white ceramic pumpkin and put it out in the spot where the brain coral usually sits – just a small detail to get the fall season going. Enjoy your trip!

  2. Laura Wood

    I absolutely love this post!!!! I want to do some serious redecorating. I love looking at your site, so many good ideas. I have posted to my fb before and plan to post this one. Thanks :)

  3. Leslie, the Home Maker

    Beautiful ideas, Melissa!
    I’m especially loving the dried hydrangeas with the conch shell.
    I was just wondering yesterday if I should still leave out my sea-inspired decor for Fall.
    I pray you have a safe, fun, educational, delightful trip and a safe return!
    P.S. I’m happy for you that you are busy! Besides, what’s the alternative to having a purpose (aka being busy)?

  4. Linda Stoll

    love, love, love the beautiful, striking simplicity of these rooms!

    and I was especially taken by the labels hanging off those mason jars …

    would love to have done that along the way with all the sea glass I’ve collected from Cape Cod to Bermuda to Maryland …

    at our counseling center/house church, I began to take down our summertime mantel display yesterday. shells, seaglass, picnic basket, beach photos. will be replacing them today with vintage books, toys, school bell, plants, etc.

    creating a warm and welcoming place for our clients is just one more way we can help them feel safe and give them hope.

  5. {darlene}

    I love snuggling up and moving our hearts inside this time of year. And my love affair for natural elements never ends. Great post. Thanks, Melissa!

  6. Ange

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year! That is my theme song for fall and not because my kids are in school! I LOVE fall and this post was just what I needed to get the wheels turning! Thank you and enjoy your travels this week, I’m excited to hear what you are doing.

  7. Lynne

    Such a perfect post! As a fellow PacNWester, you understand how we embrace Summer through September! You have once again filled my mind and heart with beautiful inspiration!
    Safe travels and blessings!

  8. kim

    love the neutrals – I picked up some great deals at TJMaxx yesterday. Come over to my page for the latest dining room re-do. My blog needs help, just like my home. LOL

  9. Diane

    Beautiful rooms! I’m especially drawn to those with the warm buttery golden tones. Maybe it’s the season. And I love your transition to Fall isn’t just about leaves and pumpkins….it’s the often overlooked natural elements.
    Can’t wait to hear about your trip. Enjoy!

  10. Karon

    Thanks for the great ideas! I love decorating with natural elements in the fall…dried flowers, gourds, branches (dogwood branches add great color!). I’ll have to try incorporating some burlap this year!

  11. rooth

    Thanks for the fall tips! I think I’ll draw the line at the branches to hang curtains, a little too much nature for me

  12. Karen

    Can’t wait to hear what new project is on your horizon. Love these images, love fall! Thanks for some terrific (as always) ideas.

  13. charlotte

    I love that second photo with the chair. I want a chair just like that now. Not white so my children’s chocolate chip fingers won’t show as much, but not dark. I like keeping my house bright and light no matter what season. Thanks for pooling the ideas in one post.

  14. teresa

    Love Fall…hope this year we get one =) we went from summer to winter last year….thanks for the inspiration.

  15. Karen

    I love the roses picture best. And I am jealous of your ‘fall’ decorating – our lovely cool winter is coming to an end and we are entering Spring now. Our decor is therefore looking a bit different to yours, but I would love to keep some of your ideas in mind for next year!

  16. sibylle

    Autumn is beautiful here in Canada! Cant wait for the indian summer! Great inspiration in your post!

  17. Debbie

    HI Melissa, I wish I would have read this post a few years ago before I splurged on fall decorations that are every fall color under the sun! Hahahaha….I find I need more neutral…peaceful…colors the older I get…but what to do with all this orange. Big smile…you will see this when you look at any of my fall decorating. Oh my…I need an
    “Orange decluttering party!”
    Love your post…so much to take in.

  18. Elizabeth

    Will you be doing Fall Nesting this year?

  19. {hooked on hickory}

    let me take a guess. the country living fair? seems so since you used so many CL pix! i’ll be there! ;) can’t wait!

    {hooked on hickory blog}

  20. kathysue

    Hi Melissa!! I am trying!! Our weather has not be conducive to Fall thinking, We did have rain for a few days, that was nice, but now we are headed for the 80s again, we are having an Indian Summer here in Calif. I am getting inspired, just have not taken my white pumpkins out of the storage box or gone to the farmers market to pick some up. Hopefully next week will be the start of Fall for me. Thank you for always inspiring us,Kathysue

  21. KatFriend

    Hi there, What is that perfect creamy, warm white on your walls?


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