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Welcome to 31 Days: Inspired for the Holidays

Welcome to 31 Days: Inspired for the Holidays

Welcome to 31 Days: Inspired for the Holidays

A series for Fall and Christmas Ideas!

Welcome to 31 Days!! This is where it all begins! This is day 1!
Here is how to find the Inspired Holidays Series!

And here is a general link to Christmas decorating ideas in case you are looking specifically for Christmas!

Day 2: Plush Pumpkins!

Day 3:  Why I Love this Season

Day 4: Ideas for Decorating Naturally

Day 5: Simple Fall Decorating around My House

Day 6: Your Holiday Style! In the groove? Or in a rut?

Day 7: Creative Memorable Holidays

Day 8: What Dessert to Make for Fall Parties!

Day 9: Things to Treasure List

Day 10: Tips for Mantels and Display

Day 11: Tips for Holiday Curb Appeal

Day 12: A Discussion: Candles and Holiday Scents

Day 13: The Most Versatile Seasonal Decoration

Day 14: Holiday Decorating Power of Three

Day 15:  Hot Spiced Cranberry Cider

Day 16: Holiday Decorating: Fresh Inspiration

Day 17: Cleaning for Christmas

Day 18: Finish Decorating Projects Before the Holidays

Day 19: Set up a wrapping station

Day 20: Disconnect & Read a Book

Day 21: Do Yourself a Favor & Have These on Hand!

Day 22: Fall & Winter Quilts & Blankets

Day 23:  Inspired Holidays {Day 23}:: pssst….I wrote an ebook.

Day 24: Nesting in Your Fall & Winter Bedroom

NOT a DIY Diva was released in pdf form!

Day 25 & 26: Holiday Dishes and Tables

Day 27: Sweet Gifts for Giving

Day 28: Tis’ the Season for Cozy Drinks

Day 29: Dining Rooms and Holiday Entertaining

Day 30: Fall Drive Bys

What is my focus this year?

Summer is over, fall has arrived, and in just a couple of months, the holidays will be upon us. HELLO!?

Yep, time is going to fly. So let’s sllooooow it down a notch and enjoy every moment of this season.

Welcome to 31 Days: Inspired for the Holidays

Have no fear! In this series I’ll be sharing 31 days of simple and creative ideas you can use this year. We’ll be inspired from Fall to Christmas. Traditions to Decor.

Just a little thought that panicked me today, by the time this series is over, it will be NOVEMBER! Yeah. That is scary on many levels. Ladies, you know you need to stick with me here. We need to rally the troops and get our fall & holiday groove on.

And I have something fun to announce during this series too, so stay tuned!! YAHOO! Fun is GOOD!

Welcome to 31 Days: Inspired for the Holidays

Every day I plan to add my newest post link to this landing page so if you need to find your way to new posts or ones you missed, you can easily find the next one in my series by visiting this welcome page. I will put a link to this series in my sidebar as well.

To link up your own series click here!

Ready? Let’s go! Sunday October 2nd I’m hosting the Plush Pumpkin (see those cuties at the top of my post?) giveaway you WON’T want to MISS. This giveaway will make you want to squish a pumpkin and yes, smoosh it on your face. Seriously, I’m in love with these pumpkins.

Let the 31 days series BEGIN!

I love.

I love.

Coastal Living Aqua Door


It might be Fall, but I still love that aqua door and starfish wreath.

I love.

Coastal Living Family Space

I love the globes, the map, the bookshelves, the toys, the kid with his feet up.


I love.Coastal Living

I love everything about this.


I love.

Coastal Living

And I love everything about this.

The End.

That pretty much sums it up for today. Profound. Yeah. Mondays are like that.

So, what’s going on with you today? #stalling #5moredays #31days #gettingclose #tryingnottopanic