Inspired Holidays {Day 27}:: Sweet Gifts for Giving

Inspired Holidays {Day 27}:: Sweet Gifts for Giving

via Sunset Magazine – Peppermint Stick Cocoa in a jar

YUMMY! Time to start thinking about making some sweet treats and gifts for friends and neighbors this holiday aseason! I love making gifts in a jar! Peppermint Stick Cocoa sounds delish right now, don’t you think?

What are your favorite sweet gifts?


  1. Haven’t had the time to make sweet treats myself, but I love receiving honey roasted mixed nuts.

  2. My husband and step-son make loads of treats to give. Peppermint bark, chocolate dipped oreos, chocolate dipped pretzels filled with peanut butter are the bomb!

    • There used to be a website about Gifts in a jar with recipes. I wonder if I still have a book on this very subject. Sometimes around the holiday season you may be able to find these in a Hallmark shop. I feel sure you might be able to find a book with lots of ideas like this in the public library or even in a book store. Try

  3. Mmmmm, that peppermint mocha DOES look good! I found a book with several recipes for soup mixes. I thought that would be a great thing to give, in a mason jar with pretty packaging.

  4. I love gifts like this. And this looks so yummy.

  5. Those look lovely – what a beautiful gift to give!

  6. this looks so warm and welcoming this morning, cold here in the Pacific Northwest =)

  7. Yum! Sound DE-LISH!

  8. I LOVE this idea! Now this may be a dumb question – but where can I find those cool square jars with silver lids???

  9. I love that cocoa gift idea – I am printing it out as I type – what a perfect, thoughtful and cost effective gift idea for the upcoming season. Not too complicated and the kids can even help. Thanks so much!!

  10. Love gifts in a jar. I have the books Betty is talking about and they’re fabulous-
    Gifts from a Jar- “Cookies, Brownies & Bars,” “Muffins, Breads & Scones” and “Soups, Chilis & More.”
    They make excellent teacher gifts.

  11. I love this idea! I’m putting together lists for holiday food-baskets (less expensive and sooooo much better than store bought gifts) & this sounds great. Wondering though – does anyone have any thoughts on good quality instant milk? The regular type is so – well, gross. Can’t imagine drinking it in cocoa…

  12. Hi Melissa, I am loving this idea too. I am doing a Holiday-Christmas morning breakfast bag. Coffee, tea bags, maple syrup, and a pancake mix…perhaps a couple of holiday colored napkins with a pretty recipe card for the pancake mix. I’ve done this in the past for our Pastor’s family, aunts and uncles, good friends and it goes over well. People love food…Big smile.

  13. oohh! I always love this time of year that the sweet treats come out! I love this idea. Its also a great gift for eveyone too! :)

  14. I’ve never made gifts in a jar, but this peppermint stick cocoa may be the 1st one I try. It looks so pretty and sounds yummy! Good teacher gifts maybe. Thanks for sharing!

  15. I have taken gingerbread cookie mix, red hots, and a package of red icing and put it all in a bag with a bow and given them for gifts for people I work with. It lets them make cookies without all the hassle.

  16. chex mix in mason jars! that’s what my mom does!! she is so fabulous!

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