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Thanksgiving, Party & Christmas Table Decor: Hurricanes with Hanging Votive Candles!

Thanksgiving, Party & Holiday Table Idea!

So, in between feeling awkward, sobbing and laughing at Relevant, I was taking note of all the fun decor on the tables. Forgive me if I have this wrong but I believe the table decorations there were done (or at least in part) by this sweet girl at Events by Design, whom I met for the first time. SO much talent at Relevant, I’m telling ya.

Just found out that this clever idea I’m sharing today was the creative idea of Melissa Reagan, a Blessings Unlimited product designer! I LOVE it.

Thanksgiving, Party & Christmas Table Decor: Hurricanes with Hanging Votive Candles!

I was particularly taken by this little idea of hanging votive candles from the edges of glass hurricanes. I should have taken a photo of the tables because they were very cute, but of course, I didn’t follow through. Sorry.

Thanksgiving, Party & Christmas Table Decor: Hurricanes with Hanging Votive Candles!

I’ve always set candles inside the hurricanes, but it just never occurred to me to hang them from wire! DOH! So, I couldn’t wait to get home and try this little trick.  Unfortunately I only had some super stiff wire and it was a little challenging to work with, but still, you get the idea.  You just twist the wire around to make a little hanger for the votive and hook it over the edge of the glass.

This little project took me about five minutes. You know me, if it takes longer than 30 minutes to do something I have a breakdown and my head explodes.

Thanksgiving, Party & Christmas Table Decor: Hurricanes with Hanging Votive Candles!

I love that the hanging votives is such a fun little twist! Seeing those votive candles suspended in the hurricanes made the Relevant Conference dinner tables so festive, sparkly and pretty!

I could see using these on a buffet table, dinner table or sofa tables at a party. Fill the bottoms with whatever you want, I just used pebbles because I happened to have them handy.

Prettiness! You can find these Thanks & Giving hurricanes (a set of two) at DaySpring! DaySpring and (in)courage were sponsors at Relevant again this year and they throw the best parties! They set up a lovely room for everyone to hang out it, complete with chocolates, candles, coffee and sofas to sink into!

Easy peasy idea, huh?

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  1. Noelle

    Very nice!! I am so glad you are still posting daily! :) I so enjoyed your 31 days, it was daily morning fix!!

  2. Noelle

    Very nice!! I am so glad you are still posting daily! :) I so enjoyed your 31 days, it was my daily morning fix!!

  3. Vee

    Yes, easy, just the way I like it, too. Thank you for sharing this. I can imagine that the lights looked as if they were floating at all levels in such a large room. Hmmmm…must’ve been so pretty.

  4. Heather

    what a great idea for a buffet table. May actually borrow it for our holiday party, filling the bottom with small christmas ornaments so that the light with twinkle on them.

  5. Lisa

    Oh I love that new take on candlelight. I am so doing this with epsom salt “snow” for the Christmas season….so pretty. Thanks for sharing, Melissa!

  6. Rhonda

    What a wonderful idea! I may have to “borrow” this one for the holidays! :)

    ~Newest follower!

  7. Amy

    I bet you could make this even faster with those little wire things that come in an egg-dying kit. That’s what I thought they were at first.

  8. Deanna

    I didn’t go to relevant but Becky from Hospitality Lane and I headed over there on Friday to meet Diane Shiffer from Tomato Soup Cake. She took us to hang out in that lounge room and it was special! I kept looking around hoping to see you but I didn’t…boo hoo.

    I have some wrought iron hangers that are made locally by the Amish that hang the tea lights or votives in the hurricanes…fun to use!

    • Melissa

      Oh I sure would have enjoyed meeting you ladies!!! Glad you got to see the room though! :-)

  9. StephanieB

    Another awesome idea that I will be stealing to use at my work Christmas party! I have been having a blast scouring Michaels and Ross for 50% off deals on decorating supplies for this event. Thanks for the inspiration Melissa!

  10. MB Bruder

    Just wantedtoletyou knowhowmuch I enjoyed your 31 days of inspired decorating!! I am not a blogger but I love reading them and your’sis at the top of my list. Thanks for all the inspiration!!

    • Melissa

      Wow, thank you so much!!! :-) I appreciate that!

  11. Beth

    This is amazing! Best part no burning your fingers while trying light them!!!

  12. Dana at Cooking at Cafe D

    SO adorable.

    They remind me of hanging ball jars I’ve seen somewhere – wrapping wire around the ridges where the screw top…well, screws.

    These might be making an appearance on my table this year!

  13. Sunny

    This is a cute idea! I think that I will try this for my christmas food table! Thanks

  14. Karen

    Very clever and easy, right? Thanks for finding these ideas for us.

  15. Rachel Lundy

    That’s such a neat and easy idea. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Julie Warner

    These would be beautiful on my Thanksgiving table. thank you for the idea!

  17. teresa

    clever and adorable at the same time…doesn’t get better than that!
    Thanks for sharing-
    Love it

  18. Dana at Cooking at Cafe D

    I just mentioned this to a friend – and she’s using it for her Thanksgiving, too.

    It’s amazing how a little idea and grow…and grow…

  19. Amy Sullivan

    Love that you make me want to try new things in my home! I’m a sucker for candles. . .great idea.

  20. Rose

    What a neat idea! You could even add glass beads if the wire was small enough and if it was far enough from the flames. This is just a really cool idea! I LOVE candles and you could do all sorts of stuff with this idea! Thanx for sharing!

  21. Jessica

    What a great idea! Very clever & simple :) Love it!

  22. Mimi

    Creativity strikes again. Love this idea!

  23. Maureen

    very cute & easy!

  24. Lindy

    What great idea. Simple but effective. I plan to try it over these holidays.


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