Fall Decorating: Pop of Orange

Fall Decorating: Pop of OrangeMidwest Living

Fall Decorating: Pop of OrangeHouse Beautiful

Fall Decorating: Pop of Orangevia Apartment Therapy

Fall Decorating: Pop of OrangeMartha Stewart

Fall Decorating: Pop of Orangevia Traditional Home

Fall Decorating: Pop of OrangeCountry Living

Fall Decorating: Pop of OrangePure Style Home

Fall Decorating: Pop of OrangeTraditional Home

Sometimes you just need a little pop of color to make a statement.
Am I right, or am I right?

Not into orange? Alrighty then.
How about some yellow?!


  1. I love that coral color ! I’m redoing my family room and will soon be trying to figure out what color to pop the room! ha :) Have a great weekend Melissa!

  2. YES! You are so right. Using color strategically in a room can be far more effective than going overboard with the color. Each of these homes has used orange so perfectly to give the room focus and a bit of fun.

  3. Ooo…I do love those pops of orange! You know how I like COLOR, Melissa! ;)

  4. I love the barn door and how it slides open to the laundry area, but my favorite picture is the the orange front door with the wreath opened to the inside wall with the back drop of all the different pictures!Someone had a good eye for that pic!

  5. Franki Parde says

    I LUV “orange” and “Merlot” (the color & the drink!) together. Shades of orange are such an “upbeat” visual…your photos included! franki

  6. Yes, it pops! And I chose that pop of pumpkiny-orange for bits and pieces of our blog this autumn season … against our signature blue/green/gray … I love it!

  7. I love the butternut-squashy oranges – so gorgeous on the table and the front door pics. Wish I could be that brave…I’m actually considering painting the chairs in my kitchen with a different color each – when I get up the nerve, I will!

  8. Love the pop of orange on the dining table – just not sure if I could live with a whole room. That being said, I had a friend who’s bright orange dining room was always so welcoming.

  9. I have always loved what Orange can add to a room, and it goes so well with browns , turquoise, whites, blacks, blues and so on. Especially love citrus orange- makes you feel happy just looking at it!

  10. I absolutely love all of those pictures! Orange certainly has its place in the decorating world, and rich warm shades of orange are always a perfect choice for fall decorating.

  11. Love a good pop of orange! The photos make me happy :)

  12. See I’d never think of using orange but it really works. I like it x

  13. Great eye candy today!!!
    My dad’s favorite color was orange. Mine was always yellow or red. However, it’s been amazing how many times I’m drawn to orange. It has a fun factor missing with the other two colors. And it has that pop…but with a bit more substance. Having said that…I don’t have one bit of orange anywhere in my house. Hmmmm……

  14. Love them all…

    a touch of orange is such a wonderful color for interiors especially with whites.

    And I am loving that nook from Country Living.

  15. Melissa, I have to say my favorite thing about having a neutral house is that I can change it up with different pops of color throughout the year. I love orange for fall – I think I need some kind of accessory in a burnt orangey shade! Thanks for the inspirations!

  16. Most of these ideas are adorable but wouldn’t work in my home, but that little graphic foot stool…That I could do!!! So adorable. Thanks for sparking the inspiration!

  17. Love the color orange. I use it a lot in our home. Such a happy color.

  18. Coral frames – yes please!! It looks like those shells are attached directly to the wall and framed, which is a rather interesting idea. The graphic coral fabric on the little stool is absolutely luscious.

  19. Can anyone tell me what color/brand the orange exterior panel door is? I’m looking for that same tangerine/clementine color for my front door.
    Thanks so much!!

  20. michelle starling says

    How about red? Regal Red to be exact. That’s what color I used.

  21. I love the orange…need to find a room to add it to.

  22. I love a pop of color in a room!

    And, since I love so many colors…I generally try to keep a neutral pallet, then make bold color choices that can be switched out.

    Thanks for the orange pops – and the yellow!

  23. I do love it! I have milk chocolate brown walls and I use a lot of reds and oranges, bit of turquoise, suede…love it! ;D

  24. Amanda Grant says

    I totally love that Martha Stewart pic, that’s my style ! Nice colors !

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