Small & Festive Christmas Trees: Ideas for Christmas Decorating

Small & Festive Christmas Trees: Ideas for Christmas DecoratingBetter Homes & Gardens

I love decorating with tiny Christmas trees.

I love them all over the house.

I love them on tables and in buckets.

I love them themed. I love them pure and evergreen.

I love them white.

I love them with lights. Or without.

I love them all.

Small & Festive Christmas Trees: Ideas for Christmas DecoratingBetter Homes & Gardens

Small & Festive Christmas Trees: Ideas for Christmas Decorating Country Living

Small & Festive Christmas Trees: Ideas for Christmas DecoratingBetter Homes & Gardens

Small & Festive Christmas Trees: Ideas for Christmas DecoratingBetter Homes & Gardens

Small & Festive Christmas Trees: Ideas for Christmas Decorating

Better Homes & Gardens

Small & Festive Christmas Trees: Ideas for Christmas DecoratingMidwest Living

Small & Festive Christmas Trees: Ideas for Christmas DecoratingCoastal Living

Small & Festive Christmas Trees: Ideas for Christmas DecoratingMidwest Living

Small & Festive Christmas Trees: Ideas for Christmas DecoratingBetter Homes & Gardens

So how many Christmas trees are you putting up at your house this year? If you’ve used small Christmas trees to decorate in previous years (or have them up already!) please feel free to share links in the comments!


  1. This year, I’ll put up 13 trees – and probably a few more tiny ones here & there. I’m one of those people with a tree in every room, and I love it!

  2. I love having lots of trees and I love the way the house smells. Also, you sound a bit like Dr.Seus. LOL.

  3. I LOVE Christmas and can’t wait to start decorating. Two trees, one in the living area and one in my bedroom.

  4. kelly in georgia says

    These are great! I especially love the first one by the window seat…so cozy!
    I will be putting up 4 – the huge one in the great room, a medium sized one on the back porch, a medium sized one in the master bedroom, and the baby one in the playroom. Since I do not have a blog, I can only link you to photos of my house where you can see the baby tree (and Layla’s dining room ones too!) from the Cottages and Bungalows photoshoot.

  5. I’m humbled by all of you who put up multiple trees as I only usually put up 2 – the big family tree and another smaller tree decorated with birds and birdnests which used to sit out in my front sunroom. Don’t know where I’ll put it in the new house – perhaps on the kitchen sideboard.

  6. i found some darling real trees at home depot last year for just a few dollars. i put those around the house! susan

  7. I use small trees in my “minor rooms” like the bathroooms, guest room, study, and then I have a “second” small tree in my living room and family room! I like that they are festive without taking up too much space!

  8. Very Pretty. I am getting kind of discouraged though. I dont have the budget to put Christmas trees up all over the house. I wish i did. I say an adorable fresh rosemary shaped tree at a local grocery store. It smelled wonderful. I may have to splurge on one of those!

    • I’ve collected little trees over time, you can buy them half price after the holidays. You can also make them out of sticks and lights (I did a previous post on stick trees!) or cut boughs or branches off of trees and use those! Or make craft trees! You can have fun with what you have now and take years to build up to more trees! That is how I’ve done things like this, it just takes time :-)

  9. These are all beautiful. I’ve only ever put one Christmas tree up. This year will be no different, I imagine. I have enough work putting up that one! :-)

  10. Hi Melissa, you don’t have to approve this comment. I just wanted to ask why some of the comluv comments are follow and others (like mine) are no-follow. Thanks. Anne

  11. “I love decorating with tiny Christmas trees.
    I love them all over the house.
    I love them on tables and in buckets.
    I love them themed. I love them pure and evergreen.
    I love them white.
    I love them with lights. Or without.
    I love them all.”

    Me too! Me too!!! Me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What is there about trees that generate such a feeling of happiness?

    I will start with 2 skinny but full-sized trees. The movers moved them in wardrobe boxes with their lights on. It takes me a day to string the lights on one tree, so my husband asked and I was blessed!! Yay! We still need to get the trees out of their wardrobe boxes…and they probably need a major amount of fluffing…but who cares?!!! I love LOTS of lights and it’s so much work…especially with these newer more ‘safe’ but stiff lights. I have a nice assortment of trees and they will come to life all over the house. Filling baskets, of course, and pottery and old silverplate. And this year in a new home…the possibilities are endless! The fun is afoot!!!!! Thanks Melissa for the inspiration!

  12. Melissa,
    I really liked this post! I thought there were such great ideas for adding a bit of Christmas to every room. From the 3-tiered cake stand with mint julep cups filled with little evergreen trees and cranberries to the galvanized bucket with the boxwood tree, all wonderful! Thanks! Happy “best season of the year” to you!

  13. I love tiny Christmas trees also. They warm up a space without the huge tree consuming the room. I love to put mine in old sap buckets. Thanks for the inspirational photos:)

  14. What a wonderful idea! I especially love the ones by the kitchen sink. It makes the kitchen feel so festive. Sometimes it is a struggle for me to find ways to bring the holiday decor into the kitchen in ways that don’t involve a Santa themed dish towel or Snow Man cookie jar. I am totally adding this to my To Do List!

    Thanks for the inspiration, Melissa! It is always such a joy to see what you come up with.

  15. Lots of great ideas here – I think I will try my hand at the tiers of cake plates with the silver buckets of trees – such a beautiful centerpiece!

  16. All of those little trees are so beautiful and festive, it makes me want to start decorating right now!! I think little trees dotted throughout the house are a fun and inexpensive way to add holiday cheer to any room.

  17. Eleven, at least. Does it count if I never take down the five mini trees I have in the sewing room? Some are decorated with quilting ornaments and some are just plain.

    I wanted to get a small skinny tree to put in the kitchen, but they seem so expensive when I was at the big store. I found fresh Norfolk pines and bought a few. Also found some ivy toparies and amaryllis bulbs to force. All of these can go out to the garden in the spring, to come back in next fall.

    I’m in a better Christmas decorating mood this year since I reorganized my “good” decorations into smaller boxes stored on an upper closet shelf in my office. The other ornament boxes and tree boxes are in the garage – I officially gave up lugging everything into the attic.

  18. I’m with ya on this….love, love Christmas trees! I only have one main tree up, and one smaller topiary style tree in the family room. The girls (7 and 4) each have a very small tree in their room filled with their handmade ornaments. There’s something so magical about sitting in front of your lit tree at night…love it!

  19. These are all just so inspiring and make me want to haul out all our lovely Christmas things RIGHT NOW!!! Thanks for this treat!

    BTW, we live in a beautiful home on a lake that doesn’t have one white wall or piece of white painted trim anywhere. Everything is distressed, knotty alder and wood floors, etc. It would be nice to sometimes see home pictures that feature stained woods instead of all white (though I know you love white!) I did, too, prior to this house, but the woods work better here amid the towering redwood trees. Just a thought!

    • Oh I love natural wood too!! And I agree they work better in some areas of the country (even here in the NW!!) Have you seen our family’s Oregon coast beach house? I’ve done a couple of posts showing it. It has wood doors trim and walls…no white!

      I’ll keep my eye out for more photos for you!!

  20. Just one tree, but lots of fresh greens around the house. I love the scent of pine and fir and cedar. Mmmm.

  21. I just put up one big one coz I don’t have much space – we ;ive in a precious jewel bx home! But I am sure I can fit in smaller ones here and there , thanks for the inspiration!
    Would you pretty please entertain me and post some outside tips for Christmas decorating? I do have lots of space outside and am looking for some inspiration. Thanks!

  22. This year we will have our first full sized tree. I’m very excited. That means that our 3 foot tree could go in our 14 year old’s room.

    And, I have a tiny little reto silver aluminum tree (a miniature version of the one we had as a child) that I’ll find a home for. Maybe in the kitchen!

    So, as “Woodsy Owl” would say about Toosie Pops…

  23. I keep one small Christmas tree in my sewing room all year. All of the ornaments are sewing related and I love the lights. It makes me feel cheerful all year long. For the woman that was having trouble affording multiple (artificial)small trees my suggestion would be to watch the sales (I think I bought this 18″ tree for $4 at Hobby Lobby) and garage sales. You can get some really good deals at when people are cleaning out their “stuff”.

  24. I just love them all..especially the ones on the steps, so cute! :D

  25. I guess my one large tree has been a bit unexciting. I am mixing it up this year with the BHG riser and table scape inspirations. I did see a small gray tree at West Elm and came ever-so-close to buying-and probably should have. Thank you for sharing.

  26. Love the Seussian delivery… I love small trees,and luckily, anything will suffice, with a little imagination. Actually, the imaginative ones are frequently the most charming.

  27. Great inspiration…as usual from you. I found myself smiling the entire time I was reading your blog today. Happy day, msk

  28. Thank you for making my day with all of those beautiful trees! Starts to put me in the mood to get the decorations out in a couple of weeks. I’m pretty sure we have at least 7 trees, but I will probably find some in the boxes that I have temporarily forgotten about.

  29. Heather Walker says

    I love lots of little trees too. I purchased several little artificial ones a couple of years ago after the holidays and love grouping smaller ornaments on them in themes in different rooms. We have one larger tree in the family room and I purchased a small 5′ tree and we put that up in my son Luke’s room (he’s 4) and we put all of his ornaments that he makes or has been given on it and I let him decorate it. I think this year maybe we’ll make chains out of paper. I started a tradition when he was born to purchase handmade wooden ornaments each year made by the Barker family here in our town and he will have a full tree-full by the time he is 18. I sign them and date them and some day hopefully they will be meaningful to him. I love all the photos you selected. Thank you for sharing!

  30. I can’t believe people can really live like this. Wow! Where did I go wrong?! Some laughter..

  31. LOVE LOVE LOVE this! (If I weren’t I work I would be jumping up and down, shouting “YAY! It’s almost Christmas time!”)

  32. Love the post but have to laugh. As I started to read it I wanted to read it in some sort of Dr Seuss…sing song..
    “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” style!

  33. Love the little vignette by the window with the 2 trees. Never really considered putting little trees all over. Just in the living room and my daughter’s bedroom. But you’ve opened up a whole new world of possibilities.

  34. I love, love, love the trees in buckets! I’m going to begin watching our thrift store for tiny trees. These will be wonderful to decorate with next year.

  35. I’m not sure…..maybe a white one and a green one. We are going to our sons home for Christmas….so it seems a little weird to not do as much as I usually do….season of my life.

  36. Wowooooo~Can’t wait to decorate my space~I love Christmas colors~I’ve chosen the green trees so there is enough time to actually do them in time for Christmas!Expecting now~

  37. Hi Melissa. What a beautiful post and such beautiful pictures. I’ve been one little tree for the last five years, so I wanted to be able to raise it off the floor and keep it out of my young son’s reach. In my opinion little trees can bring an elegance to a room that a big one can’t. But, that’s just my very humble opinion.

    Thanks for the beautiful work you do and for sharing you inspiration with us.

    Blessings, Shirley xxx

  38. I was just in trader joe’s yesterday and they have some out. I buy a few every year and place around my home. Last year i did three in white pitchers for my kitchen. I also love the tiny one’s in lime green to place on my window sill. Getting more and more excited for the Holidays. Today is a mix of laundry, menu planning for TDAY and organizing Christmas packages to be wrapped!!! Love all the activity around this time of year, Kathysue

  39. How many? Too many! Hahahah…I like a few…ok a lot….I love little twinkle lights on trees in every room, outside, patio, bathroom, sewing room. Then I turn the lights off in the house and the trees sparkle and light up the rooms and make them feel cozy and bright! Yay! Love your post today!

  40. I love little trees like this throughout the house during the holidays. The kids love having their own individual trees to light up at night too, and it just adds a bit of holiday spirit throughout the house – great inspiration photos!!

  41. Lovely inspiration. Including little trees I think we had seven last year. Here’s a link to one of my small ones.

  42. I was just looking at small Christmas trees today, thinking the same thing!!! They sell small strands of 50 lights too. So I hope to add some sparkle by doing that this year.

    Feel free to check out my blog – I just started last week!

  43. gorgeous! hope you don’t mind that I pinned and linked to here! I saw a show on hgtv years ago that does trees in each room and I’m back to doing that this year I hope!

  44. Three trees … one normal sized, one medium small with all of my beverage ornaments and one lime green tinsel tree with just a tree topper. All … fun.


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