Snow Days {Where You Stop Being Sad & Start Being Awesome!}

Snow Days {Where You Stop Being Sad & Start Being Awesome!}

Snow Days are Awesome Days

You know those wonderfully unexpected unusual days where you are safe and snug, but stuck at home because of snow?


Those days are the best, if you are busy most other days like I am.

On a snow day, you stop being stressed.

You stop being busy.

You suddenly find time for baking, sledding, and tasting the snow falling from the sky.

You might nap by the fire.

Snow Days {Where You Stop Being Sad & Start Being Awesome!}

You can’t be sad on a snow day. So you start being awesome.

Those are the best kind of days. Awesome days.

I saw this sign over at House of Hepworths. I think I love it. I want one. Please.

We are still snowed in. I think Thursday is going to be another not-sad-pretty-awesome day.


  1. Snow days is something we never have here. The only time when school or something was cancelled was during flooding and it has been a long time since that has happened. I sometimes wish we had the kind of days where you are forced to slow down. Besides being sick that is.


    • Beverly Nobrega says

      I think you should create a s’no’w day and just play! I don’t know where you live but go to the beach, or the mall and eat junk food or just sit on the couch and watch movies all day. We need more s’no’w days! Good luck!

  2. Leonie -Australia says

    That puppy dog is so cute with snow on his nose!

  3. AGREE! I’m actually kinda missing the snow days this year! We’ve had a light dusting thus far, but no real snow accumulation! I do love those days when we are all forced to stay home & hibernate together as a family! Enjoy your snow days!

  4. I agree :) Snow days for whatever reason bring me back to that feeling when I was a kid!

  5. Nobody can be sad on a snow day. It’s like a little gift from Mother Nature that says “take some time, reconnect with yourself and your family”. Enjoy!!

  6. That sign is a quote from “How I Met Your Mother.” Barney says it. It is really funny and now I might have to make a sign to hang in my house.

  7. Thanks for the happy reminder of the “slow down” that comes from a snow day. Important to fit a little snow day into every day!!

  8. Love this sign, I’d like one too please. Its a quote from Barney on How I met your mother, hes really funny and random.

  9. Linda Adkins says

    I am enjoying our snow days here in Bothell, WA. I even made my own snow angel so that I could have pictures to scrap with a new cartridge I have.
    Great sign!

  10. The fun of a snow day is the ‘unexpected-ness.’ The downtime is too random to plan for so it’s just like extra fun! Enjoy!

  11. Winter just started here. Which is strange, because it usually starts in November and lasts ’til April! We finally got some snow, and have wind-chills of -40 C. So we’ve been hibernating. Enjoy your snow!

  12. We haven’t had a snow day so far this winter. We keep having those, dark, grey days. We got a mood light for Christmas and it’s been really good at keeping the blues away.

  13. No snow day here in north Texas this winter yet (no snow, thank goodness – I had my fair share living up in Chicago for 18 years).

    I love Jack’s snow outfit! He’s so cute!

  14. Jack in his snow outfit is priceless… makes my day. And I’m in sunny California, far from a snow day.

  15. I was in the Portland area last week and had beautiful weather- the day after I left it snowed. Love the beautiful snow but not driving in it =)
    Jack makes me smile every-time- he has the kind of face that makes you think he can actually talk and does when the camera isn’t looking =) Kind of like those TV talking dogs…. silly
    Have a wonderful day

  16. When I get the automated call about 6 am on a snow day – I do the snow day happy dance!

  17. Okay, I know I’ve said it before, but I just cannot get enough of Jack! He has a coat! And snow on his nose!

  18. Snow days are the best! Perfect excuse to duck out of life for awhile!

  19. What an unexpected surprise to see my art featured on your blog! I’m so excited. Thank you! I’m so glad you like it. I actually have an extra one for sale. :) If you really are interested I will give you a steep discount on it. Just let me know.


    Allison @ House of Hepworths

  20. Love that sign and House of Hepworths :)

  21. Oh, that sign is hysterical!

  22. The picture of Jack made me laugh. Too cute. Too funny. We have snow here, but no “snow day”, so we’re going sledding in the park after school. It would have to be some blizzard to shut things down here. I love snow days when they cancel everything.

  23. the only thing sad about a snow day is that unless it’s a foot deep, I still have to go to open my flower shop. But they are truly beautiful days. I love across the street from a park. I get to see and enjoy the pristine snow even though I live in New York City!

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